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The Sonos Play:5 is an elegant looking and bombastic sounding speaker that fills your home with a rich, crystal clear sound for music, TV, video games, audiobooks, podcasts, films, radio, and more. Shoppers can get one of these excellent speakers at an unbeatable price from hotukdeals and enjoy a wireless music radio control anywhere in their home. Read more
SONOS PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - Black (gen 2) £349.97 @ Currys
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Posted 1st Oct 2020Posted 1st Oct 2020
SONOS PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - Black (gen 2) £349.97 @ Currys£349.97Currys PC World Deals
The Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker allows you to connect with other Sonos speakers to fill your house with music – enjoy flexible playback and control options… Read more

Again, you get it wrong. This isnt simply a speaker, is it? It is a smart speaker with a processor/ram/wifi/LAN etc built in. Which PC/computing tech lasts more than 10 years? Actually Sonos does, but the updates bit just wont be supported past 10 years. Seems very reasonable to me. I dont have a single piece of processor based tech, other than the Sonos, that is over 10 years old. I own hifi seperates from Audio Research, Krell and Sonus Faber. But this serves a completely different purpose. And is much quicker to use than the AR tubes needing warm up etc. Being someone who owns both, I still have the time for Sonos products due to their robustness and ease of use. So thanks, but I don't need luck as I own both and respect a product that gets it right.


Nothing wrong with being old fashioned, I’m happy to be in that club as I’m not far off the big 60. But I use some modern tech and feel it makes my life better. Just think it’s a shame that companies like Sonos get stick for not being a perfect solution for everyone’s needs. I wish you well, have a wonderful weekend too. :)


No worries. Maybe I'm just old fashioned. Genuinely hope you're happy with it. I guess I'm just too old for this Smart stuff. There's something very Brave New World or 1984 about it all. Anyway. Enjoy your weekend. I take you're point with regards to Smart tech and the way things are going.


What are you even doing on a Sonos thread? Smart tech moves on rapidly and if you buy into it, there will be a shelf life. Separates are a different kettle of fish and are great if that is what you are after. I sold my separate system ages ago and couldn’t be happier, but that’s just me.


You're still missing the point... they wont be obslete in 10 years, they just wont be supported or get new features. They will still work.

Sonos Play 5 (gen2) - £335 instore @ John Lewis & Partners, Cheltenham
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Posted 1st Aug 2020Posted 1st Aug 2020LocalLocal
Sonos Play 5 (gen2) - £335 instore @ John Lewis & Partners, Cheltenham£335£49933% offJohn Lewis Deals
Reduced on the Sonos stand in store

Well they did, and it arrived weeks ago. It was apparently because they couldn’t apply the discretionary discount to a Paypal purchase.


Err that’s a v wierd story tbh. No way that sonos as an international company would ask for an international transfer to a bank in Luxembourg. Fingers crossed for you it arrives...


In ‘tech’ circles yes, in ‘hifi’ circles no. Pick your category... This is why hifi enthusiasts always choose components over one box systems


I bought 68 Play 1’s 50 years ago and non have developed a fault, and I use them 26 hours a day.


This will be very Store specific. I was in our store yesterday and nothing like this, it’s very reliant on what they have returned or how they change their displays or what stock they have that’s been refurbished

SONOS Play:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black - £429 / Sold by Hughes Direct and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 28th Jul 2020Posted 28th Jul 2020
SONOS Play:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black - £429 / Sold by Hughes Direct and Fulfilled by Amazon£429 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
£70 off. Says its the new model too. Free delivery with Prime Membership. Only 6 left in stock.

You are blaming Sonos, you need to redirect that to Apple as it is as a result of their doing we've lost the ability to play media from a device. Perils of buying into the walled garden, it work just fine on my Android phone. I don't normally defend Sonos, the dreadful approach they have taken since their "no more" support debacle has infuriated me. I have a lot of their products, including Gen 1 Play:5's, Connect and a Connect Amp so am stuck with the S1 app. I certainly won't buy any more of their products nor recommend them. People need to think and choose carefully when buying into IOT equipment.


Then your issue is of your own making not the product.


It says Play 3 on it next to the serial number. And I'm being pushed the S1 app, not the S2. But I'm not wanting to upgrade it.


If it's too old it's not a Play 3 as they are compatible with S2. There's only Gen 1 5's and some other components that don't work with S2. Yeah I must admit not being able to play from my iPhone via the app is annoying as I used that feature for podcasts but that was due to Apple from my understanding introducing things in iOS that caused instability.


Right, so as a major hardware vendor out there that your customers will own - shouldn't it be well tested and QA'd? Yes there are many permutations, so interoperability can be a bit bad, but I was not the only one reporting issues when they arose - and the quantity of 1-star reviews of the S1 App on the App Store currently with people having the rest of the chain of products stable can only point to Sonos really. I can understand maybe not having good Windows Mobile support... or support for some obscure wifi networking, but not one of the top two biggest mobile platforms out there. Not everyone owns a NAS, nor wants to have to run one, keep it updated etc. I can understand adding new functionality - but not removing functionality when the cost to keep it in should be minimal.

Sonos Play:5 Ex Demo/Unopened Returns With Full Uk Warranty Black and White - £299 @ Sevenoaks Sound
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Posted 18th Jun 2020Posted 18th Jun 2020
Sonos Play:5 Ex Demo/Unopened Returns With Full Uk Warranty Black and White - £299 @ Sevenoaks Sound£299Sevenoaks Sound Deals
Both colours available, I bought these from here around 2 months ago and despite it saying open box customer return, they were both brand new. Few open box returns and few ex demo … Read more

Thanks OP managed to bag 2 of these. White unit looked new with the wrap still on the speaker although the box looked tatty. Black one is used but, in great condition and original box. Very pleased as upgraded from Gen 1 speakers. Cheers


I can get that one, there’s a 20% nhs one atm but you need an email


What code? UNiDAYS?


I’m trying to get a code still!


Ha, I resisted. I know I'd only be craving an ARC (have a Beam and 2 SLs already) . I'll eventually succumb methinks.

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SONOS Play:5 (gen 2) - Refurbished direct from Sonos Shop - £359 + free delivery @ Sonos Shop
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Posted 18th Jun 2020Posted 18th Jun 2020
SONOS Play:5 (gen 2) - Refurbished direct from Sonos Shop - £359 + free delivery @ Sonos Shop£359£39910% off Free P&P FreeSonos Deals
** BACK IN STOCK - Black and White ** I was looking to scoop a 2nd gen Sonos cheap with the release of the next gen. I thought this was a good price direct from the manufacturer.… Read more

Out of stock deal expired.


I'm using the naim muso which is fantastic.Heard this and to be fair think it's pretty decent.Would probably be tempted myself.


Shame they bumped the price when brexit came along. I was looking at buying the sub but they upped it to £700




Blue light card :)

Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 + 6months Spotify premium £399 @ Currys
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Posted 13th May 2020Posted 13th May 2020
Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 + 6months Spotify premium £399 @ Currys£399 Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
Play 5 Gen 2 on sale. This model is compatable with the S2 Sonos update coming out in June. The reduction is in part due to the new Sonos 5 being released (available for preorder f… Read more



Hmmm old Play:5 or Move .......


3 was discontinued a long time ago sadly. I have 1 in my kitchen I wanted to move into the lounge as a rear (currently using 2 Play:1's) but every second hand one I bought off ebay was knackered or had something wrong with it :(


These are a great bit of kit and for what it's worth, aesthetically look very similar to the gen 3 where as the gen 1 and 2 looked very different. If have no concern buying one of these, I'll wait to see if they drop sub 350 then I'll probably bite (y)


Think it's being discontinued the 3 as it's the least popular speaker in range .