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Akai Rechargeable Briefcase Turntable With Built-in Speakers Only £24.99 @ IWOOT
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Seems like a pretty decent price for one of these. Wouldn't use them for brand new £20 vinyl, but good for replaying some old ones or listening to some from the charity shop! (y)
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Also a little tip, if you buy this and are going to play your vinyl collection on it, then by a single new 6 inch nail tungston and drag that across each and every recored you own, that way you then won't have to worry about anymore damage being done to your colection by this player.......so just a small tip(no pun intended), hope it helps. ;)


These do a lot of damage to records. If you buy one, please be aware that it will scratch your records.


I have one too. The quality is fairly poor.


It's so adorable <3


Got one of these and paid £15 from Amazon a year or so ago and I have to say it's absolute junk. Save your money.

Marantz TT5005 Turntable with built-in phono pre-amp £99 from £149 @ richersounds
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
The Marantz TT5005 is the perfect plug and play turntable Ready to go, straight out of the box If you're looking for a quality brand of turntable that's easy to set-up and use, th… Read more

I think the only difference between the LP60 and the LP60XBT is bluetooth


Of the 2 I would choose the Audio technica, but they are both at the most basic end in terms of build quality and sound. If you want more than a basic player, something you will enjoy more, but still want to retain usb recording - with better quality components and sound then Audio Technica LP60XBT is £180: https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/audio-technica-lp60-xbt If you can afford it the Audio technica atlp120 at £180 was a dj favourite so you wont go wrong with that one. It is fully adjustable - you can change the counterweight so it does not scratch your valuable records and change the cartridge if you want to upgrade it at a later stage. https://www.richersounds.com/audio-technica-atlp120usb-silver.html https://www.richersounds.com/audio-technica-lp60xbt-black.html


That audio technica AT-LP60 is £89 on richer sounds now https://www.richersounds.com/hi-fi/turntables/audio-technica-lp60usb-silver.html One advantage the AT-LP60 has is usb whereas the Marantz does not


How does this compare to this one? (which sometimes drops down to 80 quid on Amazon) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00EUSMFPQ

Victrola Modern Turntable with Speakers Now £49 was £79 has bluetooth and rca connections @ HMV instore (Aberdeen)
LocalLocalFound 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Victrola by Innovative Technology ITUT-420 Modern 3-Speed Bluetooth Stereo Turntable General Features: Color: Black or White Glossy Piano finish Modern Record Player with 3-… Read more
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And don't forget tracking force, the entry level audio technic lp-60 while nlt adjustable is factory set and kinder on your grooves (also not a snob) 😄


My comment isn't based on me being a vinyl geek at all, I actually don't own a turntable. I know that CD's are both cheaper and offer better sound than vinyl. It's based on basic knowledge that spending money on vinyl and playing on this is both pointless and will slowly damage your vinyl that costs a lot of money.


Okay makes sense in that when i set my turntable up I had to adjust the counter weight until the arm was finely balanced and could be just lowered on to the record.


It will over time. This table won't have an adjustable counterweight, and likely won't be set up well as it's cheaply manufacturered. So yes, it will either push too much or too little on many records and cause damage over time. You're much better off with a decent set of speakers and digital music over this, that'll provide better sound quality. If you want a budget turntable there are plenty of good options, the Audio Technica LP60 is a great choice, and yes it's more expensive, but it'll provide a much better experience.


Heat for snobby vinyl geek comments on every record player post

Project PRIMARY E (Black)Turntable £145 at Richer Sounds
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Quality turntable. Quality brand. Good reviews. What hifi award 2018. Usually 150 pounds so a fiver off. Woo hoo. Would suit those who want good quality sound on a tight budget. Ju… Read more
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It's a compromise for sure. This model is not automatic at all but sounds great and looks great too. Built very solid. Cheaper automatic Chinese models have more features but build quality is very plastic orientated with cheapo buttons to change speed. But they do sound ok to be fair.


Doesn't needlessly wear stylus if leave running


To be fair I can see the advantages of automatic.


Personally I prefer full auto turntables but if it doesn't bother you this is great for the price.


This is a great entry-level turntable for anyone wanting to see why vinyl has endured so long. Less is more, forget USB, Bluetooth and automatic return functions, this has the money spent where it matters the most.

Ion Air LP wireless streaming turntable £60 instore @ Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Ion Air LP Wireless Streaming Turntable. Taking you all back into time. Was £100 down to £60 in my local Sainsbury's (Milton Keynes City)
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Yes this is what I suspected. I bought a similar spec one from Argos and it was returned . Back in the day, record players did not sound like that! Buy at 60 quid theres nothing out there that sounds good.


Fair point.


I have one of these - bought it primarily because of the bluetooth functionality. Anyway, the sound quality is horrendous - it's bad enough with a wired connection to an amp, but even worse via bluetooth. There is a lot of 'needle talk' (it doesn't have a tone arm weight), and the sound through speakers is very tinny. I'm going to sell mine and buy something decent.


Taking us all back into time? Were we out of time?


Utter crap

Audio-Technica AT-LP60 USB Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable rrp £140 now £80.10 with coupon with Prime (only) at Amazon
Refreshed 10th AprRefreshed 10th Apr
USB output-connects directly to your computer Mac- and PC-compatible Audacity software digitizes your LPs Fully automatic turntable operation with two speeds: 33 1/3, 45 RPM Inc… Read more
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What coupon


Great it’s back, my turntable was playing up so I wanted a half-decent replacement.


Oooooh! They take me back. Heat just for the naustalgia. They look just like my old 1210s (apart from the missing light for placing the needle in the dark). I might have to pull them out the attic to see if either of them still work.


Yeah that's sadly the case with most turntables. It's not really an issue for me as I only own 12 inch LPs but I can see how it would be annoying if you have 10 inch LPs / singles too.


No replacement, as they didn’t have any more in stock, had to get a refund or wait, so picked up this instead, though it did cost more though it was a good deal, as I wanted a white one :/ , would have been happy with the lenco for my needs though, you had to manual lift the tone arm on that but retuned automatically at the end, what I did like was red and white phono inputs, rather than one phono input on this. Sound wise, my basic ears both similar, the only other thing to note, did look at replacement stylus, seems a bit limited just to get them from lenco only, or trawling forums for other owners recommendations, as the this one a has a lot more owners and options and prices seem reasonable if you need a new one.

Akai Retro Rechargeable Bluetooth Turntable £20 @ Asda Living Wrexham
LocalLocalFound 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Akai Retro Rechargeable Bluetooth Turntable for £20 in Asda Living, a few of these on the shelves upstairs on the end of the ink cartridge aisle... :)

Got this for ma boy from Amazon, or was it zavvi for £15 through this site. Absolutely fine. Doesn't scratch records or any nonsense like that. Purists will always naysay anything under £500 but it's fine. Sound quality not terrible and you can output to proper amp. Good bit of fun.


Used to pay more than that for a stylus!


Nice picture Daz ours is a GX630db😄😄


As yet that's unconfirmed!


Can this be used to play Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygène?

Audio-Technica AT-LP60 USB Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable at Amazon for £89.10
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Audio-Technica AT-LP60 USB Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable. Usually £140 reduced to £81.10 now when you apply voucher

Shame, back to £119.00 :/


Got this last year for £99. I haven't actually cut any music to disk yet but the sound quality from records is decent. Automatic stop/start is a good feature especially for the teens in the house who don't understand how delicate vinyl is!


I have the bluetooth model,got it from richer sounds,as an open box. I would reccomend due to the ease of use and small footprint,also bluetooths to my sony stereo easily and seamlessly


If only it was black.


I have this model. Good entry level TT for the money. The buttons feel and sound a bit cheap and clunky but for me, with ageing eyesight and shaky hands, the automated start/stop contols work well.

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Audio Technica AT-LP60 USB turntable £79 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Found this on the John Lewis website and had to double check it wasn't an error or if anyone else was selling at this price. I can`t see anywhere else at this price with 2 Year wa… Read more
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Just sold my vinyl collection as I feel the prices are too high.


Yeah I think that may be it. A lot of people complain about the cheap feel of it. There is also a large number of faulty units delivered to people.


This is a great beginners turntable. Had one for a few years now. Passed it on to my OH now. Think people are expecting it to be as good as a Rega which are triple the price. The pitch can be adjusted via 2 screws underneath. Read reviews elsewhere rather than your average snobby JL customer


The ones you find when you look through the reviews.


Which are?

AUDIO TECHNICA AT-LP60 USB Belt Drive Turntable at Currys for £79
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
Probably one of the best budget/quality turntables to start with. Cheaper ones wont even compare to this one. Problem with cheaper ones is that they can damage your vinyls.

looked at this but was put off by some of the reviews, i know its double the price but i went for the AT-LP3 instead


great beginner turntable at a bargain price - it won't hurt records due to AT stylus - have a spare barely used one in the garage


What a *** site, can't seem to make it's mind up whether the thing is in stock or not. Showed as OOS last night, however today appears back in stock... got right up to final payment stage and kept getting thrown back to the basket page. Now appears to have gone from being in stock for delivery and nearby stores to nothing at all. Marked expired (annoyed)


Wrong! This isn't a Crosley and it wont scratch up your records. Go read some reviews.


Ok any turntable with a counterweight really. Vinyl isn’t cheap if you’re buying new these days so it wouldn’t be long til you’d scratched up £120-140 worth of vinyl using a turntable like this or a Crosley.

GPO Stylo 3 Speed Stand Alone Turntable in Piano Black £29 delivered @ Coop electrical & amazon
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Reviews are pretty good. Don't forget quidco. The GPO Stylo is finished in shiny piano black finish and is compatible with 33/45/78 records. It has 2 built-in high quality speaker… Read more

I still enjoy listening to vinyl all these years later, it's probably a nostalgia thing (Like the NES & Atari). Having said that, this will sound terrible and do vinyl a disservice. If you are interested in vinyl and on a budget I would try something like the Lenco L-85 for £65 and connect a set of active speakers to it.


No point bothering with a cheap player like this. Defeats the object entirely of listening to vinyl


This is a part of the Which? Review: GPO Stylo review £37.00 Score: 24% LAUNCHED JAN 2014 REVIEWED FEB 2016 Which? verdict Avoid at all costs The GPO Stylo is a budget record player aimed at those who want to get into vinyl or rediscover their old collection without breaking the bank. It will play records at 33rpm, 45rpm or 78rpm and also features built-in speakers, so you don't even need to plug it into a stereo to play your records. On the face of it this record player looks like an absolute bargain, but how did it do in our rigorous lab testing? Read on to find out. Aux output Poor sound, cheap construction The GPO Stylo is, to put it simply, pretty awful - it's a Don't Buy to avoid. From the moment you get it out of the box, the cheap look and feel of it will arouse your suspicions - it's more like a budget DAB radio than a piece of hi-fi equipment. The all-important sound quality is, frankly, terrible, scoring rock bottom in our test. In this price range, you're not going to get anything like the standard of sound quality we'd recommend with our Best Buy turntables, but you can still do far better with other high-scoring record players less than £100. What is it? A budget record player, and at this price you probably wouldn't expect to find anything of real quality. Despite the low price, it's not low on features - it will play 78rpm records, which many more expensive players won't, and it has an automatic-start function which will mechanically place the needle on the record for you. It also has built-in speakers, so it's capable of playing records without being plugged into a hi-fi system. There's now a newer version of this record player, the GPO Stylo II. What's the sound like? Very bad indeed. Our expert panel complained of a lack of bass and treble, leaving only the middle frequencies behind. Vocals lack depth, and the low-quality ceramic cartridge is unable to pick out details, giving a blunt, harsh and raspy sound - like listening down a bad telephone line. Listening to vinyl is supposed to have a warm, pleasant quality, but some of the tracks we tested were painful to listen to on this player. The panel's comments on sound quality were damning, but the icing on the cake was the built-in speakers, which we couldn't even get to work on the sample we tested. What's it like to use? The instructions are simple and setting everything up isn't too hard. Annoyingly, though, the power cable is very short, so you'll have to place the player close to a socket. Playing a record is more difficult than it ought to be because of the floppy plastic tonearm, which you'll find hard to drop into the groove precisely. Some of the buttons are better labelled than others, but overall using the player isn't too confusing. You can't adjust any advanced settings such as tracking weight, anti-skating force or cartridge alignment, which determine how the needle sits in the groove, but this is normal for cheaper record players. Is there anything I should watch out for? You can't replace the cartridge on this player, so if you want to upgrade it later you won't be able to. You can replace the stylus if it wears out, though. Is there anything else I should know? Handily, there's an aux output from the player, so you can plug it into a speaker system that doesn't accept the red-and-white RCA phono leads. Should I buy it? Absolutely not. It's cheap, but we don't think there's any point in playing your records at such low quality. We'd recommend spending more money on a quality Best Buy turntable, but if you're set on a retro-styled one, see our full list of retro turntables to find something better than this.


But it has 2 high quality speakers! (lol)


This is rubbish. Save your money for something better

Nevermind by Nirvana (Vinyl, Ltd. 180gm) - £9.99 (Prime) £12.98 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Limited 180gm vinyl pressing of this classic 1991 album from Kurt Cobain and the boys. Nevermind became a surprise success in late 1991, largely due to the popularity of its first … Read more

Those reviews are for the CD - not the vinyl. Amazon groups these reviews together, but it's a different item.


I haven't a clue what this sounds like but your point was more general than specific to this copy


Are you sure it's that one? The 1 star reviews tell me it's not.


Read the 1 star reviews: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nevermind-VINYL-Nirvana/product-reviews/B0000088DC/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_hist_1?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=one_star&reviewerType=all_reviews#reviews-filter-bar I believe you want to look for either the original pressing (expensive?) the ORG 032, or the DGC 2013 Pallas repressing. Those sound pretty good according to the Steve Hoffman music forums.


https://www.orgmusic.com/releases/nirvana-nevermind/ Mastered for vinyl from the original analog master tapes at Bernie Grundman Studios and pressed on audiophile quality 180g LPs by Pallas in Germany, this is the definitive edition that hardcore Nirvana fans cannot live without.

Akai stereo turntable with separate speakers just £35.99 at Robert Dyas.
Refreshed 20th FebRefreshed 20th Feb
Akai stereo turntable with separate speakers just £35.99 at Robert Dyas.
£35.99£49.9928%Robert Dyas Deals
Updated 20th Feb: Now reduced further to £35.99 Just passed my local Robert Dyas and saw this deal. Turntable and separate speakers for £39.99. I know it wont be the best quality… Read more
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Voted hot. Looks like the first one we got in 1972, substitute wood veneer for the black finish, top it with cheap smoked plastic cover. All yours for 1972 £50. Sadly I parted with my vinyl in the great divorce of 2004. I'm not bitter, though........


Rather get a quality brand like Aiwa.


The minimum spent on a turntable should be around £150. Anything below that is going to be a toy.


I think similar decks based on the same reference design have come in around 7g as per Youtube. Not good.


Saving my money for a decent cassette deck and a cassette re-tension tool.

AT-LP120BK-USB Turntable - £179.98 instore at Costco Sheffield
LocalLocalFound 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
No bluetooth, no wifi, no remote control just pops and crackles in glorious stereo... There were a few left instore. Not sure if its National but about £20 cheaper than I could fin… Read more

Interesting. Thanks.


Mind test your anti skate with an old blank cd , known problem with these mine was 0.9 out, not a major issue but worth checking.


Bought one today. Looks and sounds fabulous. It is a nationwide deal. Plenty in Haydock, Liverpool store are out of stock till 5th January.


Great price and a great turntable, like a technics 1210 clone on features, reverse button, pitch control 10/20% , quartz lock, arm height adjustment, 33/45/78 although 78 would need a stylus change.


Me too. Love CDs and have stacks and stacks. But also have lots of vinyl in loft and many are not available on CD or YouTube either. They're forgotten. Until they are played again and they sound great on these newer turntables ! Some are from the 60s and 70s and it's amazing to hear such a great sound from something 50 years old. EMI logos & made in Great Britain written on them . Makes me think someone spent a lot of effort making these records sound great and look great too.

Audio Technica LP3 (Black) £144 at Richer Sounds
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Audio Technica LP3 (Black) £144 at Richer Sounds
£144£19928%Richer Sounds Deals
Seems a fair bit of bang for your buck if you want to go a little over the LP60, plus reviews seem pretty decent.

Yes I'd pay the £44 extra although the lp60 may also have been discounted. The LP3 has so many positive reviews. Can't go wrong.


Personally I'd say a £44 difference is probably where I'd be happy to pay extra, but it's each to their own I guess.


£144 is a great price. I've never seen these below £150 and are often priced at 180 to 200. Reviews are great.


You could take a look at this video to see how the LP60 compares to a higher end turntable. Yes there is a difference but the question is , how much and are you prepared to pay for it ?


Great value for money! Bought mine when they first released the LP3 over here and it's brilliant.

Dual MTR10 Twin Speed Turntable with Built In Speakers and FM Radio in Black and Silver £34.99 at Costco
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Dual MTR10 Twin Speed Turntable with Built In Speakers and FM Radio in Black and Silver £34.99 at Costco
£34.99£49.9930%Costco Deals
The Dual MTR10 Turntable will allow you to get those dusty vinyl’s out of the attic and blast your favourite classic songs out while you are around the house. With built in speaker… Read more
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Can i cook my dinner in this?


What this is: A little record player. Dual of old used to be quite a respectable name in hi-fi circles. It probably has a crystal cartridge (these were the cheapest sort) with a diamond stylus with a spherical shape. These deformed the record grooves as they couldn't track it accurately. The tracking weight was a factor here. Probably it will need to be set to 3 or 4 grams (if adjustable) which will definitely damage the records. Inner grove distortion is not worth talking about as you can do nothing about it and it's unlikely that the cartridge is aligned to minimise it amd no bias adjustment anyway. There will be rumble from the deck, although with a good belt drive this was reduced, but fortunately you won't hear it unless the bass has been boosted and you probably won't hear much bass anyway as the tiny speaker units will just be flapping away uselessly trying to produce it. :) Ps I have voted this hot BTW


It's time for a MiniDisc revival.


It's already been there for 17 !! Only 33 to go... (y)


Pretty filthy low rent item but for fairness £35 seems pretty good for the functionality.

Sony PSLX300 (Black)

USB Turntable
£79.99 @ richersounds
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Sony PSLX300 (Black) USB Turntable £79.99 @ richersounds
£79.99£99.9920%Richer Sounds Deals
Cheapest I could find elsewhere new was £99.99 @ very The Sony PSLX300 combines old and new technologies to help you make the most of your records. USB and built-in phono stage W… Read more
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I have this record player, and it’s great. Simple, sounds great and easy to us. Perfect for someone who just wants to listen to a few albums/singles in there spare time or listening to there old collection.


My 30 year old Rega Planar 3 is belt drive (easily replaceable little rubber band actually) and still sounds superb, direct drive is for DJ decks like the SL-1210 where start up and synchro speed + scratching ability is preferable to audiophile sound quality.


Yes, at 33 1/3rpm so you get to enjoy each song for longer.


Can it play my Shellac 78's .....


The whole vinyl thing is just a fantastic piece of marketing. Apart from the LP cover, I'll give you that.

Audio-Technica AT-LP120USBHC USB Turntable with HS10 Headshell and AT-95E Cartridge  - Silver £183.60 @ Amazon
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Audio-Technica AT-LP120USBHC USB Turntable with HS10 Headshell and AT-95E Cartridge - Silver £183.60 @ Amazon
£183.60£22920%Amazon Deals
Originally £229.00, discounted to 183.60. Deal found by another user in my previous post. Only available in silver. Audio Technica AT95E cartridge included, possibly one of the… Read more

No not really mate I havent noticed it be any more dusty than anything else. I have it stood on a glossy black table I do find the feet stick solid to it which is good to stop vibrations but a pain to move it lol


Do you have any trouble with dust sticking as it's a glossy black?


I have this turntable in black and can highly recommend it, good find OP good price.


I have found Audacity great for doing that: https://www.audacityteam.org Identify beginning of each track, name track Edit > edit labels > add labels Once finished, saves as separate songs File > export > export multiple Just mentioning it as it took me a while to work out what you do!


Certainly better than the cheapo "turntables" avalable just about everywhere. If you;re planing to convert vinyl to a digital format it's a good place to start. There is a lot of things released on vinyl that's never been made available digitally. Take The Muppets' Music Hall EP for example which was in the charts in 1977. Not available to stream or download anywhere. Bear in mind that recording the file is only the first step, as you also need to 1. Split the file into individual tracks 2. Silence out any noise between tracks 3. Add tags to identify the tracks when converted. 4. Convert to a user-riendly format such as FLAC for lossless or MP3 for portable use.

Audio Technica AT-LP120 HC Silver USB Turntable at AV Online for £199.90
Found 9th Dec 2018Found 9th Dec 2018
Audio Technica AT-LP120 HC Silver USB Turntable at AV Online for £199.90
£199.90£27928%AudioVisual Online Deals
Originally £279.00, discounted to 199.90. Link is for the silver version but they're also selling the gloss black version for the same price. Gloss Black - https://www.audiovis… Read more

published by The House of Commons Consumer rights to return faulty goods SN/HA/2239 2 Is there an EU-wide two year consumer guarantee? Many people are mistaken in thinking that the purpose of Directive 1999/44/EC, ‘On certain aspects of the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees’, is to give consumers a minimum two years guarantee for all goods. In fact, this EU Directive, implemented in the UK by the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002, has added little to already existing UK consumer protection law under the SGA 1979. 4 Under this Directive, all Member States have to ensure that “a retailer could be held liable for all 'non-conformities' (i.e. defects) which manifest in the good within two years from delivery”. However, this requirement is not a two-year legal guarantee (although, rather confusingly, the Directive’s title describes it as such); goods are not legally required to last for two years. It simply provides that consumer goods must conform to the sales contract at the time of delivery. If a consumer can show that the goods did not do so, they will be entitled to repair or replacement of the goods free of charge. If this would be disproportionate or unreasonable to expect from the retailer, the consumer will be entitled to a reduction in price or a refund. These consumer rights are available for up to two years following purchase. If the defect becomes apparent within the first six months of purchase, it will be presumed to have existed at the time of delivery, otherwise this will be for the consumer to prove. However, as mentioned above, the Directive adds little to UK consumer protection law. The SGA 1979 already provides the same legal rights to consumers to return faulty goods but for a period of up to six years after purchase - a much longer period therefore than provided for by the EU Directive. As a result, consumers should still rely on the SGA 1979 when returning faulty goods.


Feel free ito post it if you think it's a good deal.... I nearly bought it but then I looked at what I've spent this past month. (shock) Just FYI though....... A two-year guarantee applies for the sale of all consumer goods everywhere in the EU. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-1677034/Two-year-warranty-EU-law.html The EU directive in question is 1999/44/EC. The full wording is contained here (open the word documtent and scroll to page 7) but the important bit is this: 'A two-year guarantee applies for the sale of all consumer goods everywhere in the EU. In some countries, this may be more, and some manufacturers also choose to offer a longer warranty period.'


You get two years, good idea to register it https://eu.audio-technica.com/service#tab_warranty


How does this compare to something like a Rega Planar?


I've read through the Amazon listing and comments, this may only come with one year warranty, the one with Audio Visual had a confirmed two year warranty.

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