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Sad edition, freezing cold Belongs in the garbage


I ended up selling the 2 pads, FIFA 20, Minecraft and Sea of Thieves (from a previous deal) making it about £40 for the console. Well chuffed. I'd definitely pay more I think it's a perfect little thing for game pass.


Yeah and EBay side with the buy 99.9% of the time. Happened to me a few weeks ago.


Sold one last month for 155£


I've found selling digital content difficult due to eBay scammers. Either it's the buyer pretending they were hacked to force a refund on the content, or they genuinely were hacked. Either way, you're out of pocket unless you successfully argue it with eBay.


I've seen (additional?) 3months for €1 (but mayb only after initial month?) mayb wen cancel.?


Xbox LIVE Gold Membership 1 Month Subscription


Am I right in thinking that if I buy One S 1TB version (not all digital) I can then buy some old Xbox 360 games for Kinect that my kids could play (assuming I buy adapter and used Kinect separately). Something like that would not be possible with all digital. Is that right? Also are they any games that still support Kinect included in Xbox pass ?


This Argos deal mate. You get Fifa & Breakpoint = £70 cash from cex. You also get 2 controllers, sold one for £40 on eBay and paid £1 fee = cheap new Xbox One S!


You got a new Xbox for £80-£90?! Sorry please let me know where this deal is!

Sea of Thieves Xbox One / PC CODE for £14.49 @ CDKEYS
Posted 8th OctPosted 8th Oct
My son likes it, so I am sharing it. it came with the console. ONE S .. Don't forget £2.50 Bonus Cashback @ TopCashBack Also Sea of Thieves Black Dog Pack Here! Get your … Read more

I only have good things to say about this game and its developer


Really good price, cheap by some margin over the previous posts - heat added (highfive)


Wish it supported bigger servers!


Nice one, @Brutes - cheapest by quite a bit, IIRC. Heat added, thanks for the post :)

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, Minecraft, FH 3, Sea of Thieves, FIFA 20, LIVE Gold, Twin Docking Station & Recon 70X Gaming - £189 @ Currys
634° Expired
Posted 4th OctPosted 4th Oct
MICROSOFT Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves, FIFA 20, Xbox LIVE Gold, Twin Docking Station & Recon 70X Gaming Headset Bundle Product co… Read more

Pointless console is pointless. £170 too much (y)


Yes .


might sound like a bit of a daft question, but can X box one S gamers play online games with people who have x box one x ?


Tempted for the bundle and trade in the console?


If you only have the 2 xboxes go digital and every game and even Xbox live can be shared. You’ll only need one copy

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Xbox One S All Digital Edition & Minercraft + Sea of Thieves + Forza Horizon 3 - White £169.99 @Argos eBay
Posted 4th OctPosted 4th Oct
Xbox One S All Digital Edition & 3 Game Console Bundle - WhiteGet today using Free Click and Collect from ArgosGo all digital with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and build … Read more

The Xbox one Microsoft wanted to launch originally, all digital. Count me out


Or spend an extra tenner and get Fifa 20 and a second controller too.


Be funny if they gave you the physical copy of fifa


Not best buying direct from Argos and getting a free copy of FIFA 20 as well?

Xbox One S Digital 1TB Bundle Incl 2 Wireless Controllers + FIFA 20 + Sea of Thieves + Forza Horizon 3 & Minecraft £161.10 at Yoltso / eBay
538° Expired
Posted 27th SepPosted 27th Sep
Apply the code PLEASED a checkout. Please note that FIFA20 is a download.

10% off with code PICKME10. Should unexpire as same price. No point posting a new deal.


Mine is already delivered :-/


I think it was one per account as I had to use a second eBay account to buy it at the reduced prIce I have asked them to cancel my order from Thursday but not heard back annoying


Really trying hard to resist these deals, I think this is the best one so far.



Xbox One S All Digital Edition & Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of Thieves £152.99 (C&C) @ Argos via eBay
265° Expired
Posted 27th SepPosted 27th Sep
Credit @msmyth Go all digital with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and build a library of digital games that travels with you and is available in the cloud. Take your cloud… Read more

Not convinced that Microsoft 'outdid' them, :D since this apparent slide towards digital which you appear to champion also includes streaming, as opposed to purchasing physical 4k bluray discs. And the sale of DVD and Bluray has halved over the last 5 years according to a report. And 4k bluray is still very much a niche market. Microsoft added that drive hoping it would have the same impact that the PS3 had with bluray, and it failed miserably i'm afraid. Since the majority are moving over to Netflix and other streaming services instead, and people didn't really go crazy buying the Xbox One S for the 4k bluray drive. Many still didn't even have 4k TV's Besides, none of this was my point,,my whole argument is based on the fact that, once we move to entirely digital we also remove any competition from physical media. Currently, we enjoy frequent discounted digital games, but i am not convinced it will continue at this same level once physical has been wiped out. Yes, it's speculation, but it makes perfect sense. Digital has to compete, or it wouldn't have a chance of overtaking physical media. This is how they get everyone on board, then once physical is abolished. They have license to charge what they please With regards to digital codes from outlets, as i said above..Sony only very recently made this change, and Microsoft will follow suit, they aren't yet because they're behind Sony. And are more relaxed with some things. That will change though if they take the lead next generation. You can bet your life on it. This isn't a Sony vs Microsof debate anyway, if they had their own way. Both Sony and Microsoft would have us paying full price for all our digital games, all sold on their own digital platform. Removing all third party retailers and rentals, and sucking up the profits themselves,


The report relates to the last quarter Sony released. Sony are only releasing a Disc version in their next console because they know Microsoft are sure to do it after outdoing them by including an Ultra HD Blu-Ray drive and giving people more options to buy physical. My question proved that MS were looking Less at Digital sales than Sony in the fact that they offer more physical options than Sony and let's not forget Sony also introduced the first Digital only Streaming service, make no mistake if PS Now would of been a huge hit a digital only console would of followed.the last part is of course speculation but obvious. I suppose MS do have the digital only EA Access service, actually I just remembered Sony now have that as well (Despite it not offering good value ;) ) MS accept full game digital game codes no matter what price they are sold by outlets, unlike Sony who force you to buy them from their store only at their prices.


From another site.. “It should be noted that this statistic does not include games included with a PlayStation Plus membership. While that is something that could ultimately skew the result, that has no bearing on this. These are games that were purchased by consumers by their own volition.”


It's obvious speculation based on a Monopoly being created on a closed platform, and Microsofts past history, whilst your points are just plain wrong.. The retailers can't just set whatever price they feel like, Microsoft will want x amount, the retailer has a very small margin on digital products, when compared to physical.... i was being polite, but as you're being a bit of a bell I will pick you up on that now. Your other question was added in an edit, and what does that prove anyway? we're talking about digital only consoles and Microsoft 'testing the water' - next generation may launch with a disc based console, (only because Sony are doing so). However, you WILL see a digital only version of the next xbox at some point. And yeah thats speculation again, but obvious. And finally, where on that report that you linked states the period it relates to?


You know just about everything you say is just speculation and I have heard it all before, what was the last one? "when they release Xbox Gamepass they will put all the retail shops out of business" Never happened . MS and Sony are both greedy corporations that want your money and nothing else, if they wanted to put retail out of business they could simply even just temporary drop the price of digital Games to match retail prices, but that would be a bit stupid without offering the retailer's something to replace it considering half of their console sales, addons etc are sold from retail now wouldn't it. If you was talking about Google Stadia which only has one aim you might make more sense. Those stats are from Sony and are for the 'One quarter' of the year it has nothing to do with how far back ps plus or anything else goes. So when you originally said "They are testing the water for their next console, they simply want to kill off the second hand market. It's plain to see." You didn't actually mean the next console ! "MS allow full game codes at whatever price the retailer's etc choose to sell them for - I'm not entirely sure thats 100% accurate" It's entirely accurate. You obviously didn't know the answer to my question as to which of the Three console manufacturers allow the most ways to use Non Digital in their consoles so I will tell you,. It's Microsoft's Xbox one S and Xbox One X.

Sea of Thieves Xbox One / PC £21.99 CDKeys
Posted 24th SepPosted 24th Sep
Price is down again for Sea Of Thieves Xbox One PC game.

Didn't know it had picked up, everyone of my friends haven't played it in months. I know it was treated unfair on release but that was all Microsoft fault for rushing the Devs to release it unfinished.


Sea of Thieves is a 'top-performing' Xbox Game Pass title says Xbox's Aaron Greenberg "Sea of Thieves has been one of our top-performing titles in Game Pass. It was one of our first titles that we launched day one into the service... it's built a huge community both on the PC and console." If you take a look at the "Most played games" on the Microsoft Store, it's frequently in the top 10 when it comes to Xbox Game Pass listings.


Yeah and looking at the drop off in players I would say a months games pass is enough for most. It's hard to justify buying any Xbox exclusives anymore as 6 months games pass is around the same price as buying one new release.


This has been free on game pass since day one so nobody will pay for this let alone over £20!

Xbox One S All Digital 1TB Bundle 2 Wireless Controllers FIFA 20, Sea of Thieves,Forza Horizon3 and Minecraft also inc. £179 ebay /  yoltso
Posted 23rd SepPosted 23rd Sep
Good offer This bundle comes with; Xbox One S All-Digital 1TB White Console an additional Wireless Controller so you are ready for two player gaming also in the box will be a card… Read more
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Thank you. Appreciate for coming back to confirm that. :D (y)


It is their loss. I got it for £169 when you posted earlier, and delivered today. (y)


I can see they have uploaded some new pictures. Thanks for the tip.


@stefanjulia ,please update the new picture please.. Want this Deal to be acknowledged. ;)


It was indeed £169 yesyerday but some just voted cold and ruined the deal... and (mad) other with out the conroller got 1000+

Xbox One S 1TB All Digital With FIFA 20, Forza Horizon 3, Sea Of Thieves, Minecraft - Pre Order £159 delivered with code @ AO Ebay
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Posted 21st SepPosted 21st Sep
Completely disc-free Xbox One S All-Digital edition 1TB hard drive - stores the equivalent of 60 games WiFi enabled for online play HDR gaming - enjoy realistic colour in your game… Read more

Yes with a drive (skeptical)


Which is an excellent design!


That's obviously what he means.


Its no different from the original XD


I think the design is superb. Far better quality build than PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. More and more people are using game pass ultimate and ea access for games. The price is cheap, esp inc a brand new game which is worth £40 on its own plus 3 extra titles.

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Sea of Thieves Console Bundle - Refurbished £253.99 @ Argos
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Refreshed 21st SepRefreshed 21st Sep
Refurbished Item with 12 Month GuaranteeThis item is a professionally refurbished, A-Grade, Argos Manager Special - our top grade of refurbished item! This product may have minor … Read more

My xbox scorpio tuning its self off went to book a repair 283 pound ms want to replace it may aswell just get one of these not bad price but im ringing ms first as alot of complaints over this over hearing problom any one buying one x ahould look into getting extended warrenty wish i did now this one is a replacment already so out of 2 xs none have lasted over a year and i paid full price at launch off ms website ;(


If there was a classified advert on Gumtree or eBay that said “Xbox One X for sale, like new, three weeks old, used for no more than 30 hours, returned to factory settings” would it be 2nd hand or refurbished?


The PS4 I returned was a "A" grade manager's special. No doubt buyers have received items as described but not in my experience.


Unfortunately you will never know until you receive it. But I think there’s a big chance of getting a really good one here as it’s -Manager Special refurb.


My previous experience with Argos refurbs wasn't great. Ordered a PS4 pro, arrived with a damaged controller and a 500gb hard drive instead of a 1tb. Returned for a full refund. Pot luck I guess.

Xbox One S All Digital Including  FIFA 20, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 £152.08 @ Microsoft Store / eneba
Posted 20th SepPosted 20th Sep
Nice price using Xbox Live credit :) 1) Purchase 3 x £50 vouchers for £133.08 at eneba . Use the code THOMSAS (credit @Hyper_Z :) ) at checkout. Please note there is a fee … Read more
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I got a One S last Christmas for ~£150 with 2 controllers. Still yet to upgrade to a 4k TV so it was ideal. Would love a One X (or next gen) one day, but couldn't justify the price at the time. Should probably save up for a Forza Horizon 5 bundle!


So, you can't sell the games? Pffff


Payment dont go through


Currently 24p cheaper total at £132.84. :) If you're quick, you can get a £15 voucher for 12.92 as well meaning you only need to add a 5 on top with the grand total of £150.76.


Not always as I got mine for £260 , but even if it was £320, its completely worth it.

Xbox One S All Digital with FIFA 20, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 £169.99 + 10% back with 12 months buy now pay later @ Very
Posted 20th SepPosted 20th Sep
Like the Game deal, without the headset and Now TV but with 10% back on your account and 12 months interest free buy now pay later at Very. Use code PEHFU for the 10% back and BNP… Read more

Honestly I'm all playstation and always have been as I think they have better exclusives and the vr is great, even though it's at a very early stage and it will be a lot better on next gen (for a lot more) If you just want to play if casually though the main games come out for Xbox too and at this price it seems like a no brainer to go for it! I'm tempted even though I already have a PS4 pro just for the few Xbox exclusives and the backwards compatibility. Remember this one doesn't have a disk drive though so you have to buy online pretty much. Depends if you have a 4k TV and watch blu rays if buying the disk version of the console would make more sense to you


I'm gonna be hunting for eBay Minecraft codes now


Been said many times before but eBay is ridiculous these days. I listed the 3 games and within 24 hours 2 of them had been bought by hacked accounts asking me to message the code rather than post (annoyed) Shame we no longer have FS/FT on here.


Yes individual codes on 3 separate cards.


Can the games be sold separately, individual codes?

Xbox One S All Digital with FIFA 20, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, 2 Months NOW TV Pass & Mono Headset - £169.00 @ Game
Refreshed 20th SepRefreshed 20th Sep
Update 1
Now live on site - apologies for the link delay
I've just got a heads up that this fantastic bundle will be going on offer at Game tomorrow morning (midnight tonight) and I personally think it's an absolutely cracking price for … Read more
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Does anyone know what the POB FIFA 20 download code is for. This is in addition to the FIFA 20 SE PP download code which I understand is the game. I downloaded it but couldn't see anything...the game website states 'Hmmmm. We appear to be missing a description for this product' under the downloads secion linked to your account.


Would think so , the game comes out Friday and Xmas is not far off


If I bought this and put it away would the fifa 20 Digital Code side work if used at Xmas my sound a bit dumb but it’s for my son have no idea how these work lol


I have only 4-5 Mbps download speed internet, is this enough? does it need to be connected to internet all the time? help appreciated. thanks


Like how it's been on PC for years, and PC gaming has never been bigger?

Refurb (12 month Argos guarantee) Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB White with Sea of Thieves Console Bundle - White, £131.99 at Argos / Ebay
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Posted 2nd SepPosted 2nd Sep
Good value for the 1TB console. Includes: Xbox one s 1tb console, Xbox wireless controller, full-game download of sea of thieves, HDMI cable (4K capable), ac power cable, 1 month … Read more

Cheap price,, you could take the codes out and still get £130 for the console and controller if you reBay it.

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB 4K Gaming Console - Black (refurb) + SEA OF THIEVES £278.99 at Argos eBay
663° Expired
Posted 24th AugPosted 24th Aug
IT'S BACK IN STOCK NOW INCLUDES SEA OF THIEVES WITH 12 MONTHS ARGOS GUARANTEE Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB 4K Gaming Console - Black Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee Games … Read more

If they had great exclusive games worth buying it for then this price would be insane but that’s really not the case. Unless you only play multi-platform games and want them in a higher resolution.. Should be this price brand new by now surely?


Because its not next year yet, and the XB1 & PS4 have a massive back catalogue of excellent games,


like 52% of people who owned a 360 I had RROD and disc drive errors. this was multiple units and the xbox one just freezes up all the time, sometimes it it takes an hour before anything will come up on the screen. I had 2x MS wireless mics fail on the first day, some sort of power issue which happened to thousands of them. The only thing thats been ok is the controllers. Sure you can be the lucky one who doesnt have issues but the failure rates are crazy, the the case of the 360 you would have been one of a minority to have had a working unit. I expect they came up with 52% when the units were younger, I would bet the real rate is much higher. I feel like I'm paying microsoft to fill up landfills with their poor quality products.


You must have been unlucky or abuse your consoles then as my 2007 Xbox 360 still works and is used at least twice a week. My launch xbox one still works and that is still used at least twice a week and my Xbox One X has been used every night since launch....and yes it still works.


Next gen next year. How are Xbones and PS4s still selling?

Sea of Thieves Anniversary Edition Xbox One Game -  £16.99 @ Argos
298° Expired
Posted 23rd AugPosted 23rd Aug
Sea of Thieves offers the true pirate experience – sailing, looting, fighting and exploring in a colourful shared-world adventure. Make friends or foes as you encounter other playe… Read more


Tesco High Wycombe had these for £5 this sorry to say I bought them all and took them to cex


I felt the need.. (lol) (lol)



Since nobody else has done this... "It's on Game Pass" (lol) (lol)

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