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Cutting heating bills, keeping out intruders, and offering total flexibility where home lighting is concerned is par for the course with Hive – one of the UK's favourite smart home brands. Anyone who wants to enhance their home for less can find great discounts at the Hive hotukdeals listings. Read more
Hive Light Dimmable Smart GU10 Bulb 4.8W - 6 Pack, White - £57 @ Amazon
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Beats the total Argos price as it's free delivery with Amazon. Product Description Our smart spotlights are long-lasting, energy efficient and a great way to help you save in th… Read more
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Ah. Might be why this isn't heating up. I like these, but just don't want to add another hub... Still - good price for those who can use them.


You need a Hive hub.


Does it work with Amazon Echo or Google Home?


Dunno (confused)


Why so cold?

Hive Active Light Tuneable GU10 Bulb - 6 Pack £74.95 Delivered @ Argos
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Hive Lights are brilliant for giving you a little extra peace of mind while you're away. Make it seem like someone's home by setting lighting schedules. Or with Mimic mode, include… Read more



It’s the warm to cold range, rather than the brightness.


Sorry, but what does tuneable mean? Is that different to dimmable?


Are these in the sale, reduced or is this the normal price. Who knows?


Anyone know what the beam angle and lumens output of these are?

Hive Colour Changing Bulb - Limited Offer - £26 @ Amazon
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Got a notification from Keepa that this was reduced in price. Typically £44, down to £26
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Yes, colour changing and brightness can be changed via the app or smart speaker.


Are these dimmable ?


I bought a few not to dissimilar from Maxim, clear is off and bright white is on.


Sorry this item is not available now


Seller was primeretailing but unfortunately this item is not available now on their listing

Hive Active Heating Multizone Smart Thermostat - Requires Professional Install - Silver £95 @ AO
319° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Create the perfect climate in your home with this smart thermostat from Hive. It lets you control your heating anywhere at any time from your phone, tablet or laptop – so when you’… Read more

1) I never had a thermostat fitted before this 2) With this it means I’m not heating an empty house 3) If it’s particularly cold outside I can make sure my house is warm before I even step through the door 4) Synced up with my hive door contacts and Phillips Hue lights 5) I can control the heating in each individual room from my phone - as my bedroom is south facing it’s usually a fair bit warmer than the other rooms - I can set the heating just so all without having to get up.


Does this come with the receiver that wires into the boiler? Already have an existing hive hub from when I moved house.


I fitted my Hive myself. YouTube has a number of videos that will show you how to install it. The only slight problem I had was with the room thermostat.


I turn ours down from my phone and she never knows !


Not sure of your home situation but we had the problem of some cold rooms and some too warm so we bought a set of 5 smart hive TRVs, enabled 'heat on demand' and for the first time this winter (since moving into our home) we've enjoyed a house that has had balanced heating throughout. I honestly couldn't be happier with the whole hive setup as it is now

Hive Active Heating Thermostat with Hub & Receiver - self install - £124.99 @ Amazon
225° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Heating Boost - For up to six hours Heating Schedules - Set up to 6 daily time slots Automatic Frost Protection - Helps prevent frozen pipes Holiday Mode - Tell Hive your holida… Read more

£139 now


probably the best advice for most too, had a mate that decided to diy and got blew out of a window, not kidding either im gonna wait for the install package to come around


Thanks, thought it was better to be safe than sorry as I didn't want to give out illegal advice and have people work on boilers directly since it's not simple either


yeah i was thinking its not just a simple swap out. For info though anyone can do 'some' work on their boiler although NOTHING that would affect gas work, i can remove the cover and swap the circuit board for example or fix a leaking water joint, not that id do any of it as I'm kack handed and would only make it worse but your statement isn't quite true


By law, any gas device can only be worked on by a Gas Safe qualified engineer and since receiver is built into boiler, only professionals can work on it This isn't a straight swap like mine so you need professional advice and fitting

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Hive Active Heating Multizone Smart Thermostat - £95 @ AO
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Requires professional install. Silver. AO.COM SKIP TO CONTENT MY ACCOUNT Next day delivery, 7 days a week Hive Active Heating Multizone Smart Thermostat - Requires Professi… Read more

Its cheaper on Hive's website


Gaaaah! I must be having a senile/blond/lockdown (perm any one, two or three) moment. Yes, I meant Hive. I'll just go have a lie down in a darkened room.


If you don't need control outside of the home these do work without a hub. This is a BG branded unit, no hub.


This isn't a Nest.


OK cheers for that (y)

Hive Cameras including Hive View & Hive View Outdoor - £143.20 delivered @ Hivehome
-191° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Hive Easter sale now only £143.20 Whether it's making sure your furry friends are behaving or keeping away unwanted guests, Hive View helps you keep your home secure. Get a notifi… Read more

Why would i pay over £100 more for this camera over say the TP Link Tapo which costs £24 and does everything this does ?


Its only £122.34 if you get your gas or electric from British Gas or if you know someone whos willing to share their 35% off hive code

Hive Active Heating Multizone Thermostat - £66 @ Ocado
518° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Note: this is not the full Hive Thermostat. This is an add on for a second zone. You need to already have the Hive Thermostat and Hive Hub for this to work. Spotted this in Ocado'… Read more

Yes it will :) I did the same and sold the receiver on eBay as I didn't need it ;)


Will this replace a faulty existing hive thermostat if I leave the hub as is? Just pair them together?


I Cheers, ATU. I don't have a multi zone set up, at least I have no need of it and have never, knowingly, set it up. Is it possible to do this by accident and that's where my problem lies? How would I determine if I had?


The 'Ready By' feature isn't available with hive multi zone set ups sadly, no idea why not.


Had missed that, thanks. Just deleted and downloaded the app again but everything is the same. Hmmmmmm.

Refurbished HIVE Active Heating Control your home's heating and hot water wherever you are £108.20 with code - at eBay currys_clearance
242° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
When an item is listed as "New Other" it means the product is new and unused, with absolutely no signs of wear. Products listed as “New Other” may have sealed boxes that simply ha… Read more

Most times,but when you’re not an electrician and your plumber has wired your stat up cockeyed then you’ll wish you hadn’t attempted it yourself,also there are some scary YouTube videos one in particular with the fish tank under his boiler that is just so rough! He tests to see if wires are live with a neon screwdriver! One more thing as regards the “professional “ installation don’t for one minute think the fitters going to spend ages hiding cables etc,I’ve seen one where the cables were draped along desktops and routers and looked a right dogs dinner!


Aha so if it’s refurbished that would undoubtedly involve a factory reset especially required if say it had been registered to someone yes? “But” according to Hive that cannot be done so as to stop people selling the hubs secondhand,sounds like they are taking a leaf out of Apples book yes?


Awesome deal


I did that watched YouTube found my boilers manual of net and installed it.


Watch some YouTube tutorials and there you go.

Hive Smart TRV with smartphone control - £39.99 @ Amazon
263° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Excellent price if you are in the market for one. Haven’t seen lower than this ever.

I’m really happy with mine but I do think in fairness people in the beginning were put off by the lack of good documentation and support. The hive support desk when I spoke to them on release had no idea or had insufficient information in order to support people whom purchased them when queries came up


This is possibly the root of many people's gripe. The first couple of times the calibration failed for mine which might be why people declare them garbage/they don't work. After a few days the calibration completed fine and 6 months later I've not had any issues.


£129.35 for 5 on British Gas Hive website today with BG rewards 35% discount code


It's not about saving for everything. It's about convenience too. Example: Bathroom warm at 630pm for kids to bath. 7pm nursery warms up to 20. 7.30pm eldest lads room warms up to 22. 10pm parents room warns up to 21. With normal heating, we're not able to all be at optimal warmth when we need it, and would often be too hot or cold. We all sleep way better since spending £99 for 5 of these and no, my heating bill isn't cheaper by any noticeable margin.


Totally agree I have 5 also installed myself and work perfectly

Hive Smart Plug £29 at Currys (6 month Spotify Premium subscription bonus)
185° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Decent offer on the smart plug. Product description Style Name:Active Plug | Size Name:1 Pack With the Hive Plug, you can control your home electrical appliances from your sm… Read more

Aye OK, 'clog up wifi' (lol)


Neither, can't you read, I gave my setup and wont waste my time further.


You must have a really crap router or little networking knowledge if your WiFi is getting clogged up by smart devices.


If clogging up the Wi-Fi is really an issue you can create another subnet just for the smart home appliances using a spare router. The Hive products shouldn't be this expensive at all, plenty of equal or better quality products for a fraction of the price. One ecosystem doesn't really matter if you're controlling it all through Alexa.


The Ikea ones at £9 (correction £10) are good value and work with hue amongst others

Hive View 1080p Indoor Camera + 30 Days Video Playback - £111.39 / Two For £209.39 Delivered Using Code @ Hive
255° Expired
Refreshed 21st AprRefreshed 21st Apr
Update 1
Code working again
If you've been holding out for this model specifically, this is the best price in a fair old while. They're 1080p and include 30 Days Video Playback. I can't see a way to purchase … Read more

You mean Hive lights? If you’re using an Echo then any of the other smart bulbs will be fine, as they’re ‘just bulbs’ to Alexa.


Lights? I got lots of bulbs grouped for kitchen and dining room voice controlled by echo dot. My wife still uses the wall switch (annoyed) money wasted


This or 4-5 Yi cameras for the same price! We have Hive Heating but despite having the ecosystem I have found no compelling reason to use any of their other products - my parents tried with the bulbs and gave up with customer support, just gone for any good smart bulbs, plugs and cameras now.


If you cancel the Video Playback subscription, do you know what you get? Google search seems to suggest you get access to the last 24 hours of recordings? I'm interested to know if anybody has actually done this and if it is any good? Thanks in advance!


Do these have any local storage to cover periods when the Internet connection is down? Presume they can be used anywhere (with another hub)? Thinking about one for keeping an eye on property in Spain?

Hive Active Heating (thermostat + receiver + hub) with free Amazon Echo Dot for £143 delivered @ Hive
388° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Great price with the free Amazon Echo Dot when you use the code HIVEHAHSELFDISCOUNT20 at the checkout! (y) The kit includes : 1x Hive Thermostat 1x Hive Hub 1x Hive Receiver … Read more

If you can wire a plug you can wire this.


how long has it taken people to get the echo dot voucher? Just placed my order but not had the voucher at the same time as the hive order confirmation


That's a great idea and would work (y) (y) (y)


Could you set it up with a generic email address, say so you could pass it on to new home owners when you move home?.


Installation is currently unavailable :(

Hive Active K7002505 Light Tuneable GU10 Hub and 6 Bulbs - £99 + £3.95 Delivery @ Argos
41° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Hive Active K7002505 Light Tuneable GU10 Hub and 6 Bulbs - £99 + £3.95 Delivery @ Argos
£102.95£14931%Argos Deals
Hive Lights are brilliant for giving you a little extra peace of mind while you're away. Make it seem like someone's home by setting lighting schedules. Or with Mimi… Read more
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Hive Motion Sensor + 6 Months free Spotify - £19 delivered @ Currys PC World
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Hive Motion Sensor + 6 Months free Spotify - £19 delivered @ Currys PC World
Please be aware that the Spotify offer is only for new premium customers. So i would use a new emaill / Card combination if you prevously had premium Enjoy peace of mind with the … Read more

If this comes back into stock and you get one installed, go to the online chat and get them to do a firmware update. Will work fine after and not consume batteries every week!hth


I just bought bulbs with built in sensors for the hall/landing, much cheaper. My hive only controls my heating as most additions cost way more than they can save. It's not a great system really, can't even tell you when the heating was active.


Out of stock


II have hive and my sensors linked to my bulbs etc work brilliantly. I DID have some problems a few years ago - but for last 18 months they have been brilliant and have saved me LOTS of money in electricity etc - we don't use any light switches any longer - lights just come on when we open doors or trigger sensors - and then switch off after 1 minute of no motion. Dave



Hive Warm Welcome Home Pack - Smart Home for £207.20 delivered @ Hive
322° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Hive Warm Welcome Home Pack - Smart Home for £207.20 delivered @ Hive
£207.20£23211% Free P&P FreeHivehome Deals
A perfect bundle if you want to make your home smart or smarter! The bundle includes: 1x Hive Hub 1x Hive Active Heating 2x Hive Light (Dimmable) 1x Hive Motion Sensor 1x Hive Ac… Read more

How easy is it to install yourself?


Yes sorry I was after the 179 deal hence why it didn't work :-( If anyone can get this any cheaper than £149 with hive only with the free dot let me no :-)


Just tried and worked. (confused)


Code don't work


if you're not comfortable fitting it yourself, find a local heating/electrician/plumber Prices seem to vary as always

35% off Hive via British Gas Rewards (includes TRV/Cameras etc)
TODAYTODAYLocalLocalPosted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
35% off Hive via British Gas Rewards (includes TRV/Cameras etc)
You have to be a British Gas customer with access to My Rewards. This Offer excludes Welcome Home Plan, Hive Hub 360, Hive Active Heating & Hive View Indoor & Outdoor… Read more

Hi. Does anyone have a code need to buy some tvrs. Please pm me. Cash incentive :)


2 questions. Does this apply to multizone purchase when booking an install? And, does anyone have a code they're not using they could send me?


working OK for me


Thanks. I just got a code and placed my ordet


I went to claim my code and it is no longer showing ;( I only have the 35% off selected products reward showing. Hopefully they'll have the 50% off hive active back at some point.

6 X 5w Hive gu10 £64.99 @ Screwfix
75° Expired
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th Mar
6 X 5w Hive gu10 £64.99 @ Screwfix
£64.99£707%Screwfix Deals
Smart light bulb that can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet and laptop. Adjust the brightness and dimming level from the Hive app or use with Hive Actions to connect multiple… Read more

Yes, i think you get 1 month at 5% with your rewards card.


Is that a signup offer though amex?


Yes you can switch on or off and it will keep original settings but remember to switch on from switch in order for it to work remotely and keep original settings. I've had these for my porch (x 3 bulbs) but returned as they kept dropping WiFi bought ajax wifi gu10's work without hub using the smart home app never had a issue.


Anyone know if you can still switch on and off from switch whilst still preserving the settings? Thanks


Thanks for confirming that, D_SCva I’m still a little unsure as to why screwfix have reduced the packs of 6 but kept the single and pack of 10s the usual price. Best not look a gift horse in the proverbial I suppose.

Hive heating with professional installation £167.98 @ Costco
457° Expired
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Hive heating with professional installation £167.98 @ Costco
£167.98£22927%Costco Deals
Hive Active Heating & Hot Water Thermostat With Professional Installation (5215J) For use with heating systems which HAVE a separate hot water tank. If you do not have a separ… Read more
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Before I get this, how long is the installation lead time? Our RF thermostat has just packed up, will this be a straight replacement?


Yes the engineer will bring the hub during installation


Does the British Gas engineer bring a Hive hub along when they are ready to install?


Got the kit. Thanks op.


Sorry to seem dumb but is this price for combi boilers also without a hot water tank? I understand in the OP that you order a different reference but is this on the same deal in warehouses please?

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