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Birds Eye 10 Omega 3 Fish Fingers 280g £1.15 @ Morrisons
25/05/2021Expires on 25/05/2021Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Very cheap.

I know it a good deal for though who like it. I dislike it as well.


Omega 3 are rank.


Very cheap - load of pollocks


"Omega 3" because you wouldn't buy it if they named the species on the front of the pack!


What a load of Pollock (58%).

Birds Eye Rainbow Waffles - 49p in Farmfoods (Shrewsbury)
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th MayLocalLocal
Birds Eye Rainbow Mini Waffles 49p in Farmfoods Shrewsbury Perfect for the kids. My 1 year old love them. RRP £2.25

You’re right and how did they get the opinions of unicorns? Get on the phone to trading standards.


Thanks OP I’ll have to try catch these in one of the more mainstream supermarkets (y)


Aren't there 7 colours in the 🌈? x


I eat these whilst draped in my pride flag clapping the NHS.


Birds eye chilli waffles I imagined.. Now they would be a hot deal! 🤪

Bird’s eye 2 fish chargrills tomato & basil 35p in store in Asda Cardiff Bay
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th MayLocalLocal
Fish grills
Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat Free Sausages x6 300g / Meatballs 280g / Burgers x2 200g £1.50 (Minimum Basket / Delivery Applies) @ Sainsburys
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat-Free Meatballs 280g Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat Free Burgers x… Read more

Also if can get hold of them get some soy chunks, I tree of life (I think it’s called) soak them in boiling hot water in a bowl for 10-15 mins then drain squeeze the water out of them. Season with salt and pepper, fry until turning golden and use is curry’s, etc.or straight from squeezing the water out put them on top of a pizza, I marinade mine in bbq sauce after boiling and then put on pizza then whack it in over for 15-20mins depending on the pizza. I like the ones from Morrison’s pizza counter. Cheap too. Less the £2 for a bag that would make 6 meals.


Asda plant based mince is ok, everything else apart from the burgers is a bit on the bland side. My kids love the Richmond burgers and I don’t mind them myself but I like to get a good amount for my money the Richmond burgers are just a little too small for my liking, nice in flavour just on the small side. Oumph stuff can be expensive but is worth when on offer. Tried the super expensive beyond burgers and they were just ‘alright’, definitely not worth the money in my opinion. I tend to use a lot of meatballs and minces lately as I like making lasagne, Bolognese and spaghetti and meatballs. Richmond, Birdseye and Aldi meatballs are all nice and in that order of niceness. Best mince for me is Morrison’s own and I’m fairly sure I’ve tried them all.


Each to his own. I love the Meatless Farm burgers but none of their other stuff. I was in Asda and considered trying their own brand plant-based but L McA was on a dirt cheap offer and I only had a small freezer bag. Is any of their other stuff worth trying? Tesco have some stuff that looks tempting in their larger stores, but of course that's no guarantee of anything.


Just tried meatless farm burgers today, not a fan. I don’t like meatless farm as a brand I think all it’s products taste weird. Not tried the cauldron sausages yet. My other faves are naked glory sausages and tikka pieces and quorn ultimate burgers as well as Asda’s chilled plant based burgers.


The name seems perfectly logical in the short or long term to me. They are explicitly designed to taste like meat, as opposed to being veggie balls of a different flavour, so at least for my purposes calling them meat-free is extremely helpful. Were they simply labelled as veggie or vegan balls, or some other description that doesn't mention the fact they are designed to taste like meat, I doubt I'd have tried them.

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