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Topeak JoeBlow ™ Sport III Pump - £26 + £3.95 Delivery @ Millets
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
A highly recommended track pump (according to the reviews) is back on offer again. 4% Quidco available too. RRP £40 Inflate your bike tyres for optimal cycling performance with th… Read more

Or the LIDL/Aldi annual cycling event equivalent for £7.99. Mine's been going strong for 7 years now.


Had it in the basket, but unable to checkout and it's now showing as out of stock.


Thanks OP, gone for it. I've got a couple of shonky track pumps from Aldi/Lidl and neither works particularly well.


For the 2 it's £28. 3 is £30.07


if you have Amazon prime its £28 delivered

Challenge Mini Hand Bike Pump £2.99 free click and collect at Argos
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Posted 10th Dec 2020Posted 10th Dec 2020
Challenge Mini Hand Bike Pump £2.99 free click and collect at Argos£2.99Argos Deals
The Challenge Mini Pump is a lightweight bicycle hand pump with a reversible adaptor that fits the two most popular valves. A thumb lock ensures the pump locks securely on to the v… Read more

Good point, I'm used to it but you're correct, my suggestion is larger than most mini pumps. It's not ideal for a race but for everything else it's worth the additional size I think.


I also have a Topeak mini pump which are good quality, bought the smaller one as its a better size to carry, and it does take a lot of pumps to get to 100psi but its less effort to use and even faster than the Topeak (shock)


I think I'd get bored of pumping before I got to the advertised pressure with such a short travel. I've got this, it's the last pump I've bought and would highly recommend. It's not on discount but it's definitely worth the money.


These work link 100psi and only £4.70 more than this one (y)


I've used all sorts of pumps as a year round bike commuter. This just won't do the job, you won't get decent pressure out of it and you'll spend ages pumping too. Best thing is to go for the mini track pump style which have a flip out handle and a mini foot plate. They might cost a bit more but it'll do the job properly and you can decent pressure out of them.

Xiaomi Electric inflator pump with digital tyre pressure gauge for £23.82 delivered using code @ AliExpress / Xiaomi MC Store
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Posted 12th Nov 2020Posted 12th Nov 2020Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
Xiaomi Electric inflator pump with digital tyre pressure gauge for £23.82 delivered using code @ AliExpress / Xiaomi MC Store£23.82£29.2819% off Free P&P FreeAliExpress Deals
These are cracking little machines, fits right in your bag and can pump a car tyre five times and a bike wheel eight times. Seems amazing for the size and the price. To get this … Read more

a family member wants one if anyone sees on discount please let me know, thanks


I have something similar for just under 30, and if I'm honest, I have no idea why I didn't just buy this before. Had always used those mini hand pumps that are like the size of a medium carrot. It was only when I got a road bike that had tyres that needed to be pumped to 90psi that I realised a mini hand pump is pure masochism. I used mine to top up my car tyres, fully inflate my road bike tyres to 90psi and then some. It's permanently in my bag in case I get a flat. So damn convenient.


Anyone know how accurate the pressure gauge is on these? Have you compared it with another gauge? I'd mainly use it on the motorbike, where it's a lot more critical than on the push bikes and car to get the pressure right. I have a reasonably accurate pressure gauge already, but it's a bit of a time waster having to keep measuring, then pumping, measuring then pumping, etc.


Anyone got any experience on how good something like this is for a car tyre


ordered! (y)

Challenge Track Bike Pump with Dial £5.99 click and collect at Argos Birmingham
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Posted 7th Aug 2020Posted 7th Aug 2020LocalLocal
Challenge Track Bike Pump with Dial £5.99 click and collect at Argos Birmingham£5.99Argos Deals
The Challenge Bike Track Pump with Dial features a thumb lever fixing to fit Schrader valves. A comfy grip handle and wide base ensure easy usage. Compatible with Presta and Schra… Read more

We need to stop pumping nonexistent deals into impulse buy pipeline. We are all busy buying things that we do not need! By the way good deal, I can do with 5th one! (lol)


No stock in the nearest 10 stores to me either. (skeptical)


Looks very similar to the Dunlop pump I saw in Home Bargains yesterday for around the same price. They had plenty on the shelf in Loughborough and I’m sure plenty of other stores will too.


Would be hot, but not delivery and "Collection not available in any of our stores"


Fake Argos deals as usual

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Ring Automotive RAC601 Digital Tyre Inflator - £19.99 (Prime) £24.48 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 24th Jun 2020Posted 24th Jun 2020
Ring Automotive RAC601 Digital Tyre Inflator - £19.99 (Prime) £24.48 (Non Prime) @ Amazon£19.99Amazon Deals
Was at this price several times - very decent piece of kit for £19.99

Had one of these, the hose kinks as its wrapped up and will fall apart/have holes cut with scissors and now much shorter but works.. dont wrap away.. ok quality but not good for.more than year or two


Any idea how this compares to the ones from Halfords? I have a £20 voucher for Halfords and their model goes for £29.99 at the moment.


I bought one of these along with 5A mains adapter from Aliexpress to use it for inflatable pools, bike tyres, football, balloons everything that needs air 12V 6A/8A/10A Car Cigarette Lighter AC-DC Power Converter Adapter Inverter Supply Transformer 110V 220V Highly recommend. Although I feel the ring pressure sensor is a bit crazy at times


Yes - I tried to do that but due to the loss, I could never get it high enough to over compensate. My wife had an issue with a tyre so we used it a couple of times a week, to inflate the tyre enough until we got to a petrol station and were able to use one that actually works. It therefore served a purpose but I wouldn't rely on it.


Which is why you over-pressurise to compensate for the loss upon disconnection (highfive)

Lightweight alloy 7 speed 20" wheel folding bike with bag, pump, lights, carrier, stand, suspension saddle - £294.99 delivered @ Costco
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Posted 3rd Jun 2020Posted 3rd Jun 2020
Lightweight alloy 7 speed 20" wheel folding bike with bag, pump, lights, carrier, stand, suspension saddle - £294.99 delivered @ Costco£294.99 Free P&P FreeCostco Deals
Looks like a close clone of expensive Dahon folding bikes with comfortable geometry and very well equipped. Delivered or collect from warehouse. Costco back-up. Features: … Read more

The usual con of saying a bike is lightweight but not saying what it weighs.


Having recently purchased a Dahon, I must say that the hinges and the folding mechanism look quite different from this model (so I would cross Dahon out)


Ok, OK, but what do think of this one for £295? Any idea who makes it (not that it matters really)?


Very different to a Brompton.


It does look the business, to me it even looks like a brompton - problem is with so many mechanical specialized parts if somthing fails it could be a massive headache!