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Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (2019) - 16 GB Black /Plum/Green with special offers (32GB £44.99) + 6 months Spotify Premium £34.99 @ Currys
Posted 16th OctPosted 16th Oct
Price reduction on Amazon tablets across retailers, but thought the Currys offer was worth highlighting which also includes 6 months premium Spotify for new accounts and free deliv… Read more
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You absolutely can ...not only root but replace all their software with a fast OS that makes this a snappy tablet and a pleasure to use. Did this a few days ago and worked fine for me but I did need to open the unit. If you are technically minded and follow the instructions carefully it works. See here


Chanchi posts good deals!


Yep, exactly the point ive raised previously about those commenting about low specs on a £35 tablet. I posted a deal yesterday for a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop, 2GB RAM, 64GB storage, HD, ability to use as a phone, 4G, touch screen, rugged, grade A with 12 months warranty, etc. Price about £65, what do you want more for this price. Went freezing cold! So basically people are looking for high specs at £25, good luck with that.


Thanks, I bought an iPad Air 2019 a month or two ago so there's no chance I'm going to bother with the Fire HD 10 anymore.


I've seen you comment this before but my Fire 10 isn't slow like that. Even with the Google apps it performs well for browsing and media consumption. I'm certainly not saying it's lightening fast but it's decent for the money. You should try a factory reset if you haven't already and try to identify if there's a particular app causing issues.

Amazon All New 16GB Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet with Kid Proof Case £73.95 Delivered @ QVC (If New to QVC use code FIVE4U to get £5 off)
Posted 4th OctPosted 4th Oct
seems a great deal for this tablet there is a choice of colours & choice of codes as if you use SHOP3Z that gives you 3 easy pays instead of 2 or if your new to QVC use FIVE4… Read more
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Fire for Kids is a complete rip-off. 1 year of a subscription service your kids will never use and then your stuck with a tablet that has limited functionality. That is of course, if you don't pay for a second yearly subscription



there was a brief deal on it being £49.97 @ currys but now back to £100


Are these usually cheaper on Black Friday? Good deal though cheapest around at the moment. We want 2 so not sure if to hang on a bit.

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Amazon Fire 7 inch Tablet with Alexa 8GB - £23.80 @ Tesco instore
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Posted 23rd SepPosted 23rd SepLocalLocal
Just found the Amazon Fire 7 in sale in-store at Merthyr Tydfil (last one) could be Nationwide. 7" IPS display, 8GB of internal storage (up to 512 GB of expandable storage with mi… Read more
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I’ve used this one and it’s good. But yes, you can get cheaper. I just never got them to work properly in my car. Would need turning on extra. This one just turns on with ignition.


Has anyone actually found this deal in other tesco stores? It wasn't in my local store


quite breath taking how executives make these 8GB short-shelf life tools available to the world, when 32GB is just a few dollars more to make


Like many others, I have the ghost video problem. Storage in settings says there are 147 videos using over 3GB of memory (with only 8GB in total) but no video loaded on to tablet, so keep getting low memory message. Have tried everything. Google search shows many people with same problem but no answers to resolve the issue.


Thank you. But is there a cheaper dongle available?

Certified refurbished Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet 32GB £84.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 20th SepPosted 20th Sep
Reviews say these are as good as new, and they come with 1yr warranty by Amazon.

Yep, I expired it


Back to £129


Thankyou for your feedback


Personally I find the screen quality on this very poor indeed. It's not the resolution, just the poor quality panel and it seems recessed behind the glass too far.


I can't give an expert view, but it runs all the main media all beautifully, internet is fine. I haven't tried sideloading the play store yet (there are instructions for this on one of the previous posts for the device).

AMAZON Fire 7” Kids Edition Tablet (2019) - 16 GB, Blue - Currys for £49.97 Delivered @ Currys/Ebay
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Posted 19th SepPosted 19th Sep
It's £99.99 on their main website, those whoever missed it yesterday they can have it from their Ebay store. (y) Key Features Made for kids The ideal first tablet, the Amazon … Read more

does buying it from Currys offer the same 2 year worry free guarantee Amazon do?




I'd think resale more likely looking at the sold prices on eBay prior to this price cut. You'd be surprised what **** people are willing to buy just coz it's made by Amazon!


Oh, May be.. :)


I imagine it will be for a playgroup or something similar. There is no resell value to these as they are so poor to use, even for 5 year olds.

AMAZON Fire 7 Kids Edition 7" Tablet (2019) - 16 GB, Pink / Blue for £49.97 delivered @ Currys (+2 years guarantee)
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Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Lowest ever price. Available in pink or blue. All-new Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet | 7" Display, 16 GB, Kid-Proof Case A full-featured 7" tablet, with a kid-proof case, parent… Read more
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We won't know until the 25th!


The model in this offer, the Fire 7 Kids with the bumper cover that stands on its own, is the 2019 model and unlikely to be further refreshed this year I think. The Fire 8 Kids hasn't had a 2019 upgrade so far, I'd say that this is the most likely to be the next one to get a new model. Depends on your budget, the Fire 7 Kids is regularly on offer and a good buy when discounted if the hardware is sufficient for your needs.


Which is the newest model? I can’t decide which to get for both our daughters Christmas presents


Can you not get you tube kids on amazon fire 10 kids tablet as was going to get my daughter one for Christmas as the kids unlimited seems really good as I would only pay 1.99 a month were as at the minute she has an iPad Air 2 and the games are costing too much but she loves kids you tube? any thoughts


Brilliant thanks for that :)

All-new Fire 7 Tablet | 7" display, 16GB, Black with Special Offers - £34.99 / 32GB for £44.99 (More in OP) - prime members @ Amazon
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Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Fire HD 8 Tablet, 16 GB, Black—with Special Offers-£ 59.99 ( 32 GB for £79.99) £20 savings @ checkout 7" IPS display, 16 or 32 GB of internal storage (up to 512 GB of expandab… Read more

People are so spoilt these days.


I rooted a load of these a few years back, so I was able to remove ads and add playstore. The new Alexa versions have no root kit software so cannot be rooted. I use mine for CCTV displays, Music display (device linked to speaker via bt in kitchen). Use these to give to grand kids when they visit and to take on holday to watch films and browse the internet. Only useful for a handful of apps though. Tried putting whole collection of games and it came to a grinding halt. You can easily set up parental controls to prevent purchases. Anybody know if a rootkit is out for these Alexa ones yet.? If so I'll buy again.


Hey, You could purchase one from Amazon and return the new packaged one you received for a refund for the previous sale. (nerd)


defo fire


Great piece of a kit for starters- Bought two for kids and they doing awsome.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 32GB - with Special Offers £109.99 / without Special Offers £119.99 Prime Customers - Amazon
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Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Amazon Prime customers can save £40 off the Fire 10 HD Tablet from today until the 25th September.
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Will the 10 kids version be £99 again soon?


In this price and size huawei t5 with 3gb of ram is the best choice for kids.


I got an extra £6 off as I used the ‘Get £6 extra when you top up £80’ option - result!


Thank you, this is a really good answer. My mistake about the flash drives, I mean what you mentioned already, transferring via cable from PC or put them on an SD card, this is what I do now with the other tablets. I am tempted because of the price, but it is for my 6 year old, so needs to be easy and also probably better not to have the Amazon promo/adds on, as I do not know what he will click on. Most of his games are more or less phonics or maths related (but he chooses Mario instead) and were free on google play store for a limited period of time. I am not familiar and I think I will be limited to find these elsewhere, this is why I was asking about Google Play store, obviously more choices there. I suspected it was a way to access Google play, I managed to add things on my Amazon Fire stick, so I was pretty certain it will involve some extra work. I don't think i want the headache, so probably I will stick with a traditional Android tablet, hopefully I will find a refurbished one around this price. Well, not this price, more closer to the Fire 7 tablet price, £35 new. Quite challenging, as I want a bit more RAM:) too. Thanks a lot!


More like offloading some before Black Friday at an even lower price... I've had 2 Amazon tablets for the kids and whilst fine at first they lack any real "oomph" (RAM) so become frustratingly slow and irresponsive before long. I want a kid-friendly tablet for Christmas, but nothing from Amazon!

Amazon Show Mode Charging Dock for Fire HD 10 - £22.99 @ Argos
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Posted 27th AugPosted 27th Aug
Transform your tablet into an immersive, full-screen Alexa experience optimised for visibility across the room. Just ask Alexa to show trending news, timers and alarms, movie showt… Read more

just collected mine, not had a chance to try it yet.


isnt that the HD 8?


For a HD10? Brand new? Good luck!


19.99 on Argos eBay


Yes there isn't an official YouTube app on Amazon's store but you can easily sideload the android one with the Google Play store. And it works fine, no issues at all.

Amazon Fire HD 10 10.1 Inch 32GB 2GB 2MP Kids Edition Fire OS Tablet - Blue at Argos Ebay £144.99
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Posted 25th AugPosted 25th Aug
More than just a tablet, Fire Kids Edition comes with 1 year of Fire For Kids Unlimited, a Kid-Proof Case - available in a choice of Blue, Pink and Yellow. And a 2-year worry-free … Read more

Refurbished not kids version

aa64xyz The 10 inch was 99 for a few hours but gone back up


Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 32GB - with Special Offers £109.99 / without Special Offers £119.99 Prime Customers - Amazon




109 today

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 2017 with Alexa Hands-Free, Quad-core, Wi-Fi, 64GB, with Special Offers, Punch Red £134.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 24th AugPosted 24th Aug
Reduced in price. If it's been posted, apologies, couldn't see it, don't even know if it's a good price tbh 😳 Please note: This version comes with Special Offers, whic… Read more

Wish it was sooner mines on its last legs


Worth noting that even by debloating the amazon fire tablet it will still occasionally ask you to open the amazon App Store or shop etc so although it says it’s deleted, it’s not really. Same thing on iOS.


Can't beat the Amazon kids package / profiles!! U can leave them to it without any worries about content, adverts or payments!!


I would say it be before Thanksgiving in usa .


Wish there was a date for the release.

Amazon Fire 10 for £104.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 23rd AugPosted 23rd Aug
Fire HD 10 Tablet, 1080p Full HD Display, 32 GB, Black—with Special Offers. For some reason this is £10 cheaper than Amazon's Choice for the same device (as far as I can tell!)
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Thank you!


Unfortunate choice of name....


No, much improved as is the HD8


Great tablet with google play store! (y)


I can't find anything, can it stream Netflix in hd?

AMAZON Fire HD 8 Tablet (2018) - 16 GB, Black £54.99 @ Currys
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Posted 22nd AugPosted 22nd Aug
Couldn't see it posted, has it been posted from amazon, if so I'll delete. Fire OS 5 HD Ready display Store up to 3 hours of HD video / up to 3700 photos Battery life: Up to… Read more

these are slower than a week in the Bar-L


It matters little if you are a light user, or even if you play light on memory resources.


Yep, exactly!, lol, that's good, and you're welcome. :-)


I'll look more into the other models. The one thing I do like with the fire is the child account and it only seeing the apps I approve. Not tried to do that with standard android


Looooooool, I hear, I hear, fair enough, and all that. :-D But like I also said initially: "and personally speaking, for what I use mine for, they're more than fine". I mainly use mine for movie watching + light browsing, etc - how much 'horse power' would a device 'X' require at all? - just to perform such basic features? (that even a phone Android 5.0 on it could do?, it'd struggle, yes, but it'd still blatantly work for those thing's same way - and I'm not talking hypertheticals either, as I've been doing such on phone's even before Android 5). :-D So it's literally a horse's for course's 'moment', basically?. :-) But to be honest, you do however raise a very valid point same way. :-D

Amazon fire 7 16GB now back to £34.99 at Argos (Free C&C)
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Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
Full-featured Fire 7 tablet with a 7" display and 16 GB of internal storage. 7" IPS display, 16 or 32 GB of internal storage (up to 512 GB of expandable storage with microSD). Fa… Read more
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Minecraft is slow to load on it but will run ok after in game. Turning of fancy graphics, lower how many chucks ahead to load and smooth lighting helps and mostly go unnoticed by most kids.


You're right. Amazon use to have a better range far more pricy but they must not sold well. They were solid devices for the money. I still got a fire hdx 7 that's better specs than current range. Best part with current tablet is it's not an unknown brand so plenty support and online community for help. Great for young kids or for in a garden shed while working away since they're disposable at current price.


Daughter uses hers for videos and YouTube. Getting the play store on is a 4 part process, but adds considerably more games to play.


What exactly do you expect for £35 hardly going to be top of the range.


It is sooo slow but my kids use this the slowness doesn't bother them... one finally broke after almost 4 years of use an abuse so replacing. Would def never pay full price for one of these better to pay bit extra an get more decent one. Or wait till black fri might come.down to less then it's current price as it seems the 8gb versions are now oboslete on Amazon.

Amazon Fire 7" 16GB Wifi Tablet £34 Delivered @ AO - Black / Plum / Sage Colours
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Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
A little cheaper than the Amazon and Argos price drop on these, gives you another option and also has free delivery. 3 colours on the offer, all are selectable on the 'Get Deal' Li… Read more

Adding the playstore turns the tablet from perfectly useable in to painfully slow. The best thing to do is forget the Google apps and sideload Playstore apps from APK mirror website. The only Google app that's essential for a tablet is YouTube and the app in the Amazon store does the job for that.


What tablet is recommended for watching movies


Thanks (y)


Argos now selling for £34.99 too


If anyone is interested, Amazon are price matching this offer, buying from Amazon cashback via Quidco & TCB is 3%. Instead of AO who are only offering 1% for tablet purchases.

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