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Save money with AI-assisted thermostats, use facial recognition to separate burglars from family members, or install fire alarms that can tell burning toast from potentially lethal fires. All of this is possible with Nest’s smart products. Find the latest deals on Nest devices at the hotukdeals listing. Read more
Google Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Black - £150 @ Amazon
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Low price on the nest thermostat Connected programmable thermostat that lets you control your heating more efficiently. Change the temperature and more from your smartphone (iO… Read more
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another contributor that may benefit from awareness of the dunning kruger effect (poo)


The funny thing is, when you fart your Google home device will hear it. If you think it's not a problem because you have nothing to hide, well can I come over and listen to all your conversations? I'm just as anonymous as your Google home so I'm sure you have no issues with that :)


I had a new boiler fitted and it was installed then. Any electrician will be able to do it.


Took them millions in investment and years of spying. I think the leaked report concluded that when peoples houses get cold, they like the heating to come on.


Well, to some extent that depends what kind of system you have. I didn't have to go anywhere near the boiler itself.

Free Google Nest Mini for YouTube premium / Google music subscribers - selected account only
10° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Click the link above to see if your eligible for a free Google Nest Mini. Looks like USA accounts only at the minute so… Read more
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From what I read this promotion only applies to the US


Its only 15.99 on iPhone so better signing up through a pc


To eligible for this offer you should already have subscription before 19th May.


I've had this previously so don't expect to get it again


So if you sign up for the free trial, you’ll pay £15.99 at the end of the trial - then I think you become eligible. Cheap way of getting a Nest Mini I recon. Heat!

Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Wired S3003LWGB £85 delivered @ Toolstation
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
• Detects smoke and carbon monoxide • Voice alarms with custom location • Nest Protect sends phone alerts for smoke and carbon monoxide detection, low battery (battery model only),… Read more

Is this the 2nd generation nest protect as it doesn't seem to state it on the website.


Shame they don't do a unit that does heat detection only, which is a building regulation for kitchens. Otherwise I'd probably get some. Are there any other alternatives that are wired (power) but link wirelessly?


I’m still waiting on this. Maybe the next gen “Google” Nest smoke alarm will include this - for double the price of course!


Yes done this works fine


Shame you can't cast music to them.

Free Google Nest Hub on selected Virgin Media bundles (new customers only)
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
50MB fibre broadband with phone (talk weekends) - £28- 100MB fibre broadband with phone (talk weekends) - £33- 200MB fibre broadband with phone (talk weekends) - £38- 350MB fibre b… Read more

my upfront line rental just expired which means my bills have shot up by £19. kept my monthly bills under £30 per month (cause i pay line rental upfront) but now i'm paying close to £50 for 200mb broadband and Talk Anytime More (unlimited calls). Best i was offered was £37 but would have to commit to another 12 months... Not sure if i should just see out my contract until October and then get Voip installed (could work out cheaper) or just take the deal offered... any advice?


Thanks for trying mate. (y)


Can't comment or post. All messages get reviewed before I post because I tried to help out


That I agree. My cables are all sorted for Virgin. Can't get BT or Sky because they only connect it to the front door socket and I hate having cables running everywhere. So I am stuck with them and try to haggle it every year. On a different note other providers can't come close to the speed Virgin is currently providing (obviously depending on where you live) I am on 350MB plan and BT/Sky can only offer me 76MB (but only guaranteed 53MB)


Tried to reneogiate a contract that had had 3 price rises in 12 months for someone who had been a 20+ year customer on top packages for all services. Was told no discount available. Every other provider was cheaper including Sky. Shameful treatment of long term customers. (mad)

Google Nest Hub Hands Free Speaker Charcoal - £60.31 @ Currys Ebay
551° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
5% auto applies and use the code PRICE8 for the highlighted price. Top features: - 7" touchscreen lets you see everything at a glance - Voice match lets you ask questions and… Read more

This was a great price but beware the tiny nest home mini puck shaped on actually sounds better than this. Don't assume the speakers on this are an upgrade because they're not


I think I would have to go from mini 2 to hub Max as I would probably miss the speak audio quality. Just need to wait for Switchy to find me a deal (y)


I have Mini 1st gen - it plays more base than the one with the screen, although I think they do Nest Hub Max with more base and camera for video calls, but that's around £200 on Google website.


Mini 1st gen or Mini 2nd gen? I've got second gen and considering upgrading to this for the screen


Unless I put a mini in the garage that would never get used (lol)

Nest thermostat 3rd Gen with Nest Mini £198 @ Toolstation
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
4 options of Nest thermostat to choose from and receive a FREE Google Nest mini worth £49.00 at toolstation. Seem to have loads in stock, I stumbled across this as I didn't want to… Read more
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Before Easter 169 from places like Amazon. Argos


I was hoping that nest mini would be some sort of thermostat for spare rooms but it's in fact some crappy google speaker 😔 They must change the naming or something lately ?


£174.49 for the thermostat on Amazon and £20.99 from MyMemory for the Home Mini. I'm sure I could get them cheaper if I even shopped around. Cold


Because it's expensive. Just under 170 from electrical showroom. 160 for the silver one from amazon. 180 for the white.


Mybe because it can be had cheaper from other retailers for £165,

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48 hour sale on google products at MyMemory e.g. Nest Mini 2nd Generation - £26.99 delivered
228° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Google products discounted @ Meet the new Nest Mini. Your music sounds bigger and better than ever. And the Google Assistant is a huge help around the house. Co… Read more

Are these the betamax smart speakers?


Thanks Andrew. I added that to my post on the 1 I posted on the Home Mini. Again that doesn't really state what the difference is. 1 works with Nest and the other doesn't? haha


Google Home Mini = 1st gen Google Nest Mini = 2nd gen


Not sure what the difference actually is but from the same site you can get the "Google Home Mini Smart Speaker - Chalk" for £20.99 ;)


Google Chromecast 3rd Generation - Refurbished FFP: £22.99 Google Chromecast Audio - Refurbished FFP: £21.99 Google Chromecast Audio + USB Mains Plug - Refurbished FFP: £27.99 Google Chromecast Audio: £39.99

Google Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera, White - £137.99 @ Amazon
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
if you are looking for a good deal!!! Official Nest site reduced to £149 from £179. 24/7 live video. 130° wide-angle view lets you look after your home in 1080p HD, day and nigh… Read more

How do these really compare against the Iq


I'd check it out and not assume its bad. It's made by Dahua who are only 2nd to HIKVision ,this is their consumer brand. If you know the market then this name will speak volumes. Their support is also very good and the camera I mentioned has a PIR sensor so you don't get all of those false alerts you mention. It's way beyond any other camera at that price point and can do stuff this nest cam can't.


Er ok then 😄


I haven’t used this camera but I have used similar. I have the UCAM247 that claims to have user customisable notifications (like many do) and records SD card. It’s complete rubbish. Either bombards you all day long as the trees blow in the wind or misses people on the driveway if I dial the sensitivity back. Also the app is terrible and crashes all the time. My point being is that many cameras look the same. It’s only when you try to live with them that you notice the real usability issues. I have the Nest Hello (doorbell cam). I tried to avoid the subscription model for a few years but have now succumb. It’s worth every penny in my opinion knowing that if I get a notification then it actually means something. If someone walks on my drive then I get a notified within 10 seconds. However if a fox walks by or leaves blow in the wind I don’t get bothered with unnecessary alerts. This is the most valuable part. I plan on replacing my UCam247 with a Nest camera at some point. You get what you pay for I reckon.


Er no thanks.

Google Nest Mini Voice Activated Chalk, £26.68 at AO/ebay with code
282° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Chalk only, might suit someone. Key Features Nest Mini Just like the original Mini, the Google Nest Mini is compact, discreet, and has the super-helpful Google Assistant bui… Read more

What are these used for ? I just purchased a nest hello doorbell and was wondering if you don’t have a chime is this what you use instead? And if I have a chime is there any point getting this? Sorry I’m dumb to new tech like this


hmm im not sure I need more than the 4 I already have listening to my every move and reacting to random stuff in the house, like one of the characters in GTA V saying "Hey there sweet thing" or something to that effect and my nest responding saying "Ive been waiting for you to say that". Very strange :)


I would get the John Lewis deal which includes a smart plug for a few pounds more. Still a good price though, hot.


Good price heat added


Also posted by @MrSwitch at same price (Currys PCW ebay though using same code), though beaten by 13 hours!

Motorola Moto G8 Power 64GB Smartphone + Free Bundled Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) - £199.95 @ John Lewis & Partners
287° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Thanks to @Chanchi32 for his awesome moto g8 Power Lite deal this morning, the standard g8 Power has been reduced and is now offering the best mini as a bundle :) Created wit… Read more

I was looking at buying the Motorola G8 power then done a bit of research and I think I might get the Realme 6 pro it has a better specs but the realme 6 pro is a little more expensive and the battery isn't as good. (y)


I asked my Google assistant this question and she said something about 1984. They need to improve that feature.


They won't be taking a hit on the freebie. This will be Google taking the hit, they just attach it to an item with a reasonable price to stop people taking advantage. Why Google as so desperate to give these away for free is a different question...


They have reduced the price to £199.95 which is the cheapest you'll find from this kind of retailer, they're also offering a freebie worth £27 :)


Would much rather they reduced the price than bundle in an item not required.

Google Nest Hub - 4 colours £68.99 on google store
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Google nest Hub, a smart speaker with a 7-inch touchscreen. I'm not sure how useful this device is but I’m buying it. For comparison Amazon price is £74.99, John Lewis £79

Now i need to cancel an order as JL drop a price :/


Elders in family during lockdown found it easier to use "Google Go" on Android phone. Even better could the inbuilt Google Go features run on a Nest Hub?. Meaning quick click links to news feeds etc during this difficult time?


Cheaper elsewhere previously but wanted the sand one for the little ones room and not seen that on offer anywhere else so bit the bullet. One in each room now.


£69 with a free Smart plug at John Lewis as an alternative

GOOGLE Nest Mini (2nd Gen) - Coral / Charcoal - Home Assistant (2nd Gen) - £25.35 @ Currys PC World Ebay
446° Expired
Refreshed 21st MayRefreshed 21st May
Update 1
Update - Price drop from £26.68 to £25.35 21/05
Decent little reduction from Currys, plus using the code PRICE8 knocks off £2.32 + 5 % auto applies :) 3 Colours, Chalk, Charcoal, and Coral Just like the original Mini,… Read more

Just when I pull my finger out and upgrade from gen 1, they go back up to £49. Serves me right for faffing about lol


No problem my good man (y)


Cheers mate


Back at this price £25.35


Just bought one, heat added!

Motorola G8 Power Lite Smartphone, Android, 4GB RAM 64GB, Royal Blue & Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen £129.95 @ John Lewis & Partners
561° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Further £20 price drop on this bundle including Motorola G8 Power Lite Smartphone and Nest mini 2nd Gen. Credit @MrSwitch for the previous post. 2 year guarantee and free deliver… Read more

According to the Youtube review I saw it is


This or redmi note 8?


Is this dual sim?


This isn't the G8 Power - this is a Power Lite


It's benchmark score is worse than my Huawei P Smart 2019, surprisingly! 174/883 vs 317/1027

Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen (Chalk / Charcoal) + HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug £29 / £32.50 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
549° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Google Nest Mini 2nd gen and HS100 smart plug bundle for £29. Decent price considering the HS100 smart plug is selling for £15+ elsewhere and Nest Mini selling for £29+. Delivery i… Read more

So get this, I have to send back one of the speakers, so they can then send that same speaker back to me with a plug (lol) . Not joking.


Me too. Frustrated with currys, wickes, parcelmonkey. I think people using coronavirus to justify inefficiency.


I will when I have the mental strength, I am forever contacting companies for their mistakes I think I'm cursed (zombie)


give JL a call or email, am sure they will sort


Ordered two (one for a friend to save the postage), but they only sent 1 plug (annoyed)

SSE - Free Google Nest Mini and Nest Thermostat E worth £248 when you switch energy tariff + possible £85 Quidco cashback
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Free Google Nest Mini and Nest Thermostat E worth £248 when you switch energy tariff with SSE + up to £85 cash back through Quidco This has to be done online through quidco and d… Read more

Has anyone with SSE not had an electricity bill had my gas normally have them together but not this time say next bill due in aug


(mad) All suppliers do that unless you are on fixed tariff. Mine with british gas also gone silently up over last year as I was on standard.


I am not sure, I don’t remember the charges at the beginning of the contract , the online bill doesn’t mention it either just how much I used (mad) very cheeky how there don’t simply put everything on your bill like a telephone or mobile contract Price increase could be the reason why as I’m sure bulb is not fixed price (confused)


glad for this reminder to check my tariff, ended up switching to 1 year fixed with British Gas with free boiler cover. £50 cheaper than bulb, eon was cheaper based on usage but that required a smart meter and it's impossible to fit without tearing my kitchen apart. I was tempted by this as I woulnd't mind a smart thermostat but I guess its more of a gimmick than somehting I would really benefit from.


Surely you had price increase in between ?

Google Nest Hub 7" Touch Screen SmarterAssist & Smarter FridgeCam £79.99 @ Scan
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Bought something from Scan recently and came across this Deal today so thought I would share it, as just ordered one and can't seem to find this bundle offer ANYWHERE and even spl… Read more

Is this for toy story/sausage party fans..... Or just those who dont believe the light in your fridge goes off once the door is shut


Like that's going to work in my fridge, I have to cram everything in, takes me ages to find anything so no idea how this could keep track (lol) I cook based on what's in the fridge not the other way around.


Is this camera connected only to Tescos app to add items that have been taken from the fridge to add to your shopping list?


Very dodgy reviews, almost all 1* apart from some 5* ones which surely must be fake. Also I don't understand how it would work if your fridge is full, surely lots of items would be hidden from the camera making it pointless (confused)



Shell Energy - 2 free smart devices worth £260 and poss £119 cashback. May 2023 plus Philips Hue and Nest Hub Max Direct Debit ebill Tariff
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
NB. SMART METERS NOT REQUIRED! Shell Energy - 2 smart devices worth £260 and 'POSSIBLE' £119 cashback via Topcashback (usually ok but never reply on this) with the Tariff 'May 2… Read more

I'm about to apply for a mortgage, so the home max would be welcome in the new house. How would this effect my mortgage application?


Edf on money supermarket


Thanks for the info (y) 🏻


I'm on E.ON Fixed 1 Year iChoosr Collective June 2019 (Gas 3.148p/kWh & 5.0p/day. Electricity 14.63p/kWh & 5.0p/day). I've got this tariff trough iChoosr.


Who is doing gas for 1.93p?

Google Nest Hub Hands-Free Smart Speaker with 7" Screen, Charcoal & TP-LINK HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug £68.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Update 1
Price dropped further now £69 for this bundle
Missed out on the bundle earlier on in the week with a Chromecast. John Lewis are now bundling Google Nest Hubs with TP-Link Smart plug (worth £14.99).
Get deal*Get deal*

I will wait for a sale on the Nest Hub Max. Bought one the other day and totally worth the extra of this smaller version


No ranting. This topic is about Google Nest, not Xiaomi, so I kept focus to the subject line. So, time has moved on, how many more people have reported this issue? Looks like the press are making a mountain out of a mole hill


Its not one person did you not see the dates on the posts, the first post was a couple of days ago and the other post was about another user back in January 2020 and an issue which also stemmed from Xiaomi IP cameras, how about you read before you rant?


I have the device on all the time playing music in the kitchen .. "Hey google, stream classic FM" or the like. or "hey Google, how to I cook spagetti bolognase?" or " Hey Google, where is my car?" or "Hey Google, show me my holiday pictures" the list goes on and on. Google Assistant: 30+ Super Useful Voice Commands You Should Know Its just perfect


So, 1 person in the whole world reports he got to watch someone elses front door cam. Am i worried, not a bit.

Motorola Moto G8 64GB 4GB Smartphone + Free Google Nest Mini £159.95 Delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
503° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Update 1
Decent android vanilla choice with a big battery and decent (Redmi Note 8esque) mid range processor. Now comes with free nest mini from John Lewis & Partners The Motorola… Read more

I've clicked on the link for the deal, but it appears it's no longer available.


Been using this very phone for the last few days and really impressed. No issues with screen, performance fine, cameras decent, good battery life, even comes with a free case! Shame no NFC though


Massively. That G90T in the note 8 pro is just the start I reckon, be nice to have an Snapdragon challenger


Hmmmmmm mediatek impressing lately too...


Ah mate, don't get me started, I am too. Though I'm also swaying toward this Same 144hz screen, but comes with mediatek new 5G chip, very good performance £311, but China version and no band 20, so would need some fettling

Google NEST Doorbell - £179.99 @ City Plumbing
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Great price, was this price in John Lewis but it’s gone back up!

I purchased a nest IQ cam from these...8 weeks later still hadn’t received it (allot longer than originally quoted!) Did manage to get a full refund but did have a bit of a battle to get it back! Tread carefully!!!!


Not sure what your point is? JL does NOT have any additional warranty, it's 2 years EVERYWHERE on NEST products. This is a good a deal as JL, better if you have a CP store close. JL stores are closed & you can collect this today @ City Plumbing. CP have more stores (and they are open) than JL (not so relevant as they are closed). JL will charge £6.95 for next day delivery.


Not sure what EU legislation has to do with Google warranties...


Thanks for sharing @Micky-B Seems a great price which unfortunately isn't reflected in the heat :( Maybe because of the John Lewis price match and the additional warranty people preferred that deal. Anyway, hot from me!


Thanks! I was talking generally, not necesarily about Google products.

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