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complete prescription glasses at goggles4u from £8.08 delivered with 55% off *everything* on the site using code
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
goggles4u are offering 55% off *everything* on their website using code 55SPECS which means that their cheapest frames with no frills prescription lenses and delivery come in at … Read more

Lucky you. Both my pairs were damaged, gave me account credit which disappeared a few months later. Crooks.


They kept making a mess of my computer glasses prescription even though I phoned and explained what I wanted Having replaced them they then used an arbitrary PD and not the one in my prescription I eventually just got a refund


Its £4.95 standard delivery, with an extra £2 per item. Which quickly adds up if you have a few glasses in your basket :/


£4.95 standard shipping for me. Annoying (but still paid it.) (:I


£10.95 Standard Shipping. What they doing, delivering them on a golden unicorn?

CALVIN KLEIN CK19571 Prescription Glasses £77 at Specky Four Eyes
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Just found this great deal

Heads up, I've use these a few time, First order never sent me the extra case I paid for, when I messaged them I was offered to pick any other case. So I ordered a second pair of glasses a few months later, made them aware of their previous offer to replace case but it was totally engorged. Also when I placed the second order I notice the frame colour had changed from the colour I wanted, instantly messaged them to correct the order but again the chose to ignore.


They look nice


'inc. FREE Single Vision Lenses' ;)


Frames only

VonShef 825ml glass gin decanter & two balloon glasses set for £16.99 delivered @ eBay / Domu
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Nice set from VonShef for those of you who love a good gin and tonic, and who doesn't right? This set contains a 825ml decanter, which can hold a full bottle of the good stuff and … Read more

Ordered yesterday arrived today in a lovely presentation box. Definitely recommend (y)


Great idea cheers


Get a bottle of gin and some botanicals too — infuse that gin in the meantime. A fantastic gift!


Good find ordered to put away for Christmas (y)


ha ha that is true!

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Kraken Set of 6x Highball Glasses £14.99 delivered @ Kraken
484° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
UPDATED: Now OOS UPDATED : Added quicker way to get 300 credits below The Kraken's "League of Darkness" website now has this set of 6 tentacle highball glasses for sale. It say… Read more
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10 days yeah, I reckon the stuff will just show up unless they investigate why they had a massive sudden surge in orders lol


I was jus thinking same Email does state 10 working days...I think


Anyone had any updates on these other than the initial confirmation?


KRAKEN-ILZKF5 Code if needed (y) 🏻



20 Craft Beers + 2 Glasses £29.95 Delivered @ Flavourly (new customers only)
-254° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
In this offer, you’ll receive one of our expertly-curated craft beer boxes - featuring a selection of our Crowdsourced Collaborations + 2 Free Tasting Glasses (worth £9.90) Craft B… Read more
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I do this too but it gets expensive with most cans and bottles costing £4+


(lol) Enjoy your “beer”


Hi Jason, you have permission to do whatever you like with the title. I won’t be posting again as it’s not worth the hassle. Just getting notifications from people bitching and moaning saying they prefer Peroni or can get a beer in Lidl’s. If I could work out how to delete it, I would (lol) **Disclaimer** I am not forcing anyone to buy this product, just notifying of its existence if they fancy it


Decent box to be fair ..although a 2.8% craft beer is in it..... what the heck


Thanks for posting your first deal with the community @jacksinnett Seems the feedback in the thread ties in with the cold voting on this one. We probably should add "first time customers" to the title so that members are aware that the offer isn't for everyone and hopefully that'll save any disappointment if they get cancelled.

RAY-BAN ROUND METAL SUN GLASSES 3447 001 £76.85 delivered at pretavoir
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Price includes shipping. Cracking deal on an iconic pair of sunnies. All 3 sizes (including the rarer 47mm) all available.

Great find OP! Not sure why you’re getting negative comments, these have been in fashion the last couple of years


John Lennon could carry off round glasses. Not seen anyone they did since.


Not polarised and that's quite weak for that money.




50% off Glasses, Sunglasses or contact lenses @ Vision Express
-56° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Got this through the post, valid until 31st December
Read More

Works in store!


The code is probably for staff to use when you pay at the till.


I usually get this voucher it only works when u take it in store and hand it over and is only for the individual named on it wonder why everyone is saying code DONT work hope this helps x :) :) :)


Ah that's a shame, I had found a pair I wanted there about 2 weeks before Covid! Was hoping the code would work!


I 'can't see ' this deal doing well !!!!

Two pairs of prescription glasses for £14 delivered, from Glasses Direct
892° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
You can get two pairs of glasses for £14 delivered if you use code MSE14MAY on top of two existing Glasses Direct offers, before 11.59pm on Mon 18 May. I've done a few Glasses Di… Read more

dilatedpupils Had my 2nd pair delivered today. Happy with them although they could do with some adjustment on the arms as they keep falling down my face. Wear a full face mask, serves two puposes in one!...LOL When I've been in opticians and I have observed the staff adjusting the glasses arms by applying gentle heat with a type of hair dryer on the arms and gently adjusting them. I have tried this method myself with some sucess, but only bend them a little bit each time, and keep trying them on to check the fit. Be careful because plastic has a snapping/cracking point, metal arms are a little more easier to bend. Look out on Youtube for an instruction video, thats always a good source of information. (y) Another method is to purchase some cheap slip over rubber arm ends which slip onto the end of each arm and hold them more firmly behind the ear this stops them from slipping down, my wife purchased hers off Ebay I believe.


Had my 2nd pair delivered today. Happy with them although they could do with some adjustment on the arms as they keep falling down my face. (nerd) Anyone know how they resolve that issue or is it easy to adjust yourself?


I’d drop them a line - I’ve used them a few times, and they’ve always been proactive in emailing, sending updates etc


My main concern was that I only received the 1 pair (delivery note/invoice in package only mentioned the 1 pair), usually I've always had both pairs come at the same time. Will have to wait it out until next week and hope the 2nd pair arrives.


Thanks OP for the great posting. Received my two pairs this morning. (y) Very pleased with the glasses, they are the AERO frames in grey and at only £7.00 each they look and feel great to wear, one pair for short distance and one pair for long distance I also used the discount code on some more expensive varifocals with all the bells and whistles added, these have still to be dispatched. My wife ordered two pairs at the same time as me but no email on the dispatch yet. :(

Black Wayfare Sunglasses Retro 80's Fashion Polarised Glasses Mens/Ladies, £3.29 delivered at the_mount_shop/ebay
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Decent for the price, hope it helps. Classic 80's Retro Wayfarer Style Sunglasses with UV protection Black Sunglasses With Dark tinted lenses These have sturdy solid frames, … Read more

Hah, over 3 pounds and they're not even real ray bans. Cold!!!! ;)


Like the other guy said, John Lewis sell their own brand wayfarers, as do hundreds of other suppliers, and tons of them are cheap tat - this one included. As far as I know "wayfarer" is trademarked in the US but presumably not here since there are so many other brands that use it. That doesn't make them "fake" though. They aren't claiming to be Ray-Bans and they are Wayfarer style sunglasses. Also, they cost 3 quid... do you really think they're actually trying to convince anyone they're Ray-Bans?


What don't you understand about wayfare is a style of sunglasses. Like aviator is a style


They’re trademarked as far as I know so they can’t do that. Unless JL are selling these too which is doubtful. “Style” wasn’t in the title so the assumption is they’re either legit ray bans or fakes. At that cost and with 0 official markings we gave to believe fake. Though I didn’t look at the eBay listing just this hotukdeals post.


Wayfare is a style of sunglasses. And these are wayfarer style. John Lewis sell wayfarer sunglasses are they'd ake aswell? Sunglasses existed before Ray ban you know

Goggles4U - Prescription Glasses at discounted price with code
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
I have just bought another pair of bifocal prescription glasses from this company for 13.66 (including postage). Great value. I have used the company several times before and have … Read more
Read More

If you leave it in your basket for a while they even email you with an additional 5 or 10 percent discount offer.


Thanks, just ordered a pair using code - £16.15 delivered !


Enter code 55SPECS to get 55% off.


Just ordered some early today. Voucher is still working. Amazing price for a metal-framed, maxed-out pair of prescription glasses.


Their transition lenses are the cheapest i have seen around, always good quality and fast delivery, bought from them many times.

Glasses Blue Light Blocking Computer Smart Phone Eyewear Gamer Anti UV £6.41 tobwel eBay
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
These combined with the blue light filter on PC's makes a big difference for my eye strain. Loads on Ebay for cheap. If you already have glasses get the clip on lenses that will at… Read more

These are quite good if you need to fix glasses



Is it the yellow lenses or have they got anything else. I find the yellow lenses makes images sharper when using them for work (y) 🏻.


Looks a lot more classy than the original Blu Blockers from late night TV back in the early 90'. :)


Harmful Blue light can't pass through glass, so absolutely pointless for a smart phone.

Party Drinking Pong Kit | Beer & Prosecco Glasses (24) £3.99 Delivered using code @ Roov
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
I spotted this and thought someone may be interested in it for a bit of quarantine fun. Please remember to drink responsibly though! Use the code SHIP at checkout to get delive… Read more

I think the fun depends on where the ping pong balls are being launched from....


Just don't play it like they did here.


Don't get drinking games. If you want to get drunk just drink your alcohol faster. You can have a 5 mins laugh at someone else getting in a state, if it isn't you, but once that novelty has worn off you are left with someone in a comatose state so one less personality to interact with which means a slightly more boring time.


So let me get this right.... You throw ping pong balls into plastic cups of wine/prosecco or beer, spilling it everywhere over the floor instead of drinking it? If someone really wanted to play, I think a pack of 25 plastic cups are around £1 and ping pong balls are around 20p each?


Could be a bit boring playing on your own.

Safety Glasses,with Antifog + 20 pack of Surgical Face Masks £9 + £5.95 delivery. Online at Selectspecs
-446° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
selectspecs Dispatches Immediately. 1 pair, safety goggles with anti-fog coatings with polycarbonate lenses. Light weight and transparent, they can be worn on top of normal glass… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

£10 + £5.95 now


You hit the nail on the head and i've been saying this for weeks. One of the main reasons why masks don't get that much traction in the UK is because we don't have any. If the govt advise to wear masks the onus automatically will become on them to provide them. The UK doesn't have any so its easier to tell people to stay at home or stay 2m away.


in a previous thread I did say that the government should be providing these masks to all households


Slovakia for one


It is far cheaper for govt to supply masks to reduce rate of infection than spend on treating people.

20 x mixed cans and 2 x glasses £20.20 delivered @ innisandgunn
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Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
20 x mixed cans and 2 x glasses £20.20 delivered @ innisandgunn
£20.25 Free P&P Free
LAGER BEER OFFER! 20 X CANS AND 2 X GLASSES BBE 30/04/2020 We’ve made a few too many cans of our award-winning Lager Beer, so here’s a bumper deal on us! The beer will reach it’… Read more

I was told by them they would process a refund but haven't done it so I got my money back from the bank. If the beer turn's up (unlikely) then it's win win


No. I asked for a refund, but they never responded to my request.


Jammy Adams. Still waiting. Is this beer going to be free for u


Just received one pack, ordered two!


I checked the bank this morning no refund yet. Its a bit annoying when they seem to be lying non responsive

Ladies Ray-Ban RB4319 - LENSES: Dark Violet Classic £59 @ Ray-Ban Shop
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Ladies Ray-Ban RB4319 - LENSES: Dark Violet Classic £59 @ Ray-Ban Shop
£59£11850% Free P&P FreeRay-Ban Shop Deals
So since I bought a pair earlier for myself all the banners/offers have been following me around the internet! Model code: RB4319 640875 55-18 (Also 14.4% Quidco cashback if you … Read more

Just assuming as it mentions polarised lenses on the page when you click on the lease options


Why would you say that? These are not polarised.


You are correct.


I thought RayBan polarised lenses had 'Ray Ban P' written on the actual lens. I could be wrong though...


It looks as though they are

Free Glasses for NHS Staff @ Glasses Direct
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Free Glasses for NHS Staff @ Glasses Direct
Glasses Direct are doing their bit to show their appreciation for the work being done in their fight against COVID-19. From The Website Thank you, NHS workers, for all your ti… Read more
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My partner who is a nurse got her glasses last week and in the same week dropped and damaged her old pair at work so they have helped her continue working through this period, may thanks to Glasses Direct for this amazing offer.


My daughter got hers last week and they are fabulous. Came with the silver package lenses. So generous of them, amazing, big thanks to Glasses Direct.


Anyone know when I have to use this code for?


Lovely email from the company:


Leach on here and leach on life....

American Freshman Single vision Prescription Glasses £14.00 Delivered with code @ SpeckyFourEyes
248° Expired
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
American Freshman Single vision Prescription Glasses £14.00 Delivered with code @ SpeckyFourEyes
American Freshman Single vision Prescription Glasses £14.00 Delivered 7 Frames to choose from with 3 or 4 different colors for each frame. use code FRESH14 there is no added extra … Read more

Got mine today, the glasses look great however the lens quality is pretty poor. Looking through them they are almost hazy when comparing them side by size with Mr Spex Standard lenses of the same prescription.


No, on each arm.


Received my glasses today, and I'm very happy. They're just as good as Specsavers' 2-4-£89 range; nothing more but certainly nothing less. Thanks, OP.


Just a follow-up to my previous question on the retailer. I went initially to the retailer, and they were very helpful. They spoke directly to Specsavers, and it seems there are some doubts about the prescription that I've been given. Specsavers can't retest me yet though, due to the current virus situation. Speckyfoureyes will change the lenses, when I have the correct prescription, which might be some time away. So, superb after sales service by the retailer, especially considering that it is not their fault that the glasses are incorrect; they made exactly what they were asked to. Speckyfoureyes are mostly remote working at the moment, the lady that I dealt with even gave me her home number in order that I could call her back. I wouldn't hesitate to recomend this retailer. As for Specsavers though, I shouldn't have gone there!


General question about this retailer. I ordered four pairs two years ago, and was very impressed. Delivery takes an eternity, but quality and price was fantastic. My prescription changed this year, and I had an eye test for reading glasses with Specsavers. I ordered a new pair from Speccyfoureyes, which eventually arrived this week. They aren't what I need though. Anything more than around eight inches from my eyes is blurred, and wearing them for more than a few minutes gives me a headache. I've reverted to my old glasses (prescription now more than 2 years old). Any thoughts on how I can begin to work out what's gone wrong here? Could be that Specsavers gave me the wrong prescription, or maybe the retailer has added the wrong lenses. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Animal prescription Single Vision Glasses £20 Delivered with code @ Speckyfoureyes
282° Expired
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
Animal prescription Single Vision Glasses £20 Delivered with code @ Speckyfoureyes
Animal prescription Single Vision Glasses £20 Delivered. Only 4 styles to choose from in this offer but they are all quite stylish, £99 full Price, this offer doesn't cover any ot… Read more

Thanks, decided to order a pair. Hopefully they are decent!


Ordered 1 pair for my son. £29 with Specky1 scratch resistant coating. Thanks OP (y)


They will even offer you a deal on the lens package after placing an order to purchase at a discounted price.




Hot as always from this retailer. Have bought from the 4 times for myself and the other half. Good quality (i bought superdry x 2, lacoste and another one). Lenses are neatly fitted. Yes the delivery is long but if you don't need urgently then can't be beaten at this price. Oh and they always send some sweets in the package too.

Levi's Prescription Glasses - 11 Styles To Choose now £19 delivered with code @ Speckyfoureyes
914° Expired
Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Levi's Prescription Glasses - 11 Styles To Choose now £19 delivered with code @ Speckyfoureyes
There are 11 styles of Levi's Prescription Glasses to choose from in this offer, they drop to just £19 including delivery when you use discount code: LEV19 Please allow between 1… Read more

Heat added Pair Ordered ... Bargain at £22 for case and cloth as well.


My family used to rent a small ground office space in west london to a fairly well known but small high street optician. They left with rent outstanding but some deliveries for frames arrived. A couple of boxes. The frames cost them about £2-3 each. I popped into a store and they were selling between £150-200.


If you want in person then for nearly high street try a well known supermarket. Different stores have different ranges but the lens prices are good especially if you want vari and photochromatic lenses. They don't charge extra if your prescription requires higher index.


I haven't defended Boots. I had a similar experience - got my eyes tested at Boots, horrified at the price of glasses, went to Specsavers and got two pairs for less than Boots wanted for one. Vision Express were in between on price, but there was no customer service offered - just a pushy sales rep. As they were my first glasses, the service I got at Specsavers was really helpful - they didn't rush me or nudge me towards more expensive frames or options, they explained the coatings and which ones I probably didn't need, they took their time taking measurements and made adjustments. That personal service was worth it for me. Since then, I've had my glasses reglazed by an online company, but I didn't need anywhere near the same level of help with that. My point was simply that comparing this offer with what Specsavers offer is not the same thing. Of the high street operators, Specsavers are the one that I was happy with. Seeing all the bad experience people have had with this company on this thread only reinforces my view.


COLD - this is an awful company, expact to wait many months for your order and once the time has passed theres no way you can get a refund. Mine came after 4 months and the lenses were incorrect - I emailed them about it and didn't get a reply - Shocking - Better go to glassesdirect and pay that little extra.

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