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Ring Automotive RAC601 Digital Tyre Inflator - £19.99 (Prime) £24.48 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Was at this price several times - very decent piece of kit for £19.99
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Had one of these, the hose kinks as its wrapped up and will fall apart/have holes cut with scissors and now much shorter but works.. dont wrap away.. ok quality but not good for.more than year or two


Any idea how this compares to the ones from Halfords? I have a £20 voucher for Halfords and their model goes for £29.99 at the moment.


I bought one of these along with 5A mains adapter from Aliexpress to use it for inflatable pools, bike tyres, football, balloons everything that needs air 12V 6A/8A/10A Car Cigarette Lighter AC-DC Power Converter Adapter Inverter Supply Transformer 110V 220V Highly recommend. Although I feel the ring pressure sensor is a bit crazy at times


Yes - I tried to do that but due to the loss, I could never get it high enough to over compensate. My wife had an issue with a tyre so we used it a couple of times a week, to inflate the tyre enough until we got to a petrol station and were able to use one that actually works. It therefore served a purpose but I wouldn't rely on it.


Which is why you over-pressurise to compensate for the loss upon disconnection (highfive)

Lightweight alloy 7 speed 20" wheel folding bike with bag, pump, lights, carrier, stand, suspension saddle - £294.99 delivered @ Costco
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Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Lightweight alloy 7 speed 20" wheel folding bike with bag, pump, lights, carrier, stand, suspension saddle - £294.99 delivered @ Costco
£294.99 Free P&P FreeCostco Deals
Looks like a close clone of expensive Dahon folding bikes with comfortable geometry and very well equipped. Delivered or collect from warehouse. Costco back-up. Features: … Read more

Having recently purchased a Dahon, I must say that the hinges and the folding mechanism look quite different from this model (so I would cross Dahon out)


Ok, OK, but what do think of this one for £295? Any idea who makes it (not that it matters really)?


Very different to a Brompton.


It does look the business, to me it even looks like a brompton - problem is with so many mechanical specialized parts if somthing fails it could be a massive headache!


For most of Dahon's existance they have had their bikes manufactured by other companies and in the last few years they have a factory in China which makes some of their bikes, mainly assembling bikes and a small amount of frame manufacture. For the european market I think the majority of Dahons are manufactured by in Bulgaria. It's why Dahon's are so expensive because so many companies need to make money out of each sale. Fuji-ta in China have made many Dahon models including the dual suspension model I forget the name of which is in fact a fuji-ta design that Dahon imported into the USA. I think the only time Dahon built bikes for another brand so to speak were the Ford brand folding bikes but that was still manufactured by a different company not Dahon but imported by Dahon. It's not surprising when people get misled about Dahon their marketing material is probably the least honest of any major bicycle firm with many false claims about the company and which products they design themselves and their level of sales. In fact many of the top staff from Dahon went on to form Tern bikes and they are even worse.

Mini Bike Pump for £4.99 instore at Lidl
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Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd MayLocalLocal
Mini Bike Pump for £4.99 instore at Lidl
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item - we should all limit … Read more

Thank you. I’ll try again tonight. It wouldn’t pump up a small tyre


Maybe this image from leaflet cam help.


How to you change the pressure. Mine didn’t gone with instructions


I bought the £15 pound Halfords pump, which looks like yours except it's black and isn't a 2 in 1. The hose pulls out of the top bit. Is yours really not the same? The Lidl pump is indeed a 2 in 1 high pressure/high volume pump but the switching mechanism is crude and both stalks move independently in high volume mode, which is annoying.


got one at my other local, the last one left

WEST BIKING Bicycle hand pump with pressure gauge fits Schrader or Presta valves for £14.25 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Ledong Cycling
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
WEST BIKING Bicycle hand pump with pressure gauge fits Schrader or Presta valves for £14.25 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Ledong Cycling
£14.25£17.3118% Free P&P FreeAliExpress Deals
160 psi high pressure mini bike pump that has both Presta and Schrader valve adapter options, and also comes with a ball pump adapter. It has a pressure gauge built in too, so you … Read more

I've got a pump from Argos and the adaptor is the weak part......... I pump the tyre up hard and by the time I've unscrewed the adaptor it's as soft as sh*te


Just ordered with 20% discount code, thank you


I have had a few pumps both small and large and still not come across one that doesn’t go ppppfffffffff on disconnection and lose lots of helpful air (devil)


Yes that one is fine, you need HV (high volume) like the MTB pump I linked to.


Hi, I have womens hybrid bike, is this suitable ? If not, please can you recommend a bike pump for home use only. thanks

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Xiaomi Electric Portable Inflator Pump with Smart Digital Tyre Pressure Detection for £27.51 delivered @ DHGate
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Posted 15th Nov 2019Posted 15th Nov 2019Shipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Xiaomi Electric Portable Inflator Pump with Smart Digital Tyre Pressure Detection for £27.51 delivered @ DHGate
£27.51£36.2124%DHgate Deals
Smart inflator pump for bikes, cars, motorcycles, etc rom Xiaomi (is there anything they don't make?) for only £27.51 delivered. It can inflate tyres up to 150PSi, comes with a var… Read more

I'm afraid I didn't check, but it's on the order of low single digit minutes.


Thanks for the update. Out of interest how long did it take to inflate the tyre from flat?


Mine has arrived and is pretty impressive. It's bigger than I thought but also lighter than its size would imply. It comes with a carry pouch and accessories for different types of valve. I gave mine a full charge and then had it pump up two totally flat tyres on my mountain bike. Both 27.5" x 2.35", I set my front to 25psi and rear to 35. It did both without issue. I wish I could tell how much battery power was left afterwards. The hose has a hole in the top of the unit to slot into that also turns the unit off using a beefy mechanical switch. The hole is deep enough to keep the presta valve attachment on so you don't need to carry the accessory separately. Edit: from translating the manual it looks like I took the battery down from 100% to somewhere between 20 and 50% by inflating those two tyres from empty so this is something to charge after every use.


Got it for £28.41 (y)


It's priced in USD right up until the point when I am required to enter card details and the figure given there is in GBP. I did not have an account. I created a new account. Because I backed out of the purchase I am not able to use the code again the incomplete order sits in the 'orders' section with a button that says 'pay now' or something like that.

Upto 45% off Shimano components at Chain Reaction Cycles
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Posted 27th Jun 2019Posted 27th Jun 2019
Upto 45% off Shimano components at Chain Reaction Cycles
I’ve just received an email from Chain Reaction Cycles offering upto 45% off Shimano components. I’ve just had a look at some of their prices and there are some great price points.… Read more
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Nothing to see ..

Topeak Road Pocket Bike Pump  £10.99 / Topeak Joe Blow Sport III Bike Pump £32.99 @ Halfords  free C&C
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Posted 11th May 2019Posted 11th May 2019
Topeak Road Pocket Bike Pump £10.99 / Topeak Joe Blow Sport III Bike Pump £32.99 @ Halfords free C&C
£10.99£2045%Halfords Deals
Decent price reductions on these well reviewed bike pumps Padded pump head Machine cut, sleek aluminium barrel Reversible Presta/Schrader connector Dimensions: 22.2cm x… Read more

I have 2 of the pocket rockets. Its an excellent pump and a good compromise in size from the absolute tiny ones that some people carry around. It’s just a bit big in my opinion to be called a pocket pump, I have only ever had mine mounted.


Spend £20.00 for free delivery


I tend to ride a few thousand miles a year so don't expect the bits I got to last long but the bib tights zips broke in a week and the seams on the gloves split in the first ride


Not what ur inflations doll says


The clothing and other cycling bits I have brought from there have been fine. Whilst this this pump could be fine its probably worth paying a bit more for your main ride pump.

VonHaus Cordless Digital Tyre Inflator Pump £29.74 @ Amazon sold by DOMU UK.
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Posted 26th Mar 2019Posted 26th Mar 2019
VonHaus Cordless Digital Tyre Inflator Pump £29.74 @ Amazon sold by DOMU UK.
£29.74£34.9915%Amazon Deals
Lightning deal.

Looks like I’m not the only one but hey! Win some lose some it is what it is


Did you try charging the battery first, before using? :D I have bought two previously one as a present. Pumped a friends tyre from flat in stages as you are supposed to do to stop blowing the compressor. Then topped up my 4 tyres, no problem at all. . Charged battery and keep in car, far more convenient than looking for a garage. I recommend buying, as I said , later I bought another as a present.


Still got to deal with a seller send it back pay the postage wait for a replacement just couldn’t be bothered mine does a tyre then it usually dies on tyre 2 it is what it is I wouldn’t recommend but will pump up at least 1 tyre! Guess that’s 1 get out of the (poo) You could use the 12v car supply but I brought it for being portable not having to use the cars power or else I would of gone for a cheaper air pump.


I managed to get 2 Tyres from flat to around 31 psi. Still had some battery life left in mine. May be worth getting a replacement as it should last longer based on my own experience.

The "Dual Cylinder Car Tyre Inflator" model is still a good deal IMO. I wonder how the battery powered one got such good reviews.

Guild Cordless Car Tyre Inflator with Accessories [12V] £30 @ Argos also Argos eBay
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Posted 13th Mar 2019Posted 13th Mar 2019
Guild Cordless Car Tyre Inflator with Accessories [12V] £30 @ Argos also Argos eBay
£30£4025%Argos Deals
Free C&C. Better than the VonHaus one? Whether you're inflating car tyres, footballs, airbeds, paddling pools, bicycles or inflatables at the beach, this is the inflator for … Read more

The free air at petrol stations is not always accurate also it is best to check your tyre pressures when they are cold as air expands when it is hot giving a higher reading. Any type of tyre inflator can become inaccurate, my old Michelin foot pump was showing 44psi but it was actually at 52psi. Personally I double check mine with separate pressure gauge.


Good point... Might invest in one Kindest regards


I don't have that kind of advanced car. They proritise things, so you may have to wait an awful long time. Personally, if I was a belts and braces person, I'd keep a foot pump in the car, I'm surprised no-one has suggested that, won't wear out, nothing to go wrong etc, maybe a bit difficult for some to use,


If you mountain out of a molehill they will surely come out... Especially if warning lights are on... Kindest regards


Will they come out if the tyre pressure just seems low? Maybe depends on whether you are incapable of changing a wheel? And/or the situation, lots of traffic or a motorway? With the RAC, they always take at least two hours to come

Muddyfox Track Pump 200 £9.99 @ Sports direct (£14.98 delivered)
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Posted 21st Jan 2019Posted 21st Jan 2019
Muddyfox Track Pump 200 £9.99 @ Sports direct (£14.98 delivered)
£9.99£24.9960%Sports Direct Deals
This Muddyfox Track Pump 200 is an alloy track pump, the alloy construction means that this pump is lightweight and strong, a folding step allows for this pump to be a floor standi… Read more
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I saw earlier posts saying that it could be used in store as credit, but then I stopped seeing that tagged onto the Sports Direct posts and jumped to the conclusion it was no longer the case. Is it still redeemable as credit in store!


Because you get a voucher for that amount to spend in store (so people don't think they're spending for delivery) in the hope that people spend way above the voucher amount. Quite clever and it works but it's morally reprehensible.


same price as this after post cost.. might be a better deal..


When the Aldi one packed up, i bought a Lifeline Essential track pump from Chain Reaction for £15. Its much better quality, has great reviews and is still going strong. Still available at the same price.


To be honest the muddy fox one looks better to me an hey if its ur passion getting one with an accurate gauge may be worth £20+ id say

Topeak Joe Blow Sport III Track Pump £24 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
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Posted 8th Jan 2019Posted 8th Jan 2019
Topeak Joe Blow Sport III Track Pump £24 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Very good quality, regularly voted one of the best budget track pumps: Topeak sells replacement … Read more

Just picked this up from the Evans shop. They price matched without question. Seems really solid and well built. Pumped up my tyres quickly and easily.




I wouldn't buy a portable pump without knowing the volume. I bought a Topeak Mountain TT Twin Turbo because it states it's 91cc. Got it for £13.99 with the pre Christmas Halfords £10 voucher. The barrel is wider than I expected, but it is compact and if I need to put a lot of air in I use a B'TWIN Flexible Hand Pump Hose on it (£2.49). Rated at 120psi, but 65 is about the limit for my MTB tyres.


Great deal - well spotted. I've got 5 of the V2 versions floating around various places. Only issue I've had with the one that's been sat outside in direct weather for 3 years is the baseplate rusted, but that's easily resolved with some hammerite.


Americans (annoyed) . Great pump though, mine has lasted years.

Heyner AeroStar Pro Steel Floor Pump Presta/Schrader £22.99 @ hayner_uk eBay 99.9% +ve Feedback 63,000+ ratings
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Posted 26th Oct 2018Posted 26th Oct 2018
Heyner AeroStar Pro Steel Floor Pump Presta/Schrader £22.99 @ hayner_uk eBay 99.9% +ve Feedback 63,000+ ratings
£22.99eBay Deals
I went for this over the Joe Blow as it folds up smaller and it's Steel construction, and has a money back guarantee. Gonna use for a slow puncture on a car tyre initially, as I d… Read more
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Got a Joe Blow II for a similar price.


It's got about 12mm tread and they cost about £150 a corner so more likely get it repaired at some point. (y)


It's more to top it up when camping, they lose pressure after a few days (apparently because the material flexes/expands rather than any leak). We use 12V car inflator but that would mean dragging the airbed out of the tent to top it up.


I've had one in the past and just found it noisy, slow, tacky and not very effective. Maybe they've moved on. :)


By law they garage has to let you use the their inflator if you have no money on you and your tyres are not inflated to legal standards. "A lot", never "Alot".

FREE Bike Pump @ Halfords via 02 priority
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Posted 3rd Aug 2018Posted 3rd Aug 2018
FREE Bike Pump @ Halfords via 02 priority
Have you got a bike trip planned with family or friends this Summer? It’s inevitable to expect a flat tyre, so we are giving you the chance to be the hero of the group. Save the da… Read more



The store probably doesn't do it or refresh the app it'll come up


(cheeky) :{ (flirt)


These are actually worse than the Poundland ones lol (and they actually work) Crazy Iphone owners voting again :) maxmix


Loads of freebies still. My fav was the lunch but it’s now the free Caffè Nero every week!

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Posted 17th Mar 2018Posted 17th Mar 2018
J2RGet code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
*Minimum spend of £30. Terms and Conditions apply.
Read More

Still works over £30


Love this code, been using it for over a year, just been building a bike and have 6 orders over £30 outstanding using this code last week.

Topeak Road Pocket Road Bike Pump only £8.54 pickup @ Halfords
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Posted 17th Nov 2017Posted 17th Nov 2017
Topeak Road Pocket Road Bike Pump only £8.54 pickup @ Halfords
decent pump for the roadies, £8.99 @ evans cycles click and collect if easier, my local halfords have them in stock, hopefully yours does £12.99 @ CRC
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Race rocket is £18.99 at Halfords (price matched). But don't forget your 10% British Cycling discount! Or save 85p off of the listed one here :)


I lent out my JoeBlow track pump and used this for my road bike. It was cool, light and looks great on my bike. Pumping? It took ages and was complete crap. I bought another pump for flats. Try it in store before you buy.


I find the only problem with my lezyne mini pump with the screw on type hose , it can remove my inner valve on tubeless setups which can be a disaster, I’m still looking for the ideal Mtb one if anyone can recommended, I find co2 the best


Agreed, having to told the pump to the wheel is a real pain. Surprised this style is still popular.


The best mini pump I have ever used

Bikemate Floor Bike Pump £1.99 @ Aldi
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Posted 19th Sep 2017Posted 19th Sep 2017
Bikemate Floor Bike Pump £1.99 @ Aldi
Just bought some of Aldi's “Premium Lager” (it's actually not bad) for the match and seen these pumps for sale. Not sure if it's a nationwide deal as the website doesn't reflect th… Read more
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Quite partial to the Saint Ettienne myself after a friend recommended it a few years ago.


Ah, "the days". But seriously, with these track pumps I've managed to pop several inner tubes over the years - the pumping action is just a bit more effective than the bike pumps I had available to me in "the days", when struggling to push the pump in meant the tyre was blown up.


I'm from the days of pumping the tyres up and feeling them. Gauges weren't needed back then :)


I bought one of these for £5.99 as the hose came off my old track pump. Some of it is actually made of metal and overall it's good value. The gauge is about +30% wrong - gauge said 60psi, my fairly accurate digital pressure gauge said 90psi. However my old track pump was always about +20% anyway so I'm used to it.


A bit "plasticky" but serve their purpose. I wouldn't put any faith in pressure gauge...far from accurate.

Standing bike pump, small hand pump AND puncture repair kit for £2 instore at B&M
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Posted 30th Aug 2017Posted 30th Aug 2017LocalLocal
Standing bike pump, small hand pump AND puncture repair kit for £2 instore at B&M
Spotted this today in B&M Altrincham. A standing bike pump, small hand pump and puncture repair kit all for two quid. You can't go wrong for £2. Was originally £12.99. I would … Read more
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Paid £5 on Tuesday looks like another trip to B&M


Checked out the Yeovil store earlier. None of the pumps or cheap saddles mentioned online they just had small cycling items reduced, trouser clips, puncture repair kit with tool etc. Nothing I was after.


Just bought one and tested it. Both pumps work very well on my presta valve tyres, with the track pump getting up to 100psi very easily and quickly.. The pumps are all plastic but seem reasonably robust.


Looks like it's nationwide as on their website HERE

Bike Pump,C'est Super Lite Track Pump - £6.99 (Prime) / £11.74 (non Prime)  Sold by C'est and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 4th Aug 2017Posted 4th Aug 2017
Bike Pump,C'est Super Lite Track Pump - £6.99 (Prime) / £11.74 (non Prime) Sold by C'est and Fulfilled by Amazon
No reviews yet, but very cheap for a track pump that looks okay. Note - Only the silver pump is £6.99.
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Asda have a similar one for a tenner.


Anyone else sick to death of this prime business? If I wanted to join a club I don't expect to pay for it. I won't buy from Amazon until the prices are the same prime or not. They must be losing lots of business


Home Bargains pump at £5.99.


Get one if you have a bike and you won't be sorry. Makes blowing up tyres fun.


Good deal thanks OP.

Bike Inner Tubes x 3 (18/25C) + Free Mini Bike Pump £9.10 @ Amazon sold by Maxgear Ltd
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Posted 16th Nov 2016Posted 16th Nov 2016
Bike Inner Tubes x 3 (18/25C) + Free Mini Bike Pump £9.10 @ Amazon sold by Maxgear Ltd
I noticed a Black Friday offer for 3x Inner Tubes but there is also a promotion where you get a FREE VeloChampion Airblast Mini Pump with the order. I don't really understand how … Read more
Topeak Pocket Rocket DX II Mini Bike Pump £7.01 (Prime) / £11 (non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 27th Sep 2016Posted 27th Sep 2016
Topeak Pocket Rocket DX II Mini Bike Pump £7.01 (Prime) / £11 (non Prime) @ Amazon
Topeak Pocket Rocket DX II Mini Pump - 7.01 delivered on Amazon Prime or spend £20 for free delivery. I was only looking for a replacement bracket for my old pocket rocket as I s… Read more
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Not a fan of these. Broke a valve with some similar. Ok as a last resort on the go. Otherwise, a good floor pump for me all the way.


Always always carry a pump as back up! Unless riding in a group. Experience has taught me that too.


Having had 2 separate CO2 heads blow up on me, this is definitely the better option for when you really need it!


£10.55 now!


CO2 is OK until it goes wrong. should always have a backup pump (learnt from experience!)

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