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USB-C headset Adapter 3.5mm For Google Pixel And HTC Handsets @ HTC Club £5.95
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
When I had my pixel 2 xl it didn't have the headphone adapter with it, I refused to pay the £9 Google charge, so went in search of an alternative. It turns out there are only a ha… Read more

You need to make it clear that the Pixel XL2 ships with this, or as you imply in your post you don't rate it. Otherwise just post the adapter which fits any usb c phone. edit : grammar.


Which phone you using now then, The pixel 128gb?


cheaper than anything i can find on aliexpress! have some heat


Using my Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 ie jobbies I swear it sounds better than the Huwawei supplied adapter, definitly louder :D Never even though to try it until I saw this thread. Thanks 10dulkar (y)


Hmmm... That is very strange

HTC U11 - Silver 64GB & 4GB RAM £359.10 @ HTC
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
HTC U11, last year's flagship from the company, available directly from its online store with a 10% discount. I've had this phone for 6 months, performs smoothly and has an excel… Read more

I am using this phone from last 6/8 months..excellent camera and comparable to pixel 2 if install gcam mod, better speaker than pixel 2, better battery life than pixel 2 software is great. Only issue i find is its bit slippery in hand


Many thanks - I'll work my way through this and hopefully it will help.


I've also had HTC's for quite a few years and bought my HTC 11 when ebay offered the 20% off everything voucher code end of December last year. Prior to that I was also having problems with my HTC 10 and contacted HTC who told me how to do various types of resets which seemed to remedy the problem but it did make me lose confidence and worry whenever a software update notification was received. I've not had any such problems with the HTC 11. I'm not a heavy user (odd phone call/texting/plenty of browsing) and easily get a full day's use. With the voucher I paid a similar price as this for the 128/6gb model. If it's any use to you I've managed to find the email from HTC with their guidance in trying to resolve the battery issues: "Thank you for contacting HTC Customer Support Center. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your HTC 10. Let's start with some quick troubleshooting, hope it will help you solve the problems you are having on your smartphone. 1.Check for updates from Menu> Settings> About> Software Updates (preferably using Wi-Fi) 2.Calibrate the battery: Charge the device for at least 10 minutes •With the device truly OFF while still being plugged into the wall outlet, push in and hold volume up and volume down AND power button, for 2 minutes. Device will boot up, and battery/charging logic are re-calibrated. 3. If your phone overheating install 3rd party application named: Battery Temperature C and check the battery temperature. Please note that the normal operating temperature for HTC phones is between 30 and 55 degrees. If you still find it uncomfortable, you can follow the tips below to decrease the temperature: 1) When not in use, turn off Wi-Fi/ BT/ GPRS/ GPS. 2) Shut down the applications running in the background that you’re not using. 3) If this happens when using a specific 3rd party app, you can consider removing it. 4. Try test the battery: A) Charge the phone up to 100%; B) Enable Airplane mode in settings and make sure that the phone is not connected to the charger C) Dial * # * # 3424 # *#*, press “Accept”, select the "More" below. On the next page, enable "Battery test" –press "Run". After that, the instruction will appear. Press the "back" key, until you see the picture: the phone is on the table, and the timer is above it. As soon as you saw this image, please put the phone on the table and for an hour while testing is in progress and do not touch the device D) The timer will start counting from 1 hour until it reaches 0, during this time, do not touch the phone; After that, look at the results: A) If the battery level has reached 75% or is less, you need to send the device to the repair center B) If the battery level is more than 90-95%, in order to optimize battery performance, you need to do the following: 1.Go to Settings> Power> Battery Usage and check the applications that use the battery the most and turn them off. 2. Make sure you turn the “Power Saver” on (Settings> Power>Power saver) 3.Turn off 4G on your device. Because when you have 4G on and you’re not in an area with 4G coverage, your phone is always asking for 4 G and searching uses a lot of battery life. 4. Turn Off Mobile Data Entirely (When You Can) The worse the coverage, the faster your battery drains. This happens because your phone’s antenna has to work that much harder to try to find and maintain a signal. 5. One of the biggest battery Android battery life drainers and it has to do with an app we all use: Facebook. There’s only one solution to this problem: Uninstall the Facebook app and use 6.If you rarely use your phone for GPS, you probably don’t need your phone to constantly ping satellites for a service that you’re not using anyway. Head to Settings -> Location Services and turn GPS off. 7. If you don’t use any Bluetooth devices, turn Bluetooth off to save battery life. 8. If you don't use WI-FI , go ahead and turn Wi-Fi off to save some extra battery life 9.Use power adapter that came with your device. Other power adapters and chargers can charge slowly, not at all, or damage your device or battery. 10. To reduce battery drain when you're not using your device's screen, set a shorter time before your screen turns off. Open your device's Settings>Display>screen timeout>pick 15 seconds or 30 seconds 11. Reduce screen brightness: Settings>Display>Brightness level>choose Automatic brightness 12.Turn off live wallpapers 13.Sometimes the downloaded applications conflicts with the phone's OS making it not to perform in a normal way, so please try to use the phone in the safe mode by following the steps below: 1.Press and hold “power key “till you see the options of Power off and restart option 2. Press and hold on the screen on the power off option till you can reboot to safe mode 3. “Safe Mode “text will appear on the lower left of screen. If you followed these steps and the issue is resolved, it means that you have downloaded 3rd party application downloaded from the internet which conflicts with you device OS. Please remove it from: Menu>settings>applications >click on the applications and un-install them If the issue is not from the external application please try to perform a complete reset of the device(Factory Data Reset) NOTE: Resetting your handset to factory or manufacturer's default setting will delete all the data stored on your phone memory; Remember to back up your phone information and settings first if possible. To back up your data please Install HTC Sync Manager on your computer. For more details about HTC Sync manager please check the below links: For more details about HTC Backup please check the below link: To perform Factory Reset ,please open Settings > Backup And Reset > Reset Phone If the issue still occurs after following the above steps then we suggest to book a repair request for your phone within UK official repair center, so please provide us with the below information to proceed with booking 1. IMEI Number of your phone: (it is 15 digits start with 35 can be found on the original box, proof of purchase, or can be obtained from the network provider or you can dial *#06#) 2. Complete, safe and secure Address 3. Mobile Network Provider 4. Mobile number 5. Copy of proof of purchase stating the date and the IMEI on it, please send it to us as PDF. -Repairs will take approximately 5 to 7 business days from the time when it arrives at the HTC Repair Center and it's subject to parts availability (Excluding the shipment). -Should our engineers find any physical damage, wear and tear, unauthorized software, unauthorized repair attempts or your warranty has expired, the repair will be chargeable and we will send you a quote via email. -Our HTC Repair Center does not accomplish partial repairs. Upon diagnostics, any faulty part or defective material found will be replaced entirely. -You are under no obligation to accept the quote and if you decline, there will be an approximately £27 (may vary depending on exchange rates) diagnosis, shipping and handling fee to have the device returned to you unrepaired. -Devices with minor liquid damage will receive a repair quote, depending on the cost of the repair. -Devices with major liquid damage are returned immediately and unrepaired, as they are classed as beyond economic repair If you need our further help, please, let us know. We will be more than glad to help you For any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team on 0203-684-8000 Or 0845-890-0079 Monday to Friday - 9AM to 6PM You can also find many helpful articles on our website: Best regards, Sabina HTC support team"


Well at least the Nokias can double as a chisel if they stop working.


I've had mine for 6 months and so far no issues. There's no such thing as a disaster proof phone from any manufacturer - I have a long history of badly malfunctioning Nokia phones

HTC U Ultra 64GB 4G Dual Sim SIM FREE / UNLOCKED - White - £188.99 @ eGlobal Central
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Pretty good price for a phone with this spec. Not sure how trustworthy this site is but there is a section for this site available on hotukdeals. Also note even though their name i… Read more
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Gone up to £191.99


Bought a couple of phones from eglobal Ultra and a desire,Excellent service both came within a week,The ultra is a great phone takes great photo's Battery lasts a full day without problems.


I bought one of these from eGlobal earlier this year when they were just under £230 and have been impressed with it. The battery on mine normally lasts all day easily using it as a work phone for phone calls and emails, browsing etc. The only time that I have to charge it during the day is if I am using it as a "Hotspot" for my Laptop all day when it gets low late in the afternoon or if I am using it as a SAT Nav.


Even previous flagship phones with huge bezels are having to come down in price massively as they look so old-fashioned now.


seems a great price but the phone has pretty awful reviews. Shame HTC moved away from the 'ONE' range

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HTC U11+ 4gb/ 64gb dual sim 4G - Ceramic Black £426.79 @ Toby Deals
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Probably go cold because its from toby, but this is a really good price, the cheapest I've ever seen it. With band 20, and no customs makes this a winning combo haha Even more s… Read more

Oh... Well that's probably the end of that then


They bought their staff, not the company


Didn't they get bought by Google? Could rejuvenate them in the way it did Motorola before Lenovo came and ruined it all again...


With the 12 model out now.....very few resellers doing it, I wouldn't spend this kind of money on the 11....haven't voted, love htc but if they won't do them on contract they will be dead soon or happy to sell 5 phones a year


Agreed, sadly. :(

HTC U11 5.5in SD835 128GB/6GB (Amazing Silver) in 20% Amazon Warehouse offer VGC (not in original box) £243.43
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Shows as £304.29 until you checkout - *after* the option to add a promo code! One of the few cameras that can hold its own against the Pixel camera, for under £250 with full 12mth … Read more
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So you bought it then?


Read the op


Is it a dual or single sim?


Two left...just cancelled mine & reordered one without any defects


back up again without cosmetic defects just packaging

HTC HTC Desire 12 UK SIM Free Smartphone - Cool Black @ Dispatched from and sold by Amazon exclusively for Prime members
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Seems like a good phone for the price, 2730mah battery may be a sticking point. MediaTek processor maybe another. Everything else seems quite reasonable for a phone under £150. … Read more

I posted a deal last week for eglobal, and went and bought every single one of their phones that they sell, didn't pay any customs, but had to buy another house to keep them in. That was an expensive week (cheeky) (highfive)


If you don't think it is or is not great, just try and point out why for us simple folk. Is there a chance that honor will be reduced again on John Lewis?


If I need to explain why it's a mediocre phone, then you have just confirmed that both you and the switch have no clue whatsoever.. Most of switchies posts are not deals, this one for instance is £20 more expensive than egc, but switch has decided to ignore that fact. Despite him/her claiming egc are the best thing since sliced bread. . Also if you believe his posts, it would appear the he has bought every single phone ever released from every single merchant. Sorry I don't believe a word he post's. This site has a certain amount of people posting non deals on a regular basis. Why is that?


How is this a mediocre phone?? Its the latest from HTC, only £149 and has everything a normal, day to day user, even power user would want, the HD+ screen is stunning, brilliant camera, Dual sim (active not standby that works!!) cards, HTC sense and it is not even for sale yet in the UK and compared to the HTC 12+ which is brand new as well, you would be hard pushed to spot the difference in use. (nerd) As for the comparison to SFL, worlds apart!!! A lot, as in a lot of hukd members have really benefited from @Mrswitch deals, especially the phone deals, he / she has saved those that have purchased a massive amount and the Pepper group have not done bad out of the affiliate hops from them either! The reason that he / she keeps posting, is there are a few of us out there, that like a challenge finding deals for others and are not lazy (( no offence @deeky !)) enough to just get ripped off, by paying more for something worth less, that is being sold for more, to those not in the know! As an example of that, check out my Oukitel K5000 smartphone deal, £200 > £165 everyone on the planet still buying them at that price, on offer ((in fact I think they are £155 on amazon on offer now and still sell!)) they went down, with a double price discount, to £50... many benefited as the deal did not last long, but some didnt! Same as the recent 6TB WD deal, some members have been waiting a year to try and get one, at a deal price and according to their latest posts in the latest deal for it, they have got one! If anything, upper Pepper management should be looking at giving out one of their special badges things, for all his / her effort, how about it @juliet_bravo <3


Ju Just because you two don't appreciate my deals, some do. So I guess I'll take the negative with the positive (highfive)

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HTC 10 - 32GB - Unlocked SIM Free Black - ee - good £98.99 @ Music magpie / Ebay
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
10% automatically applies at checkout Another good price here. Under £100 for one of these is fantastic imo. Spend those nectar points, and use the cashback websites. Refurbish… Read more

Thanks ordered one!


Go to their website and it has 20% off Then use eBay and unlock the phone



Same, looks like deal expired now. Always next time.


Finished. Sorry

HTC 10 EVO 32GB 4G LTE SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - White  102.59(+2%Quidco/TCB) @ eglobalcentraluk
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
The price have now dropped even lower than previously posted deals. Here are some f the features of the phone. - 5.5" Super LCD Screen, 2560 x 1440 pixels, 534 ppi - 16MP main c… Read more
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still 14 in stock


Don't buy that phone, just watch VoloKin Project's video on YouTube explaining about issues like no 4G and so on.


Was just about to pull the trigger but this phone doesn't have a 3.5mm jack.




Got mine when they originally came out and just sold it a month ago for £120 towards an iPhone X. It was a great phone served me well.

Anker PowerPort Qi Wireless Charger Inductive Charging Station £6.99 (Prime) / £11.48 (non Prime)  AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus/S8+/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge, Nexus 7/6, HTC 8X, LG G3 and All Qi-compatible Devices



Each to their own I charge my phone at work and therefore the quicker the better :)


Probably ideal for overnight bedside charging. Mine fast charges and then sits there at 100% for 5+ hours which can't be good for the battery. I'd rather it trickle charges for 5 hours and was just ready in time to get up in the morning.


Glad it's compatible with the S8 Plus and S8+


No fast charging booo :(

HTC 10 in White/Gold - 4GB/32GB Memory, SD 820 Processor, 5.2ft QHD Screen - Refurbished A1 Pristine Condition at Laptops Direct for £149.97
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
Thought this seemed an interesting proposition and very good value considering you are buying this from a UK seller... The HTC 10 was previously a flagship phone and very highly r… Read more

The official answer is no... However when I have purchased "A1 Pristine Condition" phones from Laptops Direct they have come with them, and in the original box. I think most the refurbished phones Laptops Direct are selling are phones returned, by people who have changed there minds and provided the accessories have not been opened, they will be included. But you should assume no and if they come it's a bonus.


I currently have HTC10. I'd say it's a good phone. The cameras both have ois so good for video. The battery life dropped dramatically after about 18 months to a point that it would turn itself off while reporting 45% and after only about 2 hrs of use. htc replaced the battery and it's now great again. It does get super-hot sometimes especially when quick charging... I think that might be what killed my battery. I'd recommend at this price but do a battery test in the first few days and return if capacity low. I use AccuBattery for this... Recommendation #2!


I had a Desire, One X, M7, M8, M9, 10 and U11 - not a single fault in 7 years or so. Just changed to P20 Pro as U12 looked a bit meh, but quite sad to have deserted HTC :(


90 days warranty is awful as HTC phones are not great from my experience, various issues after 90 days like: battery drain, screen issues, slow os and other issues. Good luck!



Grade A Pristine HTC U Ultra Brilliant Black 5.7" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free @ Appliances Direct
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Great price for a pristine, I recieved a huawei p smart from these guys today described like this I.E no accessories, but I got everything, including earphones. Also, don't forget… Read more



Eglobal central its dual sim not split screen.


Hmm and does this phone have split screen and dual apps with the dual sim ie two whatsapp apps?


I'm guessing one of the Chinese sites.


Where did u get the brand new one with dual sim?

HTC U11+ 4gb/ 64gb dual sim 4G - Translucent Black £450.99 @ Toby Deals
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
Use the code to knock a tenner off to get this cracking price. Don't forget your 2.02% cashback, every little helps. Even more squeezed in HTC U11+ has a 6” screen th… Read more

Seriously I am curious aswell, WTF do you use anyways.


400 is not yesterday's tech you diiip shiiit


Agreed. also known for screen problems. I am hoping the smaller version will come down in price with the U12 on its way


Oh no, NOT. IN. THE. SLIGHTEST. Was just interested in the phone you currently use as you said you wouldn't pay + £400 for last year's Tech. You don't have to tell me, but this is a community, and people in the community are free to ask questions, and people are also free to not answer questions and be a bit shirty, that's your choice and I respect you for it. Good bye now.


Why does it matter what phone I’m using? Do you take it this personally to all cold remarks. Do you even know if I voted hot or cold?

HTC U11 Silver Grade A (Excellent) 64GB Storage, 6GB RAM All Networks 5.5' Touchscreen, 12MP Camera @ EBAY /  tech-outlet-store1
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Seen this and thought it to be a great price for a Grade A choose the silver option for £279.99 Excellent super fast, smooth phones. Htc u12 plus came out yesterday for £629, so… Read more

One thing nexus phones weren't were "OTT prices" Pixels yes, nexus no!


Excellent phone ..i have kept it for some months..its slippery in hand though


One mans bloat is another mans features. I don't understand the big draw to pixel and previously nexus devices, OTT pricing, no expandable storage, stock android is dull. They may get updates 1st but Samsung and other oem's phones already have the new features without the update


This store kept it at £299.99 for a good amount of time, glad to see they dropped it a little.


Security updates better than Samsung's and lgs but Nokia, oneplus, pixel, takes the lead.

HTC U11 Solar Red (64GB) Dual Sim £404.10 @ HTC club members
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
I posted a general rundown of phones available discounted from htc club. I think this is a great price from htc themselves for a new in the rare red. People may disagree, but I … Read more

HTC U12+ was released today


I make that a touch under £17 a month if you compare to a 24 month contract which I think is pretty good going coupled with a decent sim only contract. Good spot.

HTC U12+ Translucent Blue (64GB) Dual Sim £629.10 @ HTC club members
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Good price? Sign up to htc club for this price. PayPal Users: Funds will be withdrawn once you receive your order confirmation notification Credit Card Users: Your card wil… Read more

Yes Sorry we can't validate your email. Please check this is the address you have registered previously with HTC or sign-up here


Hmm... It was very easy for me to do. Validate your email address you mean?


Signed up to the club but when clicking sign in, it doesn't validate


HTC 10 still going strong..will wait


Was really interested until i found out it doesn't have buttons (shock) , this things full of gimmicks.

HTC U11+ 6gb Ram 128gb Dual Sim Unlocked Ceramic Black from UK globalcentral for £498.99
Found 20th MayFound 20th May
Edit also 5.99 off code with email sign up. Last htc went bust on me after years of drops and cheapest I could find my future htc for. No import tax and covered by PayPal retur… Read more

No worries. I take stuff with a pinch of salt on here. Sometimes I just can't be bothered reading every comment in a thread so i end up skimming through or I'd spend all night on here. Sometimes you can have too much information.


And so you should (lol) sorry if I snapped, I've already had a telling off about it ha


Sorry,I stand corrected. I'll sit in the corner for an hour.


OK, let's just leave it there then shall we!


Still doesn't warrant a rude response

HTC 10 EVO 32GB 4G- White £105.99 @ Toby deals
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
I wouldn't normally post deals from Toby, but though this was really cheap and not much risk. Great phone, great price. Details Meet HTC 10 evo.The metal unibody phone that combi… Read more

This or the Honor 9 lite?


£105.44 here now


No it is a single SIM and a separate drawer for Micro SD.


Yes has the HTC Boom Sound ear phones in box, but with a USB-C connector on end. They are supposed to be very good, but not tried them myself. No USB-C to 3.5mm adapter is included, don't try buying a cheap adapter off eBay it will not work. You'll need to buy a genuine HTC one, they are about £19 on HTC's website, but sign up to HTC Club and get it for around £5-6. Apparently it contains a high quality DAX in the connector and hence why justify price. But I'll leave that for others to argue about, but works fine for me.


If you are playing a demanding game, yes... But for average browsing, news apps and music, it gets mildly warm in the hand. Charges 0-50% in around 30ish mins.

Grade A HTC U11 - 64GB -  Amazing Silver @ Ebay (cellphoneservicecentre) with Warranty
Found 12th MayFound 12th May
Used smartphone from a reputable high street store graded A, meaning the front screen ,the side panel /alloy central and rear chassis are all in mint condition with no visible scrs… Read more

And you are a T**t but oh well.


That's a tough one. ... Depends where you buy it from.


You are sad.


Hmmm. This or mi mix 2?


Love my U11, will keep for till 2020. Don't see a need to upgrade anytime. Soon.

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