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Kangol Prescription Glasses now £20 delivered / Prescription Sunglasses £30 delivered using codes @ Low Cost Glasses
11/10/2020Expires on 11/10/2020Posted 4 h, 51 m agoPosted 4 h, 51 m ago
Over 100 styles to choose from - these Kangol glasses are excellent value, with some really great styles available! Kangol Prescription Glasses for £20 delivered using discount … Read more

(lol) (excited) @KlemiX It took me a while to see it too (I've now added some instructions to the OP) Add your Glasses / Prescription to your basketHit 'Proceed to checkout'Before you add your billing details, click on 'Have a coupon?' on the banner at the top of the page


Nice @saniman ! Some really nice styles included in the Dunlop offer too (y)


(lol) (lol) (lol)


Clearly can't see on page where Discount Code goes not in the basket, not at checkout:D i guess i'm blind


Thanks op (y) great offer. While I was on the website I also noticed they had a big sale on Dunlop frames. Have had them before and they’re very good. The Dunlop offer is also reducing cost of frames to £25 from an rrp of £125.

2 pairs of Eyeglasses for just £16 @ Goggles4u
59° Expired
Posted 25th SepPosted 25th Sep
Terms: - £6.95 frame - 1.56 CR Single vision lenses - Full UV & Scratch resistance coatings - Standard Shipping (UK)

Okay, so this made me actually go searching for the etymology. It's not, as I thought, a contraction as the word glasses was in use for at least 200 years before the distinction came into use. However, it was by no means exclusive to America. I certainly remember having it as part of a line in an 18th century play written in England that I was in years ago.


Bad spelling aside eyeglasses is American nonsense.


"Opposed" Skitt's Law will get you every time. Especially as 'glasses' in this sense is an abbreviation of 'eyeglasses' so the op is correct. (nerd)


There are feetglasses too, so they've been precise in describing which one it is.


Eyeglasses? As apposed to...?

GUESS Prescription Glasses - 19 styles to choose from - now £19 delivered with code @ Specky Four Eyes
05/10/2020Expires on 05/10/2020Posted 25th SepPosted 25th Sep
There are 19 styles of GUESS Prescription glasses to choose from. The prices drop from £100, to just £19 including delivery when you use discount code: HOTUKDEALSG19 This is an … Read more

Thanks @Massy2k :) Yeah there is definitely more choice for guys in the Reebok offer, here's the link if anyone wants it


You're welcome @toonarmani :)


Cheers OP, was looking for a spare pair to keep in the car (y)


You're welcome @becci148 :) Hope you like them!


For anyone interested the deal for a pair of Reebok glasses from these guys for £20.00 still works. I don't know how to post a previous deal but just type in Reebok glasses in the search bar, it says the deal is expired but it worked for me just now.

Jaguar Prescription Glasses £22 delivered with code @ Specky Four Eyes
253° Expired
Posted 9th SepPosted 9th Sep
These Jaguar Prescription glasses reduce to £22 including delivery when you use discount code: HOTUKDEALSJAG There are 4 styles to choose from. You can choose different lens… Read more

If you’re just watching tv then I can’t see a reason to pay the extra (y) If there’s a chance you might use them for driving then I’d pay the extra.


Great offer thanks. Just began to need glasses. Picked up 1 sunglasses and 1 normal both with the specky2 lens package for £81.98. Very good value indeed. Now for the dreaded eye test.


What about for just watching TV? Better to have or not?


For driving anti glare is yup


Is the anti glare and scratch important?

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Superdry prescription specs £22 delivered with code at SpeckyFourEyes
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 9th SepPosted 9th Sep
If you go online to glasses retailer SpeckyFourEyes, you can get Superdry specs for £22 delivered (norm £110), when you enter the code MSESUPER22 at the checkout, until 11.59pm on … Read more

Still not arrived, spoke too soon!


Ordered two pairs (separate orders) on Thursday and they've been shipped today :O Last time i waited 6 weeks so thats quite an improvement!


Last time this offer was on I got a spare pair and the turn round time was about 14 days order to receipt, they have improved a lot


Delivery takes a while but had a few orders now and no issues.


I ordered some of these last time the offer was on, been really impressed by them. I got them as a cheap spare pair but ended up using them more as like them a lot. I ordered with the basic lenses but got an email soon after offering the better lenses half price (£10 rather than £20 for scratch resistant, anti glare lenses) which I went with as I was considering them anyway but thought £20 bumped the price too much.So maybe try and see if you can get the same. My only warning would be that they took a few weeks to arrive. Someone warned that in the comments in the deal, so I wasn't bothered, but I would have been a bit annoyed if I hadn't know already. Yes, you can upload your prescription. You can enter it when ordering, or there is an option to send it later if you don't have it right away. Was all very easy.

2 pairs of Prescription Glasses £15.00 / 1 x Prescription Glasses & 1 x Prescription Sunglasses £25 (+ £3.95 delivery) @ Glasses Direct
Refreshed 7th SepRefreshed 7th Sep
Get 2 pairs of Prescription Glasses for £15 / £18.95 delivered with Free 90 day Returns at Glasses Direct. Buy two pairs of the £49 frames with clear single vision basic lenses, a… Read more

I find that the Anti reflective coating on a current pair just seems to make them harder to clean and has worn off in a couple of places, a second pair used for mid distance without coating are far superior. I'll be ordering without the coating.


Having problems when trying to check out?


I’m not sure if you mean online, or just in general. In regards to online, depending on how high or complex your prescription is, it isn’t always the best idea to get them online. Mines was roughly -5.50 power with cyls of -1.75 in one eye and similar in other when I bought from Glasses Direct. I did go for the thinnest lens option; however I also went for a bigger frame. Because of the large frame, they sit low on my face and I’m looking through the top of the lens as opposed to the centre. When they make your lenses they generally use the centre of the lens as your focal point as a default, but this can obviously cause problems with focus if your rx is high and your eye isn’t sitting in the middle. I had no idea when I got mine and it was quite blurry to begin with, however luckily my eyes did accommodate to this over time. If the prescription was any higher then I think the problems would have been worse due to the thickness and curvature of the lens. The reason why it’s advisable to go to a physical optician for high prescription lenses is because they can measure how the frame sits on your face and where your focal point should be, with this measurement they can customise it for you. Hope this helps someone who is thinking about getting high rx glasses online. In terms of physical retailers I don’t have a lot of experience, you could try Boots but it will be a lot pricier than Asda for sure.


Can I just upload my prescription please? It's a PITA entering all the details...


So you have an old broken pair of glasses, and want to use the frame again? How swanky can one get?

Womens Ghost Prescription Glasses - 12 styles to choose from - £14 delivered with code @ Specky Four Eyes
529° Expired
Posted 3rd SepPosted 3rd Sep
There are 12 styles of Ghost glasses to choose from in this offer. The prices drop from £99, to £14 including delivery when you use discount code: HOTUKDEALSGH14 You can choo… Read more

Also got an email the day after offering the anti reflective coat 50% off too :) :)


Ordered a pair for £14 :) thanks OP


Hope It works for you. (lol)




Good swap. :D

Levi's Prescription Glasses 16 styles to choose from £20.99 delivered with code @ Speckyfoureyes
267° Expired
Refreshed 17th SepRefreshed 17th Sep
Update 1
Now a bit cheaper, get glasses from £20.99 delivered when you use discount code: HOTUKDEALSLV
There are 8 styles of Levis Single Vision glasses to choose from in this offer. The prices drop from £104.17 to just £22 £20.99 including delivery when you use discount code: H… Read more

Just tried and worked. Don't choose the sunglasses option from the beginning. Choose the normal glasses and then add the tint option.


Great deal last time this was posted as great quality and style, unfortunately these ones look terrible. Still, heat added (y)


Just tried adding the code and got


Looks decent


I have just voted hot taking it to over 100 heat so will pup up in the hot section and surely will be voted up now :)

Alexander McQueen Prescription frames £70 with Code Plus Free Delivery From Low Cost Glasses
147° Expired
Posted 26th AugPosted 26th Aug
Alexander McQueen Prescription frame with Standard Lenses £70 with Code HUKD70 These Normally retail For around £125 saving £55. Tinted lenses for £80 - Save £61 with Code HUKD80. … Read more

Hi @UZOR You may have missed our response to your other comment, but we would very much like to get this sorted for you. Please could you contact us on and we can get this sorted out for you as we will never leave a customer unhappy. Please can you put 'Hot Deals UK' in the subject header and send over your order details. Many thanks, LCG


The solution offered to me by low cost glasses for the faulty frame they sent to me was to return it for a refund for the frame, the lenses however would be put in the recycling and not refunded. That would leave me £20 out of pocket for their error and poor quality control. I've raised a dispute through paypal to try to get the product they promised or a full refund. On no account can I recommend this company. They are not willing to take any responsibility for their mistakes.


I bought a pair of spex from the previous deal posted for this company. The frame was bent when I received it. You see the fault it in the quality "control video" they send out to you before dispatch. Not much point in taking the time to do a video if you're not going to see the quality control issue right under your nose. I've email them photos and a description of the problem. They emailed me back asking for details and photo of the problem. I told them to stop wasting my time, that I'd already done that, and to tell me how/where to get a refund. It did not instill confidence that they're not the type of company to make claiming even genuine refunds for faulty goods difficult. Watch this space for how things pan out..


This company doesn't but might be worth checking out glasses direct they do a home trial on some styles where they send you the frames with plain lenses to try on and have seven days to decide and send back, and they also do free returns if you order and don't like them.


Wow, he died 10 years ago. Thought it was about 2017!

Kangol Prescription Glasses - 1 pair for £19.95 delivered or 2 pairs for £32 delivered @ Low Cost Glasses
497° Expired
Refreshed 17th AugRefreshed 17th Aug
Update 1
Get 20% Off using discount code: HUKD20
Kangol has just arrived at Low Cost Glasses, they have some great styles with over 100 to choose from - a really good offer on them too! 50% Off All Kangol frames from £40 to £2… Read more

Hello @UZOR we're ever so sorry to hear this. We will never leave a customer unhappy and would like the opportunity to rectify this situation. Please could you email with 'Hot Deals UK' in the subject header with your order details and I'll look into this further for you. Many thanks,LCG


Terrible experience with this company on this deal. They sent out a faulty bent frame and their "solution" is for me to return the frame for a refund but they won't refund the cost of the lenses. They also do that thing where you send them a picture and a description of the problem and they email back saying that you need to send a picture and description of the problem, effectively and needlessly drawing out the process. I would avoid this company. If there is a problem, they will not take responsibility or give you your money back without a fight.


Section 27 Opticians Act 1989


It's illegal to sell spectacles to under 16 year olds online. It isn't illegal to sell glasses of small size to pin headed adults.


any free eye test offer anywhere? anyone know?

Reebok Prescription Glasses - 21 styles to choose from £20 delivered with code + Free Glasses Case @ Speckyfoureyes
Refreshed 18th AugRefreshed 18th Aug
Update 1
You can now get a Free Glasses Case with your order
There are 21 styles of Reebok glasses to choose from in this offer. The prices drop from £99, to just £20 including delivery when you use discount code: RBKHUKD Styles for Men &… Read more

Did anyone else not receive their orders?? I never received anything and now they can't even remake the orders as out of stock


I ordered glasses and sunglasses. Got an email today asking me how I liked my new glasses etc... I have never received my glasses or sunglasses (...)


received my Reebok glassses today with the upgraded lenses that was £20 extra but I declined but was emailed later to say I could have the lenses for £10... very pleased


Wow that’s mad. I’d say the phone line is your best bet to keep trying. But I imagine it’s too late now. They should’ve been able to change it if you contacted them working a day or 2 or ordering. Anything later I’d understand if they refused


That's what I did, 2 messages there a few days apart - not a single reply. No one picks up the phone either.

2 pairs of Prescription Glasses £15.00 / 1 x Prescription Glasses & 1 x Prescription Sunglasses £25 @ Glasses Direct ( + £3.95 delivery)
931° Expired
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Get 2 pairs of Prescription Glasses for £15 / £18.95 delivered with Free 90 day Returns at Glasses Direct. Buy two pairs of the £49 frames with clear single vision basic lenses, a… Read more

Just got mine and I think a review is in order. I have no issues with the prescription of the lens as they are spot on. Issues I have with the lens- the one with anti reflective layer isn't absolutely anti-reflective as it still reflective but less slightly than the other one without it. The build quality- one of the frames has decent build quality but one of the frame hands is noticeable loose. All in all, decent for 30£ but not over the moon with them as I feel they could do better so that customers see a good reflection of their services and use them even when NOT on sale. Specsavers even though very very pricey do better job sadly. (annoyed)


Is this deal over?


Thanks OP, I ordered using this deal and received the glasses today. I’ve used this company almost annually now for the past few years to update my glasses/sunglasses and they are always first class. My only word of advice would be to make sure to check the sizes against your existing glasses before you order. I’ve had the odd pair where I haven’t bothered checking properly and ended up with perfectly good glasses but looking like the love child of Dennis Taylor and Deirdre Barlow..... :)


Yeah I don't think they do lenses stronger than -8.00. I'm blind as a bat with -9.25 in both left and right, and so I gave up and ordered from goggles4u with the 55% off code instead. Their prices for thinning and tinting are also very reasonable too, as maximum thinning is basically mandatory for my prescription. Got 1.67 thinning and tints on a second pair for £59 all in. My current specsavers pair from a couple of years ago are 1.74 thinning, but were close to £150 for a single pair!


Is there any way to do this deal twice in the same transaction, or am I going to have make 2 orders with 2 delivery charges? When all together some don't seem to get reduced. Sorry if this has already been asked.

Up to 75% Off Designer Prescription Glasses + Extra 20% Off with code - Michael Kors Prescription Glasses from £31.20 @ Low Cost Glasses
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Refreshed 17th AugRefreshed 17th Aug
ExclusiveUp to 75% Off Designer Prescription Glasses + Extra 20% Off with code - Michael Kors Prescription Glasses from £31.20 @ Low Cost GlassesLow Cost Glasses Deals
Update 2
You can now get 20% Off using discount code: HUKD20
There's up to 75% Off branded prescription glasses - with prices from £20, my top picks would definitely Be the Michael Kors options which cost £45 including delivery. Carrera g… Read more

I have different strengths on both eyes, you can buy cheap glasses with the different strengths


Well pointed out


Hi All, I had an eye test some time ago so am due another one which I will get soon - I just put off buying the proper required glasses as I have never bought prescription glasses before. I did try once online but was unsure of a certain value/number - what it meant & where to input it - please see attached image - can anyone kindly tell me what the number circled in red means please? Also what sort of lenses should one get? TBH, I have just been using off the shelf ready made reading glasses but my general vision is not that great - cannot read anything without glasses - it is all a blur & regular vision is not bad at my age (58) but could be better as things are becoming less clear - I find myself wearing my reading glasses all the time to compensate. What sort of lenses provide the most natural vision & as close to possible as the human eye? I do not know much about these things but understand there are those that are Bi-Focal which have two distinct zones, also Vari-Focals, another called Progessive etc? (what is the difference between the last two) Any lenses help/advice would be massively appreciated as I am thick! Many Thanks!


I fully agree


For something as important as your eyesight, it's not worth cheaping out on. Go to your local opticians for a proper service.

Superdry Prescription Glasses - 64 Styles To Choose From, now £24.99 delivered each with code + FREE Superdry case @ Specky Four Eyes
Refreshed 31st JulRefreshed 31st Jul
Superdry Prescription Glasses - 64 Styles To Choose From, now £24.99 delivered each with code + FREE Superdry case @ Specky Four Eyes£24.99Specky Four Eyes Deals
Update 1
Offer is back, now with a free Superdry glasses case (added at basket)
These Superdry Prescription Glasses reduce to just £20 + £4.99 delivery when you use discount code: SUPER20 The code only works on 1 pair of prescription glasses. There are 6… Read more

Thanks op ordered a pair with reactions


Does anyone know if this deal is still on please?


Do these come in glass prescription lenses or plastic lenses? Thanks all.


Looks like this offer is still on, ran my 1st pair over! Just re-ordered, same price as first time..


Just got my galsses with a nice GANT cloth. Thanks

2 pairs of Prescription Glasses £19.95 delivered / 1 x Prescription Glasses & 1 x Prescription Sunglasses £29.95 delivered @ Glasses Direct
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Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
2 pairs of Prescription Glasses £19.95 delivered / 1 x Prescription Glasses & 1 x Prescription Sunglasses £29.95 delivered @ Glasses Direct£19.95Glasses Direct Deals
Get 2 pairs of Prescription Glasses for £16 / £19.95 delivered with Free 90 day Returns at Glass Direct. Buy two pairs of £49 frames with clear single vision basic lenses, and ap… Read more

you can get tests now £25


Yes you can get an eye test at the moment. I'd recommend buying glasses through the optician you get your sight test done with though.


Anyone know if they do lenses with a CYL of less than -4? their drop downs don't go to the -4.75 CYL I have in one of my eyes but otherwise I can get everything else to match my prescription.


Another useless company which does not want to deal with strong prescription glasses. Their loss.


This company is useless. I normally order from speckyfoureyes or Reglazemyglasses who are both great and happy to do reading glasses without prescription, after all you can pick up ready reader in lots of high street shops. Both speckyfoureyes and Reglazemyglasses are more than happy to fit lenses to my own frames, do light changing coatings and even made me a pair of bi-focals with clear glass at the top and reading glass at the bottom all without perscription. This company can't even send me a pair of off the shelf frames with a simple 1.5 magnification without me getting a perscription, total rubbish company.

Two pairs of prescription sunglasses for £22 delivered, from GlassesDirect
1577° Expired
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Two pairs of prescription sunglasses for £22 delivered, from GlassesDirect£22 Free P&P FreeGlasses Direct Deals
The deal I've been waiting for, now we finally have a bit of sun, it's one of the cheapest deals for two pairs of prescription sunglasses. I normally go with the gold cowboy style… Read more

Expired on the 29th of June...


Anyone still able to get this to work? I swear it was working earlier before I had to rush off to work and couldn't complete my order. Cheapest I can get it down to at the moment is £69. Cheers.


You could try setting prescription to 0.0 for both eyes?


Did you order with tints? They should send you some normal sunglasses then?


I put an order through using the "PLANO" selection, but I've had an e-mail from the company saying they still need to see a prescription - has anyone else had this? Seems unnecessary - are they really saying that they won't sell me "plain" glasses without evidence that I've had an eye test in the last two years?

Superdry Prescription Sunglasses + Free Superdry soft case for £30 using code + £4.99 delivery @ Specky Four Eyes
897° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Superdry Prescription Sunglasses + Free Superdry soft case for £30 using code + £4.99 delivery @ Specky Four Eyes£34.99Specky Four Eyes Deals
Superdry prescription sunglasses for 34.99 at speckyfoureyes with code. Usually delivery times aren't great from these (7-30 days as standard) but glasses are decent.

We're sorry this has happened. Please let us know your order number and we'll contact you via our messaging system. Kind regards, Your Specky Team


Mine arrived today, impressed with the frame, much better than the generic prescription glasses direct sunnies ive had in the past. Mind i did order the 2 for £22 ones from them aswell :p


Spoke to SFE on the phone today. No email about lens package, but they were prepared to add specky2 package for £9.99. However, that package contains anti-scratch and anti-glare. The lady said that tinted sunglasses lenses are anti-scratch as standard, and anti-glare on sunglasses is unnecessary. Hence why no emails offering lens package upgrades get sent on sunglasses ;-)


2 out of the 3 orders placed have since been cancelled citing no stock, why let me order them in the first place if there was no stock - what a pointless exercise - not amused at all :( @SpeckyFourEyes FYI.


Yeah they do

Free pair of prescription glasses for NHS workers - just pay £9.95 P&P. 100 codes per day @ Fashion Eyewear
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Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Free pair of prescription glasses for NHS workers - just pay £9.95 P&P. 100 codes per day @ Fashion Eyewear£9.95 £9.95 Fashion Eyewear Deals
How it works Fashion Eyewear has set up a unique page for NHS staff with a range of free designer frames NHS staff can simply se… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I have purchased mine for £9.99 with free shipping. I have broken two pairs at work so these will tide me over :D


Can I ask how long it took to receive the code from filling out the form?




Were the varifocals lens free then ?


I ordered a pair of varifocals today! Did not expect for one minute to be able to get varifocals and was hoping for a spare pair of glasses for reading. Utterly delighted!

complete prescription glasses at goggles4u from £8.08 delivered with 55% off *everything* on the site using code
262° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
complete prescription glasses at goggles4u from £8.08 delivered with 55% off *everything* on the site using code£8.08Goggles4u Deals
goggles4u are offering 55% off *everything* on their website using code 55SPECS which means that their cheapest frames with no frills prescription lenses and delivery come in at … Read more

Thanks OP


Lucky you. Both my pairs were damaged, gave me account credit which disappeared a few months later. Crooks.


They kept making a mess of my computer glasses prescription even though I phoned and explained what I wanted Having replaced them they then used an arbitrary PD and not the one in my prescription I eventually just got a refund


Its £4.95 standard delivery, with an extra £2 per item. Which quickly adds up if you have a few glasses in your basket :/


£4.95 standard shipping for me. Annoying (but still paid it.) (:I

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