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5L Mannol Ford 5w30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil SL/CF ACEA A5/B5 WSS-M2C913-D £14.44 at ebay / lubriagecarpartsaccessories
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Just purchased this oil so thought i would share as cheapest 5L Oil i could find. PAYDAY Flash Sale - Limited Time Only MANNOL 7707 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN Corresponds with require… Read more

Bought some, it comes in an old school metal tin !


I was looking for oil the other day, this doesn't say it actually supports the Ford spec it's just compatible with it? I bet carparts4less will have a bank holiday money off deal? I've got oil for this sort of price from them a few times.


Not a bad price.... 2 years ago it woz costing me in oil than it damn petrol ⛽ everytime me used da car.... I could see trail vapes along da road deffo when it woz wet... Rainbow 🌈 lines wherever me driven (lol) Advice to anybody never buy a Peugeot 308 more than 7 years old with high mileage... You'll regret it ;)


Made in Russia .


Just a heads up. I've used Mannol oil in my Chrysler Crossfire (same engine as Mercedes SLK320) for the last 12 years and have never experienced any issues. Engine runs sweet as a nut. This oil meets all the required specifications as recommended by the major vehicle brands (Ford, Mercedes, VW etc.). Oil is often something that people have a very vocal preference on, despite most of us often selecting a brand that we are familiar with - without any way of checking or having personal experience of how much better one oil is compared to another. I've used this brand for 12 years with the same vehicle and can only speak from my personal experience. I'm happy that my car runs great and I've saved approx. £800 over this time (compared to the cost of Castrol, Mobil etc.).

24 Mth Lease - Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid MHEV 155 ST-Line X 5dr = 5k miles p/a - £584 initial + £195pm = £5059 @ Whatcar (Sandicliffe)
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
2 year lease deal for Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid MHEV 155 ST-Line X Edition 5dr trim - works out at £210.79 net per month with 5k miles per year on a 3+23 deal (… Read more

Excellent thanks


This was back in 2017/18 it was different then mate. We got the issue on BBC one at the time and they did damage control. By this point it was too late for me and many others. Search the hashtag #ecoboom across social media.


Yep exactly the same mate, it progressively gets worse and you feel like the engine is going to jump out of the engine bay


Ford clearly state here about goodwill, you had to press head office.


2 cylinders are supposedly full compression but first one is not, the car shakes heavily at idle and I can feel it through seat and steering column but at 1500 revs it stops and I can drive the car albeit with slight loss of power. At idle car sounds like pap pap pap pap the car turbo still kicks in at 2500 and ride gets smoother. I had no smoke out the back end in a cold start, no coolant leak, no oil leak, no lights on the dash (car is not keyless start). This sound similar?

24 Mth Lease (1+23) - Ford Puma Hatchback 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid mHEV ST-Line X - 8k miles p/a - £216.91pm = £5205.84 @ (Vanarama)
500° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
2 year lease deal for Ford Puma Hatchback 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid mHEV ST-Line X 5dr trim - £216.91 net per month with 8k miles per year on a 1+23 d… Read more

Probably worth adding a ;) in future so people actually realise you’re joking. (y)


Wow that confirms it, the puma does look better


Think you need to scroll up to ✊💦


I could buy a bag of pork scratchings and have money left over for a 15 year old banger


Do you not understand a brand new car is different from a 3rd hand banger?? If you don’t understand leasing don’t comment!

24 month lease (1+23) - Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid mHEV 125 ST-Line X Edition 5dr 8k Miles (£223.95 p/m) - Total £5,374.80 @ Vanarama
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Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
Initial Rental - £223.95 23 Payments of - £223.95 No Admin Fee Seems a great deal for ST-Line X Spec which comes very well equipped. Few colours are available at this price. Key … Read more

If i find some i will try to post.


So, do you know if any pcp offers appears at ukhotdeals? Is that even worth?


No leasing means you hire it for the time,then it goes back.If you want to buy it you need a pcp,which gives the option to buy it at the end,or get another.I am lucky to buy most of my cars,but if you want no hassle and drive a nice car every few years leasing is great


I'm not from UK and I don't get this whole leasing system in here. What after 24 months in this case. Can I buy this car or smth like that?


£224 a month for a fiesta!? Damn, cars are bad value at the moment.

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Thule Roof Bike Carrier Expert 298 (same as ProRide 598) - £78.46 delivered @ Ford
247° Expired
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
From what I can see, these are identical to the Thule Proride 598 but a little over £20 cheaper. They have just come back into stock, so not sure how many they have left but I … Read more

No point registering these with other Thule for extended warranty then


Hot for the proride


Now £80.80 but still a bargain! Ordered thx!!


Ordered TY


Been checking this morning, afternoon and evening and suddenly they appeared back in stock, order two thanks OP. 👏

Redex Fully Synthetic 5W-30 Oil Ford 2L £4 instore @ Tesco Chester
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Posted 8th MarPosted 8th MarLocalLocal
Redex Fully Synthetic 5W-30 Oil Ford 2L £4 instore @ Tesco Chester£4Tesco Deals
Important. During this period of heightened restrictions, it’s important we all shop responsibly, minimise our trips out and continue to help slow the spread of Covid-19. You ca… Read more
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Most garages nowadays suck the old oil out through the dipstick and never go under the car


Steal at this price.


Yes but oil changes in the US are silly cheap. You can get a Walmart brand filter and 4 quarts of basic oil (3.8l) for $20+tax. So even with our expensive VAT that's only just over £17. 12month, 12k full synthetic is only £43 ($50+tax). I'm sure if your local Asda started a drive in drive out oil swap place for £17 there would be massive queues.


Yeah, and just a quick check to see if there's anymore work that needs/they can do to it too. If you get one of those vacuum pumps (can't recommend a good one I've had a couple they've been ok ish) can make changing a doddle if your filters accessible from the top too.


I’ve always wanted to change my own oil but then the hassle of trying to get underneath the car and the disposing the oil was too much trouble than I thought it was worth. However, it seems like when they do an interim service all they do is change oil and filters and charge £100+