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Dreamies Cat Treats with Tuna or Salmon 8 x 60g £4.99 (62p per packet) @ Argos
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
I was browsing the Argos clearance section and just spotted these, if you have any feline friends in your house you'll probably know just how much they love Dreamies! The link for… Read more
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Mine is similar. She'll hide if someone comes in but if they stay awhile she may eventually pop out and check them out at a distance especially if it's a female voice.


It took six weeks to integrate them but worth it in the end :)


Mine hates other cats, dogs and all people apart from me and my lady. Literally runs and hides in the gap in middle of our pillows even at the voice of ppl.... (he was a rescue kitten, nothing we’ve done)


He has been my biggest weakness for the past 14 years - I can't resist that belly! Aww! Your moggie on the right looks like he/she is thinking "Did someone say Dreamies???" Oh no! At least she has more love to give to you! :3


It's great when cats have a fellow cat friend. Mine hates all other cats. :(

Ocean Fresh 5 x 145g Tuna chunks in brine at B&M stores - £3.29
LocalLocalFound 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Ocean fresh Tuna Chunks 5 x 145g tins £3.29 at B&M stores.

Just like pork scratching is still pork lol. Ok mate


As i said still Tuna


Quick definition of how tuna is packaged "steak" loin of Tuna "chunks" peices of tuna loin "Flakes" the leftover bits


yep there is but still Tuna :D


Flakes yes not chunks. There's a difference lol

6 x Princes Tuna Chunks £4 @ Asda (Instore Only)
LocalLocalFound 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Can't see the product online, so most likely instore only. Good price for 6 tins of tuna. Source: Metro Newspaper
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Bought some today, tuna flakes n not chunks but that’s fine for me (y)


Well they are currently selling 50p a tin


Well if you buy 6 tins that they are selling in Asda for 50p each (highfive) you will save £1 lol or is it me (annoyed)


I bought 2 packs from my local yesterday They are definitely £3.99 for a pack of 6



4 pack John West tuna for £3 at Home Bargains
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
John West tuna 4pack £3.00 at home bargains. 75p a can which is cheapest it's been for a long time. In Brine, Sunflower Oil or Spring Water

The best I think


Thank you someone with some sense. It's rarely at this price (I think once apart from a line clearance at tesco). 75p a can that's like pre 2008 when we had the financial crisis & all costs went up.


Looks good to me. Don't know why its getting cold though? Maybe someone will be kind enough to post a better price for 4 cans of JW?

Princes tuna flakes in brine 160g tin 50p  at ASDA - instore and online
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Saw these on offer today and seemed really cheap. Can't go wrong for 50p surely. Asda's own were 89p
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These won't be line caught tuna but drag nets which also catch many endangered species. Also at 50p a tin the front end of the supply chain will be paying the price.....i.e the 50p an hour floorsweeper sweeping up the flakes in the sweatshop factory. Try to buy the fair trade ones and let's try to make a better world.


Pic now changed... (annoyed)


Not expensive when you pick up on all their pricing errors and get goods free effectively as policy is a £2 gift card per DIFFERENT item you are overcharged for (lol)


To be fair never tried Lidl they’ve just opened a massive one by me might give it a try c


Don’t do it - they’re basically the floor sweepings - had them before - never again - better off paying a extra 20p a can for tuna chunks .

6 Tin of Princes Tuna Chunks  Farmfoods £3.99
LocalLocalFound 12th JanFound 12th Jan
In brine, spring water and sunflower oil
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Or use a full stop it seems.


Princess the worst fish 🐠 tenicques for by catch and kill millions or turtle dolphins and sharks in the process no matter what the price id never by their tuna


should be careful about the mercury


Don't forget too use the 10% off vouchers Available at 2.5 5 10 pounds I think ,


small tins just over 100 grams

*Managers Special* John West tuna chunks 3 pack £2 (sunflower oil and spring water in stock) B&M
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
not many deals around lately for ever increasing tuna prices. Found these at my local branch of B&M but I'm assuming it's national as it is online too, £2 for 3 tins is about t… Read more

Remember when Tuna came in a 4 pack......?


Looks like you're right! 132g! The Farmfoods Princes tins seem to be 145g. (6 for £3.99)


they have been £1.99 at proundstretcher for months now


Crazy people (shock) https://guardianlv.com/2013/11/cotton-ball-diet-goes-viral-and-may-kill-dieters/


True but who eats cotton wool balls :S

John West Tuna Chunks | 3 Pack | Brine or Sunflower | Managers Special £2 @ B & M Bargains
LocalLocalFound 9th JanFound 9th Jan
John West Tuna Chunks. Three tins of tuna chunks, sat in spring water. Ideal for all sorts of foods, like sandwiches, pasta and more. Size: 3 x 132g (Approx.)
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I only buy no drain now. Much better no more slushy tuna and its edible out the tin! Perfect


Sainsburys basic is 120g drained. Tastes fine


is it just me or is the new drained weight on all tuna down to 102g when it used to be 112g wont be long before we are paying the same for 80g drained...

John west tuna chunks in spring water 3 x 145g - 50p instore at Sainsbury’s
LocalLocalFound 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Packs of 3 x 145g tins of John west tuna chunks in spring water. The packs in Weymouth store are best before Dec 2020.

Thank you for explaining what I meant to say.


I think you might mean that you can't leave the house to go to Sainos as you're waiting for a delivery of a freezer. But it reads like you want to freeze tins of tuna - who does that!


You put tins of tuna in the freezer?


Looks like fisheries policy in place.


Snap, lol

Fish4cats tuna and seaweed cat food,70g,pack of ten.
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Temporarily oos,,but nothing to lose by ordering,7.9p per tin if we get them!

Bah... "We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item: "Fish4Dogs Tuna and Seaweed Cat Food Tin, 70 g, Pack of 10" http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01ETS60YS Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order #XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and we can confirm that you have not been charged for it. Please accept our apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience caused."


Mine was canceled along with my other Fish4 food order


All gone at this price,will expire


Just gotta love a cat deal!


Time’s running out!


The suspense is killing me


For no drain?


sainsburys tins, 4 for £4, there 160g, these john west and princes have gone down to 102g per tin! so not as good deal as you think! just a heads up.


It's an absolute no-drainer.


6 pack of Princes for £5 in b&m if anyone prefers them over John West

Princes Drained Tuna Steak Spring Water 3 X 120G £1 @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Reduced from £4, these were in the clearance section at my local (Coventry Walsgrave) store. There was 2 shelves full, some were own brand flavoured tuna pots which were 44p. Dated… Read more

Good point, i'll remember for that for next time.


Nothing wrong with posting store specific especially if there is plenty of stock, but I always include which store in the headline and that makes it obvious to everyone without them having to click on the post. Heat added.


Usually I wouldn't post a yellow sticker deal, but there were stacks of these and they weren't short dated or damaged. I thought maybe they were discontinuing the line, then others could benefit from this deal too.


Still £3 online


Were they contagious before they were cured?

Fish4Dogs Tuna Plus Prawn Cat Food Tin, 70 g, Pack of 10 @ Amazon £0.79 Prime £5.28 Non Prime
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
temporarily OOS but can still be ordered.get as many as you can as quickly as you can.will expire once the order button disappears.Product Descriptionl uxurious ingredients there i… Read more
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(shock) (shock) (shock)


Also got a delivery date. And discovered it's cat food not dog as I had thought! (lol) (lol) (lol)


Got a date now, Estimated arrival date: January 15 2019 - February 26 2019


totally agree.thanks for sharing your comments. :)


Thanks amazon crazy, worth a punt and if my girls don't like it, a nice donation for a local cat charity.

Morphy Richards Jet Steam Iron 333020 + Pants (Worth £7) + Tuna + Biscuits £37 @ Sainsbury's (New customer code / Free C&C)
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
Please read the following carefully before ordering & consider giving any unwanted free items (if relevant) to a homeless shelter, charity etc.. especially given the time of ye… Read more
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Thanks for posting. I ordered the iron it’s a fab price and it over £50 on Amazon the free stuff is a bonus. I got it delivered for a £1. I paid £39 in total and didn’t manage to get the free biscuits but I’m gluten free anyway so probably for the best. Heat from me and I didn’t know you could put a iron in with your food shop.


Are you going to iron your pants or tuna?


Not available

Dreamies Cat Treats  Tuna 8 x 60g  Or Salmon 8 x 60g  £5.00 @ Argos
Found 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
Dreamies cat treats 8 x 60g £5.00 at Argos Works out just over 62p a packet not bad. Dreamies Cat Treats with Tuna 8 x 60gby DREAMIES 868/8730 £ was 10.00 https://www.argo… Read more

I am getting £10 showing too!


Aww is the offer gone now? Its showing £10 for me


Cheers op, did think i was getting 16 packs til 8 clicked the link but still a great price




Ordered and paid online for collection order went through payment taken but no confirmation email? Anyone else had this issue? Thanks

Sainsbury's: Get £18 off £48.25 (New Customers) & get the following free: Pants (Worth £7); Tuna; 6x Kids Berry Drinks; Biscuits (FREE C&C)
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
You can exploit the free items Sainsbury's gives out with an online shop to reduce the minimum spend for the major "new customer" discount i.e from £60 to £48.25 and still get the … Read more
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got my stuff today including the fishy hot pants, wooooooo


I'll answer my own question...as expected, yes, I've lost the £18 discount...will be onto Customer Services! Edit: NO, WAIT! I just looked at the total of £50 and thought that's what I'd been charged. In fact they charged £20, I got nearly £30 applied in coupons - even for the goods OOS! They've been very generous! Now I can go out and get those Tena pants I always wanted ;)


Three of the four freebies are OOS when picked; awaiting delivery of order. Is my £18 discount going to be removed as the order falls below £60?


Those Honest drinks are vile!!! Had them free from the Coop and put them in the food bank guiltily as they were so bad that I wanted to put a note on them apologising.


Crap compared to the firestick deal. But the fact you can use free products to push a shopping basket up to £60 to get the money off a shop is a great thing and the point seems to be being missed by people. Not sure if that's in part down to how the thread was written as if it's a deal for free pants and money off when in actual fact it's a deal for money off using free pants to get it. Alas. Anyway people the deal here is to put £48 quid of what you want in a basket then use the free stuff to get money off the £48. Choose stuff that's already on offer, like Reindeer did five days ago or so with his firestick deal and you'll save more. Forget looking for the firestick deal it's gone the only reason this thread exists is due to that fact so choose other things they have reduced instead.

CODE STACK - Get 2 x Amazon Fire Stick +  9 Women's Pants (Worth £7) + Tuna + 6x Kids Berry Drinks + Biscuits £32 @ Sainsbury's (Free C&C)
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Awesome deal :) This requires the creation of a new account to use the "new" customer code ;) Add 2 x Firestick , 1 x Pants , 1 x Tuna , 1 x Berry Drink & 1 x Biscui… Read more
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Is it the 4K fire stick?


They cancelled my order saying the firesticks where out of stock, so i rang them and explained how i can not use my £18 voucher as a new cust anymore when i tried ordering something else and they put £18 onto my account to use on anything (y)


Worked for me today. Delivery between 1pm-2pm. No fire stick in stock but took off £29.75 in coupons and charged £12.30 for above. Also put the croissants through checkoutsmart for £1.05 back.


This didnt work. After placing order Sainsbury said fire stick not in stock then when they were in stock made excuse payment declined and now offer finished.


Me too, saying I cant have them as the price has gone up and even though I ordered Saturday, now the price is 40, I would have been charged 40 each, but as they are not in stock anyway, im being told they were removed and the rest of the order cancelled. Waited half an hour on hold to hear that. Miffed !

Free Bahlsen Biscuits / TENA Lady Pants /  No-Drain Tuna / Honest Kids Organic Drinks with Online Grocery Orders at Sainsbury's w/code(s)
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Claim free Bahlsen Moments with code FREEMOMENTS https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/gb/groceries/get-ideas/our-freebies-and-competitions/our-freebies-and-comp… Read more
Read More

i posted it first


Already posted


You had me at lady pants

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