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Weetabix 72 pack £5 at Asda
Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Online & instore deal

I get the supermarkets own brand, they are cheaper and same size.


I still get them at £4,usually Spar stores here in N.Ireland...also Lidl were selling 36 packs for £2 recently.


Suck these days they are tiny!!! You need this many to get a decent breakfast... normally i would have 2 but with the shrink you could have 4 in your bowl...


Last night, I had 4 Weetabix for my supper (strong) #LivingLifeOnTheEdge With... cold milk ;)


Deffo best with warm milk

Weetabix 48 pieces family pack for £3.50 in Asda
Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Seen in woolstanton but should be a national deal

Good spot, I just saw this at the entrance & thought it's a good price, didnt even check online or the cereal aisle to see if any other boxes cheaper so thank you for bringing it to my attention!


Also have 72 pack for £5. https://groceries.asda.com/search/Weetabix?cmpid=ahc-_-ghs-_-asdacom-_-hp-_-search-weetabix Better deal.




Yes but all supermarket own brands are around £2.50 for 48 - regular price. Not a good deal, brand rip-off. Nearly £5 for this originally is ludicrous - it's all marketing.


Also available online, link added - thanks @poshaffi (y)

Weetabix On The Go Drinks - £1.50 Instore at Co-Op
Posted 3rd SepPosted 3rd SepLocalLocal
2 for £1.50 for Weetabix breakfast drink
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1.65 or 2 for 1.50 lolz


Or 75p each in Asda.

Weetabix Red Berries 24pk 88p @ Co-op Bridge of Earn
Posted 29th AugPosted 29th AugLocalLocal
Red Berry flavoured Weetabix
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Tried these.Not the best.Some may like though.

Weetabix Banana 24pk 88p instore @ Coop Bridge of Earn
Posted 29th AugPosted 29th AugLocalLocal
Banana flavoured Weetabix
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Not in central London. Kindest regards


Is it national if its not national than bah

Weetabix on go drinks £2 instore @ Morrisons
Posted 17th AugPosted 17th AugLocalLocal
all flavours found in morrisons nelson think its national

u get 3 250ml bottles

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Weetabix Offer at Waitrose : 24s £2.80 Add 2 for £4 / 72s £6.25 Add 2 for £10
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Weetabix 24s £2.80 Add 2 for £4 Weetabix 72s £6.25 Add 2 for £10 Weetabix organic 24s £3.40 Add 2 for £4 Weetabix oatibix biscuits 24s £3.09 Add 2 for £4 Weetabix Chocolate 24s… Read more

Yes but all supermarket own brands are around £2.50 for 48 - regular price. Not a good deal, brand rip-off. At £10 for the equivalent of 3 x 48 packs, then it is still 33% premium versus own brand. This is marketing brand nonsense.


Lol it's ok..If you live in a dive called stoke..we don't get anything like Waitrose (lol)


Sketch hysterical, I love MM. So it suits you also then, but only when they have something cheap. That's how I do all my shopping. Deals can be found at WR occasionally and that's when I buy stuff from them. The only difference is they have less of them at WR, but their staff are the best trained, there are more of them and they are almost always more helpful than any of the other stores. That has to be paid for by someone (but not me).


Great that it suits you. I however really only ever go there to get their lovely sandwiches for twenty or thirty pence when they're marked down. Their other prices are so high, they give me vertigo. Here this explains it better than I can


I don't know what "atm" refers to, but according to Mysupermarket Iceland at best match the Waitrose price.

Weetabix 72 Mega Pack £5 @ Asda
271° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Weetabix 72 Biscuit Mega Pack reduced to £5 at Asda instore and online. 4 of these and some cold non lactose milk will clear your guts the morning after having Asda Takeaway Curry… Read more
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Well.. the verdict!! Sadly I much prefer the original Weetabix instead of M&S Wheat Bisks. I think the originals taste better and are more crispier. Bisks have no crunch and seem mushier as the wheat is a much finer grade. The wife agrees too and said Bisks are so mushy it's like eating baby food. Sorry, I'm not converted but glad I tried them. :p


I prefer bixies from Lidl


Last time I checked a few years ago most supermarket own brands had more salt than actual Weetabix so I try to stock up when they're on offer. Not enough difference to worry me but since recommended maximum is 1g salt for babies under 1, and 2g under 3, it was taking up a significant amount of the kids allowance in the first meal of the day.


I think the latest Weetabix biscuits are thinner than they used to be too.


Aye, will do (highfive)

Weetabix 48 only £2.40 Asda instore
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th JunLocalLocal
48 weetabix just £2.40. Instore at asda.
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£3.50 Southampton


£3.50 in Reddish, Trafford and Stockport


£3.50 in Bolton (and £5.00 for 72).


I did have pic with ticket on shelf but its been changed


Weetabix Banana Flavour 2 Packs of 24 for £4 @ Asda
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
This is two packs of 24 Weetabix Banana flavour. These are actually slightly more massive then the normal ones, so this works out about the same price as paying £5 for the 72 non … Read more
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I agree wheetabix is not as healthy as some people may think but it's better than cocopops and you can't eat shredded wheat every single morning!!!


The Weetabix Apologists is the name of my Shed Seven cover band.


£1,99 a pack of 24 at Lidi


Been this price forever


You can't really call it a "common misconception", it's something entirely relatable to you and a personal conclusion you've reached. There's no way on earth that "significant weight loss" was achieved purely by switching from wheetabix to porridge. You've just seen a change and attributed it to one particular alteration you've made while theres a much bigger picture at play. I'm sure many people could lose weight while eating wheetabix, 2 of those a day and nothing else and I'm sure the weight would be dropping off people.

72 pack of Weetabix £4.99 at FarmFoods
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Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd JunLocalLocal
Farm foods are selling 72 pack of weetabix for £4.99. Don’t know how long this has been going on for, so this may just be a reminder

No sign of it in Farmfoods Yardley. It's a good job there's an Iceland Warehouse up the road now selling them for £4.49!


Anyone else found this deal? No sign of it in Farmfoods Acocks Green.


Used to be able to get them for £3.99 once upon a time is this the new £3.99


Incidentally, buy 5 of these and a packet of crisps and get them for £4.59 each! https://www.farmfoods.co.uk/pdfs/farmfoods_voucher.pdf


Been reduced? £5 last time I was there.

Weetabix Protein 24 £2 @ ASDA
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Weetabix Protein 24 £2 @ ASDA
£2£2.5020%Asda Deals
Weetabix Protein 24 breakfast biscuits rolled back to £2 from £2.98 at Asda

I couldn’t tell any difference. As Aza said they do soak up a bit more milk


Good price, currently £3.50 in Tesco. These soak up more milk than standard Weekabix, but not as much as Sainsbury's own version. These taste alright and are more pleasant to eat than Sainsbury's equivalent.


Does anybody know from experience if the are the same in taste and texture as normal weetabix? I see these on offer pretty often but a bit dubious about what they are like. Many thanks in advance :)


Crap, I was in Asda earlier today. Should have checked the site before I left! Good deal


I God the chocolate chip ones and they're not bad. I've started feeding my kids these protein ones.

12 Pack Weetabix Biscuits - £1 @ Poundland
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
12 Pack Weetabix Biscuits - £1 @ Poundland
£1£1.4933%Poundland Deals
12 Pack Weetabix Biscuits usually £1.50ish in most supermarkets, but for £1, seems to be a great deal.

£1 for 12? Works out £6 for 72. If you can't afford a large 72 pack in the supermarket maybe an okay deal? Some of their products often have packaging that shows a price but they have been charging a £1 for these for months/years now. It's not really 33% off as this is their standard price. (nerd) Iceland Warehouse deal was £4.50 for 72 a few weeks back. Costco still do £5 for 96. Albeit you need to be a member. (Their reward system helps you pay for the yearly membership.)


Good price...but Poundland used to have the Banana, Apple & Raisin & Coconut & Raisin variety for £1 each....what happened to them?....now all we get is plain....Brexit I guess.

Weetabix 72-pack - £4.49 instore @ The Food Warehouse (Iceland)
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Posted 20th FebPosted 20th FebLocalLocal
Weetabix 72-pack - £4.49 instore @ The Food Warehouse (Iceland)
72 mega pack

Lat time they were on offer for £3.99 I think I'll wait


Same price in B&M and Home Bargains


I've not seen it at this price for a while and so I thought I'd post it


They went up to £5 at our store so pleased to see it come down


Been this price for months

36 Weetabix £1.99 @ Poundstretcher were £3.29
475° Expired
Posted 15th FebPosted 15th FebLocalLocal
36 Weetabix £1.99 @ Poundstretcher were £3.29
£1.99£3.2940%Poundstretcher Deals
Great price for 36 Weetabix. 5.5p each.
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Thanks, also a very good deal. Worth stocking up at these prices. (y)


I think Co-op have 24 with 50% free (36 pack) of these for £2 if you don't have a Poundstretcher nearby.

Weetabix Biscuits 48  at morrisons £4.47 now £3.50
-94° Expired
Posted 15th FebPosted 15th Feb
Weetabix Biscuits 48 at morrisons £4.47 now £3.50
48 pack of weetabix at morrisons was £4.47 now £38.50

Hi OP. Description needs amending showing £38.50 (not £3.50)


Wait till they are £3.99 or £4 for 72 if you can.


72 pack at Iceland for £4.50

Weetabix Cereal 72 Pack £5 @ Tesco
-98° Expired
Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Weetabix Cereal 72 Pack £5 @ Tesco
£5£617%Tesco Deals
Online & in store national
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Thanks once the stock from Morrison’s (they were in on offer for £4) runs out, I will definitely try... (y) 🏻


Nothing wrong with a good deal on Weetabix but just want to share that I buy Tesco own brand wheat biscuits and they taste better and cost a lot less. Try them. They won in a food taste test on TV recently too


I'll jump at £4.


£4.50 at Iceland

72 x Weetabix £4.49 at B&M
-50° Expired
Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd FebLocalLocal
A good price at the moment, given the drought in £4 72 packs. Found in York Foss Islands branch.

Still at £4.49 in the York branch, and quite a few packets left. £4.99 is still an OK price; still cheaper than Morrisons 48 for £3.50.


£4.99 in my local so store specific


Except that the Morrisons deal isn't available yet (at least it wasn't yesterday), and Costcos aren't available everywhere, plus there's a membership fee. I find it slightly amusing that the Morrisons deal appears to be red hot but yet so far no reports of stock, and yet this live deal for a mere 0.49p more gets rated cold. (flirt)


2x48 packs £4.99 in Costco. Works out £3.75 for 72. Morrisons shows £4 for 72 on their website. So cheaper in at least 1 store and one wholesaler. I think anyone can sign up to Costco.


Hot, it’s a good deal.

Kids weetabix on the go £1 heron foods
82° Expired
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st FebLocalLocal
Kids weetabix on the go £1 heron foods
Kids weetabix on the go 4 in a pack £1 in heron foods. They had banana chocolate or strawberry. Date 21/3/19

long as the kids eat summit n move about walk run its all good


Can adults have these?


I gave up with cereal. One of my girls only likes it dry as hates milk! and the other only wanted the sugary stuff. So that was that!


I agree, i wouldn't really give these to my kids either but in all fairness breakfast cereals that kids will eat arn't exactly great either.


Love how they advertise these things. Same calaries as a chocalte bar!! They are not good for you.Irrelvant to the deal I appreicate but better things to get the kids up and moving in the morning.

Weetabix 72 pack £4.49 @ Iceland warehouse
292° Expired
Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd JanLocalLocal
Weetabix 72 pack £4.49 @ Iceland warehouse
100% British and no nasty plastic wrapping Found in Swansea if this helps me local mushes
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Thank you!! (y)


As I stated, they're now back at the £4 a few weeks after this deal was posted. They will always come back to this price. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/72-weetabix-4-morrisons-usually-c-6-3175274


Whilst we are on the subject then... anyone vouch for which copy cat weetabix are most similar to the real thing?


Just because they're made in the same factory doesn't mean that they're the same. They will be made to a different recipe, there is no way they're the exact same. I've also tasted own brand versions of these and they don't taste the same. So many supermarket items are made in the same factories, such as sandwiches, certain factories will make sandwiches for Asda, Co-Op, Morrisons and so on but they're not the same.


Yes. weetabix and asda even admitted it, they usually give no comment.

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