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HTC Desire 320 8GB Unlocked Android Black 99HABW058-00 (Seller refurbished) - £11.50 delivered @ mobstarstrade / eBay
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Good back up, sat nav, festival, emergency phone Android 4.4 runs fb, whatsapp

Phone arrived in excellent condition. Not a scratch. Thanks Op


Yet even back then still have functions that Apple have only just introduced (lol)


Damn it wanted this to replace my iPhones with. Who needs an iPhone 11 and X when you can have 2010 vibes all in a portable handy size brick XD XD


Price now £13.50........


Cex WILL need original box and accessories to mark it a grade A so this is a B Also I remember you posting from this seller a few times. Is it self promotion again ???

HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G £349 @ HTC
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G 6.7 inch, 20:9 5,000 mAh Main camera:48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP Front Camera:16 MP Beauty mode, Real-time portrait mode Android™ 10 Release Qualcomm™ Snapdragon® 6… Read more

They did first few, then Google bought HTC mobile smartphone division for 1.1 billion and kill it, I'm sure they are using all the HTC technologie for pixel


A quick look at the website certainly shows their phones are very similar to pixels!


Haven't HTC been the Google pixel manufacturers lately?


I didn't realise HTC were still making phones! I had the Sensation XE about 10 years ago.


Yup, but I had the option of either the Galaxy S4 or the One X as my first android smartphone and I chose the one with the good looks and premium feel... Only to realise the limited app storage drawback 6 months down the line... Then the awful battery life and overheating issues kicked in...

HTC Desire 626 4G 5" Android 16GB SIM-Free Unlocked Smartphone GRADE A £31 @ mobstarstrade eBay
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Posted 9th MarPosted 9th Mar
HTC Desire 626 4G 5" Android 16GB SIM-Free Unlocked Smartphone GRADE A £31 @ mobstarstrade eBay£31eBay Deals
Cheap for 16GB Smartphone that does WhatsApp FB YouTube, aware its not an S21 Ultra or 12 Pro Max

Cheers OP


This came out in 2015 so the security patches will be completely out of date. Only get this for novelty value otherwise you're exposing yourself to security risks.


You should be fine just get 5 batteries lol


Old school phone :D


I found it, it's out of stock. Boo!

HTC HD2 Unlocked Cheap Unlocked Phone- £9.69 @ eBay / Mobstarstrade
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Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
HTC HD2 Unlocked Cheap Unlocked Phone- £9.69 @ eBay / Mobstarstrade£9.69eBay Deals
Back down in price, nostalgia, working (possible burner) phone for £9.69, yes its not an S21 or 12 Pro Max



Let's frame the conversation, because samsung really took off at the detriment of every other manufacturer around 2011/12. HTC in 2015 was already a dead man walking in the space. In this timeframe, Huawei wasn't even a player in the space, at least in the west, LG was a niche at best. in 2012 HTC was offering the One X as its flagship. The X was well received, compared favourably even vs 4s for screen and build quality. In the android space the challenge come from the S3. The devices were comparable, but overall the s3 edged it out more often than not. So, was it close in sales? Samsung sold 20 million S3s within 100 days. I couldn't find specific numbers on the One X, but in the same timeframe, HTC sold, as a whole, 9 million phones. The One X was a flop. By that time they had already realized that the writing was on the wall re: trying to compete in the budget market, due to the influx of offerings from chinese manufacturers, hence their CEO going "We don't want to destroy our brand image," Mr. Chou said. "We insist on using better materials to make better products that offer premium experience. Many consumers like that." And so they did, jump forward to 2013, htc comes out with the m7, which won a zillion "phone of the year awards", that was perhaps the first android to not only compete, but outdo apple in terms of design and build quality. It was the best phone on the market, it wasn't perfect, and the competiton wasn't terribly far behind, but it was a winner. Surely they sold a lot? Well it was their best selling phone ever, 5 millions during the first 2 months. How did the s4 do? 4 millions in 4 days since launch, 10 millions in 27 days. Supposedly it sold 80 million units. The m8 was yet another winner, sold less than the m7. The s5 outsold the s4. It looks to me like you are mixing cause and effect - saying that "up until the m8 htc wasn't competing in specs, features, eco-system" compared to the android alternative is revisionism. If anything, it's the exact opposite - HTC competed extraordinarily well until then, and then they could no longer. high end phone development became increasingly more expensive, and they simply lacked the size and market share to keep up in the space, whilst they had no chance to compete in the cheaper markets. The UI once again was great until they were alive and kicking, and then got left behind. You don't think marketing (and distribution) are responsible, so what is to blame, when with comparable device they consistently sold a fraction of the devices? Samsung did well to establish itself as a household name, to outgrow the "android manufacturer" moniker, and to become synonym with the anti-apple. "do yo have an iphone? No I have a samsung". In relation to HTC, they are a state-backed leviathan, and any battle was only ever going to end one way. It is no coincidence that since then, the only manufactures that were able to grow in the android space have been comparably-sized giants (or backed by, like 1+). And I'm really not sure what "the customer is always right no matter what marketing upto" is supposed to mean. I haven't blamed "customers" anywhere, but history is full of great companies and products being outdone for reasons that aren't related to their intrisict quality.


Thank you for confirming.


No top up required with the Sims. Just pop it in to your phone. Register with UberEats and you'll get the verification code straight away


I thought so too

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Betron R28 Premium 3 USB Port Car Charger for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC - £6.39 (+£4.49 NP) - Sold by Betron / FBA
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Posted 20th Dec 2020Posted 20th Dec 2020
Betron R28 Premium 3 USB Port Car Charger for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC - £6.39 (+£4.49 NP) - Sold by Betron / FBA£6.39Amazon Deals
Betron R28 Premium 3 USB Port Car Charger for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC etc

3A shared on 3 ports. Dunno what’s so premium about that


No USB C connection so not much use for modern phones

HTC 320 Unlocked 8GB £20.19 @ mobstarstrade / eBay
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Posted 17th Dec 2020Posted 17th Dec 2020
HTC 320 Unlocked 8GB £20.19 @ mobstarstrade / eBay£20.19 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Good basic smartphone able to run whatsapp, youtube, fb all for £20 delivered grade a as new condition

Well, fer the price I wouldn't have been expecting the Maserati of mobile phones XD I just find it mental when some people say/ask"I want to get my little Johnny a phone, he's only 6, should I get this or the iPhone xyz" SO, I was thinking in terms of it would do the job, as a "dip yer toes in the water" type phone...calls, texts and MUSIC, and if "little Johnny" managed to look after this? HAPPY birthday son :D


It's going to be slow,Nita not going to support recent apps and games. The battery may be degraded. For calls and texts it will probably be fine, but it might not even be reliable.


Yes excellent childs entry level phone


Would it work as a child's entry level phone do yer think (camera/Bluetooth media player being a bonus)


I'm thinking in terms of £20.19 fer a (not bad) 5MP camera & a Bluetooth music player, something a youngster can play around with THAT'S NOT GONNA BE WORTH STEALING, and if they manage to keep it...and keep it in 1 piece, you can move em on up to the Premier £ League. Just sayin.