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Morrisons Coffee Beans 227g - Various Varieties £1.25 @ Morrisons
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
Seen this in Morrisons today.

Yeah I have a bean to cup delongi and have not really had to change the setting for other beans I've only had it a month and tried a few different brands and I'm sorry but all the others were various levels of enjoyment but the Morrisons Espresso ones just tasted burnt. I got the M finest Brazilian beans and they aren't too bad actually.


Like all coffee beans, the taste varies depending on how fine you grind them, what temp water you use and how long you pass the water through them. Plus, it's all personal taste anyway. If you have a bean to cup machine, you're meant to tailor the settings to suit different beans. If you don't experiment to find the best settings for a bean, don't just blandly post that it tastes vile. The Italian blend from Morrison's is just as good as the Aldi Italian blend, if you take the trouble to adjust the settings until they're right for the bean. If you can't be bothered doing that, buy a pod machine....


Lava is drinkable. Very strong drink so use sparingly


I like these too. Molten lava goes well for me in my espresso machine


Been this price since March I bought 1 of each good coffee

illy Coffee, Classico Coffee Beans, Medium Roast, 100% Arabica Coffee 250g reduced to clear 04/22 date - Instore - £1.62 @ M&S (Wednesbury)
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th AugLocalLocal
illy Coffee Beans, 250g Classico Medium Roast, 100% Arabica The perfect choice for coffee lovers who prefer grinding the beans to suit their own individual taste and preparation me… Read more

Not in Cheltenham full price shame.


Not in M & S Gosforth, Newcastle. Full price there.


If anyone wants a decent supermarket bean Asda do an Italian roast bean..I was recommended it on here by someone and it's really decent. Especially for an everyday drink. Keep the solimo for special occasions 🤭🤭🤭🤭 £3.39 for 454g


Illy is hard to justify at the normal price when compared to Lavazza oro for around £3. Usually order from amazon when it goes below £4 a tin.



DeLonghi Magnifica S-ECAM 22.110 coffee machine with free gift and two-year warranty for £269 delivered @ The Coffee Mate
31/08/2020Expires on 31/08/2020Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Good price for an all-in-one bean to cup coffee machine with built-in frother — yours for £269 with a free gift, two years warranty, and free delivery included. The 250g Caprissimo… Read more
Solimo Coffee Beans, 2 x 1kg - £8.39 at Amazon Prime (+ £4.49 non Prime)
187° Expired
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
I know that this coffee is almost as divisive as marmite but for those who like it, it is currently at a low price again. It often falls below £9.50 for two kg but this is the firs… Read more
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I have used all the supermarket's own brands of 4 and 5 strength I can get hold of to try out, and they are all drinkable to a degree. This however was totally inpaletable to us, we had to mix it with other brands to get through it. Never again for me, truly awful taste imho. Asda Italian big bags are a great value alternative, or lidl big bags when on offer.


We used to buy Lavazza Rossa in work. I particularly dislike the taste of it. We got some Eduscho Caffe Crema and that was better.


Disgusting stuff. I had to give away one sealed bag and throw away the one that I opened. Absolutely appalling. Too expensive even if given away for free.


Price is £10.49 for me (£8.92 on S&S). Never seen them so expensive.


These beans are brilliant, love the taste

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Napoli 1KG Italian Blend Roasted Coffee Beans - £7.99 (Prime) / £12.48 (nonPrime) Sold by StormBrew and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
This got really hot on HUD when it last went on offer down to £8.49. it is now the cheapest it is ever been (no pun intended!!) at only £7.99
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Thanks for sharing @twogoodtwo (y)


Also worth a punt. Again, one of the better cheapo beans @ 1.25. As I said earlier, can't say it's a good bean (I have a reputation as a coffee snob to consider) but better than those Napoli beans above If you want to challenge your taste buds try a taster pack from an artisan roaster such as Rave, or Dancing goat (Use code home10 for 10% off ), or any other roasters that take your fancy - plenty of options. It's 100% down to your choice, what you prefer and if you are willing to pay for the difference. Welcome down the rabbit hole! .


Agree. Bought some last time around. After a few cups threw the remaining beans in the garden hopefully to frighten the slugs away. Cheap and nasty. Really wouldn't bother.


Not a recommendation as such but Aldi beans are good for cheapo beans if cost is a primary issue. The main advantage is that they seem to be relatively freshly roasted and, at least locally the turnover is very quick.Look for the longest expiry there. As has been said, you can do much better by spending more...but isn't that always the case :)


Good to see Nice to see you got a good sense of humor

Kimbo extra creme coffee beans 1KG - Now down to £12.65 at Amazon (+£4.49 non-prime) - Sold by Alpha Caffe / FBA @ Amazon
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Kimbo extra creme coffee beans posted last month at £12.99 and cheapest I’ve seen now down to £12.65 This is usually £15 a kilo. Kimbo is the smoothest fullest flavoured coffee I… Read more

Utter garbage. How much of this is robusta?


Damn mines a delonghi too, bet it's got a similar grinding mechanism. Thanks


Mine is the Delonghi Magnifica


I was going to ask the same question so thanks for elaborating. May I ask which machine you use? I dont want to risk messing mine up for some coffee that I'm not that bothered about


The beans are more oily / moist and our machine really doesn’t like them After grinding coffee was clogging up and didn’t fall into the waste tray

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans, 1kg - £8.33 (Subscribe and Save) + P&P for non-Prime @ Amazon
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans, 1kg Normal Price: £11.89.... £8.33 when you apply the voucher as shown below: "Suitable for all coffee makers Rich and full of body Eve… Read more
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I looked at that but some of the reviews aren't great. I know blade grinders are considered inferior but I've found one made by shardor that gets very good reviews, trying to decide between that and going the full hog on the delonghi Bean to cup thats over 200 quid lol.


De'Longhi KG79, but only for Decaff beans as I have an ESAM4200 full of Creme E Aroma.


I don't think so, I have had the Creme E Gusto, but it was a long time ago and I think it only comes ground.


Dualit 75015 Coffee Grinder


So what grinders is everyone using?

Organic coffee beans 908g - £5.99 instore & online @ Costco from 13 July
222° Expired
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Seems like a pretty good price for 908g Rainfore… Read more

Always looked too oily. Had some oily beans once (Starbucks) messed up machine. Never again!


That is probably the best option all round for now!


Thanks, looked and asked in Chester and they don't have one. Looks like I will have to stick to my blade grinder or the hand grinder + cordless drill for now


Yeah my bean to cup doesn’t seem to like these as they are quite oily. I stick to the Lavazza from Costco, doesn’t matter if they have Robusta beans if you like the flavour, also robusta has more caffeine.


The pre ground stuff, I have a bean to cup machine so only buy beans. Thanks anyway

Note d'Espresso Espresso Coffee Beans 1000g x 2 pack £9.80 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
416° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Wouldnt say its the best ive had but perfectly fine for me and OH, we have a bean to cup machine and even with the cheaper beans still makes a great cuppa. 100% natural coffee, … Read more

Same and also very happy. And I am very picky about espresso. Genuinely impressed. Had a gaggia before and much to my surprise the eletta is so much better.


Fab price. Bought them last week full price but very disappointed. Very bland in my view.


Expired now, thxs for the heat. First deal ive posted in years. Glad it helped some people out.


I spent literally weeks deciding which one to update to from my Delonghi ESAM2800SB.Looked at Sage and all the rest.Even looked to see which ones supermarket cafes and street cafes were using. As I'm lazy I went for one which makes my coffee and can set it away when I wake up from a phone app and also makes chocolate at whatever your choice of thickness at the touch of the "chocolate" button as well as having it timed to switch on just before i get in from work.Auto froths milk depending on if you want a thick froth for cappuccinos or a medium froth for flat whites etc.6 people can have each of the individual drinks set to their own preferences too for all of the coffees it does. Debenhams were selling it for around £1795 and it was around £1185 at John Lewis who I tried unsuccessfully to get more money off. Was just about to buy it from John Lewis when Costco had it for £799 delivered so I bought it from there. Poundland and B&M sell paper cups with lids so you can take your favourite coffee to work with you.Just rinse and reuse. Now I can have a Doppios, Dopio+ , cappuccinos, flat whites, Long , chocolate, hot milk, latte macchiato, cappuccino mix, Americano, coffee latte, TEA! , expresso macchiato, hot water, steam , cold milk foam and you can program in your own recipes , amounts of foam and coffee to whatever temperature you want. Was thinking I was crazy for spending £799 on a coffee machine but it's one of the best purchases I have made If your budget stretched to. £799 I thoroughly recommend it when it's back on offer if it isn't at the moment at Costco


Ordered last night on s&s and arrived just before lunchtime today. Haven’t tried them out yet though!

Kimbo extra creme coffee beans 1KG - Sold by Alpha Caffe and Fulfilled by Amazon (+£4.49 non-prime)
157° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Kimbo extra creme coffee beans cheapest I've seen anywhere in the past 4 months. Previous next cheapest was to buy it in 6 pack for £15 / kilo. Kimbo is the smoothest fullest flavo… Read more

This is expensive for warehouse shelf coffee. You can a kilo of freshly roasted Arabica for the same or not much more.


Update on that booker stuff, not good at all asda beans were tastier, these are quite acidic


Whatever, irritate, offend. You can call me what you want, I really don't mind. Whichever it may be, in the end I'm drinking way better coffee.


I hope you do to as op on this the main reason for posting was it rarely goes below £15 and usually needs to be bought in multiples. It really is my favourite coffee. Full flavoured, fish and smooth. I can't describe it in caramel, with a hint of crushed velvet and raspberry overtones but it is lovely. Let me know what you think (gulp) good or bad. :D


Ok thanks. I am giving a go as well. Delivery tomorrow. Hope we enjoy it. Take care! :D

Morrisons Italian Coffee Beans 227g - £1.25 online and instore
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
I bought a bean to cup machine last year and it is wonderful but it has made me into a coffee snob as I don’t like instant anymore. Morrisons currently have their Italian beans hal… Read more
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Can I ask those of you recommending Aldi coffee, is this the "Colombian Roast & Ground Coffee" as seen on their website at £1.99/100g? If so how much is the 1kg pack instore?


Found another great coffee


If you've gone to the expense of a Sage then there's no reason not to put the freshest beans in it. The roasters you mentioned, roast to order. Supermarket beans have been in a warehouse for months.


Had my dancing goat beans and the 3x 500g trial pack is good. I've had a re-appraisal of my attitude to coffee and will change practice. I've usually gone for beans like the Aldi ones for economy. There is however a noticeable difference between these and better ones sourced from places like dancing goat /rave which I enjoy more. I've decided cheap beans such as Aldi are ok as back-up but are a false economy. Buying the better beans will cost me something like £300ish more per year. I don't drink or smoke - I can tell the difference in bean quality and can easily justify this extra cost. My Sage machine won't fit in the coffin and wouldn't be much use if it did :)


Cheers will try these, a bit waryas the last "posh beans"I bought were disgusting.....

200g Costa Coffee Mocha Italia Signature Blend Coffee Beans - £2 down from £3.70 @ Asda
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Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
200g Costa Coffee Mocha Italia Signature Blend Coffee Beans - £2 down from £3.70 @ Asda
Decent beans at a good price in store and online We've been serving our legendary signature blend since '71. It took 112 different blends to get it just right, but Boy was it … Read more

Added in description


Yes, not much help, without the weight in the description?


It took 112 different blends to get it just right, but Boy was it worth it. It wasn't really. This has to be the worst blend they have come up with. I have a feeling it consists of the sweepings off the blending room floor.


200g so works out at £10 a kilo

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans, 1kg - £9.59 + free delivery @ Amazon / Dispatched from and Sold by Wiser Buyer
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Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans, 1kg - £9.59 + free delivery @ Amazon / Dispatched from and Sold by Wiser Buyer
A unique blend of Robusta and Arabica beans featuring an aromatic, smooth, well-rounded flavour. A versatile coffee, great with or without milk. Suitable for all coffee makers … Read more

Never been keen on Lavazza Qualita Rossa , even prefer the Solimo ones over these. Probably to do with the Robusta beans.



Thanks for posting OP. Great deal (y)


Found these not the best tbh. After a few cups you get used to it enough to finish the bag but I wouldn't buy again. Thet are an amazon own brand as is happy belly I think- some of the happy belly are quite nice


San Francisco organic. Similar price delivered if you are a Costco member. A bit cheaper in store

Lavazza Crema e Aroma Coffee Beans Espresso, 1 Kg - £9.99 (Prime) £14.48 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
1230° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Lavazza Crema e Aroma Coffee Beans Espresso, 1 Kg - £9.99 (Prime) £14.48 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Lavazza Crema e Aroma Coffee Beans Espresso, 1 Kg Select seller Amazon for £10 price
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They’re called Monsoon Coffee Estates - link here:


Who's the roaster? I'll check them out since I'm not far from there


respect your de respect your determination!


When I posted my comment on here, someone kindly told me about a free online Sage course that afternoon, we've done it and there's a slight improvement, we'll stick with it!


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it and will make a note of your comments.

Amazon Brand Solimo Coffee Beans 2 kg (2 x 1 kg) £10.49 Amazon Prime / £14.98 Non Prime
271° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Amazon Brand Solimo Coffee Beans 2 kg (2 x 1 kg) £10.49 Amazon Prime / £14.98 Non Prime
Tried a few different brands of coffee over the years, for £5.25 per 1KG it's one of the best priced I have ever found, tastes very smooth and overall for the money very enjoyable.

These are cheap for a reason. You cannot argue with the value, amazing you can get so much arabica for £10.49! If you like to indulge in your coffee then these are probably not for you.


Can anyone recommend anything what would taste like Nespresso arpeggio ? Recently moved away from nespressso to bean to cup and as much as I do enjoy it a lot I am missing taste of apreggio. Thanks


This is a brilliant thread loads of options here! However, can anyone suggest a good grounded coffee deals? ;)


I bought these a few months ago, must admit in terms of quantity its a decent deal but in terms of quality they are not worth the money. If you like a stale muddy tasting coffee, batter in.


The same principle you make ground black pepper from whole peppercorns :) Whiz them up in a spice/coffee grinder and you have freshly ground coffee. In the same way that pot of cumin or turmeric that's in the back of your cupboard tastes of nothing, ground coffee loses its flavour/aroma fairly quickly.

Free Kenyan Coffee Beans
505° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Free Kenyan Coffee Beans
FREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
Coffee and Spice is giving away FREE 20g bags of coffee beans! Just fill out their form to claim. Please note that these are coffee beans so you will need a grinder to be able to u… Read more

Cancelled... Too many people


Ordered 50no. to make it a 1kg free (y)


20g is 1 shot of coffee (lol) (y)


Killed me!!! (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


"Due to phenomenal demand, we're having to limit requests for samples at the moment. Check back later to register when we're opening requests again." 20g is far too generous.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans, 1kg - £11.89 prime / £16.38 non prime (poss £7.77 with first S&S Order) with Prime at Amazon
146° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans, 1kg - £11.89 prime / £16.38 non prime (poss £7.77 with first S&S Order) with Prime at Amazon
Just ordered this £11 standard price 25% off first S&S voucher tickbox was showing for me 5% standard S&S discount Brings price to £7.70 which seems pretty good to me Dr… Read more

£9.59 today. Not often that you see it sub £10


You need 5 s&s orders to get the 15% off. It's 10.45 without


The original price of these beans has crept up from £10 feb/mar to £11.59 now.


If you're lucky enough to have a costco card these go for £9 no vat and when they have a deal on (about twice per year) about £6.75.


No luck

1.2KG Espresso Coffee Beans from Thursday 14th @ Lidl - £7.99
285° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th MayLocalLocal
1.2KG Espresso Coffee Beans from Thursday 14th @ Lidl - £7.99
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item - we should all limit … Read more

Great story


Brilliant. Thanks for the pic. I'll keep an eye out the next time around.


That them. They are a mix, but I think they are good value and taste better then some premium artisan beans I have tried


Havn't seen those - I'll keep an eye out for them next time around.


Thank you.

Plain Chocolate Coffee Beans - 500g £6.64 delivered via Amazon, from Wholesale Sweets UK
234° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Plain Chocolate Coffee Beans - 500g £6.64 delivered via Amazon, from Wholesale Sweets UK
£6.64 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Please shop responsibly. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please consider others and don’t stockpile - … Read more

Arrived today... These are gorgeous! More like chocolate covered nuts, not as bitty as I thought they would be.


They should. But not if you eat them as often as I do (lol)


Looks like it, blimey, that's a lot! Do these create a caffeine buzz?


Is that these: I bought some for the missus as she wanted some, but really I bought them for myself and gave them as a gift (y)


Or 3kg for £20!

Illy Classic Roast Coffee Beans, Medium Roast, 250 g - £5 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
-47° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Illy Classic Roast Coffee Beans, Medium Roast, 250 g - £5 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
£5£6.9928%Amazon Deals
Please shop responsibly. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please consider others and don’t stockpile - we all… Read more

No my mouse isn't behaving properly. You'd have thought a cat would be able to sort it but what can I say? I use it a lot to do work. When you're older you might experience it, although that's debatable given the current dialogue.


Did you stutter or is that another mistake ? (embarrassed) No steam not a train just having a look at what rubbish old pussy cat can write amazing I think you should start a YouTube channel old pussy cat videos is a good name. However like I've said before no one cares haha


That's good. That means you're blowing steam for no reason whatsoever. Good effort. (highfive)


That's good. That means you're blowing steam for no reason whatsoever. Good effort. (highfive)


Nobody cares what a old pussy cat thinks ;) XD

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