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Free Official Practice DVSA Driving Theory Test & 20% off all DVSA material with code
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
If you’re learning to drive, or an experienced driver and want to test your knowledge, you can take a free mock driving theory test online via the DVSA. There are four separate te… Read more

4 leafed clover is all I'm saying.


"even if you happen to be driving a superior vehicle." Ha ha ha ha hahaha ha ha hahaaaaaaa - that explains your user name (lol)


That's a relief (y) The number of young uns on R plates I see where I live that don't signal is crazy regardless of conditions, an ad' campaign is required I think (shock)


So if they can’t guarantee to of seen every road user or if visibility is poor, then they will be taught to signal. They would only get away with not signalling if they were somewhere where one isn’t required. So to answer your original question, yes they are taught to signal moving off if one is required, and if in doubt they would be taught to signal. But often they forget to.


Seeing as you can't guarantee you've seen every other road user, especially when visibility is poor, if you're involved in some form of RTA and had not signalled your intentions you run the risk of falling foul of the law. I'd recommend to anyone being taught that it's acceptable to not signal your intentions to think carefully :o

30 Minute Taster Driving Lesson with Young Driver for £33.95 @ groupon
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Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
30 Minute Taster Driving Lesson with Young Driver for £33.95 @ groupon
£33.95£36.998%Groupon Deals
Great price for kids aged 10 or above. They can start driving with a 30 minute lesson held at one of the controlled sites at various locations nationwide. 60 minutes available for … Read more

The above scenario involving kids brought up with no discipline is exactly what the controlled Young Driver experience is designed to prevent. They teach respect and responsibility for driving, and the boundaries that must be learned to become responsible drivers/citizens. Shame your nephew never benefitted from responsible parenting...


My grandchildren have done this from the age of 10 and loved it (a great option for relatives to give when no-one knows what to buy for Christmas/birthdays). They learn discipline, control, gain confidence in themselves and their ability to learn a "grown up" skill, and are very well supervised. Better spending on a real life experience that teaches future skills than the hundreds spent on the virtual world of computer games! PS those HUKDers who make unjustified comparisons with prices don't understand the difference between a "normal" driving lesson and teaching a youngster of this age - the insurance being the biggest... HEAT from me (highfive)!


no difference between a kid driving a corsa around a car park with an instructor than an adult racing round a race track, some if them don’t even get to drive! it’s experience for kids or adults. The world is different not many ten to 16 year olds want to be on a bouncy castle and parents do lots of things with their kids more than ever before.


Lol. Ten year olds flying planes, racing cars and jumping out of plains? It's the entire concept of ten year olds learning to drive that makes no sense. Adults having experience days is fine. But a ten year old on a bouncy castle is about right.


Thought it was older drivers that caused more accidents

Take Free Official Practice Driving Theory Tests
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Posted 18th Dec 2018Posted 18th Dec 2018
Take Free Official Practice Driving Theory Tests
Take official practice driving theory tests - for free Here you can take official practice theory tests from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), free of charge. Practic… Read more
Avatardeleted2103525Get deal*Get deal*

I got 40/50. 43 is the pass mark. I better brush up!


Search driving test success on the app store. Should be £4.99. You can do mock tests of the multiple choice, highway code and practice hazard perception on it.


You go online for https://theorytestpro.co.uk Don’t think there’s an app for it


Please mention the app I need good one Thanks


Which app please mention the link for iPhone many thanks

Free AA motorway lesson
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Posted 5th Apr 2016Posted 5th Apr 2016
Free AA motorway lesson
Free AA motorway lesson with AA Do you find driving on a motorway daunting? Refresh your motorway driving skills and boost your confidence with a free 'Drive Motorway' course, ava… Read more
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No, nothing yet.


Nope, I haven't. Has anyone else? Makes me wonder whether it's a ploy to get people's details.


Has anyone heard back about this yet?


Useful, thanks.



2 hours free AA motorway lesson
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Posted 15th Oct 2015Posted 15th Oct 2015
2 hours free AA motorway lesson
2 hours of free qualified driver lesson for motorway driving with an AA Driving Instructor. Funded by the AA charitable trust for improving motorway driving.
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All this huffing and puffing. Truth is, we've got it great here but take bad driving too personally. Everyone needs to go to Asia and realise that it's not so bad here and just get on with it. On a side note, I recently came across some YouTube footage of dash cam drivers who deliberately went looking for trouble on the roads, but making out to look like they were in the right. These are the worst people out there


I think motorway speed limit should be 50 m/h its dangerous .I drive sometimes by 80 and I see my friend who sit beside me he was scared


I Have been driving for year but have never driven on a motorwayonly as a passenger but you are all scaring the life out of me so don't think I'll bother now. Thanks


thanks OP, filled online form, got a call from them within 12 hours and booked for driving lesson


booked online form and awaiting reply

4hrs of Driving Lessons for £19.00 @ Wowcher / adi-network.co.uk
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Posted 26th May 2015Posted 26th May 2015
4hrs of Driving Lessons for £19.00 @ Wowcher / adi-network.co.uk
£19 for 4 hours (instead of £106) of beginner driving lessons in a wide range of UK locations, £24 to include an online theory tool with ADI Network. Voucher valid until 27th Nov … Read more


Thanks for posting ..hot


Ours expired before the found an available instructor. Waste of money


Most instructors will give a big discount on the first few lessons, as you're unlikely to use much fuel-you just have to call and ask. Source: my OH is a driving instructor


heat for he pic if nothing else haha

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Smart Driving Theory and Hazard Perception App @ Google Play
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Posted 28th Feb 2015Posted 28th Feb 2015
Smart Driving Theory and Hazard Perception App @ Google Play
Having seen the phenomanol interest my earlier post (Acclaim driving app) has recieved on the Hukd FB page I thought I may as well make a seperate post for this fantastic app made … Read more

For those that want an alternative to an app or even to use alongside the apps I found this to be rather good https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/free-2015-mock-theory-test-2154346


Ios here >>> http://www.freedrivingtheoryapp.co.uk/index.php




But.. then on a separate attempt received a phenomenal result ;)


Ha I know but cannot edit on phone :) full marks for observation ..you should do well on the hazard perception test :p

4hrs of Driving Lessons for £19 @ Wowcher
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Posted 23rd Jul 2014Posted 23rd Jul 2014
4hrs of Driving Lessons for £19 @ Wowcher
£19 instead of up to £120 for 4 hours of beginner driving lessons. Valid in multiple locations in UK.

Maybe its because the deal was for 7 months ago and has well expired :p


I think this May be a scam, I bought it for my daughter she put automatic instead of manual. I have tried contacting them by phone and there offices are always closed. The voucher code won't go in to send them an email. It's so annoying.


Anyone redeemed this yet? I just requested mine. How were the lessons, any advice? :)


Can this be used by guys? (or is this a female only voucher) Note: Not sexist...there are some driving agency that only take on female drivers (and/or there ads (ie on car) are quite feminine)


No offence dude but don't make comments like that until you've done the job for a while and experienced the thrill of a pupil accidently applying the hand brake at 60mph whilst attempting to get 5th gear, or maybe hiting the footbrake instead of the clutch at similar speeds when the muppet behind thinks an L plate means you can tail gate them to make them go faster.

One hour driving lesson for £3 plus possible 4% Quidco @ Ask driving through living social
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Posted 24th Apr 2014Posted 24th Apr 2014
One hour driving lesson for £3 plus possible 4% Quidco @ Ask driving through living social
Just booked this for my son as the petrol for an hour would cost more than £3. It's £4 but use the code EXTRA10 and it takes it to £3. Lots of area's covered but check the website … Read more

Great Deal!


Sorry don't get me wrong I never wished for things to turn out badly but in this day and age you generally get what you paid for. Like I said in a previous post I was a fully qualified driving instructor for 25 years and adored teaching and one of the reasons I packed it in was because of the new people coming into the profession just interested in the money. Then charging rediciously low rates because they were generally no good at the job and had to undercut the devoted professionals in order to get work.


No actually was very good, he took him for an hour and 20 minutes and they did driving, reversing round corners, parking and clutch control on a hill. He evaluated his driving and gave him a written appraisal of how many lessons he should need to pass and a discounted price should he wish to take the offer up so all in all great value for £3 - sorry to disappoint :p


Well how did the lesson go? You paid peanuts so did you get a monkey like I expected?


Well I will let you know as my son's is booked for Saturday morning, I would have thought they would go all out to impress you to get you to go again with them not bore you - copied and pasted from website " As a learner with ASK Driving School you will benefit from: DSA fully qualified approved driving instructors, guaranteed driving on your first lesson, dual controlled vehicles kept in excellent condition, collection from home school or work, full hour lessons."

30% student discount on BSM driving lessons
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Posted 24th Mar 2014Posted 24th Mar 2014
30% student discount on BSM driving lessons
BSM are offering 30% off driving lessons for students. It does look like you have to buy a specific student advantage card but having had a look it seems that students count as si… Read more

I past my test with BSM in 2003 and I was paying £20-50 an hr but it worked out better if you bought bulk. Worked out I psid £19-50 an hr. Past 1st time with them would highly recommend


How much are bsm these days, remember paying 13.50 for bulk bookings back in the day and that was steep :)


Does this include pass plus/ refresher courses?


Plus BSM are ridiculously expensive to begin with!!


Students get up to 30% discount* off standard BSM prices when taking lessons with a trainee instructor! Not saying anything about the trainee, they might be great. But that is the reason for the discount.

4hrs of Driving Lessons & Theory 19 @ wowcher
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Posted 22nd Feb 2014Posted 22nd Feb 2014
4hrs of Driving Lessons & Theory 19 @ wowcher
Might help few
Get deal*Get deal*

Bought a voucher for cheap driving lessons and did not read the previous review. This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. As stated below you can't get in touch with mike Simpson and his staff are poor at communicating also. Finally got an instructor after 4 weeks of trying and we arranged to meet for my first lesson. And guess what..... No instructor showed up! Do not use and stay well clear of an offer that is too good to be true! Getting a refund was even harder and I still don't have it!


Uuh guys, this wowcher driving lesson thing is a con. Talking from experience.


Further to this, all i can say is PLEASE just use local, independent instructors and find them by talking to people and taking reccomendations..these "DEALS" are not DEALS at all, theyre a way to draw you in, but you end up paying much more, financially and time wise


I cant cnfirm this is the case with this deal as i havent read the small print, but normally it works like this: you pay £19 for 4 hours your first lesson (1 hour) is included in this price 3 hours of your "deal" is then reserved for your test therefore, after the first hour you immediately start paying an inflated price when you finally do your driving test, the remaining 3 hours from the "deal" are then used then they tell you theres an additional "test fee" to use their car....


Unfortunately, they are actually underpriced. If lesson prices increased along with inflation they would be about £60/hr. It is believed that lessons cost us instructors approx £10/hr to complete, when taking into account supplies, yearly repair costs, fuel, memberships, licences etc etc....so ultimately I personally earn £11 per hour, which really isnt an amazing wage...not to mention the thousands of pounds it actually costs to become a driving instructor in the first place.........

Free driving standard agency(DSA) mock theory tests.
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Posted 19th Oct 2013Posted 19th Oct 2013
Free driving standard agency(DSA) mock theory tests.
Worth attending mocks theory tests, before appearing for DSA tests. Good Luck for aspiring drivers... Be safe and save others on road. :)
Get deal*Get deal*

Good stuff thanks op :)


The AA website had some tests, also it's worth checking your library to see if they have any of the books or DVDs to try at home. If you think of the imaginary car you're driving as a potential killing machine (which a real car is), Hazard Perception is basically looking for any idiot about to do something stupid which would make you react. I passed 1st time and I suggest get either a DVD/PC 'game', free app and/or try online tests and try, try, try again whenever you have the chance! Good luck


I did the test twice because I failed the first time by 1 mark in the question section. I then did 1-13 question sets on this website twice and then used the DVD for 2 hours to get some practice done each day for 3 days. I also did the mock theory question on my phone with the DSA app. Its worth the money and is very good. Some questions and even the images I found on the real test were on the app. Also make sure that you know all the signs. http://www.theorytestadvice.co.uk/highway-code/signs.php Here is where you can test the road signs. http://www.driving-school-beckenham.co.uk/mocktheory5.html Good luck. :)


Good luck for your next schedule... Congrats if you cleared it... Happy driving mate! :)


Glad it is and helpful for you... :)

Driving Test Deluxe 2013 Edition (PC) plus free driving lesson from LDC (Learner Driving Centres) @ Amazon
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Posted 3rd Aug 2013Posted 3rd Aug 2013
Driving Test Deluxe 2013 Edition (PC) plus free driving lesson from LDC (Learner Driving Centres) @ Amazon
Note ... delivery from Amazon is 2-3 weeks at the moment... main link takes you to another vendor at a dearer price. If you don't mind waiting a couple of weeks for the Amazon deal… Read more

back to £4.99 here @ Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00A4DG5C0/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE


As some one who just passed my practical driving test last week, I can say the LDC videos on youtube are GOLD. Very informative and give you some excellent tips. Theory test is pretty easy, passed first time. Practical test is kind of luck. Manage to pass on the third try. First time I had an impatient driver behind me, he tried to overtake me on a roundabout causing him to harshly brake as I indicated to exit the roundabout. Second time I made a silly mistake. Third time I clipped a kerb, thought I failed and then he said i PASSED! I literally could not believe it. Good luck to all you potential new drivers and drive safe.


Wish I'd seen this sooner, back up to £15.31 now :(


This is a great disc for learning your theory, but before taking up the free lesson, check out if other local instructors have better deals available. LDC themselves offer new pupils 5 hours for £60 (https://www.learnerdriving.com/offers/5for60) but if you take this free lesson (which is only 1 hour) you will not be eligible for the 5 for £60, meaning 5 hours could then cost you about £80-£100 depending on your instructors regular hourly rate.


Heat added, although bought it through currys and able to pick up tomorrow.. :)

10 hours of lessons including 1st driving test £89 south yorkshire areas @ Groupon
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Posted 26th Jun 2013Posted 26th Jun 2013
10 hours of lessons including 1st driving test £89 south yorkshire areas @ Groupon
10 hours driving lessons with first practical driving test included. Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield areas. reduced from £314 to £89 ends 27th june Shared Via The HUKD App For And… Read more

Hot, could do with this on West Yorkshire just agreed to buy my son his first 10


seems too good to be true and yet only 17 people have snapped this up. thanks for adding cash back info not something I've ever set up, might have to sign up :-)


Don't forget Cashback Quidco 4% Getpoundsback 8.8% Topcashback 5.05 (5.25 Cashback Plus)


brilliant if lived in south Yorkshire but heat added :)

Driving lesson for 3hrs from £19.00  @ Barclaycard Bespoke Offers
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Posted 7th Jun 2013Posted 7th Jun 2013
Driving lesson for 3hrs from £19.00 @ Barclaycard Bespoke Offers
Available in most of the places in UK.

Unless I'm missing something?? You can't tell whose going be teaching you? You buy the lesson(s) and they pass the booking on to a local school... I'd wanted to know who I was going with before paying, there are some totally hopeless schools around here...


company is Independent Instructors Network Ltd. they are in many places in UK see the link Your text here


Here's the link, register and get the details! https://www.bespokeoffers.co.uk/consumer/offers/3hr-driving-lessons-edinburgh-bespoke-price-19





Five hours of driving lessons £29 @ bespokeoffers
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Posted 3rd Jun 2013Posted 3rd Jun 2013
Five hours of driving lessons £29 @ bespokeoffers
Found this deal while looking for something. I thought it is quite good deal less than £6/hr.

My husband is a successful grade 5 driving instructor who gets lots of referrals from pupils and has a good pass rate.He also charges a fair price for lessons and does deals like this now and again.He has been instructing for twenty five years.He always gives a quality first beginner lesson even on a deal with the learner ACTUALLY DRIVING, [if they are not too nervous] with gear and clutch control,how to steer etc and people love it.He always hopes that people who buy these deals are not just trying to get cheap lessons and will carry on with him and have more lessons[not at inflated prices].All the money he gets on these cheap lessons just pays for the petrol only.Unfortunately only some stay with us .We are always pleased when this happens as lots are fickle and just go from instructor to instructor never learning much in the long run as not all instructors give a quality lesson.It is a skill for life after all.Out of a deal where 70 people came with us,about 20 stayed for more lessons.So there you are.Judge for yourselves.


This might be what's known as a loss leader.


cold - local and regional deal sux


Less than minimum wage = low expectations


I found my instructor through a groupon offer & he is fab!

3hrs Driving Lessons & Theory Practice £19 OR £29 for 5hrs inc. test prep - save up to 72% @ wowcher (independent instructors network)
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Posted 10th May 2013Posted 10th May 2013
3hrs Driving Lessons & Theory Practice £19 OR £29 for 5hrs inc. test prep - save up to 72% @ wowcher (independent instructors network)
If you know someone who's taking their first foray into the world of driving, then today's deal might well make their day. With today's deal you'll get three or five hours of begin… Read more

That's a very good deal! Tnx op


Direct Link: http://www.wowcher.co.uk/deals/london/deal-46297-detail/19-instead-69-independent-instructors-network/deal.html

3 Hour Driving Lessons for £19 or 5 Hours for £29 with Independent Instructors Network @ livingsocial
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Posted 16th Apr 2013Posted 16th Apr 2013
3 Hour Driving Lessons for £19 or 5 Hours for £29 with Independent Instructors Network @ livingsocial
Get into gear with the Independent Instructors Network. http://www.instructorsnetwork.co.uk/ For £19 (a £69 value), receive three hours of driving lessons. Or for £29 (a £115 valu… Read more

You can get 3 hrs driving lesson in a superstore car park out of hours for free


Hmm... The instructors network site seems a bit useless, it doesn't tell you where the ADI drivers are actually located.

FREE 2 hour driving refresher course @ AA
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Posted 14th Apr 2013Posted 14th Apr 2013
FREE 2 hour driving refresher course @ AA
If you are a crap driver you may be eligible for a free 2 hour driving refresher course with the AA. From the site "How Drive Confident works The AA Charitable Trust for Road Sa… Read more

I am not surprised to see some people feeling they need refresher or confidence building driving lessons. Once you passed your driving test it is just the start, and while many people are ok, it is wise to see a driving instructor for a littl further guidance. Perhaps use your own car as well. http://drivinglessons.guru/


Now in my 70's and having driven for 50 plus years I thought I would see if I needed any revision. I took up the two separate hours offer and would recommend this to all.Not only was I reassured that my basic driving skills had kept up, I was encouraged and informed on how I could improve. This was mainly on observation skills, use of mirrors and maintaining the right speed for the road conditions, something I had neglected over time. This is an excellent AA initiative and should be encouraged.


Had mine today and have to say it was excellent, no catches whatsoever and the instructor was lovely :)


does it have a section for dont use you bloody phone when driving you muptard why are you in the middle lane of the motorway when the inside lane is clear indicators are not optional. use them other drivers are not pyschic why are driving so close you plank im not towing you any reason why you are driving 20 in a 60. next time walk it might be quicker. if not at least itll be quicker for the other 1000 people you are holding up one for audi bmw and 4x4 drivers - saying thank to people who give way should receive a thank you...this is plain good manners and is free 4x4 chelsea tractor drivers-please return these monsters-they are for off road driving not to drive little jonny 100 metres to school. we know you cant drive so dont get a 4x4 as thats akin to giving a loaded gun to a 2 year old


Cheers OP! That's the wife's birthday present sorted!

2 Hours Driving Lessons with DSBS for only £6
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Posted 2nd Apr 2013Posted 2nd Apr 2013
2 Hours Driving Lessons with DSBS for only £6
You can book two driving lessons, complete with theory test training for just £6 with the DSBS courtesy of kgb deals. To book your two, one hour driving lessons, simply visit the … Read more

DSBS is totally RUBBISH! I tried to call 0844 4430 756 many times to redeem the voucher however it never went through nor allowed me to wait on the line. I left several messages and finally received a text asking me to email them. I emailed but got a response "We no longer cover East London due to the death of our instructor there Sorry John Perrins Driving Schools Booking Services 0871-900-6651" . It sounds like a ridiculous excuse to me as their website clearly states that driving instructors are available in lots of East London areas at present. It's very unlikely that they have only one instructor for such a big area. I called 08000805410 08000805705 03335660380 01743342267 many times, finally John answered the phone (guess it was the same person who replied my email). He asked if it was to redeem a voucher, when I said yes he told me the death of the instructor again, I said as I was about moving to the North and would not mind using an instructor there, he said the address on my driving license needed to match the address the instructor picks me up, otherwise they would not know if I was the same person on the driving license. That's a ridiculous excuse again! When I pointed out they could check the picture on the driving license he simply hung up the phone! I do not think this was acceptable - if DSBS is not prepared to redeem the voucher, they should not sell it on Amazon Local website in the first place! They are very rude too. Waste of time!


I've bought the voucher last night, after checking their website - it says they have instructors in my area. Called DSBS today to book the lessons and they say the website have not been updated in 5 years and they no longer have instructors here. Bit rubbish - call them first and check before buying.


sorry I mean two months ago.


order ed in Aberdeen still waiting for instructors



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