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Yoshi's Crafted World (Nintendo Switch) + Egg case £39.99 when pre-ordered and collected instore this Friday at Smyths Toys
28/03/2019Expires on 28/03/2019Found 9 h, 25 m agoFound 9 h, 25 m ago
Smyths are offering £5 off when pre-ordered and collected in store, bringing the price very close to the best online pre-order deals, great option if you prefer to have the game pl… Read more

I think we’ve left it to late to pre order now.


OH NO the dream is over. ;(


Just been on site. Out of stock everywhere so won’t let you preorder!!


I think I read somewhere four... apparently.


Which came first, the egg or the case

Get Yoshi's Crafted World (standard edition) for £9.99 @ GAME if you trade in a selected Switch game
12/04/2019Expires on 12/04/2019LocalLocalFound 25th MarFound 25th Mar
Get Yoshi's Crafted World for Nintendo Switch for only £9.99 if you trade in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Swit… Read more
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What if he writes jokes for a living? Then he should quit 8)


Don't quit your day job.


Chill guys it was only a joke - I was just drawing attention to the user including his balance in the screenshot, which for some reason made me chuckle!


£27 is peanuts.


Drat, I don't wanna trade any of those keepers, wonder if they'd take a Scribblenauts

Yoshi's Crafted World (Nintendo Switch) £33.87 @ ShopTo eBay
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Use PLAY15 code on eBay to get 15% discount on Yoshi's Crafted World pre-order with ShopTo. Cheapest pre-order price to date Payment taken immediately, I believe.

Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t preordered yet, but me and my 5 year old like playing the demo on 2 player mode, so ordered this when it was posted!


SCORCHING HOT Thanks for posting, it's £6 cheaper than my previous pre-order direct from ShopTo so I cancelled that and ordered this (losing the egg cartridge holder is nbd as it would sit in the cupboard gaining dust with all the other gaming tat I don't use (lol) )! Can't see this dropping any lower than this in the future either so this is pretty damn good (y)


Ordered cheers


Like I say, I'm not fussed about the card holder, but it seems a bit tight on their part considering this is still a pre-order and that eBay take the hit on the 15% discount being offered. That said, eBay is way easier on the eye and the patience than their own site. I'll gladly forgo the shell for a £6 saving and extending my eyesight / sanity for 10 years. Possibly ;)


just to update, I was curious so I emailed them and they confirmed that it doesn't come with the pre-order bonus of the shell game card holder. Just in case that's a deal breaker for anyone!

Yoshi's New Island / Zelda Link between worlds / zelda ocarina of time - Nintendo 3ds Games - £9.99 each in sainsbury
LocalLocalFound 4th MarFound 4th Mar
As per title. Each game is 9.99 each in store at sainsbury.

Typical, ordered ocarina at £13.50 yesterday!!


None of my local Sainsbury's are large enough to stock 3DS games :( they only have PS4, XBO and Switch


A link between worlds is not good Change my mind

Official Nintendo New 3DS Cover Plate - (Yoshi / Hello Kitty) £2.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Edit: Yoshi is now eaten by Kirby... :( Only Hello Kitty is left... On New Nintendo 3DS only, you can customise the exterior design of your system with interchangeable cover p… Read more

yoshi gone, shame good price!




Yoshi plates look good. TGC are decent also. Makes me want to buy but I don’t have a 3D


I have both sets already, otherwise I'd be in there like an overgrown kid in a ball pool.


Nice ;) Was about to post this :3 I have these Yoshi cover plates they are bright, colourful and cheerful :D

Yoshi's Crafted World + Yoshi's Egg Backpack @ Nintendo UK £59.99
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
Backpack is a pretty neat gift for kids, while you can keep the game for yourself :)
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You too man, thanks (y)


Ah cool, sorry for coming across as having a go. Have a fab day :)


Again I hadn’t heard anything (read) about it so was asking. Calm your fanboy knee jerk boots 👢. They have form, Mario kart, hyrule warriors, toad, New super Mario bros. Etc. I wasn’t looking for an argument I just wanted to know if it was a re-hash/Re-release (switch update) or original title. And I wasn’t even considering 3rd party titles in the examples...


It’s called a series?


Yeah it looked like wooly world from the box, I hadn't heard anything about it and let's be fair that's totally Nintendo's thing...

Yoshi's Crafted World Free Demo (Switch) @ Nintendo e-shop!
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
A free demo of Yoshi's Crafted World is now available. Discover the first stage and see a small scrap of what Yoshi’s Crafted World has to offer! You can download it from Nintendo … Read more

Kids been loving this demo.


Have my 7° (party)


This was a lot better than I was expecting. Play through it a few times and collect everything. Very pretty too.


Thanks for the heads up... I'll be downloading this once Valentine's day is over, or my Mrs goes sleep...whatever happens first (lol)


Donkey of the day.

[Nintendo Selects - 2 for £24] Mario 3D land / Ocarina of Time / Yoshi's New Island ( More in the OP) @ Base
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Good deal when you select two titles. :) Many options available to choose from. Total would be amended in the basket.

It plays great.


Comparatively, reviews suggest it doesnt play badly. Unlike majoras mask which does. Not played the 3ds versions personally but it seems pretty clear cut from the vidz online.


How does OOT play on a 3ds out of interest? My missus loved it on N64 so I’d get it if it handles well?


Great deal! If only they'd start reducing the Switch prices too! 😁


STAR FOX 64 3D - NINTENDO 3DS SELECTS £7.95 @ TGC https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/star-fox-64-3d-nintendo-3ds-selects-795-tgc-3162445 ;)

Nintendo 3DS Selects titles £12.85 @ Base -> Zelda, Super Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Star Fox, Mario Party, Lego City, Mario Maker, Donkey Kong
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
A nice selection of 3DS Selects games for a little cheaper :) Compatible with all 2DS and 3DS systems (nerd) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Super Mario 3D Land … Read more

Only time will tell 8)


One of my favourite Zelda games (y)


Is today the day I get Ocarina of Time?


A link between worlds for £12.85 - bargain


Great games for the money , classics

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Yoshi's Crafted World Nintendo Switch + Yoshi Egg-shaped Cartridge Case £39.85 @ Shopto
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Cheapest I’ve found so far, and good for those that can’t get to a Smyths to collect!
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Thank you for this post! I ordered and found out (by pure chance) i had £15 shopto balance. No idea what it is or why i had it, but got the game for £25 which is amazing! Thanks


What's my username got to do with anything? If I changed it to votemehot would that be better?


maybe your name Fareezy on a site that is rated hot or cold doesnt help


There is a Smyths in Salford


No, it's not. This one is fabric.

Yoshi's Crafted World (Nintendo Switch) w/ Yoshi egg cartridge holder preorder bonus £39.99 (instore collection) @ Smyths Toys
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
It’s a 14p more expensive than Base, however this comes with a Yoshi egg cartridge holder when preordering for instore collection at Smyths Toys. No money will be placed on hold i… Read more

Now back in stock. Thanks Biddy2.


Out of stock!!!!! Except in Ireland.???? Basically no store has it available for collection for some reason. So no £5 discount... Showing as in stock for me. :) Cheers Biddy2 now back in stock


Showing as in stock for me. :)


There should have a new Yoshi amiibo for the launch of this game and a limited edition amiivo/game box bundle.


Basically no store has it available for collection for some reason. So no £5 discount...

Up To 50% Sale Off Leather Handbags, Purses & Accessories + Extra 15% off everything using code: 'HELLO15' @ Yoshi
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Free delivery on everything! Really high quality leather bags and accessories on sale here. Bought a handbag from here as a gift for my girlfriend and couldn't be happier! Reviews … Read more

Thanx (y)


Can confirm, HELLO25 no longer works, however HELLO15 still works.


Oh maybe, I'll check when I get back.. HELLO15 should still work? I managed to get HELLO40 to work once, you'll just have to play around with it :/




Love these bags

Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World - Amiibo Bundle (Nintendo 3DS) £39.69 @ Base
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Very hard to find amiibo and game bundle back in stock at base, not necessarily a great deal but I hope it helps any amiibo collectors out there that don’t want to pay silly prices… Read more
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Got mine :D now I just need to find cheap NFC reader for the 3ds.


@andy313 thank you. I was getting worried as my order still showing as pending and it's been a few days. Hope mine will come soon :D


I received mine on saturday


Has anyone who ordered it received it yet?


Thanks, never bought this when it came out and very hard to come by! Definitely don't want to pay around £50 on eBay! (y)

Pre-Order - Yoshi's Crafted World (Nintendo Switch) £39.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Confirmed release 29th March 2019 In Yoshi's new game, players explore a huge world decorated like a miniature diorama. Each side-scrolling stage has the traditional front side … Read more

Pre order Is available at The game collection for 10p more, however if you have points one would get it cheaper


release date has been confirmed now. 29th March. (if you wanted to update the description for that) Yoshi's Crafted World - The Story Begins (Nintendo Switch)


The trailor video does not look exciting. But Yoshi games for me have always turned out to be good and offer new things and new gameplay experiences. Graphically it looks very sharp to me. I have faith like with Odyssey, that Yoshi and LM3 will not dissapointed us. I wasn't sure about MP Switch at first but the more I have played it, the more I have decided is a good game (only criticisms are no boss battles and some of the board layouts are poor). What I am seeing with Switch so far is Nintendo are at their best when they make proper new games. Look at the originality and uniqueness of Snipperclips. I hope they are listening to us and quit this new deluxe trash trend of business model and focus on the innovative side of their gaming that we know and love.


this doesent exactly seem like a high level switch release. hope it goes down in price


"Yoshi's new adventure begins in 2018" "Pre-Order" (skeptical)

Green Yarn Yoshi amiibo £13.99 / £15.98 delivered @ Nintendo
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
I think this may be the cheapest at the moment. GAME and Amazon are showing around £20. Nintendo store provide free delivery over £20
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Gotta love time machine deals. Although it was made for yoshis woolly world it does work in quite a few games. Zelda botw, mario odyssey, smash bros ultimate to name a few


Saw this at a store specific asda deal once for £2. Should I have bought it? Yes! Doh! Does this have any interesting uses for any games?


Expensive toy. Coooold.


Awww <3

Nintendo 3DS reductions e.g. Mario Kart 7 £25.95 / Luigi's Mansion £24.95 @ The Game Collection
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Nice to see Mario Kart 7 slightly reduced at £25.95 as it hardly ever is. Same for New Super Mario Bros 2 at same price. Luigi's Mansion is £24.95 which only recently release… Read more

The first sacrilege was MKWii with Mii’s in it, but now I’m used to the mashup. But an FZero game should still happen


No it isn't :D But I remembered there being just 2 attack buttons which you combine with a direction to do different moves ;)


Perhaps so, buts its not quite Double Dragon, or Streets of Rage is it :) Source: https://www.shacknews.com/article/108850/super-smash-bros-ultimate-how-to-play


Smash does have easy to remember controls actually (if they're still the same) :) ;)


I have never really been too into Smash, not that its not a great game, I just can't be doing with millions of buttons and combos, I am from the days when you had a fire button 1 and 2, or just an A/B/C :) Is a good Q. though, I suppose I'd say that is different as the game started of as a mix of a characters from a mix of different game franchises anyway. The issue you are picking up on is really focused on it widening beyond the Nintendo brand, and I don't think it makes much difference in this case. I grew up as more of a Sega fan, and I have not been too bothered that Sonic has been a regular feature on Nintendo or other platforms. I do feel a bit sad for Sega that it ended up that way though. Don't think it is double standards. MK for 7 games was always about Mario characters and the world of Mario. To go changing that after all these years on a game I consider to be sacred was damaging. It was short sighted, easy changes for a quick buck, but it has trashed it for me. Prepared to give it another chance if they sort it out. MK8D will always suck for me. My kid has always loved every MK game he played until he found out MK8D was just a polished up MK8 and there was no incentive or anything proper to unlock and play for in 1 player mode. I had the same feelings.

Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch (Yoshi/Bowser/Donkey Kong/Mario) - £14.99 Delivered - Smyths
Refreshed 5th Dec 2018Refreshed 5th Dec 2018
Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch (Yoshi/Bowser/Donkey Kong/Mario) - £14.99 Delivered - Smyths
£14.99£24.9940%Smyths Toys Deals
Similar to the Argos deal, but free delivery included :) Yoshi - Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch Bowser - Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch Donkey K… Read more
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Any one know what connector is on the end of these please


Guess it’s expired


This comes up as £25 for me I can’t seem to get the deal 😡


EXPIRE prices have gone back up


It's still coming up as 24.99 for me when I click the link do 8 need to do anything extra?

Nintendo Super Mario 5 figure Diorama Set inc Bullet Bill, Toad, Question Box, Mario & Goomba £11.99 / 7.5" Yoshi £6.99 delivered @ Smyths
Found 17th Nov 2018Found 17th Nov 2018
Nintendo Super Mario 5 figure Diorama Set inc Bullet Bill, Toad, Question Box, Mario & Goomba £11.99 / 7.5" Yoshi £6.99 delivered @ Smyths
Just got one of these for my Mario mad six year old as a stocking filler. No click and collect on these for some reason but you can see store stock but you get free delivery if you… Read more

Yeah, there have been a million different figure packs by World Of Nintendo, if you goggle you will see there is loads of series and a variety of different sizes. The best ones I thought have been the Microland figure packs (which were available for both Mario and Zelda) and they were also various playsets. Recommend you look into the tiny figures, they actually look really good and kids seem to like the best for whatever reason. Sometimes bigger is not always better?




If you look at the post I do say that if you sign up to become a member at Smyths it's free delivery"Just got one of these for my Mario mad six year old as a stocking filler. No click and collect on these for some reason but you can see store stock but you get free delivery if you have a Smyths Toys account which takes about a minute and is totally free."


Dammit, I read it as the figures were only £6.99!


It does each time it's posted. I mean, it's a fiver...

Yoshi (Nintendo Switch) @base.com
Found 15th Oct 2018Found 15th Oct 2018
Yoshi (Nintendo Switch) @base.com
£39.85£59.9934%Base.com Deals
Yoshi (Nintendo Switch) Pre-order , Due for release on 31/12/2018
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I meant as in easy to complete, Kirby was no challenge


As opposed to those 18 rated survival horror Yoshi games?


Yeah heat for this price. I was hoping we might see a new Yoshi amiibo or two for this game.


Rather wait for release could be another Kirby child friendly game


This would be great

Nintendo Blue Yarn/Wool Yoshi amiibo - £7.13 Prime / £11.62 Non-Prime @ Amazon.co.uk
Found 22nd Aug 2018Found 22nd Aug 2018
Nintendo Blue Yarn/Wool Yoshi amiibo - £7.13 Prime / £11.62 Non-Prime @ Amazon.co.uk
£7.13£12.7044%Amazon Deals
Great price even if you just want it as a plushy. States 3 in stock but more on the way.

OOS ;(


Just checked and looks like its gone!! ;( Wonder why you can't if apparently more are on the way?!


Can't see for that price


Can’t add to basket


Can't add to basket at that price :(

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