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The Sonos Play:5 is an elegant looking and bombastic sounding speaker that fills your home with a rich, crystal clear sound for music, TV, video games, audiobooks, podcasts, films, radio, and more. Shoppers can get one of these excellent speakers at an unbeatable price from hotukdeals and enjoy a wireless music radio control anywhere in their home. Read more
Sonos Play 5 (gen2) - £335 instore @ John Lewis & Partners, Cheltenham
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st AugLocalLocal
Reduced on the Sonos stand in store
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In ‘tech’ circles yes, in ‘hifi’ circles no. Pick your category... This is why hifi enthusiasts always choose components over one box systems


I bought 68 Play 1’s 50 years ago and non have developed a fault, and I use them 26 hours a day.


This will be very Store specific. I was in our store yesterday and nothing like this, it’s very reliant on what they have returned or how they change their displays or what stock they have that’s been refurbished


You’re in for a treat. My Five arrived last Friday (to replace a Play:5 Gen 1) and I’m very happy! You got a bargain


Weren't the Sonos 1s supposed to be steam resistant so you could have them playing next to the shower as well?

SONOS Play:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black - £429 / Sold by Hughes Direct and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
£70 off. Says its the new model too. Free delivery with Prime Membership. Only 6 left in stock.

You are blaming Sonos, you need to redirect that to Apple as it is as a result of their doing we've lost the ability to play media from a device. Perils of buying into the walled garden, it work just fine on my Android phone. I don't normally defend Sonos, the dreadful approach they have taken since their "no more" support debacle has infuriated me. I have a lot of their products, including Gen 1 Play:5's, Connect and a Connect Amp so am stuck with the S1 app. I certainly won't buy any more of their products nor recommend them. People need to think and choose carefully when buying into IOT equipment.


Then your issue is of your own making not the product.


It says Play 3 on it next to the serial number. And I'm being pushed the S1 app, not the S2. But I'm not wanting to upgrade it.


If it's too old it's not a Play 3 as they are compatible with S2. There's only Gen 1 5's and some other components that don't work with S2. Yeah I must admit not being able to play from my iPhone via the app is annoying as I used that feature for podcasts but that was due to Apple from my understanding introducing things in iOS that caused instability.


Right, so as a major hardware vendor out there that your customers will own - shouldn't it be well tested and QA'd? Yes there are many permutations, so interoperability can be a bit bad, but I was not the only one reporting issues when they arose - and the quantity of 1-star reviews of the S1 App on the App Store currently with people having the rest of the chain of products stable can only point to Sonos really. I can understand maybe not having good Windows Mobile support... or support for some obscure wifi networking, but not one of the top two biggest mobile platforms out there. Not everyone owns a NAS, nor wants to have to run one, keep it updated etc. I can understand adding new functionality - but not removing functionality when the cost to keep it in should be minimal.

Sonos Play:5 Ex Demo/Unopened Returns With Full Uk Warranty Black and White - £299 @ Sevenoaks Sound
311° Expired
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Both colours available, I bought these from here around 2 months ago and despite it saying open box customer return, they were both brand new. Few open box returns and few ex demo … Read more
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Thanks OP managed to bag 2 of these. White unit looked new with the wrap still on the speaker although the box looked tatty. Black one is used but, in great condition and original box. Very pleased as upgraded from Gen 1 speakers. Cheers


I can get that one, there’s a 20% nhs one atm but you need an email


What code? UNiDAYS?


I’m trying to get a code still!


Ha, I resisted. I know I'd only be craving an ARC (have a Beam and 2 SLs already) . I'll eventually succumb methinks.

SONOS Play:5 (gen 2) - Refurbished direct from Sonos Shop - £359 + free delivery @ Sonos Shop
430° Expired
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
** BACK IN STOCK - Black and White ** I was looking to scoop a 2nd gen Sonos cheap with the release of the next gen. I thought this was a good price direct from the manufacturer.… Read more

Out of stock deal expired.


I'm using the naim muso which is fantastic.Heard this and to be fair think it's pretty decent.Would probably be tempted myself.


Shame they bumped the price when brexit came along. I was looking at buying the sub but they upped it to £700




Blue light card :)

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Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 + 6months Spotify premium £399 @ Currys
341° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 + 6months Spotify premium £399 @ Currys
£399 Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
Play 5 Gen 2 on sale. This model is compatable with the S2 Sonos update coming out in June. The reduction is in part due to the new Sonos 5 being released (available for preorder f… Read more



Hmmm old Play:5 or Move .......


3 was discontinued a long time ago sadly. I have 1 in my kitchen I wanted to move into the lounge as a rear (currently using 2 Play:1's) but every second hand one I bought off ebay was knackered or had something wrong with it :(


These are a great bit of kit and for what it's worth, aesthetically look very similar to the gen 3 where as the gen 1 and 2 looked very different. If have no concern buying one of these, I'll wait to see if they drop sub 350 then I'll probably bite (y)


Think it's being discontinued the 3 as it's the least popular speaker in range .

Sonos PLAY 5 Wireless Speaker (3 Year warranty) - £399 @ Peter Tyson
31/12/2020Expires on 31/12/2020Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Sonos PLAY 5 Wireless Speaker (3 Year warranty) - £399 @ Peter Tyson
£399£49920% Free P&P FreePeter Tyson Audio Visual Deals
The cheapest i have seen it for.....

£399 here brand new


It’ll be interesting to see how far these drop between now and June with the new one being priced at £499.


Sold out!


If you've got budget for the playbar buy the new Arc


Any other speaker other than the ones you’ve mentioned pretty much.

Sonos Play 5 £410 @ Sevenoaks sound
363° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Sonos Play 5 £410 @ Sevenoaks sound
Seems a decent price.

Question is when that time comes. Hopefully even less than that :D


Hopefully Dolby atmos and home cinema integration are the big new features, because that wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. I see Gen 1 is no longer supported for hardware updates, so theres that, gen 2 will eventually go the same way... but not sure it'd be worth worrying about. Will most likely pull the trigger


ah thanks... might bite in that case. Well done getting your price... haven't decided black or white, leaning toward black for the sake of the fact black just works with everything! white is also a top neutral colour but more hit and miss! that's my opinion haha


They will, but it will go cheaper again (depending how urgent the purchase is for you) it was £381 at JL around xmas.


They should do.

Sonos Play 5 - £419 @ Sevenoaks Sound
468° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Sonos Play 5 - £419 @ Sevenoaks Sound
£419 Free P&P FreeSevenoaks Sound Deals
This is my first ever post so go easy please. Best price I have found in the UK at the moment for the brilliant Sonos Play 5. Free delivery to UK addresses

I just had mine delivered an hour ago, set it up to replace one of my Play:1's. Anyone who says it is only a marginal improvement over the Play:1 should probably go get their ears checked as a they are probably a candidate for a hearing aid!


Legend find. Purchased 2.


I agree with this. I have original play ones, updated Alexa Sonos ones, play 3, gen 2 play 5’s like this model. These 5’s are outstanding in pairs! Really really impressive


!!!! This is a great price. But I don't need one! Where am I going to put it???


I've got a couple of the new 1's, had a gen 1 play 3 and both a gen 1 and gen 2 play 5. I would say then gen 2 play 5 is one of the best speakers I've heard for all around home sound. Punchy bass and a great sound. The gen 2 was a good upgrade from the gen 1, sound is crisper and seems more balanced. If I was going to choose a gen 2 play 5 is better than stereo play 1's. Great purchase and this wont disappoint if you get one :)

30% off Sonos speakers if you have an old Play:5, Connect or Amp
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Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
30% off Sonos speakers if you have an old Play:5, Connect or Amp
A few months ago Sonos did a booboo and offered this deal, with the kicker that they would brick your device and let you take it to the tip. This did not go down well. They've cha… Read more

Apple support there devices around 5 years you don’t get that on android maybe 1 year on average with android.


I guess it will take time to rebuild customer confidence. This deal is effectively, "have 30% off a new product for every one of our legacy products you own." On the surface that sounds like a nice loyalty bonus, but still the reaction here is a bit meh. Thanks to OP for finding and posting - I've taken the plunge already. Much has been said around the faux pas of bricking a perfectly functioning device for the sake of progress. That was a big mistake. For me, though, the bigger crime was what awaited those of us that didn't chose the trade-in path, who have a combination of new and old Sonos kit on the same network. Originally Sonos were going to pause upgrades to everything on the same network, just if you happened to have one legacy product. Ok, there's a better way now, but splitting your system and controlling with two independent apps is still less than ideal and IMHO a bit of a betrayal of early adopters. But I took the plunge. But I didn't trade-up all my legacy qualifying speakers, only 3 of the 4. Something makes me nervous about having to click that "receive my discount" button and then accept some terms and conditions, including (but not limited to): "BY PARTICIPATING IN THE TRADE UP UPGRADE PROGRAMME, YOU DISCLAIM ANY WARRANTIES RELATED TO THE SONOS DEVICE, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, STATUTORY, OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, AND THE IMPLIED CONDITION OF SATISFACTORY QUALITY." Hmmm... "disclaim any warranties", .... "fitness for a particular purpose", etc. A few months ago I wouldn't even have thought this might be a precursor to some future bricking/hobbling...


Stopping support/updates is one thing. But actively bricking/inactivating a perfectly good piece of hardward seems extremely wasteful and controlling.


Never quite understood what the big fuss was about. Nobody moans when Samsung or Apple stop supporting their phones after ~3 years, and these old Sonos have been going for much longer than that.


Smarthomesounds are a uk based Sonos dealer and you can also use your Sonos 30per cent discount with them. Advantage over Sonos is free next day delivery plus a 6 years warranty.

Sonos PL5G2UK1BLK PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - Black £324.99 at cheapest_electrical eBay
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Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
Sonos PL5G2UK1BLK PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - Black £324.99 at cheapest_electrical eBay
£324.99£39919%eBay Deals
Unfortunately I cannot afford it, but Sonos PLAY:5 brand new from £324.99 using the 20% off ebay voucher code.

You forgot to mention the demise of the horse and cart in your argument. Some people have invested a lot of money in sonos products they are hardly low cost. If their was a major improvement from one generation to the next it wouldn't bother me. I wasn't getting angry I was just stating a fact when I said I'm done with sonos. I'd will probably spend money on a better hifi setup. To be honest it sounds like your the one having the rant.


Get really angry at every available opportunity. Rant that there is nowhere to rent Betamax videos nor laserdiscs from anymore. And wait for the time when 2/3G phone networks are switched off and complain some more. Or, as you say, accept the relatively low cost of progress and move on.


You’d need 6 Ones to be one better than the 5.


I know but what do you do if you've already got a few already? If it lasts 10 years then it's not bad value really I think.


I'm done with sonos (annoyed)

Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 Black £399 @ Amazon
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Posted 20th FebPosted 20th Feb
Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 Black £399 @ Amazon
I have been looking for one of these for a while and I believe this is the cheapest I have seen it brand new. Next cheapest I have seen recently is £435. Also, coming from Amazon … Read more

Yes. But not for me thanks. I have money set aside from something I've sold. Rather not go down that route. :) Decided to wait for a bit anyway. Imminent foo fighters announvenebt and Glastonbury paydate incoming.


No credit card?


Not suddenly, no. But eventually. I use Google Play Music which is going to be deprecated and replaced by YouTube Music. If Sonos aren't going to roll with these changes, I'm not optimistic that YouTube Music will work on Sonos at that point. This will be happening soon rather than later. This example is just a guess, but it's a real concern. And that's just one change on one service. The truth is, any service could break at any point after updates stop in May. It's a clever ploy by Sonos really, it creates the illusion that the speakers are slowly breaking over time and that the cause is the third party services. But it's not, it's one clear cut decision by Sonos not to keep my fully functional, perfect condition, £1200+ worth of 5 year old speakers working.


This isn’t correct. They will definitely be operational, but they won’t receive new features. The speakers won’t suddenly be remotely disabled


Seems to look that way (lol). I still love mine and don’t regret buying them

Sonos Play 5 - Richer Sounds £409 with 6 year warranty @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Sonos Play 5 - Richer Sounds £409 with 6 year warranty @ Richer Sounds
Same as the Amazon deal but with 6 year warranty, which I'd personally would go for over the Amazon deal.

Oh - that one.



Sonos PLAY:5 Smart Speaker, 2nd Gen, Black/White - £423 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
-62° Expired
Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Sonos PLAY:5 Smart Speaker, 2nd Gen, Black/White - £423 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
2 year guarantee included . Only £15.00 for accidental damage with Added Care. Product code: 82370112 Sonos PLAY:5 is the ultimate smart speaker; it fine tunes sound to brin… Read more

Yes, I guess lower price and better warranty at Richer Sounds is a far superior deal.


£409 at amazon is probably why. You could make the warrantee argument for JL I suppose. edit just seen JL warranted is 2 years, I thought it may be 5. Probably better off with amazon. Edit 2 - also £409 at richer sounds which is even better.


Why cold?

SONOS PLAY: 5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black/White - £409 @ Amazon
212° Expired
Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
SONOS PLAY: 5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black/White - £409 @ Amazon
Fills a large room with pure and immersive sound With deep bass that packs a punch Streams music services, your music library, internet radio and podcasts Line-in: Plug in any d… Read more

Those seem good options. Will explore Yamaha and Sonos options. Bose speaker was a let down. Sony also make good products. As I am just starting, so will look at building up speaker ecosystem. Thank you for your input, much appreciated.


Thanks for the info. I've never been a fan of Bose; they use cheaper hardware and pad out the sound with software trickery. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. If you're willing to scour this site and eBay you could get a decent av amp and some stereo speakers with stands for £500. I would recommend this for your loving room as it's modular and easily expandable as your needs and budget changes. If you go down this route be prepared to research what you want! Alternatively, a soundbar would do the job. The Sonos beam is decent. Yamaha make good value products. Sony do decent kit of features like casting are more important to you than maximum quality for the money. I wouldn't pay less than £200 if you're expecting something good The portable speaker is a bit trickier. I really like the monitor audio s150. It can be had for around £100. As I said, the Sonos is a good set and forget option but if sound quality is king you can do better.


Mainly which gives good clean sound. Need two of them: 1. Fixed installation for the living room supporting TV. 2. Another, a reasonably portable one for moving around the house. I am not sure on the budget, but not too high though. I recently bought a Bose Soundtouch 20 III series speaker but sold it on as the sound was not very clear.


That's a difficult question to answer without more info. What are your priorties/budget?


What is a good value for money option for speakers then?

Sonos PLAY:5 Smart Speaker, 2nd Gen, Black £381.60 @ John Lewis & Partners
281° Expired
Posted 17th Dec 2019Posted 17th Dec 2019
Sonos PLAY:5 Smart Speaker, 2nd Gen, Black £381.60 @ John Lewis & Partners
Price matching again which is good, plus that 2 year guarantee :) Black Music adapted to you Every detail of the PLAY:5 has been engineered to make listening to music even… Read more

Is this still live? Note JL site is back to £499...


Guilty aswell (lol)


Same here now my wife wants one for kitchen.... Price is tempting though


Can everyone stop posting Sonos Deals - I've gone from nothing to 2 x Play Ones, a beam and a sub, all i the space of a month! And that month is the one before Christmas - i.e the expensive month! Heat added though (y)


Ha, saw it was posted the other day and thought people may prefer John Lewis 2 year guarantee :)

Sonos Play 5 - £381.60 @ Richer Sounds
402° Expired
Posted 16th Dec 2019Posted 16th Dec 2019
Sonos Play 5 - £381.60 @ Richer Sounds
£381.60£4199%Richer Sounds Deals
Hey peeps. Been looking for a decent price to pounce and apparently Amazon was this price last week? Amazon is now back up to £419 but I have had a price match request accepted b… Read more

Thanks for the heads up.


Go to John Lewis instead! They have reduced to £381.60 now without the price match!


£424 now


Great price. Had one of these bad boys for a few years now, I'm also partial to playing some Hospital Records on them. Extra heat for the dnb love!


Strange how you have to call Customer Services to order it. Surely if they were truly 'Never Knowingly Undersold', they would update their in-store & online prices once you made them aware.

Sonos Play5 BLACK price matched - £381.60 @ Amazon
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Posted 14th Dec 2019Posted 14th Dec 2019
Sonos Play5 BLACK price matched - £381.60 @ Amazon
£381.60Amazon Deals
Sonos Play5 low price according to the camels

It's probably not quite as loud as the Sonos but the sound i feel is has much more depth and is pleasing on the ear. Not sure if i really like the B&O app or not although it does it's job. Got mine in the kitchen but move it as and when i need to. The B&O doesn't seem as loud but because of the sound quality doesn't feel like it needs to be....opinions all very subjective lol but if you are near a stockist give it an audition :-)


How does it compare to Beolit 17?


I hate mine, used it twice and now use a B&O Beolit 17. Don't know why but i just can't seem to take to it


clearly gone right over your head that he's trolling ...Oh dear never mind.


Fantastic sounding speakers, we run a stereo pair and the overall quality is superb.

1 x Sonos BEAM, 1 x Sonos SUB & 2 x PLAY:5 (with 6 year Warranty ) £1557.2 @ Richer Sounds
-83° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2019Posted 13th Dec 2019
1 x Sonos BEAM, 1 x Sonos SUB & 2 x PLAY:5 (with 6 year Warranty ) £1557.2 @ Richer Sounds
£1,557.20£1,82615%Richer Sounds Deals
Sonos BEAM, SUB & PLAY:5 (X2) for the ultimate house shaker ;)

I think you are confusing 'you' and 'I' ;)


No lossless Dolby or DTS though which is the main reason you would buy a 5.1


Surely you just turn the volume down as opposed to sell up and buy something with lower wattage?


Lossless is supported via airplay, its the only reason I considered them being stunned that they didnt even allow wav/aiff files a few years ago......I've downgraded (in more ways than one) from a 7.1 B&W system to this. This system suits many, but not all. Plus this requires no space (relatively) or cabling. HDMI ARC is very good IMO. There is also the consideration (for most) of the neighbours ;)


1557?? "Sonos hasn't upgraded the audio codecs it supports, so it's PCM stereo, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital 5.1, with no support for DTS or lossless audio formats. There's also no Dolby Atmos support here" Mental to consider !!! Denon 3600 av + q acoustics 3 series 5.0 + a decent 10" sub would be had for this price point and blow this to smithereens

SONOS PLAY:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black + 6 Years Guarantee - £381.60 @ Richer Sounds
354° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2019Posted 13th Dec 2019
SONOS PLAY:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black + 6 Years Guarantee - £381.60 @ Richer Sounds
Fab price 6 Years Guarantee included Free Delivery or Click & Collect The Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker allows you to connect with other Sonos … Read more

Currys black Friday 2018 hot UK deal


From where please


Price matched on Amazon now.


I've had the white one for almost a year. Been in the sun but bo discolouring



SONOS PLAY:5 £381.60 with code at Currys
274° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2019Posted 13th Dec 2019
SONOS PLAY:5 £381.60 with code at Currys
The Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker allows you to connect with other Sonos speakers to fill your house with music – enjoy flexible playback and control optio… Read more



Decent price but dreadful retailer. Will never buy from CurrysPCWorld again


They have a line in at the rear. Typical headphone jack socket type


In theory yes .... as the 5 has line in. But I wouldn't like to use it as such.


Can these be used with a pc/monitor/console? Already have a samsung soundbar for the tv

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