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The Sonos Play:5 is an elegant looking and bombastic sounding speaker that fills your home with a rich, crystal clear sound for music, TV, video games, audiobooks, podcasts, films, radio, and more. Shoppers can get one of these excellent speakers at an unbeatable price from hotukdeals and enjoy a wireless music radio control anywhere in their home. Read more
Sonos Play 5 White A-grade - £320 @ CeX
266° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Yes it’s pre-owned but CEX comes with warranty and their A grade items are usually mint, if not you can return to local store for refund. Will come boxed with all original accesso… Read more
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Nice one, thanks!


Yep, ‘A - Mint - These products must be in mint/new condition. The product must be immaculate; if it is not then it is unfortunately not deemed as an A grade. All accessories means everything that would have originally come in the box. These must be official and the same condition as the product.These items also require their original box and inserts.


So CEX A graded merchandise is their best stuff? I have never ordered from them so don't know what they are like.


They had another in stock so ordered. May have to to set up stereo 5’s around the house. Gradually replace the stereo 3 set up I have. Thanks op


Thank you for your sarcasm, but I was actually saying that I feel I've achieved a similar result for much less cash - I wasn't boasting that I own some Dots (confused)

Sonos Play 5 - Wireless Music System - £399 @ Richer Sounds
601° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Product information ”The original champion is still hard to fault.”– ‘What Hi-Fi’ 2018 award winner. Pure and true sound you’d expect from Sonos For transparent, life-like sound, … Read more

Have just read that all Sonos speakers are getting assistant support. Those without a mic will utilise phones or separate GH mini or Echo dot. Good news for me. Was considering trading my whole system in.


You can play any music you own and anything from youtube. I do this all this time.


Good deal although I don't need yet another original play 5 still works perfectly and it must be about 10 years old now. I have more speakers and recently bought the sonos beam so play everything from it wirelessly including spotify and youtube!


I wouldn’t waste your time with iamlegendfam, he’s only here for a bit of trolling.


If you were playing anything on a iPhone, iPad etc. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, you can Airplay it to Sonos. Guess you have a android device?

Sonos Play 5 Smart Speaker (White) £399 @ John Lewis & Partners  (Price Match at Richer Sounds for 6 year guarantee)
239° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Sonos Play 5 Smart Speaker (White) £399 @ John Lewis & Partners (Price Match at Richer Sounds for 6 year guarantee)
It's been posted at this price a couple of times recently (Amazon, Richer Sounds) but if anyone was thinking about it and missed John Lewis have dropped the price of the white vers… Read more

Dont worry the speaker is awesome as it is .


It's a good price, but just keep in mind that Sonos have no plans to support hi-res audio.

SONOS PLAY: 5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black/White £399 @ Amazon
377° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
SONOS PLAY: 5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black/White £399 @ Amazon
£399£46013%Amazon Deals
Needed another and saw deal had been posted; however expired and now back in stock. Box Contains SONOS PLAY:5 (Gen2) White 1 Cable Box/bag 1 x Power cord 1 x Flat flexible Ethern… Read more

Google Home Max vs this?


From most sources I’ve read on the sonos forum the line in introduces a delay of about 70ms


Line in may have some delay. Useless if using for a PC. Stereo only li set horizontal according to demonstration I had.


Great unit. Heat added. Price is spot on.


Bose SoundTouch 30 is much better

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Sonos PLAY:5 (Black) Wireless Music System - £399 @ Richer Sounds
365° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Sonos PLAY:5 (Black) Wireless Music System - £399 @ Richer Sounds
£399£44911%Richer Sounds Deals
With 6 years warranty which is fantastic! And a great deal. Pure and true sound you'd expect from Sonos For transparent, life-like sound, the Sonos PLAY 5 simply excels. The lates… Read more
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Doesn’t sound too bad. What’s the link to say it sounds like a Play 3? I might bite seeing it’ll be cheaper than a One. Everything I’ve read pretty much agrees with this quote from The Verge ‘Spence suggested that the lamp’s audio performance should be similar to — if maybe a rung or two below — that of the $199 Sonos One. It has a dial on the lamp body to control the light, and there are track control buttons on the base plate portion. (They’re out of view in these promotional images.) The lamp does not include a smart bulb out of the box, so you’ll have to buy one separately.’


So from what I've learned the Symfonisk lamp @ £179 is similar in quality to a Play 3 and yes there is a larger device in the pipeline. Although its still not confirmed if that is a Sonos 5 equivalent or a sub? Either way, I'm waiting to hear the sound quality of Symfonisk before adding any further speakers to my set up. I will add this is a great price for a Play 5 though. I was one of the lucky ones that bagged a couple for £339 each around Christmas from Curries so I know for a fact that there are better deals out there if your prepared to wait it out. If you must have a 5 now. This is a good deal.


Are there more speakers coming from the collaboration? Both the recent ones are far cheaper than a 5 and from what I read pitched at a quality slightly below a One.


Are there more speakers coming from the collaboration? Both the recent ones are far cheaper than a 5 and from what I read pitched at a quality slightly below a One.


LIsten to this member. I don't think it's a coincidence we are seeing these come down in price from different retailers. If you aren't fussed about the latest and greatest though, fire away.

SONOS PLAY: 5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black/White  £399 @ Amazon
575° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
SONOS PLAY: 5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black/White £399 @ Amazon
£399£49920%Amazon Deals
SONOS PLAY: 5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black/White
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Same here. Love it! Only issue I have is audio sometimes is choppy on my play1 in the kitchen.


I run a beam and two 1's in my living room. The beam alone would suffice though.




Was £400 now £399... 545°? Am I missing something 'ere? EDIT: Ooooohhh.... £499<--- :p


Amazing speakers

Sonos PLAY:5 (Black) Wireless Music System (Refurbished) - £332.10 (with code) @ Richer Sounds
328° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Sonos PLAY:5 (Black) Wireless Music System (Refurbished) - £332.10 (with code) @ Richer Sounds
£332.10£36910%Richer Sounds Deals
Not a bad price for the Play:5 and even though refurbished, comes with a 12 month warranty. Use voucher code VIP10 to get 10% off the £369 price

I don’t believe that the Bluetooth functionality works for streaming music on the new model.


True. I thought we had 1 more day.


Google home max are now back to 399


Personally I'd get a Google home max and save 130 quid, gain assistant, gain Bluetooth.


They have just announced a new sonos one that will be Bluetooth compatible

Sonos Play:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker in white Currys £399
164° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Sonos Play:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker in white Currys £399
This Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker allows you to connect with other Sonos speakers to fill your house with music – enjoy flexible playback and control opti… Read more

It was £339 earlier and said until Monday. I’d rather never own it now than buy it for £399 from Curry’s. They DEFINITELY did this deliberately for links back to their deals, which will now be all over the internet, bringing in a ton of traffic for a fake deal, that sure a fortunate few will have got their hands on.


Yeah it was honoured. I picked mine up today for £339


Did curry’s honour it at 339 as I’ve got one reserved to pick up?

nickane Sorry, looks like they're all gone. When I bought it said 31 sold and didn't mention "last few remaining" so I suspect they pulled it, much like the deal at their own website.


Yes on there website

Sonos Play:5 (latest version) White £339 @ Currys
423° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Sonos Play:5 (latest version) White £339 @ Currys
Don't recall ever seeing this go so low. Looks to be online only rather than in-store.

Anyone happen to pick one of these up and has now decided it's not for them? Interested in buying a Play 5 but can't find one close to this price. Thanks


I bought a ONE and play5 at the weekend, rang customer services today and got them to honour this 5% off. I’d suggest any of you who bought any sonos product over the weekend ring them and they should give you the additional 5% back too.


I listened to the play ones next to a play 5 in Currys. That's what made me get the play 5, sounded so so so much better.


are people using one single play 5? or is anyone using one play 5 and 2 play ones together? 2 play ones still sounds amazing by itself but the play 5 gives it that lower deeper bass.


Finally got my email to say on its way! Had given up and expected a cancell

Sonos play 5 2nd gen black grade a £355 del @  cex
-117° Expired
Posted 18th Jan 2018Posted 18th Jan 2018
Sonos play 5 2nd gen black grade a £355 del @ cex
As above 3 in stock
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These were £429rrp before they hiked it by 10%.


Its not a bad price , just that CEX grading can be suspect - if you are going to go for it I suggest you go to a store and see for yourself before parting with you money - I had a bad experience with a Grade 'A' Sonos play 5 gen 2 , it arrived and clearly wasn't grade A, I queried and was told to return but as far as they were concerned it was an 'A' and I may not be reimbursed return costs (they were sent photos) , it stopped working a week later and as CEX didnt have any in stock I contacted Sonos who replaced it.


Well that's what this site is, not a useless comment at all. You have a decision to make if you want the product don't you. As you've missed the sale either buy this refurb or wait til the inevitable next sonos sale, you might have to wait another 10 months but it'll be back to that price or less sometime. Only you know how desperate you are for the speaker!! The way to gather if this is a good price is to compare what price it was a month ago surely...


Oh, that's useful... What if the offers won't come back on? Cheapest brand new is £449 here. At least I try to make an effort rather then posting useless comments. £355 is a very good price indeed for grade a product and 2 year warranty.


Was last month ? Not that long ago at all .. If you want a sonos product and don't know that the best time to buy is just before Christmas than your the eejit if you ask me!!!

Sonos play 5 with 6 year guarantee £409 at Richer Sounds
230° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2017Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Sonos play 5 with 6 year guarantee £409 at Richer Sounds
Same price as all other retailers as far as I can tell, but Richer Sounds are offering the 6 year guarantee. Description copied from their website: “Sonos as a system has two bi… Read more

No, they sent me a 10% off code for my birthday. I’ve been a customer for a couple of years now


Good find. Is that for new customers only?


Just nail one on Very for £369 using 10% code, also 12 months interest free


Personally the extra 4 year warranty would be worth the extra tenner.


Amazon had them briefly at £399 on Monday evening so they may yet get lower

Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 @ Amazon - £409
216° Expired
Posted 20th Nov 2017Posted 20th Nov 2017
Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 @ Amazon - £409
Sonos play 5 £409 Very good all round speaker

Each not total






Every recent review on the Google Play store and nearly all of the hardcord Sonos supporters on their own forum. It's an unmitigated disaster, making things that were previously easily acheived with two or three clicks now impossible todo without some contortion on your fingers and about four submenus. Sonos are a stubborn as they always are: one of the most unresponsive companies I've ever had to deal with. For further reading, google Audible + Sonos. Great speakers though!


Details, please?

Sonos Play 5 with 6 year guarantee £419 at Richer Sounds
310° Expired
Posted 11th Nov 2017Posted 11th Nov 2017
Sonos Play 5 with 6 year guarantee £419 at Richer Sounds
Same deal available at Smart Home Dounds website too with free next day delivery. RRP £499, although you can usually get them for around £449.00. £419.00 seemed a good price at the… Read more
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These are great sounding speakers, smooth jazz on them sounds absolutely lush! Hopefully if Alexa enabled versions come out this will push these below the £400 mark.


Richer Sounds price matching Superfi's £415, meaning about tenner off....


Thanks for all the other offers and additional inf that you guys have shared. Appreciate it. (y)


A heads up and no thing to do with Sonos play 5 but I went shopping at Manchester Trafford centre Friday went into Selfridges and they doing a offer atm word of mouth only!!!! So don't shoot me down, Sonos one smart speaker marked at 199.99 but with 10% off =179.99 I was unsure so I carried on shopping got to John Lewis walked round there and seen this speaker in there with a Sonos rep promoting them spoke to him he said try and buy one and explain Selfridges deal they price match and give 2yr warranty free, So I did and they accepted it so for 179.99 was a bargain as the Alexa 50 alone :-)


I really like Sonos, own a One Speaker and the amp, but I wish they would reduce the pricing, certainly on the higher end items, such as the sound bar and this speaker, seems well over the top imo.

Sonos Play 5 £419 at Amazon
54° Expired
Posted 7th Nov 2017Posted 7th Nov 2017
Sonos Play 5 £419 at Amazon
I just noticed that Amazon have dropped the price of the Play 5 to £419, cheapest it's been since Sonos hiked their prices earlier this year. This price applies to both black and w… Read more
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The beolit 15 is much better in sound battery looks & programmes The sonos can only be played via wifi & where the beolit 15 can be used with Bluetooth airplay & jack etc I got one on eBay rather than Amazon for £320 champagne gold colour.


Thought so.


Can you give me a bit more info on this? Heard the play 5 and wasn't greatly impressed myself. Been thinking about the b and w Zeppelin but am open to suggestions.


Massive comparison Bluetooth 4.0 is much better sound quality to wifi especially with tidal


That's a Bluetooth speaker. This one is WiFi so irrelevant comparison.

Sonos Play 5 (S5) White (1st Gen - Grade B) @ CeX £207.50 delivered
223° Expired
Posted 3rd Jul 2017Posted 3rd Jul 2017
Sonos Play 5 (S5) White (1st Gen - Grade B) @ CeX £207.50 delivered
£207.50CeX Deals
Hi - I am expecting a cold front. but hopeful that people can see what I see (or tell me I am misguided!). After a massive amount of deliberation I bought two of these this weekend… Read more
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Anything of quality, not restricting myself to just one genre. Any era too


Good for you mate, what kind of stuff you listening to?


None on display in Newcastle, Play 1 for £160 All Cex shops stink of p*ss as well


To round off - received the first of my Play5's today. It was in good condition (tiny signs of use) and worked well so far. No frills, just the unit and the power lead and definitely no different to how a new one would have looked within a few days in my house (2 tiny dings hardly noticeable). No regrets so far.


I agree with the premium thing as I went for Sonos as felt the system was most polished but that was at those previous prices. Like you say, for me too that line has been crossed. Apple is nearing that too hence I've had my iPhone 6plus for nearly three years so will only upgrade every few years now instead of every year like I did up to that 6plus

Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 - £452.10 @ Amazon
324° Expired
Posted 27th May 2017Posted 27th May 2017
Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 - £452.10 @ Amazon
£452.10Amazon Deals
Yes I know it's a lot of money, and fully expect this to be cold, but if you can find one of these cheaper elsewhere*, then let's hear it. Hardware and software custom-designed p… Read more

Gone back up to £469. Expired.


shame that sons put their prices up ! these were 380 a few months ago


I've actually got 2 spare of these (bought for a commercial gym refurbishment, owner decided 3 was loud enough!) if anyone wants one for £400 I'll be happy to help out members on here. Just haven't got round to listing them on eBay yet. Brand new still sealed in DHL shipping box. Fire me a PM if anyone's interested!


I can't remember the exact model name but it was a Pioneer kit from Richer Sounds - was about £300 ex-display. When I moved flats we stuck the Pioneer kit into my parents house and moved over to Sonos. Only when we added 2 Play 1's was it better htough - till then it was good but not brilliant.


A lot of Blurays only have a DTS soundtrack and no Dolby surround track.

SONOS Play 5 Gen 2 @ John Lewis £469. Ends tonight
-69° Expired
Posted 19th May 2017Posted 19th May 2017
SONOS Play 5 Gen 2 @ John Lewis £469. Ends tonight
Just had an email from JL saying their competitor price match ends tonight. Awesome bit of kit, saving £30 off normal price
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Man...why do these codes never work for me?


Bought a unit a couple months ago. Willing to part with it for £420. It's still in its consignment box (unopened) with receipt if anybody's interested? Bought from Sonos online.


I received an email from Sonos offering this promo so it would seem it is available directly from them. :{


Pretty sure that 100 day deal is offered by Sonos if you go direct


​very is by far the cheapest for sonos at the moment

Sonos PLAY:1 £134.10 Sonos PLAY:5 £359.10 @ Very (BNPL / 20% off new accounts)
58° Expired
Posted 22nd Dec 2016Posted 22nd Dec 2016
Sonos PLAY:1 £134.10 Sonos PLAY:5 £359.10 @ Very (BNPL / 20% off new accounts)
£359.10Very Deals
so yes its very and yep you'll have to do bnpl , but opened up an account for the 20% ps4 pro deal and will be adding 1 or 2 plays just going pay off in jan play 3 out of stock… Read more
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How is this 20% when electricals are 10% off


It's only 10% off electrical items for new accounts (BNPL) and i'm guessing these fall into that category, can anyone confirm? Bit confused as the title suggests 20% off. Thanks


Sub is amazing for movies, wouldn't bother if you only listen to music tho. Got my sub for under £450 when currys did 20% off, plus other discounts I was able to get.


Would love the sub - but a bit out of my budget - hoping for another glitch !!!


I've said it before and I'll say it again - avoid Very like the plague on your most private parts. They are an awful company, luring people in with discounts and then providing the worst possible customer service when anything goes wrong. I bought a laptop on Black Friday which I returned, as instructed, via Collect Plus. It got lost/delayed/stolen at the depot and Very are refusing to refund me and are instead insisting that I make the minimum payments - even though I literally have the trace details on Collect Plus' system. Four phone calls, six emails and three webchats later and I am no further along. AVOID AVOID AVOID!

Sonos Play 5 £350.10 Amazon UK
-15° Expired
Posted 21st Dec 2016Posted 21st Dec 2016
Sonos Play 5 £350.10 Amazon UK
£350.10Amazon Deals
Sonos Play 5 in White reduced from 429.99 (Already had £30 reduced previously)

Must resist... agh!!! Cant... help... dont need.... oh sh*t


Why do people buy iPhones or BMW's or anything better than the cheapest possible thing? Really for the wireless aspect, seamless app integration/usage and sound quality, IMO £350 is a great price for this. I paid similar for my first gen play 5 about 3.5 years ago and it's still going strong/sounding amazing. All Sonos products are well worth the money


Richer Sounds. Same price but with 6 year guarantee.


We get it, it's not for you.


The point of this site is finding particular products for the best price. These speakers are not for everyone, but are great and offer very good value for money. This is the cheapest price for the speaker and has helped me. Ill be ordering - Hot!

Sonos Play 5 Black or White £350.10 from currys with code
-131° Expired
Posted 11th Dec 2016Posted 11th Dec 2016
Sonos Play 5 Black or White £350.10 from currys with code
For today only Currys are doing an extra 10% off on audio equipment. enter the code audio10 at checkout and the price comes down to £350.10.

Yes please santa


Posted here

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