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Leicestershire: Best Western Appleby Park Hotel Stay + Breakfast + Tickets to Twycross Zoo (2 Adults) £71.10 using code @ Groupon
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Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Lots of dates to choose from,other options also on offer. You need to use code BYEAPRIL at basket and code ends tomorrow. Included in all options: Standard double or twin room for… Read more

I see. I get how that could be a pain. It is a chance we take going to places like these during a pandemic where indoor access is so restricted. I thought you meant that it was like a safari park & you weren’t allowed in the compounds in your vehicle (party)


Is the zoo ticket for the first or second day?


Nice on OP, booked!


Good shout :) Worth giving the hotel a ring direct and checking :)


It was a cold day and most of the animals went inside. You couldn't go inside to see them but you could go into the gift shop which made no sense.

10% off barking heads dog food with code at Zoo Plus from £64.80 for 18kg @ Zooplus
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Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
10% off barking heads dog food with code shop-British. Available on all dry packs. Free delivery when you spend over £39. I have a 3% savings plan with zooplus too so it brought t… Read more

Thanks, I’ve expired the deal now.


The code expired on 1 May :-(


I’ve just ordered when I posted this deal and I didn’t pay any thing extra. I ordered a British dog food though so I would think it might have been posted from the UK.


Does anyone know if you need to pay a customs fee for Zooplus deliveries to UK now?


Thanks, I saw that but didn’t have one on my account unfortunately!

(2 Adults) 1 Night at the Best Western Appleby Including Breakfast and Tickets to Twycross Zoo £55.20 (Refundable / New account) @ Groupon
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Getaways Cancellation and Refund Policy - Cancellation options vary for Groupon Getaways deals, depending on the type you purchased. Cancelling a booking within policy will initiat… Read more

I was forced to visit that Zoo few times. There are far better choices of Zoos or Safaris around.


Night away, trip to the zoo included... so I currently closed.


Stupid comment.


Don't worry, this is NOT the Appleby where the gypsies take over ;-)


Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.

LIVE Chester Zoo Virtual Tour- 5th March
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Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
LIVE Chester Zoo Virtual Tour- 5th MarchFREE£0.01Chester Zoo Deals
🎥 Ready for another LIVE Virtual Zoo Day? 🎥 🏡 Tune in from the comfort of your own home as we bring the zoo to you! ⏰ Join us on our Facebook and Y… Read more

Agh we were members too when the little ones were younger. The work that they do is amazing. :D


Lets not forget the conservation work that they do in protecting species and preventing extinction :D ....


Cheers for your input (y)


I agree, we're members and love it there :D


Thanks Heat Added (y)

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Free Virtual Zoo Day 19th of Feb @ Chester Zoo
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Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
📽 We're bringing you a LIVE Virtual Zoo Day! 📽 🏡 Tune in from the comfort of your own home to experience the zoo LIVE! ⏰ Join us on our Facebook an… Read more

Missed it


Oh come on, yes zoos where an animal is literally tortured and stuck in a cage all day every day no bigger than their body should absolutely be history. Places like Chester Zoo work really, really hard on breeding programs for endangered animals (and insects) and the keepers genuinely care for their animals welfare when they get sick or poorly. Take a moment to do a tad bit of research and also watch the Channel 4 show, The Secret Life of the Zoo.


Is it live now?


Thanks for posting; we have added your thread to the Highlights section (highfive)


Will Louie like this?

Free Virtual Zoo Day 5th of Feb @ Chester Zoo
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Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
Free Virtual Zoo Day 5th of Feb @ Chester ZooFREE£0.01Chester Zoo Deals
🎥🙌 We're bringing you another LIVE Virtual Zoo Day! 🙌🎥 🏡 Tune in from the comfort of your own home to experience the zoo LIVE! ⏰ Jo… Read more

You seem to be confused between a rant and having a discussion. I was simply having a discussion about the future potential conservation need and/or mass decline/extinction of current farm animals due to the likely future eating habits of humans. At some point in history all farmyard animals were wild too. It is unlikely to be viable for people to have herds or a small quantity of what are currently farm animals as pets in the future. The animals won't be needed in their current population sizes due to the reasons I previously mentioned.Therefore these animals may only exist in future conservation areas/zoos/allowed to live in the wild in certain areas but there numbers controlled or they will simply die out. Unless in years to come they will simply be exported to areas to thrive and be additional fodder for what is currently considered as wild animals - lions, tigers, komodo dragons etc. Perhaps back to the areas where these 'farm animals' would have originated from and in previous generations been wild animals. Raises an issue or who should and at what quantity of any species should be allowed exist on the planet. Nevermind.


Totally unnecessary and irrelevant post... as my comments were all related to zoo and the conditions of animals in zoo. Whereas your rant is about meat consumption.


@cruise_grin I wasn't initially getting involved in the whole conservation/zoo vs wild debate in the thread. Just thought you and others may be interested to learn there used to be lions and others freely roaming around Britain in the past. They'd do okay nowadays if they were still here and humans were not as widespread as we are. As the lions could hunt deer and there would be more woodlands and forests for them to roam. Our climate isn't too hot or cold for them to survive. I don't know why exactly the lions and other animals went. Be it from humans hunting them or due to other reasons. I have not looked further into it. Cows, sheep and pigs are likely to decline in the future. When people take up consuming genetically grown lab meat and can also lab grow leather and wool for clothing. After it becomes more affordable. I think a fairly recent (Channel 4?) TV programme had a lab grown chicken nugget costing something like ~£50/$50 to produce. I am assuming it will at some point become far cheaper than having to keep animals on farms. It is far too expensive at present to grow meat in a lab dish. Do you think cows and other farm animals eaten by humans should be kept in a future 'zoo' or let their numbers decline to extinction? I also wonder if the farmlands will be kept as protected green spaces and allowed for nature to take them back; or whether humans will simply decide to build further homes and industry on that land? If there are no dangers, issues, taste and texture differences and climate issues with humans consuming lab grown meat and food items. At some point humans will change from eating slaughtered animals to 'lab grown' meat. As perhaps we'll even be able to quickly grow our own at home. Which would in turn be an end to people starving around the world. I do eat meat and will consume lab grown meats and other food items in the future. As long as it is proven to be safe, nutritional, well absorbed & utilised after consumption, and affordable. Depends also if there are other side effects. Such as to the environment like dodgy chemicals being needed in the process. Unsure how quickly the industry will actually evolve. Does also raise issues about fish etc in seas and rivers in the future. With nature running its course or if fishing will be needed to stop over population of certain species.


For records, I am not a member of PETA. Not going to elaborate on anything as you are defintely entitled to your own view. As I said, Speciesism will be looked down upon in near future. Even after abolishment 200 years ago, there are still some people, who are involved in and support human slavery. So not everybody will be ever on the same side. As far as education is concerned, kids know far more about dinosaures than lions or elephants. Don't have to enslave animals to know more about them. Leave them alone in their habitat. I will not go into hypothetical situation of running Chester Zoo.


PETA would euthanise every zoo animal if they could do. Same with pets.