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Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (2019) - 16 GB Black /Plum/Green with special offers (32GB £44.99) + 6 months Spotify Premium £34.99 @ Currys
Posted 16th OctPosted 16th Oct
Price reduction on Amazon tablets across retailers, but thought the Currys offer was worth highlighting which also includes 6 months premium Spotify for new accounts and free deliv… Read more
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You absolutely can ...not only root but replace all their software with a fast OS that makes this a snappy tablet and a pleasure to use. Did this a few days ago and worked fine for me but I did need to open the unit. If you are technically minded and follow the instructions carefully it works. See here


Chanchi posts good deals!


Yep, exactly the point ive raised previously about those commenting about low specs on a £35 tablet. I posted a deal yesterday for a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop, 2GB RAM, 64GB storage, HD, ability to use as a phone, 4G, touch screen, rugged, grade A with 12 months warranty, etc. Price about £65, what do you want more for this price. Went freezing cold! So basically people are looking for high specs at £25, good luck with that.


Thanks, I bought an iPad Air 2019 a month or two ago so there's no chance I'm going to bother with the Fire HD 10 anymore.


I've seen you comment this before but my Fire 10 isn't slow like that. Even with the Google apps it performs well for browsing and media consumption. I'm certainly not saying it's lightening fast but it's decent for the money. You should try a factory reset if you haven't already and try to identify if there's a particular app causing issues.

Amazon All New 16GB Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet with Kid Proof Case £73.95 Delivered @ QVC (If New to QVC use code FIVE4U to get £5 off)
Posted 4th OctPosted 4th Oct
seems a great deal for this tablet there is a choice of colours & choice of codes as if you use SHOP3Z that gives you 3 easy pays instead of 2 or if your new to QVC use FIVE4… Read more
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Fire for Kids is a complete rip-off. 1 year of a subscription service your kids will never use and then your stuck with a tablet that has limited functionality. That is of course, if you don't pay for a second yearly subscription



there was a brief deal on it being £49.97 @ currys but now back to £100


Are these usually cheaper on Black Friday? Good deal though cheapest around at the moment. We want 2 so not sure if to hang on a bit.

Amazon Fire 7 inch Tablet with Alexa 8GB - £23.80 @ Tesco instore
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Posted 23rd SepPosted 23rd SepLocalLocal
Just found the Amazon Fire 7 in sale in-store at Merthyr Tydfil (last one) could be Nationwide. 7" IPS display, 8GB of internal storage (up to 512 GB of expandable storage with mi… Read more
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I’ve used this one and it’s good. But yes, you can get cheaper. I just never got them to work properly in my car. Would need turning on extra. This one just turns on with ignition.


Has anyone actually found this deal in other tesco stores? It wasn't in my local store


quite breath taking how executives make these 8GB short-shelf life tools available to the world, when 32GB is just a few dollars more to make


Like many others, I have the ghost video problem. Storage in settings says there are 147 videos using over 3GB of memory (with only 8GB in total) but no video loaded on to tablet, so keep getting low memory message. Have tried everything. Google search shows many people with same problem but no answers to resolve the issue.


Thank you. But is there a cheaper dongle available?

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AMAZON Fire 7 Kids Edition 7" Tablet (2019) - 16 GB, Pink / Blue for £49.97 delivered @ Currys (+2 years guarantee)
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Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Lowest ever price. Available in pink or blue. All-new Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet | 7" Display, 16 GB, Kid-Proof Case A full-featured 7" tablet, with a kid-proof case, parent… Read more
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We won't know until the 25th!


The model in this offer, the Fire 7 Kids with the bumper cover that stands on its own, is the 2019 model and unlikely to be further refreshed this year I think. The Fire 8 Kids hasn't had a 2019 upgrade so far, I'd say that this is the most likely to be the next one to get a new model. Depends on your budget, the Fire 7 Kids is regularly on offer and a good buy when discounted if the hardware is sufficient for your needs.


Which is the newest model? I can’t decide which to get for both our daughters Christmas presents


Can you not get you tube kids on amazon fire 10 kids tablet as was going to get my daughter one for Christmas as the kids unlimited seems really good as I would only pay 1.99 a month were as at the minute she has an iPad Air 2 and the games are costing too much but she loves kids you tube? any thoughts


Brilliant thanks for that :)

All-new Fire 7 Tablet | 7" display, 16GB, Black with Special Offers - £34.99 / 32GB for £44.99 (More in OP) - prime members @ Amazon
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Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Fire HD 8 Tablet, 16 GB, Black—with Special Offers-£ 59.99 ( 32 GB for £79.99) £20 savings @ checkout 7" IPS display, 16 or 32 GB of internal storage (up to 512 GB of expandab… Read more

People are so spoilt these days.


I rooted a load of these a few years back, so I was able to remove ads and add playstore. The new Alexa versions have no root kit software so cannot be rooted. I use mine for CCTV displays, Music display (device linked to speaker via bt in kitchen). Use these to give to grand kids when they visit and to take on holday to watch films and browse the internet. Only useful for a handful of apps though. Tried putting whole collection of games and it came to a grinding halt. You can easily set up parental controls to prevent purchases. Anybody know if a rootkit is out for these Alexa ones yet.? If so I'll buy again.


Hey, You could purchase one from Amazon and return the new packaged one you received for a refund for the previous sale. (nerd)


defo fire


Great piece of a kit for starters- Bought two for kids and they doing awsome.

Amazon fire 7 16GB now back to £34.99 at Argos (Free C&C)
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Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
Full-featured Fire 7 tablet with a 7" display and 16 GB of internal storage. 7" IPS display, 16 or 32 GB of internal storage (up to 512 GB of expandable storage with microSD). Fa… Read more
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Minecraft is slow to load on it but will run ok after in game. Turning of fancy graphics, lower how many chucks ahead to load and smooth lighting helps and mostly go unnoticed by most kids.


You're right. Amazon use to have a better range far more pricy but they must not sold well. They were solid devices for the money. I still got a fire hdx 7 that's better specs than current range. Best part with current tablet is it's not an unknown brand so plenty support and online community for help. Great for young kids or for in a garden shed while working away since they're disposable at current price.


Daughter uses hers for videos and YouTube. Getting the play store on is a 4 part process, but adds considerably more games to play.


What exactly do you expect for £35 hardly going to be top of the range.


It is sooo slow but my kids use this the slowness doesn't bother them... one finally broke after almost 4 years of use an abuse so replacing. Would def never pay full price for one of these better to pay bit extra an get more decent one. Or wait till black fri might come.down to less then it's current price as it seems the 8gb versions are now oboslete on Amazon.

Amazon Fire 7" 16GB Wifi Tablet £34 Delivered @ AO - Black / Plum / Sage Colours
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Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
A little cheaper than the Amazon and Argos price drop on these, gives you another option and also has free delivery. 3 colours on the offer, all are selectable on the 'Get Deal' Li… Read more

Adding the playstore turns the tablet from perfectly useable in to painfully slow. The best thing to do is forget the Google apps and sideload Playstore apps from APK mirror website. The only Google app that's essential for a tablet is YouTube and the app in the Amazon store does the job for that.


What tablet is recommended for watching movies


Thanks (y)


Argos now selling for £34.99 too


If anyone is interested, Amazon are price matching this offer, buying from Amazon cashback via Quidco & TCB is 3%. Instead of AO who are only offering 1% for tablet purchases.

Amazon Fire 7 with Alexa 7 Inch 16GB £34.99 / 32GB £44.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
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Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
Good price for the 16GB version :) Various colours are available which can be accessed via this link Full-featured Fire 7 tablet with a 7" display and 16 GB of internal st… Read more
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I've no idea about the lenovo E7 sadly, it's not a lot of money but as a % of purchase price it is a big increase, like 40% more. The kindle fire is pretty decent tbf though I only use mine for streaming videos from Amazon Prime and kindle books (which can be sideloaded etc). If you install the Google store on it there's no real difference between it and any other cheap tablet.


Would you spend £15 more and get the Lenovo E7 7 Inch 16GB Tablet?


Thanks that's very helpful


You can install Google play on this fairly easily. Just Google it, then you can install any apps from the Google store. I don't really think you can get a better tablet for the price.


I'm looking for a cheap tablet mainly to watch films and Google play books which I dont think this can do. Would u have any recomedations? Thx

All-new Fire 7 Tablet | 7" display, 16 GB, with Special Offers £29.99 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
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Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
7" IPS display, 16 or 32 GB of internal storage (up to 512 GB of expandable storage with microSD). Faster 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM. Up to 7 hours of reading, s… Read more



Can you get the Sonos app for this? Thinking it may be good for a control for Spotify and Sonos


No problem


I think this is it. Thanks.


Pretty sure they are the same size. But may be different what about this Or this

LOGIK L7NSPK16 Amazon Fire 7" Tablet Sleeve - Pink 25p delivered @ Currys
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Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Logik brand (Curry's own) With free delivery at this price is awesome.

OOS now folks (annoyed)


No, its just sold out after the millions of HotDeals members saw it!


The magic word ...... Glitch! Obviously been an error and removed it.




Shows there is technical fault and cant add it in basket

Certified Refurbished Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black — with Special Offers (Previous Generation - 7th)  £29.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
Certified Refurbished Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black — with Special Offers (Previous Generation - 7th) £29.99 @ Amazon
£29.99£44.9933%Amazon Deals
Was 44.99. Now £29.99 I personally think this is a great deal!! Description Fire 7 tablet is the next generation of our best-selling Fire tablet ever-now thinner, lighter, with lo… Read more

I would imagine so.


Presume this is the older 2017 one? Which was frequently this price new and its likely the new 2019 one will be this price on prime days/black Friday/other sale days.


To be honest this one would be fine. It’s slow if your trying to use the internet but for apps, films and books they are fine it’s really what they were made for. You can also have parental controls. You could go more expensive and get the kids one.


I need one for Netflix and YouTube vids which model would be decent for my lil one. I would need something fast speed not a slow one as my lil one is impatient when videos load slow lols


It is a kindle! A kindle fire;)

Fire 7 kids tablet £74 instore @ Tesco Wigan
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Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Fire 7 kids tablet £74 instore @ Tesco Wigan
£74£9925%Tesco Deals
Fire7 kids tablet 7 inch 16g blue kid proof case reduced to clear at Tesco extra Wigan

Yes you can but the Kindle Fire Kids isn’t about WHAT apps you get as much as the ringfenced profile that the child accesses them through. Bought ours just over 2 years ago and after 2 replacements I’ll most definitely be getting another (although will probably upgrade to the 10inch) when this one dies. Well worth the money for us.


That is true but is illegal. Obviously this is y very everyone. It is clearly marketed at parents who don't want to do that.


Very different to the fire, this has 100s of approved games/cartoons/books all available in a kid friendly operating system where they can't access anything they shouldn't. Also as mentioned it has the no questions asked guarantee.


You can download apk's for nothing



Fire 7 tablet £34 instore @ Tesco Wigan
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Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Fire 7 tablet £34 instore @ Tesco Wigan
£34£4931%Tesco Deals
Fire 7 tablet with Alexa 7 inch 8g black reduced from £49 to £34 in Tesco extra (Wigan)

depends on usage requirements - what other tablet sub £40 can you buy which can play movies, etc for plane journeys (which is all we buy them for) - and the kids enjoy leaving them on planes too!!! When they do refurbished ones you can sometimes get them for less than £25


I think you can download it


Is there a YouTube app on these as looking at the 8 for daughter birthday


The 7 is so slow it's not even any good for basic tasks.


Not sure what gen mine is but I'm positive it's been slowed down by a noticable amount.

AMAZON Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa - 8 GB at Currys for £34.99
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Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
AMAZON Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa - 8 GB at Currys for £34.99
Colours available : Black, Dark Red The best-selling Fire tablet – now thinner, lighter, and with an improved display for enhanced readability. Featuring Alexa which provides quic… Read more
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Same price at Argos


Good show old chap. :-)


Hehehehehehe, you have a high tech, new age Gran?, all I can say is, I applaud you. :-D Note to self: next step is get yourself and herself a pair of light sabers, and you'll be both good to go ... lol. ;-)


Be warned. Few games and all the memory is gone. Also painfully slow. And this is not being a tech snob. It's slow even for your gran


Contact CS and say it's a gift for a child, they'll remove the adds. Worked for me

£0 Upfront - 9GB EE Data Samsung Galaxy A70 + £60 Cashback + Fire 7 + BT Sport /Apple Music £29pm £629 Total Cost @
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
£0 Upfront - 9GB EE Data Samsung Galaxy A70 + £60 Cashback + Fire 7 + BT Sport /Apple Music £29pm £629 Total Cost @
Access this through moneysupermarket Thought this was a very good deal, and will give you a breakdown below... If you prefer to get this on contract then this is a cracker. … Read more

Without a doubt. Ps. Xiaomi anyone? (cough cough), lol. :-D


Hahahahahahahaha. There's 2 available here: Or I can give you mine perhaps?. Mine has 4!, if you like ... hehehehehehe. ;-)


Haha, yup, there's certainly too many out there.


Thanks, I know how long looking through deals can take, your help is much appreciated. Wife is very pleased with her Pixel 2 XL, thanks for that deal as well. Biggest problem is the choice of phones!


You won't get the cashback offered by samsung, is it a redemption deal as well, and no fire 7?

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, Quad-core, Fire OS, 7", Wi-Fi, 8GB, 7" - £34.99 @ John Lewis & Partners - 2 year guarantee
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Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Amazon Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, Quad-core, Fire OS, 7", Wi-Fi, 8GB, 7" - £34.99 @ John Lewis & Partners - 2 year guarantee
Bog standard tablet, with long warranty for those people who require extra reassurance with their £35 purchase (y)

Yeah I don't do Amazon. I can still pull a blackberry Z10 for hdmi on a small device it's no use for anything else though cept playing music mp3


Echo Show mode is a user interface switch so that it replicates all the functions of an Echo Show. You don't need the dock but the dick charges the tablet and sits it upright. In terms of split screen apps you misunderstand me. I don't do streaming, I was referring to having two apps on the screen at the same time, split across the display. The OS can't do this as it's based on a nearly 5 year old version of Android. I was greatly mistaken in buying the Fire HD 10, Amazon are taking the mickey, the perhaps redeeming feature is the price. You get what you pay for sometimes and this is definitely true of the Amazon tablets, and maybe less so.


What is echo show mode. Tbh if your streaming your better off chromecasting. Unfortunately I've yet to find a simple way to put locally stored films on any TV without using internet. In an unrelated note I'm getting an apeman projector to hook up to my Hudl 2 then all you need is a white wall


I personally would look at a Lenovo as long as it had at least 32gb memory and 3gb ram. Recently bought a Samsung Tab for a relative and she's chuffed with it. Any tablet that has less than 16gb if memory and less than 3gb of ram is just going to get super slow super quick. The tab a is currently less than £100 pounds on Amazon and is far quicker than the Fire 7 but it all depends on your budget and tasks you'd expect to use it for. Although the Tab A is faster it still only has 1.5gb ram.


so what other tablets do you recommend?

Amazon Fire 7 Alexa 7 Inch 8GB Tablet - £34.99 @ Argos
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Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Colours available : Black, Dark Red & Navy The best-selling Fire tablet – now thinner, lighter, and with an improved display for enhanced readability. Featuring Alexa which pr… Read more
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That's a perfect break down of 'events', it's nice to get it from someone who's actually experienced that life (and/or from the horses mouth - so to speak?), lol. Your synapses is an intriguing one for real!, as I've installed various non Play Store App's onto it (from various sources, etc), from Movie Streaming App's, etc (and no issues whatever). But my Lenovo P2 phone with 4GB RAM - with actual/proper Google Play Store relevant Play Store App's installed upon it, can sometimes lag a bit like hell! (despite it literally having at least TWICE the RAM that either of my Fire HD Tablet's have! - ironic that? - and yes, it has on many an occasion in the past made we wonder somewhat ... ) :-( Kinda allllll makes a wee bit more sense now? lol, thanx.


I that's why they're being genetically pushed out at just shy of £35 a pop?. But for simplistic thing's - literally (surfing web, and/or checking your email, and suchlike, it's a non-brainer I guess?). So yeh ...


Brand new model which is at least twice as fast comes out 06th June so steer clear of this one..


Will work fine but here's a YouTube video for the 10 if that's better for you. I found adding too many Google apps to my Fire 8 did slow the tablet down a bit so I just stuck to Chrome, YouTube & the Play store and speed took a smaller hit sticking to the basics. Other apps downloaded through the Play Store (non Google apps) didn't slow anything down at all. The Fire 10 is more powerful though with more Ram and so I stuck Google Photo's, Maps and Drive on too with no problems or noticeable speed loss. It does show how resource intensive the Google apps are and although this 7inch tablet will run badly with Play Store installed if you do without it and just stick with Amazon's apps it may well be just fine.


Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!, thanx, lol.

New Amazon Fire 7 Tablet 16GB Preorder shipping 6th June - £49.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
New Amazon Fire 7 Tablet 16GB Preorder shipping 6th June - £49.99 @ Amazon
The sloth Amazon Fire 7 tablet is back with faster 1.3GHz processor and double the storage and some improved features. Along with those extra additions, there's the same 7-inch IP… Read more
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What is it with the 1GB of RAM for Android tablets? It feels to me like things have gone backwards over the last few years. I'd have thougt at least 2GB would be the norm for budget tabs by now, possibly 3GB, and between 4 -8GB for the premium tabs? I don't remember the last phone I had with less than 3GB.


$49.99 on Amazon USA so our version is a tenner more expensive and Jeff won't be paying his VAT on each sale either.


How is this a deal, this is RRP and won't ever be higher, it will go lower on numerous occasions though.


Waiting for prime day for a £50 8 inch to stick on the wall in the kitchen to leave in situ for Sonos/Hive/various lights


Awful spec TBH. I thought they might pony up a little and upgrade the ram and screen for this release but apparently Jeff isn't quite rich enough yet. :{

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