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O2 SIM only with USA roaming - £9pm x 12 months - £108 @
31/07/2018Expires on 31/07/2018Found 8 h, 2 m agoFound 8 h, 2 m ago are offering a sim only 12 month deal on O2 with 5gb of data for £9 a month after cashback The monthly price before cashback is £20 so this is eligible for the free … Read more
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You might want to add that its unlimited minutes and texts as well. As at first, from looking at the post, I got the impression that it was a data only sim


CASHBACK LOVERS can find some perfect deals with mobilephonedirect company..30gb internet with phones..just from 16


Agreed, that is the rule, but this cashback is more guaranteed than any mobile tariff price - simply follow the rules, chase if needed (always worked for me with, threaten legal action (only had to do this with another large mobile retailer group) & a last resort file claim via small claims track.


Great deal !


full price must be on title..cashback is not 100 %

Grade A Pristine Huawei Nexus 6P Silver 5.7" 32GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free (don't forget 2.02% at topcashback) £159.97 @ Appliances direct
Found 14 h, 55 m agoFound 14 h, 55 m ago
Great price for this, still a good option these days, especially at this price in pristine. Can be had at music magpie for slightly cheaper in good condition. Unlocked & SI… Read more

I’m pretty sure the battery issues on this particular handset were widely acknowledged to be shoddy hardware, the ones where it would turn off at upwards of 30%. Perhaps some of the issues could be fixed in software but I don’t know other than I had 2 go back on me out of warranty when this thing was a lot more expensive and it really shook up my trust in this model. I hope if anyone buys it they have more luck! Also not sure I could get by with 32GB non-expandable memory any more either. A good phone for the money though, a lot of hardware and nice display.


Those who own this what screen on time you get on this it has good battery capacity but still I have heard negative comment about battery life Camera is excellent and same quality as pixel except it don't focus as fast as pixel 1/2


THE best phone I’ve had, for about two more weeks (better than Nokia 5149, 8210, 6630, n95, htc desire s and nexus 5 plus some crappy spares I had). If you offered me £160, I’d tell you to stick it. Never had a problem, big beautiful screen, updates always came first, vanilla android, cracking fingerprint sensor which allows gestures. Just slowing a bit with age, still ageing gracefully. Huawei nexus 6p - I salute you!


Great camera on this phone too


The lack of an sd slot kills it for me! I'm looking for a replacement for my Samsung Note 4, and was thinking of a used LG G5 (but I dont think I could drop to a smaller screen), LG V20 (hens teeth), new Xiaomi note 5 pro (636) or if it comes down in price the Mix 2. I'd love to keep the option of a removable battery as they have been invaluable for me when traveling - QC etc pales in comparison to swap and go! But it seems the LG's are the last of an era. A half decent camera is pretty much a must (I have a "proper camera when I'm travelling but I take a lot of snapshots with a phone), but battery life is also a major concern. What do you reckon mrswitch?

BT (existing customer) Sim only mobile unltd mins, txt and 6gb data for £7.58/PM (£3.42/pm after TCB)
22/06/2018Expires on 22/06/2018Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
for non BT customer add £5 per month £13X12 month = £156 Less: reward card (65) Less: TCB (50) Total 41 PM cost = £41/12 months = £3.42
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Your are both right - if you leave BB penalty free because they hike the prices, you keep the discount (not sure for how long), but if you leave BB through choice, you lose the £5 discount.


TCB> BT Sim only > BT Home Page >Sim only(again) ORDER!


I have empirical evidence on my BT a/c


Thanks for all the replies, still can't get the reward cards to show, either i'm doing something wrong or BT have pulled the reward card for sim only deals. I can't see them anywhere only on mobile plans (phone and sim).


I got both a couple of months ago. Go to the BT deal through the top cashback site (deal will show no reward card offered). Then click on the home page tab. Then search for sim only deals until you find the deal you are after. It will now show that the reward card is available. Order your sim (and take screen shot of the reward card offer, for insurance!), and you will get a confirmation email that you will receive the reward card. Within a couple of days, you will see cashback pending in TCB. DO NOT navigate away from the BT site arrived at through TCB, until your order is complete. My reward card arrived on time, and TCB paid cashback about 2 months after. There is never any guarantee of cashback, and should always be looked at as a bonus, when paid! Good luck!!

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Samsung Galaxy S9 G960FD Dual Sim 4G 64GB - Midnight Black @ Toby Deals (2.02% cashback at topcashback)
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Great price here using the code WELCOME6 to knock £6 off an already great price at £493.99. No customs as they are paid on your behalf by Toby, which is one of the main reasons I … Read more

Cool. 8)



there is same phone in with better chance to have european support..and this only for +£45 extra of this price


Oh get a grip man. At the risk of feeding a troll, I will not reply from this point forward. FYI, I defend all my posts.


I'm not one one pretending to not work for or on behalf of a company I'm posting a deal from. Never seen anyone so defensive of a company here before from somebody who apparently has no links to them.

20GB 4G Data - Unlimited Calls & Texts - £75 BT Reward Card - 12 Months Sim - £20 Month (£240 for 12 Months) @ BT Mobile (uSwitch Exclusive)
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
20GB 4G Data Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts WiFi Calling £75 BT Reward Card Free access to over 5 million UK wi-fi hotspots 12 Months Sim £20 Month £240 for 12 Months Inc… Read more

You have been lucky then ;)


Can't say I've ever had an issue with EE or BT. Had a pleasant chat to both this week. If you were taking about Three I'd agree.


But a different customer service experience between BT and EE. Similar to the difference between BT and Plusnet.


But is the deal worth the pain of ‘trying’ to deal with BT?


Nice deal... How come you can post a deal for an offer through USwitch?! Any good deals I have found which are exclusive, through MSE, Money Supermarket or USwitch I have posted the moderators, have got over zealous and deleted them!

Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) A600G 3GB/32GB Dual sim - Blue £196.99 @ eglobal
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) A fluid design & a perfect fit: With the Galaxy A6 sleek curves and seamless lines, you’ll enjoy an elegant style as well as a comfortable grip.Just… Read more

Notice this is coming to Carphone warehouse but it's so new the link to it doesn't work yet...


2 year old SOC, 720p screen, and the camera doesn't even have an auto HDR mode. £200 imported. £80 more than it should be, just for the Samsung name.


I think the problem is that noone in the mid range seems to currently be able to pull off a phone that has it all: decently tested software and good quality control, decent camera, reasonably priced for what it is


I mean in your choice, not with the specs.


How so? the A8 does have a bigger screen but the camera isn't much of an upgrade according to reviews. The A5 is reasonable and I quite liked the one I helped a friend get... But I don't think enough to get me to bite.

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Sim Free Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Refurbished A-Grade £359.99 with code @ ArgosEbayOutlet
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
With 10% deal posted on , the price for Galaxy S8 plus refurbished A-Grade, Argos Ma… Read more

I had the same problem ordered a s8 few weeks ago refurbished from Argos could not even last half a day terrible battery returned it


This is the issue with used phones. The phone may be pristine, but it won't last half a day.


I'm on an s6 and don't care what my charge cycle is. It works and gets me through the day, some times needs the odd charge if ive used it more. Not sure what I'm waiting for tbh to make me upgrade but my current one does just fine 8) Good price though all the same


Glad I'm not the only one, my S6 is on 1566 (shock) yet its health is described as "good" :/


Be aware of the battery. After owning my S8 for a year it barely gets from 8am to 5pm.

Iphone 8 - 4.7 Inch 64GB Sim Free Unlocked - Refurbished - Argos Ebay for £380.99
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Use Australia ebay code PLAYFUL for additional 10% discount Few more options Iphone 8 Gold for £385… Read more
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You have to closely monitor... As per trend they are restocking within 7-10 days


Contacted customer care, they said package was shipped but due to technical error it's not updated in eBay.. They gave me tracking number.. Should be with my by Monday morning.


I ordered the gold 8 64gb - not shipped yet.


I ordered when in stock on Wednesday night and delivered on Friday. Phone looks brand new pristine condition.


I ordered last time they were on offer I ordered a grade A 8+ for £550 took over a week to deliver after telling me it was shipped next day. It arrived yesterday and states on the box grade B (annoyed) it’s going back

30GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) - Unlimited Calls & Texts - 30 Days Sim £20 @ iD Mobile
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
30GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts WiFi Calling 30 Days Sim £20 Month Roaming at no extra cost in 50 locations All iD Mobile plans l… Read more

Yes so 3 includes Brazil, Peru and some others but ID doesn’t not cover these countries.


Currently in Spain which is a roaming country and using the allowance without any additional charges. Do you mean international?

james_harvey97[]=>=20000,-1&sort=popularity_desc £14 for 30gb on Vodafone


Rolls only one month at a time so if you don't use the extra after the one month you loss it


If I don't use all my data every month for a few months, does it continue to roll over to all the following months? Or does it cancel out after like 2 or 3 months? Would be good if it builds up. Anybody know about this?

6GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) - 2500 Mnutes - Unlimited Texts - 12 Month Sim - £10 Month (£120 for 12 Month) @ Virgin Mobile
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
6GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) 2500 Minutes Unlimited Texts 12 Months Sim £10 Month £120 for 12 Month 20GB deal for £15 month… Read more

Just two gig rollover on mine


Not as good as 45GB for £18pm which they offered last month.


Not particularly good practice to frequently start / terminate 30day contracts cos of the likely detrimental impact on credit file, but 30 days notice is 30 days notice.


I've had it happen both times I've tried to run a 30 day rolling contract for only 30 days! Just my luck. And yeah, I know the difference, I wasn't expecting the pedantry, but fair play ;)


You don't cancel on day one, you give your 30 days notice to cancel on day one. Most service providers understand the difference between these two distinct instructions from their customers. Not yet seen a mobile contract that said that cancellation notifications would not be accepted within the first 30 days term of a 30day notice contract, although I haven't read them all !

20GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) - Unlimited Calls & Texts - 12 Months Sim - £15 Month (£180 for 12 Month) @ Virgin Mobile
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
20GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 12 Month Sim £15 Month £180 for 12 months 6GB deal for £10 month… Read more

I travel to ROI quite often, does anyone have experience around the quality? especially around data and 4G?


This is the deal I saw last year which is great value. Rang EE retention team and they matched it. Win win.


I tried them out for 1 hour. The call centres convinced to port my numbers back out to EE. Phone call after phone call. Service is beyond terrible. Imagine 3 in the early days but 1000 times worse. You are likely to get more sense out a speak and spell than the overseas advisors. They also advertise using EE’s masts but they don’t have access to the all the frequencys EE do and neglect to mention that in their literature. Also no 4G voice calling VOLTE and no WiFi calling.


Personally wouldn’t trust Virgin, I’m on EE and looking to move but Virgins CS is so appalling I wouldn’t risk my mobile useage with them (despite using the same network) just my 2cp


I’m happy with my 30 day rolling contract and don’t fancy being tied in for 12 months just to save 46p a month.

Huawei P20 Pro Sim Free 128gb (all colours) £669 at CPW
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Looks like the price may be going down a bit. Good value for money considering the spec in my opinion Display: 6.1-inch FHD+ Display Technology: OLED Resolution:1080 x 2244 pixe… Read more
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Good they've moved to a more realistic price but can be got for £517 after Quidco from e2save and just search those deals on here


great phone


Black version is £603 from Curry's eBay store (using 10% off code)

Mint+ Apple iPhone 6 - 16GB version in Silver or Gun Metal SIM Free - "Good As New" - £299.99+£5.99 p&p at Ideal World
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Not sure this is going to be available long, but thought I'd quickly post... Just flicking through the TV channels and saw IdealWorld are eagerly selling the iPhone 6 for £299.99 … Read more

Yes and was Peter Simon also wearing his Ronald McDonald clown outfit at the time too!!! (lol)


You get one year!


Could I get extended warranty with it?




Heat from me for your appreciation of comedy.

Mint+ Apple iPhone 5S - 16GB version in Silver or Gun Metal SIM Free - "Good As New" - £199.99+£5.99 p&p at IdealWorld
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Not sure this is going to be available long, but thought I'd quickly post... Just flicking through the TV channels and saw IdealWorld are eagerly selling the iPhone 5S for £199.99… Read more

No worries, I did post the iPhone 6 deal too.


Thanks OP, i didn't fancy the 5S so went for the 6 for a bargain £299;%7bidealworld_1004%7d%2fbrand_iw@gt;%7bapple%7d%2fcategories@lt;%7bidealworld_1004_8025%7d&fh_sort=-onair_iw%2c-salescash_iw%2c-hasimage_iw%2c-new_iw%2c-salesunits_iw%2c-average_overall_rating_iw%2c-stock_iw


Guys, you are being trolled. OP, well played.


£200 for an iPhone 5. 5 years ago I’d have bought this but today I need to down 5 gallons of booze and an ounce of mind altering drugs to get me to even open the link!


Did you just wake up from coma after 10 years and came across this brittiant smartphone?

Grade B Samsung Galaxy S9 Midnight Black 5.8" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £399.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Grade B Samsung galaxy S9 64GB midnight black unlocked

If it's anything like mine, which I bet it will be, you'll be very pleased


Thanks for the info, mines due for delivery tomorrow.


I'll post pictures tomorrow as just driven 150 miles home. I have opened it up and it's mint on front and edges and back has like 2 very very light scratches. It has come in original box with all brand new genuine accessories. Even though the page said it would come in plain box with no accessories. This truly is a STEAL!


It's arriving at my collect plus location tomorrow as I'm away currently I'll update with regards to condition


Got it for £391 using Which trial, also cashback tracked at £6, so potentially £385 for S9

Superdrug Mobile 30 day sim 4GB(+rollover)/unlimiteds with £10 of card points back - £10 @ Superdrug
Refreshed 14th JunRefreshed 14th Jun
Superdrug Mobile - one plan - £10 a month and unlimited calls, texts and 4GB (2 month rollover) available instore 20th June. £10 back in points on your Superdrug Health & Beau… Read more

The data block thing is smart (I'll get my coat) (lol) £5 for ultd calls/texts is great! In the future, I can imagine all calls being made over VOIP and there being only a singular allowance of data for all SIMs (of course there are some data only SIMs already).


It’s great, £5 unlimiteds, just delete data profiles, block data in a Doro phone for example for older folks - when was the last time they paid £5 for line rental with calls included. She’s ahead of the game ;) it’s all heading that way... BT is away to lay some proper pipe, I’m sure EE will head that way or should I say BT Mobile by then.


I use close to the full amount of my data too, will be looking for more at the end of my 12 mo SIMO contract. I still admire the fact that Three is trying something new with Smarty's data refund thing - it's a great innovation but it does confuse people who are less aware of these sort of things. My mother still thinks making calls eats into her data allowance!


Na the poorest understand money back, and like Boots Superdrug want the repeat prescriptions busine$$ (money back) - making little profit on mobile to boost shop sales works. “Your Superdrug prescription at Oxford St, London prescription is now available for collection, have you tried the new XXX only £3.99 instore or click and collect at” Personally I think rollover is better but then I like data and manage my pennies so well so no need for Smarty, I am thee smarty ;)


Customers can already sign up online. Great! more queues than taking people’s emails for data farming - as if H&B Card isn’t enough at the tills in long queues. Stores really should put the quickest sign up staff member on tills, some of them can’t even use the store tech properly...instore collection took longer than the till would have picking up a collection as the woman in her thirties couldn’t use the iPad LOL

Google Pixel XL 128GB 4G LTE SIM FREE UNLOCKED Quiet Black OR Silver White - Ships from EU Ltd Stock £309.99 (with newsletter sign up) @ eCentralGlobal
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Brand new stock, lowest the 128gb variant has ever been! Get £10 off flash sale price of £309, using ECG newsletter signup code Get one, flash it with Android (P) Pizza and away … Read more

Superb, very similar to what I was going to post regarding how, when and why! But I prefer it to be dpd alerts about clothes, as then I know I have more to wear (party)


Well, I ordered it on 4th June paid for with my trusty Visa CC, had an e-mail saying it was picked on the 6th of June, and and then a further e-mail saying a shipment was created etc. on the 8th of June, so that was 4 days, then it's taken 7 days from then to get here, I checked the tracking once which showed zero update, and then went about my business until it just arrived. Although I did have a DPD notification, but I ignored it as I though it was the Mrs clothes, ha. :) I don't really bother worrying about these trivial matters, when I am buying from the far east, since I know it is hit and miss for time scales, and I have the CC protection if I should ever need it. At the end of the day, those who don't use a CC, and are just scraping by in being able to afford something, have a lot more to lose, and should probably be more careful. I fully expect shoody, and rather sub-par customer service from these sorts of sellers, but then I am not a risk averse person when it comes to something like saving a big chunk of money.


Thanks for letting us all know Agharta, I always ask as the half full glass is sometimes half empty as well (angel)


Two purchases, one so bad I put them on my avoid like the plague list. Did some research on here and on the web and came across a lot of others with major problems with them.


Have you only had the one item and one bad experience Agharta, or has it been multiple items over multiple purchases?

Nokia 7 plus 4gb/64gb Dual sim - Black (sign up to the newsletter for an instant £10 off, taking this to £245.99) @ eglobal Central
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Great price shipped from the EU. Nokia 7 plus 4gb/64gb Dual sim - Black System OS: Android 8.0 Oreo Processor: Snapdragon 660 RAM: 4GB Internal storage: 64GB General 2… Read more

Anyone actually ordered and received one yet?


I have the same issue with SD card. I can only use it as external device. I got it for around £200 if you remove the cost of mobile contract and Google home mini.


Link to voucher code is £10 off £400 spend. So not valid for this deal.


I get nowhere near 7 hours SOT. 3-4 hours at a stretch for me. I use NFC and watch a bit of Netflix downloaded on my phone but I'm still shocked the battery life isn't better that what I get. Charges fast though.


Great phone for the price.

2.5GB Data - 2000 Minutes - 5000 Texts - 30 Days Sim @ Plusnet Mobile
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
2.5GB 4G Data 2000 Minutes 5000 Texts 30 Days Sim £7.50 Month Proud to use the EE network UK based customer service One size fits all SIM card SMART… Read more

I get 2.5gb, 3000 minutes and unlimited texts for £5.45 from plusnet.


Plusnet really need to have an app showing usage etc. Can't believe they don't have one. They've been promising it for years. Also, every SIM you have need it's own account (separate log-ins etc). Why can't they simply allow you to have a single account for multiple numbers? All seems very backwards compared to the competition.


1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2.5GB for £7 via uSwitch. Better deal if you text a lot and only need a 1000 minutes.


Not the best plusnet deal.



EE SIMO- 20GB 4G Data £20PM (£11.66pm after voucher) / 40GB Sim £25PM (£16.66pm after voucher) PLUS a FREE £100 Amazon Voucher (6 Months Apple Music Free Also) @ EE
30/06/2018Expires on 30/06/2018Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Couple of blinding Sim Only offers from EE launching today, which I think quite a lot of you will be interested in! There's two SIMO plans on offer, the difference being the data … Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Is the contract live at point of purchase or can you defer it to a later date? Unfortunately my current SIM does not finish until early August. :(


Don't do it like that. It doesn't work and will give you an invalid code error. Use the link at the top. Any other way and it doesn't track the voucher. I activated mine yesterday and I got the codes within 2 hours.


I am on EE. Couldnt do this offer. So I looked around and found exactly same plan with vodafone through E2Save. from quidco. so £20 per month 20gb data with cash back from E2Save costs £11 per month. £10 cashback from quidco so it costs £10.16. my plus point is I travel alot and was paying £6perday on Ee. With vodafone it will be 0,nil,yada :D I started my contract with Ee for £5permonth 3 months ago so will be paying roughly £40 to get out of contract but it will worth it in my case.


I don’t understand the bit in brackets (£11.66pm after voucher) what voucher. Do you have a code making it cheaper and better still? Or is this taking the £100 amazon voucher into account. Just want to make sure I’m not missing something


Same here. Got an email from ee. Got turned down as well. Bad credit score. I have a mortgage and never been dept.

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