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HTC 10, 32 GB - £399 @ HTC
Found 12th Sep 2017Found 12th Sep 2017
Seems like a decent price. Might interest some. 32 GB model.

Took the plunge and bought the 10, thanks OP


Surprised it still costs this much but it's an amazing phone. Audio wise there's not many phones that can touch it apart from the LG V series, the G6 Korean model and the Axon 7


Done, thanks!​


Exactly! Not sure why his comment has been added to my description considering it has exactly 0 likes at this point. Are hotukdeals trying to piggy-back eglobalcentral on this post?


Worth noting that this price is for the 32GB model. Battery on these lasts about a day on good use, not two days.

HTC 10 - £333.99 @ eGlobal Central
Found 3rd May 2017Found 3rd May 2017
Found a black HTC 10 on eglobal central for £333.99. Never used this site so can't vouch for it but seems like a great deal to me

Agreed. Must have been living on planet Zorg. Hopefully the HTC U 11 coming soon will be a big seller.


Here on planet earth is a household name


​Because it's not clear and for any of the eglobal deals I've seen the slight discount is not worth the loss of warranty which I assume is why people are voting them cold.


Why every single eGlobalCentral thread gets cold? Bought my LG G4 back in the day, no issues whatsoever. Have you got "European warranty" - no, did you pay less - yes. Clear?


These phones are grey imports with no eu warranty or support, while you may be able to get help from your credit card company it's not straightforward at all (had friends tried this route with grey imports and didn't get anywhere) and the considerably increased hassle if there's a problem with the device should be weighed against the saving.

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HTC 10 SIM FREE "used" - like new (ie new return) - £396.81 @ amazon warehouse
Found 26th Apr 2017Found 26th Apr 2017
Will be brand new return - grab a "bargain" - can always return for free if not new! Scroll down the list to "like new" listings. LIKE NEW = USER RETURNED SEALED 99% OF THE TIME! … Read more

Okay based upon your experience it would appear that you've been very fortunate up until now with what you've purchased and what has subsequently been delivered. Fair play and I can't knock that! I'm not suggesting Amazon Warehouse deals aren't worth the bother but I am saying you can get unlucky and nothing is guaranteed - you take your chances. True it's not a massive hassle when they have to go back and I haven't yet had an issue with that (touch wood). The only slight annoyance in my recent experience was what I had purchased subsequently went back up in price for the brand new equivalent right before I knew I would need to re-purchase. Saying I was slightly miffed was an understatement!


Sorry... but no... Ive bought lots from warehouse "like new"... they are BRAND NEW SEALED! With the manufacturer seal still on or the clingfilm still wrapped on it. They are simply customer returns that are not to be resold as new. But then wtfdik - Ive only had about 6 brand new items from warehouse that were "like new"... Oh and its FREE RETURNS so if you can put up with the hassle who cares. In fact amazon have in the past refunded me and said dont worry about returning it...


IT WILL be second hand otherwise it wouldn't be sold as a Warehouse deal! Jesus some folks don't understand what's classed as second hand these days. To enlighten you, if someone opens the box and breaks any manufacturers seal the product is second hand. Yes it may not have been used but it's still not technically brand new. Add to that the FACT that warehouse deals are a lottery and you can get used, damaged or items missing it's not a sure fire guarantee you'll get something immaculate and complete no matter how much you personally vouch for Amazon. As an example of my recent experiences, which you'll no doubt argue aren't relevant, I purchased a 28" monitor via warehouse deals, described as damaged box but item has no marks and is complete, and it was as described. Albeit it was definitely used even if briefly. Just last weekend I had delivered a high end bluray player described again as box damaged but item as new - this time around it arrived in an immaculate box but the bluray player casing was coming apart, there were scratches all over it and no remote, accessories or cables. It got posted right back to Amazon for a refund. So you're experience may be either very fortunate or you're over egging Amazon warehouse for hot votes in my opinion.


Someone liked the deal as all gone now.


Been a while since there has been a post from an Amazon fanboy. I just cannot understand why people are so obsessed with Amazon - just as good/bad as any other online retailer. Personally would much rather buy from someone who uses DPB for deliveries - especially for high ticket items, Amazon might well drop it off to someone 100 yards down the road who you have never met before.

Sim free HTC 10 £399 @ phone shop by sainsbury`s
Found 25th Apr 2017Found 25th Apr 2017
the HTC 10 is £399 from phoneshopbysainsbury`s currently great underated phone dont forget your nectar points

mine took 1 day to fix. Collected on a Wednesday and returned to me fixed Friday morning!


I'm not saying you're wrong, just that my experience differs from yours. I've had a nexus phone and used custom ROMs on various phones so I'm familiar with stock android. S Health is easy enough to disable in the application manager, but can't say I noticed any difference before and after disabling it. I must admit that I find it odd that anyone would complain about bloatware when they are using bloatware though. :) Disable S Health and then make comparisons with stock android, but don't complain about a phone because of a pre-installed app that can easily be turned off. My S7 edge runs great, doesn't harass me and hasn't needed a reset. Don't get me wrong I'm no fan of bloatware, but if you have the option of disabling and silencing it then I don't think it's a big problem, especially when you have a micro SD card to expand storage if you're worried about the space it uses. I avoided the S6 for the lack of expandable storage and the Nexus phone was my biggest regret for this same reason. I ended up giving it to my wife lol.


HTC 10 used - like new - in original packaging - £398 from amazon warehouse:



New HTC out imminently (was going to be called ocean which was a good name but now HTC 11 U?). So prices will drop for this everywhere... The S7 Edge was 450 brand new from amazon warehouse last week... nearly went for that but decided to wait for prices to drop.

Htc 10 3gb EE data £673.76 @ USwitch
Found 23rd Feb 2017Found 23rd Feb 2017
Best deal currently on EE. 3gb data, unlimited calls and texts. £50 upfront . 3 colours available What you’ll pay for your contract Monthly rates are subject to rise during the co… Read more

Yup I agree. I bought the phone outright at launch for £500 and have been paying £16 p/m (for 12Gb) on Three.


Maybe. But with the phone still selling for £450 and upwards, the sim contract works out under £10 per month which is pretty good for 3gb


It's a nice solid phone and £26 per month isn't bad. For some reason it'll go cold though. HUKD roulette.

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HTC 10 unlimited text/minutes + 24GB DATA!!!! Vodafone £32 per mth (£29 after cashback) / 24mths £768 @ MobilePhones Direct
Found 18th Feb 2017Found 18th Feb 2017
INSANELY GOOD DEAL!! Filter the search Choose 4gb+ in data and no upfront cost its about 6th one down. Sorry wasnt able to put direct link to it for. Some reason

basically you get from Hongkong... UK compatible..


Was it a UK model I saw them and it looked like an import website


Yes awesome phone. Went for this over the S7 as every phone I've ever owned with a physical home button, the home button has broken. As these don't have one hopefully will be more reliable.


I took the problem so for..


Thank you ! How reliable is this website ? I have seen this already but decided not to get it, consideration the company's reputation.

HTC 10 - £399 @ Dixons Travel, Heathrow
Found 11th Jan 2017Found 11th Jan 2017
HTC 10 on offer at Dixons Travel Heathrow.
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​yep and then touch Wiz comes along to urinate all over the bonfire :(


Shame most of the units came with a poor display that had pink tint issues amongst others. Returned 4 of them in total due to them all having the TIANMA panel. Some were linked than others, but all had horrible yellowing towards the bottom of the screen. The sharp panels are supposed to be a lot nicer but for some reason seem to be hard to come by in the UK.


Never dropped a phone in a river or the loo. Waterproofing is a gimmick to me.


HTC's U Ultra and Play have skipped over the headphone jack, waterproofing and wireless charging for some reason. Just odd when other high-end handsets haven't, and another example of HTC missing tricks when trying to be competitive. They make largely desirable phones but miss features people want - not saying waterproofing is essential but it's nice to know you get a bit of protection from the elements after spending all that money.


We'll have to wait and see, but either way there's going to be a price drop on the HTC 10 sooner or later. I'm not sure what that has to do with the headphone jack? HTC aren't exactly known for great marketing strategy, but I wouldn't say they're dead yet as it hasn't been a strong year for any of the major smartphone companies.

HTC 10 for 469.99 at Carphone Warehouse
Found 23rd Dec 2016Found 23rd Dec 2016
HTC 10 was at this price for a brief period at launch but the price increased shortly afterwards. On HTC own website, the price is 10£ more, albeit with Camellia Red option, wherea… Read more

Excellent phone that's hugely underrated.


this is 449 in Dixons Travel. And cheaper in


it is still showing 569.99 for all colours for some reason...

HTC 10 on Vodafone 4G Red with 3GB & unlimited mins & texts £25 a month with £60 up front cost
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
I've been waiting for a decent deal for the HTC 10 for ages. I think this is pretty good from and have just had my phone dispatched. 3GB is plenty for me although app… Read more

Yep looks like the deal has been pulled now and next best is considerably more money.


Has this ended?, can't find it now but was available last night when I looked?


It's much better than touchwiz! Besides the HTC 10 is very close to being untouched pure android experience


Cold for Vodaphone!


Hate HTC sense have had 2 including current phone

HTC 10 'Special Christmas Price' Was £569.99 Now £479 & HTC UK
Found 14th Dec 2016Found 14th Dec 2016
Available in 4 colours with free standard delivery from the official HTC store. Still a little pricey but a decent saving if you're in the market for the HTC 10.

It was £469 during the summer


​I got it at lunch as well, but the cheapest I found for at the time was for £510. Where the hell did you found it for under £470???


​I'm typing this on a One M8, it's a shame HTC won't roll out any further OS updates for these :(


Why? The 3T is out for 400 quid?


too pricey :(

sim free HTC 10 for £381.99 @ eGlobal Central
Found 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
Sim free HTC 10 for £381.99 at eglobal uk Haven't bought from them before so can't comment on reliability or trustworthiness

I've bought a few things from them. No probs. Arrived quickly. Would use again. But yes, they are not going to be UK models and from what I've read warranty isn't worth much. I probably would avoid claiming on it unless I absolutely had to.


You don't get an EU product and will probably not be converted by warranty here. you may well need to post back to Hong Kong if it develops a fault


Based in Hong Kong I think, read the reviews on trust pilot regarding this gang before ordering


I always lose confidence when the sites English is all over the place. They have everything you need 'in Xmas'


That's a great price imo for what is a fantastic phone, cheapest since the Summer deal at HTC for £485.

HTC 10 upgrade on O2 via CPW, 3Gb/unlimited/unlimited, 24M, £89.99+£31.50/month = £845.99 (phone = £365.99, tariff = £480)
Found 10th Nov 2016Found 10th Nov 2016
Not expecting much heat from this given what I've seen happens to mobile deals most of the time but still, this was a good deal for me and I thought I'd share! I'm already on O2, … Read more

I've been wondering the same, my wife may be semi-after one at the right price. Of course the alternative reason to the one you suggest is that it's still too premium to discount (whereas Samsung have a job to do after the exploding Notes). I'm sure we'll see something soon, glad I've had the phone for the last few weeks though.


So where are the black Friday deals for this phone ? Making me wonder if there's not enough UK demand or stock to discount it. HTC will likely reduce the phone by 100-150 any day now but will the contract prices follow ?


It is personal preference. I loved my M7, and having to go back to my Galaxy Nexus just made it even more obvious. I do feel the 10 picks up and continues from the M7. Having had a go with an S7 edge again I just didn't click with it. That's not to say it's better than an S7 or iPhone, it's personal preference. Speaking generally, it is a pity that the only mobile deals that seem to get any heat are cheap Chinese phones right at the bottom end of the market being sold by dodgy international sellers. It would be much more healthy for the site if the contingent always hammering deals for premium phones (of all makes) just stayed away from the deals.


Samsung have it on the right, I hold the phone in my right hand so easier access for me. Personal taste really I suppose. I knew the phone wasn't waterproof, it was an accident, but wouldn't have been an issue with the s7 and after using one for a week it's better IMO.


The back button is on the ' correct ' side as far as Android is concerned. Can't understand why you'd get the HTC 10 without knowing this and also knowing it's not waterproof ?

HTC 10 in new camellia red. 15% off using code £484.49 @ HTC
Found 6th Oct 2016Found 6th Oct 2016
I've been hoping the HTC 10 would be released in the UK in red... and now it has. 15% off with code HTC15. all colours available but has been slightly cheaper for other colours. … Read more

£400 and below is my sweet spot for this one.


HTC are really missing a trick by not capitalising on the Samsung exploding battery fiasco. - little more reduction in price and more marketing and they'll get a lot of Samsung converts


When will the price fall for this phone?


The gold one is now 15% off if anyone's interested


Got the handset a bit slippery need a case and I get random gestures on screen at times I'm probably doing something wrong or need to disable something but pretty fast and compact

Amazon Student Offer: HTC 10 Sim-Free Carbon Grey (Used - Very Good) - £369.30 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 28th Sep 2016Found 28th Sep 2016
As title. Used but very good. 30 day return policy.

price has gone back up to around 470£ waill wait till it comes down im guesisng its automatically applied at checkout


They have an offer till November where Amazon Student subscribers gets 20% off. Take it to the cart.


how do you get student discount? is it 10%

HTC 10 - 2000 minutes 5000 texts 4GB £258.99 uprfront then £15pm 24 months Talkmobile - £618.99 via uswitch
Found 27th Sep 2016Found 27th Sep 2016
HTC 10 32GB Silver Deal seems to be through uswtich only. Talkmobile 24 months 2000 minutes 5000 texts 4GB data £258.99 upfront cost then £15pm for 24 months = £618.99 total cos… Read more

Has anyone got more feedback for talk mobile? Trust pilot seems to slate them. Also noticed currently using Vodafone with 3G only, moving to O2 with 4G in the near future, can't see a date for that.


HUKD is a funny old place


This still looks like a good deal compared to other contracts. Not sure why voted cold.


Ordered thanks


Why does any company limit minutes and texts these days? Just looks measly.

HTC 10 32GB - £15.99 a month on EE with Unlimited Minutes & Texts, 15GB Data - £29.99 upfront
Found 17th Aug 2016Found 17th Aug 2016
Came across this on the EE website while browsing their new handset plans which were released today. Not a fan of HTC handsets myself, but this offer seemed to be unbelievable. Es… Read more

Just had the phone call, I had placed an order and did I want to proceed. Denied any knowledge of a mis-price.


I think it's their hope that you didn't notice the higher price & just accept the item. :( It's their T&Cs which allows this 'misprice' to occur regularly with some retailers, some might even call it marketing exercise. There are repeated offenders. :p I believe the transaction has not completed completely because you had to wait for the confirmation. This is quite clear in law, e.g. the transaction is not completed until you walked off the shop floor; thus it's possible for the manager to cancel the transaction.


Unless they point out the increase and ask you if you still want to proceed, I can't see how they could enforce this.


I think they send you a confirmation before despatch at the higher price. So if you accept the item, then I guess, it's at this 'new' price.


If they despatch then under contract law they have accepted you order at the price quoted so should honour it.

HTC 10 £469.99 using £100 off code (Free Express Delivery) @ HTC Store
Found 28th Jul 2016Found 28th Jul 2016
Great Deal for a fantastic phone! Available in 3 colours, expires August 18th The HTC 10 is bold, beautiful and built to empower. Every element has been pushed, developed and refi… Read more
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try to stick it in a bag of rice, you don't want the water to evaporate and then just condense again inside the phone, they may be able to tell that it has been opened especially if the guys don't know what they are doing. I cracked the screen on my old HTC One and no-one would touch it. they are all used to iPhones..


I've had this phone for a couple of months and it's now buggered after dropping it in water. Took it to two phone repair shops who wouldn't touch it as they didn't have the tools to open it up. I'm currently in the process of spending a week trying to dry it in the heat of the sun and an airing cupboard. Prior to dropping it, the phone was also constantly unmounting my sd card so I was constantly restarting to rectify this. I have found a shop who will take it apart for £10 to have a look. If the water indicator hasnt been set off then I will send it off to htc. They charge £27 to send it back to you if your not wanting to go ahead with the repair Should have gone for a waterproof s7.


Deals still live as of 14th September.


Is fairly flimsy plastic, at least on my S4, seems to be using the same polycarbonate material, will take a hit if dropped and save the actual phone which is the key really and easily replaceable.


HTC are doing 2 separate deals on the HTC 10 now: HTC 10 for £469.99 using code HTC100UK or HTC 10 with free set of JBL Reflect Aware C earphones (RRP £169.99) for £569.99

HTC 10 (Silver, Grey or Gold) £50 upfront then £32pm - 6gb + Unlimited Calls + Unlimited SMS - Vodafone
Found 1st Jun 2016Found 1st Jun 2016
Beats most other deals I've seen for this phone by >£200 over the life of the contract - for a similar amount of data. Currently rated 3rd best smartphone on the market by Techr… Read more
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Phone: £519 Three plan: £16.83/month for AYCE data, 600 mins. Total: £720 over one year.


Yeah I'm about to leave Ee too. I can't see them getting anywhere near this.


This is a decent deal, I just got off the phone with EE my upgrade is due and the cheapest they could have done it for me was £46 per month which is 15 quid more than what I am currently paying. I'l be leaving them at the end of my contract next month and hope to see more deals like this one!

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