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Nirvana Nevermind Vinyl 180g £10 Tesco extra Bradley stoke Bristol
LocalLocalFound 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Nirvana Nevermind Vinyl 180g. Bought at Tesco extra Bradley stoke Bristol.

One copy left in Newport Spytty Rd.


I've never heard that! Cheers for the info :)


Nah, they both ripped off this ;) The Damned - Life Goes On


Come a you are was a rip off of this though ;)


This album has always made me wanna throw my kids in the swimming pool when they were babies just to see if they enjoyed it

Reka Vintage Turntable £20 @ Aldi instore (Dunfirmline / St Andrews)
LocalLocalFound 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Spotted in both Dunfermline and St Andrews at this price, reduced from £39.99.

Must be amazing quality


Way too much down force


Don't touch these if you care about looking after your vinyl.


Latest tech for Fife ;)


vintage 2017? does it have blue teeth and play kodi?

Technics SL1200GR £1099 with discount code @ Richersounds
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Rarely discounted new.

Oh, cool. I love records. I mean, when they first came out, we called them "records", before they were "vinyl". When hypster douchebags just made them to seem all retro. Edgar Easton


more sounds that weren't present on the original recording. pops, clicks, hiss, rumble. also wow and flutter (which is the difference in speed and pitch to the original recording, this is more present in belt drive decks than DD decks like this which typically have much better timing, if the speed is off then the pitch is off so all the notes and chords are wrong) vinyl doesn't have the same frequency range as CD so you get rolled off top end and muddier bottom end, and you lose stereo separation more in the low end frequency range. mid range stands out a bit more as a result of the lack of top end, so this is what people refer to as a "warm" sound. a bad setup can perhaps sound harsh on the high end, thus the "warmness", but a good setup won't sound harsh generally a good cd setup will outperform a vinyl setup that cost the same. there are inherent flaws in vinyl that you can't escape and you need to spend a good few quid to make the best of vinyl to get anywhere near the performance of cd. these days we have HD audio so i'd suggest a beginner wanting good audio builds a system based on an HD audio setup. decent amp and speakers are key to everything


To be honest it depends on the totality of your set up but most importantly on your hearing. After 50 it declines fairly rapidly but damage caused by loud noise can occur at any age. People will say vinyl is "warmer" but t is always subjective.


A bit off topic but would I be expected to notice a lot of difference in listening to music from vinyl as opposed to from CDs?



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Intempo Retro Bluetooth Turntable - Red for £1 @ B&M
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Intempo Retro Bluetooth Turntable. Hurry Limited availability . Features: 3 speed turntable 2 x built-out stereo speakers Output power 2 x 3W Built in rechargeable battery - 1… Read more

Its okay I have finished. You can have them. Sloppy seconds and all that.


Would you like a hand with that at all?


Surely it depends what music you are listening too??


Brutes Was this a larger bmstore :/


cold .. nobody will get any of these at this price

Sharp drop price - Crosley Executive Vinyl Portable Turntable Record Player with Bluetooth - Black £53.07 @ Amazon
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Never seen this price long time for this item.

Majority are not upgradeable. For anyone wanting to dip their toe into vinyl I'd recommend the Audio Technica LP60 as a starting point, it's £100 so won't break the bank and it is possible to upgrade the stylus and belt as an interim measure if you find yourself getting more into it.


Why would you potentially ruin your new expensive vinyl records on a cheap and nasty player like this


Can you not just stick a decent needle onto these and they're ok? I appreciate the quality difference but would that not help?


I deliberately collect *awful* "easy listening" LPs from charity shops (or "Cheesy Listening" as my better half calls them) Sandpaper would be an improvement! (not my recording, but this is a particular favourite)


It'd be a crime against music I suppose :p

GPO Stylo II Turntable - Black £15.97 @ Currys Clearance (free C&C)
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Nice price! Four star reviews. Product features Vinyl playback Three speeds Built-in speakers & RCA connections Aux-in

You must be great at dinner parties (lol)


I'm not interested in fighting a battle - only a child would be interested in "winning" some kind of contest about whether this deal is hot or not. How hot this deal might be is immaterial - the fact is the warning the poster issued about the risk of vinyl damage was absolutely valid and the criticism he or she received in return was moronic. Most people below about 35 have very little or no experience or knowledge of playing vinyl and will be unaware of the pitfalls of cheap styluses and so on.


Check out how hot this deal became, I think you are fighting a losing battle. The good news is that you don’t have to buy it


Please. You said "many people" wouldn't care. Apart from the fact that you can't possibly know what strangers think, that's completely immaterial. There are certainly people who do care if their vinyl is damaged by substandard equipment. Consequently the warnings are entirely valid. Why some people are getting so bent out of shape at the poster who issued them is utterly bizarre. Anybody who really "doesn't give a monkey's" is free to ignore those warnings and allow others who might find them useful to read the thread in peace without having to wade through juvenile trolling.


You are wrong as it was not meant to be a cutting retort. You are also wrong as what I said is that I don’t give a monkeys if it wrecks my vinyl. But don’t let it ruin the rest of your day (excited)

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GPO Stylo II Turntable W/ 2 Year Guarantee £19.97 @ Currys Clearance
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Vinyl playback Three speeds Built-in speakers & RCA connections Aux-in Pull out your old records or discover new music with the GPO Stylo II Turntable . Featuring a s… Read more
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Originals or re-prints?


Good advice - never buy a used turntable with a ripe saddle.


Every record player deal descends into this. It's as boring as metal pumps in pressure washers and heavy push bikes from supermarkets "you're better off buying second hand" (because everyone loves a nice ripe saddle that's been 2 mm from a stranger's Ertha Kitt box).


I considered asking for a refund but just thought what the hell and rubbed it all out...


Get a refund - someone's scribbled on it.

Intempo Retro Bluetooth Turntable - Red or Black ONLY £5 3 speed turntable 2 x built-out stereo speakers Output power 2 x 3W Built in rechargeable battery - 1200mah unit RCA output Bluetooth v2.1 USB power supply £5 instore @ B&M - limited stock
LocalLocalFound 31st AugFound 31st Aug
3 speed turntable 2 x built-out stereo speakers Output power 2 x 3W Built in rechargeable battery - 1200mah unit RCA output Bluetooth v2.1 USB power supply
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Think the people who will be buying this aint gonna be buying a £30 album.Probably just to play some old records they have lying about from years ago. Best thing to do if buying one of these is to swap the needle to a diamond one as this is probably a sapphire, but if it gets you into vinyl then great. You can move onto a proper turntable . (y)


The mark one model was a big trumpet with a needle. I'm sure these are a vast improvement on them. At the end of the day it's about the quality of the needle and the motor.


If your spending £20-30 on a record, why on earth would you spend £5 on a record player that's mental, This will absolutely batter your records with continued use, we aren't saying it for the sake of it. It is true


The usual audiophiles having a go of cheap turntable,Bet you most of them second hand records you bought from years ago that you treasure so much have probably been played on something similar to this. if you just want something to play a few records on this is fine. Not sure on the tracking force? As for ruining your vinyl then maybe you should watch some of VWestlifes videos on youtube.


You would be mad to play your treasured vinyl collection on one of these things, it will ruin them.

Juice deck suitcase turntable - £12.50 at Tesco in store
LocalLocalFound 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Built in stereo speakers with usb and sd card features. Possibly a goose chase but the Blackpool Clifton store has about 10 left. Housed in a lightweight briefcase, the Juice Tu… Read more
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Lo-fi option?


Was this price in Tesco Gateshead last week. However, there was only one when I got there and none left after I'd been!


Still £34 in some Tesco I’ve seen. Will keep an eye out, not bad for £12.50.


Same price in Stockport today, although yellow labelled there!

Intempo rechargeable Bluetooth turntable in store national B&M Port Talbot £10
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
OK ok before the" this will wreck your vinyl comments" . It's a tenner, rechargeable, Bluetooth and built in speakers. Worth a post I think. As someone's granny or kiddy will use t… Read more

OK, you may be right, but what about the turntable?


Avoid people there absolutely terrible


"Wow"I hope you're not "up all night" chasing a "lost cause" like a "soul sucking jerk" or some sort of "loser".


Don't forget your black tambourine


So why don't you kill me (unicorn)

Pro-ject Prmary 'E' Turntable £149 @ Seven Oaks
Refreshed 20th AugRefreshed 20th Aug
Strictly speaking not a deal as such as £149 is the SRP. But had to post because I've been looking around for a good turntable and I see this turntable represents fantastic value… Read more
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Useful to know as the retailer wants £69 for the separate preamp. So better to go for the USB model Then?


It is well built and I don't think you will find better at this price point Seany2687. The Pro-Ject Primary Phono USB (around £60 more) also includes a pre-amp with USB output so you can connect to a line-level input on your hifi system or a PC/Mac. The turntable in this post does not include a preamp so you would need to connect it either to an external RIAA pre-amp or an amplifier with a specific phono input.


There are people in here that know way more than me about turntables. But from my perspective at a price of £100-£150 there are many so called 'branded' Turntables such as Sony denon lenco pioneer marantz that are rebranded Chinese units. This makes me feel a little mistrust. They are obviously ok otherwise they would not sell so many and there are good reviews . The lenco l-85 for example (not the l85) is well regarded at a price point of £100 or so and can be bought refurbished for £50 . There are some good reviews of the audio technica lp60usb which go on to challenge some of the points raised by others such as high cartridge weight. See what hifi review and youtube. From what I have read almost everywhere though , rega and project make turntables that have reviews which are higher than these brands. Because of their audio quality. But at this price they lack the features such asbuilt in preamp, usb record and automatic tonearm. You have to make a decision. The audio technica lp3 seems to balance it all and is £149. But for the same price you get a project with less features. What we need as consumers is sample audio and you can see this on YouTube where one reviewer has ripped a song on an old technics turntable and a AT LP60. They're not much different to be honest!


So, I am looking for an entry level turntable but not interested in the plastic builds knocking around in the same price range or lower. Will this fit the bill? I was considering the project primary phono before seeing this.


No you didn't, you don't know what you are talking about. Bigsky will be along shortly to explain why with some facts. ;) :/

Audio Technica LP3 Turntable £149 @ Richer Sounds
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Seems to have all good reviews from the audio experts. A decent turntable which should appeal to many who want a good all round sound. Usually retails at about £179 so this is a… Read more
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Great little turntable for the price. Automatic too which i prefer.


Reminds me, about time I got my Voyd out of the garage and got my study set up. If you want automatic get a CD player! :D


Superb bit of kit and fully automatic to boot! (y) Grab a pair of open-back reference AKG K701 headphones, from hukd to go with this turntable and a little £50 ish amp, like the Filo or a JDS 02 and your in your own private Vinyl Heaven!!!


A cracking entry level turntable, and a very nice price

Groov-e retros series record player \ FM radio in store tescos
LocalLocalFound 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Basic turntable and speakers, Greta price IMO. Got for my 10 yo. As an introduction to vinyl. Neath Tesco. One left after I had one. Turntable and speakers, compatible with all … Read more

Sorry buddy, In store only. Ex direct stock as its now closed online.


Expired now, heat added tho nice find


Sorry to say should avoid buying these cheap things. Unless you don't mind throwing money away. For vinyl to last, it needs to be looked after and these cheap players are not only poor quality in sound but will ruin your vinyl. so when your 10yr old starts complaining about their records jumping or not sounding right, you could keep replacing the vinyl but better off saving and getting a decent player.

Ion Max LP Conversion Turntable with Steel Speakers £30 TESCO Gateshead
LocalLocalFound 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Found in Tesco Gateshead, few left if anyone is nearby. Not sure if region wide or not.
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Oh well. I tried....


Ended up purchasing one. Really happy with the quality, especially of the internal speakers. Glad I got one!


Can just use it as a regular record player, don't have to use the conversion


I suppose that conversation is a dying art these days...


LP Conversion might well be a talking point, but it ain't Conversation for me

Juice Deck record player £15 (Tesco Handforth Dean in-store)
LocalLocalFound 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Nationwide? If not, there's about 10-15 on display here.
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The retro looking ones are now £15 in B&M, various colours available


Was £15 too at my local store


Still a better deal than anything you've posted in 11 years though.


Bob is only here for flamedeer.


After 11 years, you still don't know what currency deals are posted in? Penc isn't a monetary denomination. Maybe that's why your deals are barren.

Recordstore "Cheap AF" Vinyl Sale! The Verve, Chemical Brothers, Star Wars, The Jam, The Cure, Deep Purple & More - £3.95 del
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Loads of amazing deals in the "Cheap AF" sale. Shipping seems to be £3.95 for up to 3 LP's I've listed some of the best deals below: The Verve - Urban Hymns (Double LP) - £12.… Read more
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Not a patch on The Jam .


The records in this sale (plus loads more) are also available from the Great Offer Store for the same price, you might want to check on there too. From what I can tell both stores are run by the same company. https://greatofferstore.com/*/Vinyl/?sort=priceAscending


Pretty good! If you like the Verve, give "A storm in heaven" a go!


Urban hymns....what an album.


Nice find! Hot from me

Ion air lp bluetooth record player - was £100 now £40 instore @ Tesco (Leicester)
LocalLocalFound 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Spotted in Tesco Hamilton Extra in Leicester. Reduced from £99 down to £40. Looks a good price after googling. Curry's £79.99 Amazon £79.99 ION Audio's Air LP lets you play yo… Read more
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Will sound crap, but at least it allows you to play your old records.


£15 in b and m for pretty much the same thing.


agreed...a stupid stupid device.


"I don't like the sound of digital music, I prefer old-school analogue tunes. I'm going to buy a record player to enjoy all that analogue vinyl goodness, like all the other hipsters. But, obviously, I'll also need to convert that velvety tone into a digital bitstream and beam it to my Bluetooth speakers. The fact that my listening experience will be inferior to simply listening to a digital Flac file or CD via a wired speaker or headphones means nothing to me. In fact I don't even have time to think about how ridiculous I'm being due to the amount of time I have to spend trimming my massive beard and ironing my lumberjack shirts..."


Nice find @furiousjammin

Crosley Revolution Vinyl Turntable Record Player - HMV - £29.99
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
It might not be for everyone but someone looking for a space saving solution to listen to their collection might find this of interest. Free delivery and easy to take back to a br… Read more

Audiophiles forget this, they buy records from the past because theyre a near perfect pressing and they have usually been played by record players similar to this. These are great if you have a few old records that you just want to listen to now and again, no serious vinyl fan would have one.


No they don't - go to your local hi-fi dealer and ask him to demo you their decent stuff with your record and theirs....


If vinyl is so delicate then why do my records from 1980's still sound great, but were played on anything going?


Done that and got the t shirt. Richers spent 10.minutes telling me how poor the ion was, then in comes a chap and asks for one and they said 'Yes sir I'll just be 5 mins as I get one form the stock room' . So lack of integrity there. But agreed with you.... any rega. Also any project. I have a denon amp but looks like it has no pre amp.


It caters for no-one, it will destroys all it touches - ALL

Audio-Technica AT-LP3 Turntable £149.99 Amazon
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Good deal for a decent entry-level turntable.
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Now same price at Richer Sounds.


Looks a bargain in comparison to the Pioneer PL30K and Denon DP-300F, all three are from the same factory, only important difference is the cartridge.


That's a refurb. Usual price £119. Although your point still stands.


Same price at John Lewis (with two-year warranty), Richer Sounds and Currys


"Entry level" - what are you, some kind of vinyl snob? :D Seriously, you can pay a lot more but you can pay a lot less too: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/refurb-sony-pslx300-usb-turntable-black-4995-richer-sounds-in-their-online-clearance-section-2989813

(Refurb) Sony PSLX300 USB Turntable (Black) £49.95 @ Richer Sounds in their online clearance section
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Guaranteed for 12 months with Richer Sounds. Can add a max of 5 to the basket. That could just be an individual limit and there could be more in their clearance warehouse sto… Read more
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I received the £10 voucher on Saturday. I also spotted they got another turntable in stock which I purchased for the same price earlier in the week. Hopefully it will function okay and sound good with decent performance .


Ah, but I was doing an homage to a meme, not a mere itself. 8)


I missed reading your comment prior to posting my last one At least a £10 voucher, with hopefully no minimum spend and a decent period of being valid for, is a good gesture. Better than what other stores would offer with a website error. I did find it a bit odd that they appeared to have a few in stock. Usually the online clearance warehouse products consist of single items in stock.


Hey no worries man, thanks for posting.


Same. I was really looking forward to receiving it. I feel a little bummed now.

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