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Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation £164.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
£5 cheaper than getting this via Amazon through the same seller. Not including instalation. With its classic eye catching design the Nest Learning Thermostat learns the temperat… Read more

Me keeping my old wired thermostat on full blast is basically the same as not having one because it will never reach the full temp. There is a white box that will replace your segment timer. This box has one button on it which is a override on/off switch. The box connects to this nest thermostat and yes, basically it acts as an off switch when the heating reaches the desired temperature. It is fully programmable for on and off times for both heating and hot water. The nest guys on Facebook are fairly responsive. I had a few teething problems as the default settings work out how long it takes to get your home up to the desired, this turns your heating on before the set time so it's hot for the set time. I didn't like that so I turned that off... also if you haven't heated the hot water for over 2 hours straight in a 48 period, it pops it on for 2 hours to kill any bacteria which I turned off too.


Thanks for the reply but I don't really understand. I don't have a thermostat at all, and all the instructions I can find online reference essentially connecting into your existing thermostat in order to connect the nest. However I don't have one so I'm not sure what I would be connecting to? Based on what you're saying, thermostat is basically a clever on/off switch with some computational shenanigans going on inside. My existing segment timer is the same thing but without the smart bit. On that basis I assume the Nest somehow connects into my segment timer wiring and then adds the thermostat functionality to my system singlehandedly?


Yes. I kept my thermostat wired and just keep it on full... this cuts the heating off when it reaches the desired temp. By keeping the wired stat on full, it just acts as it's not there if that makes sense.


Folks - I managed to pick one of these up recently. My hot press currently only has a segment timer with "On/Off/Clock" settings. There is no thermostat in my house at the moment. Is this even compatible with my system? I can't seem to find an answer to this simple question anywhere - I believe (hope?) the answer is yes, it's compatible! @PAULTRD @chrisom


In my case a Worcester Bosch CDI Combi , I needed to connect 3 wires , live , neutral , & switched live from the boiler to the nest heat link . Then added a looped wire in the heat link . So my example of it being "like " wiring a plug is because of the number of connections-3 , plus my ability to read both my boiler manual & the nest manual to know where the connections go . I found it straightforward & simple

Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation £169.99 (sold by The Electrical Showroom) via Amazon
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Nest 3rd Generation sold by Elextrical Showroom via Amazon £169.99 delviered. Auto-Schedule: No more programming With Auto-Schedule, Nest learns from you and programs itself Au… Read more

I'd rather wait, pay less and have it installed and get a full refund if it can't be installed for any reason


You may well be right, but many wouldnt even want to attempt something like this


If you have a combi with a wireless thermostat fitting the Nest yourself is extremely easy. No need to pay anyone.


£5er cheaper direct... oops.


EE 0% fees and interest on smart home devices when adding to plan (Apple HomePod, Nest, Ring etc - existing customers)
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Absolutely no interest on all smart home devices at EE! Apple HomePod - £319 RRP EE - £319 (£26 pm for 11 months and £33 up front) etc

Agreed credit when you can afford is healthy and it builds a credit rating which gets you things like a lower mortgage and better finance on a car. People like him who "save" for everything are the people who have the insanely high rate mortgages and then blame the rest of society as they have always kept to within what they believe are society's rules. So I hate it when people come on threads like this just to throw their opinions that people should just save. How about you just goto your cave and over pay for your house and cave with your backwater ideals? As unless you can save for your entire house you too need credit.


They constantly try to tempt me with these deals, first it was Samsung vr kit then the 360 camera I find it's all a bit desperate on EE's part


EE naaaaah never again


Most sensible people leverage credit when it’s appropriate, for instance when something they can afford and would like is available at 0% credit


It does talk about adding it to a plan. I think that’s clear.

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Nest-Black-3RD-Generation-Smart-Learning-Thermostat-and-3RD-Generation-Stand £179.28 @ Travis Perkins
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat with stand is £179.28 on Travis Perkins

Thanks buddy


The box does have a link that you can then find local installrrs. Mine cost £80 to install.


Hi there. Can anyone comment on getting it installed? Please.


Gen 2 controls hot water as well- mine has been running since 2016 and reduced my gas bill by £250 a year since install (same usage last 2 years roughly) versus 2014-16.


I had the 1st gen and just installed the 3rd gen in my new home. Very little difference. I needed the 3rd gen as it controls hot water for a conventional system. I think 1 and 2 only do combi boilers... Great product and this is a good price.

Buy two wired/battery-powered Nest Protect Devices for £162.00 @ Travis Perkins
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Decent price for the wired Nest Protect if you are planning to get two. Works out at £81 each when you use the 10% off voucher (only possible if spending £150 or more exc. VAT). Ca… Read more

Customer services are reporting back as OOS for the wired version with no ETA


Heat from me. I bought one of the BT Shop ones and fitted last night. It's great. Even the wife approved. So need to get another 2, one for the loft which has some wiring I can use, and one for the ground floor, which needs a battery one; and looks like I can get one of each and still do the discount. Thanks, OP!


That’s a great deal for a great product! Luckily I said “usually” (excited)


Well obviously I don't know what future purchasers will get, but I ordered two 3 days ago - they are due to expire in May 2028. So I lost 2 months yes, but not in proportion to the discount! :)


Usually if the price drops it’s because they are old stock, so you don’t get the full 10 years of life. Therefore the price is just a percentage. Two years old stock, pay 80%.

Nest Protect (Battery) for £79 after using discount code @ BTShop
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul
Great price on Nest Protect, for battery powered only now (wired ones out of stock).

For me, my wife has a habit of leaving the cooker on, leaving the fridge door open, leaving the light on. I love her to bits but she is annoying at times like these, hence for me all this helps!


Bought from your other link. Nice one buddy. (Y)


Pretty sure the rate of house fires is higher than that. This does have other functions as others have elaborated upon.


When the chance of your house catching fire is a million to one why bother spending that much on a smoke detector when a 5 quid one will suffice


I have literally no idea what your point is. Are you saying nobody should have smoke alarms because the noise is annoying? It’s a smoke detector that self-tests and alerts you to alarms while you’re out of your house. It also speaks first rather than irritating you when you burn toast. The motion activated soft light is also awesome when I get up to drain the dragon in the pitch black. I leave my dog at home sometimes so I like the peace of mind to know if the alarm goes off and to call the fire dept and get the hell home ASAP. I’d say they’re worth every penny. I have 3 and love them.

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Nest Outdoor Camera £139.99 @ Amazon Prime Day
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Only for Amazon Prime users, but if you are like most HUKD users a "student" Primer subscriber you might be able to take advantage of the STUDENT15 offer and get further £15 off (d… Read more
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Looks like a flat cable though, so could it be fed through a window opening?


Not sure why this was marked as expired, it isn't.


Got 2 of these that needed routing through walls. I just snipped the USB off, fed it through and re-soldered. I have a feeling out of the 5 or so wires inside you only need to re-solder the red and black as it only needs power, but I did all of them anyway. Was worried about voiding warranty, but turns out I shouldn't have been so worried as 4 weeks after installation something chewed through the cable and I had to re-solder anyway so wouldn't have made a difference!


Thanks for that. About to install one this weekend and was wondering on drill bit required. Stupid idea from Nest :(


Watch out for the absolutely ridiculous cable on this. Requires a ~2cm hole to be drilled in the wall in order to fit through. Unless of course, you are happy to use an external power socket and have a wire tracking along your wall and a power "blob"...

Nest Learning Thermostat £159.99 with Amazon Prime (exclusive)
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Not a bad price at all, been thinking about it myself. Can be £145.99 if you have prime student and haven't used the STUDENT15 code yet (y)

I simply could not see the offer for an install.? I read the blurb about arranging it from a card to ring..? I assumed that you just ring when you get it.? Or have I missed out and messed up by just paying £159.99 for the Nest..? With the Hive it is very easy as you see options for install or not and the price changes accordingly, £30 for install.


You guys could try the nest website? You can get local installers who can come and fit it out for you if needed.. it's pretty helpful. Hope some people enjoyed the deal either way :)


I had the same issue when trying to add the installation. It wouldn’t work.Customer services wouldn’t guarantee I would be able to get the cheaper installation and told me to cancel it just in case and cancelled the nest order.


I had the exact same problem when trying to add assembly to a shed order earlier-nothing on checkout. I think there is a problem with the website - had to call customer services to add on afterwards


I'm a bit confused. Added Nest with installation to the basket but installation cost is not there at the checkout. Do I have to pay the engineer directly when they install it?

Pine Nest of Tables Set of Two. From Argos Ebay £33.94  Delivered.
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Nested tables are ideal for rooms where space is at a premium. Our Penton nested tables are made from chunky solid pine featuring natural texture and grain which gives unique chara… Read more

Now 4% Topcashback on eBay until tomorrow. Unfortunately, I missed out on this offer by just a couple of hours.


Thanks, ordered. I have a couple of small tables that have got very shabbby and rickety that need replacing. I'm gradually replacing a lot of my furniture and I really like the chunky style of these. They will be good value if they last at least a couple of years.


these look identical to ones i bought from homebase a few years back, really nice and strong and a decent size. still going strong.


Dont forget 1.05% TCB :)

Nest cam indoor security camera £110.99 Amazon (prime members exclusive price)
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Currently the lowest level price it's ever been on Amazon. Exclusive for prime members
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But it streams over the internet to Nests own servers. In real time.


Oh I see. But even if someone did walk up the drive (and you were able to record a picture of their face) and then the cameras suddenly stop recording, that in itself wouldn't be evidence that they then burgled the house.


My point is you can have the outdoor cam recording anyone that tampers with your phone line.


Yep, same problems with them.


Or an Outdoor Nest Cam? I pay up front for Nest aware. £40 for first camera.

Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Battery) £83 @ Amazon - Prime Exclusive
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Lowest price it's been on Amazon for over a year. Battery version only, wired is £98.

It has been as low as £79 on Amazon, I am waiting for price circa £70


Just bought one! Great price!! Thank you!


These 2nd gen ones were £89 when first released but seems the RRP is increasing. Hoping this will be cheaper than £83 on Prime Day


Nice deal. Bought myself 2 for my new place.


Lifetime guarantee... *joke for the pedants

Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat Stand £14.99 at Screwfix - Usually £35 on
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Have been looking to buy this stand for one of my Nest thermostats and saw this in-store yesterday. The guy confirmed that it is national and should be online too. Hope this help… Read more

That's unfortunate, the one I got from priority plumbing included the charger and cable;


No, you don't get any charger or cable with this. You get charger with the Nest thermostat itself. Just checked the box, it just contains the plastic stand, two screws and a over page instructions label.


I really hope there will be nest deals on prime day...never thought I needed one on Black Friday last year but now I’m convinced!


Don't remember seeing any for a fiver plus the quality is much worse. I have both - this is a good deal.


It's worth noting that you also get a power adapter and long USB cable with the stand... Great for charging your ps4 controller etc (y)


Yes I second that...not a great building I got 2 or 3 replacements but Tesco direct had good service and gave me a significant refund


Really cheap and nasty tables. The glass just sits on with 4 suction cups and comes off quick easily so possibly a risk for kids. I had to return mine because the smaller table also had a piece of metal from the mould sticking out so the glass wouldn’t sit on flush

Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen £199.20 incl vat + delivery at 	City plumbing
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen.
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It’s not just to save standing up these are quick at turning on and off no delay like normal ones so saves loads on gas .


It’s has saved me a lot of cash, gas bill dropped £15 a month so it pays for itself . It’s not the same as a normal chatty thermostat it instantly turns the heating on and off no 30 second delay, very accurate and knows when you left the house and when to turn it on for you getting in the house. Saves a lot of wasted gas. Would recommend it . But not at this price . Fully fitted below £200 and you get full pay back within 14 months. Unless you have a good thermostat already. Mine was crap Baxi standard one.


Who thought £200 was a good deal (lol) I paid about £136 for this then £20 for stand and £40 fitting


They have been £150 but they aren't now. I found these though which seem to be a bit cheaper:


For that money I'd rather get up off of my fat lazy **** and press the buttons

Nest Protect battery smoke detector and CO alarm £75.59 @ Wolseley
Refreshed 10th JunRefreshed 10th Jun
Description confirms this 2nd gen. Make sure you use the WELCOME code to get this price. I've got the wired version and think it's great sensitivity wise particularly when cookin… Read more

I'll mark it as expired I guess if no one else will :)


Bit late to the party!


link not working. Expired?


Just check my credit card on-line, and no sign of the £15 refund yet. I called up again, and explained that I was charged £15 extra, and there was no sign of it, so the person I spoke to said they would look into / chase it. I will give another week, and if still not received it I will raise claim via the Credit Card company.


exactly the same situation with me , although yesterday I reported my card I paid with as lost , I hope refunds can still be applied to it ?

Nest indoor security camera Back in stock - £107.99 @ Woseley
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Add code welcome to make it £107 Free click and collect near you.

Jeez, pass then. Thanks for letting us know, I'd rather wait and buy elsewhere if they are going to do shady stuff like that.


Thanks for that. Same issue here.


I’ve just realised they still haven’t paid the refund. Sent them another email. Not a great intro to a new retailer.


yes I was ,and came back here to warn HDUKrs to check their statements once the order is delivered I called the number on the email confirmation and had them refund the unlawful extra charge back to me. aparently it’s to do with the store applying a certain cost and postage on the order by error


Did anyone else get charged £122.99 even though the order confirmation states £107.99?

Nest hello doorbell £229 @ Nest
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
No doubt this will sink like a lead balloon because it's RRP, but worth putting out. Alternative to the Ring deals. Don't forget, there is a £4 monthly subscription to get the m… Read more

Guys, any update on UK install issues? I want one but keep reading about a lack of compatible transformers etc.


Can't see the 50% off yet?


They provided a transformer and mains powered chime in the box


At least with the Ring pro kit they give you the transformer and external chime. Why nest dont provide this is beyond me the cost of the thing.


15% off at Currys today using SECURITY15

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