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Pro Fitness Kettlebell - 4kg - Now £3.99 Delivered @ Argos / eBay
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Good price for a Kettlebell, especially delivered to your door! £3.99 including delivery. Kettlebells are ideal for strengthening and toning muscles as well as improving enduran… Read more
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What did it smell of? Cheese?


Oh well you can use it as a medicine ball now (embarrassed) (embarrassed) (embarrassed)


Here's a not very good picture as was raining outside - smelt that bad i didn't want it in the house lol!


The kettlebell smashed? I need to see this haha

Crane 12kg Kettlebell - Was £14.99 / Now £6.99 Instore @ Aldi
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th AprLocalLocal
12kg kettlebells now less than half price in-store . Found at Port Glasgow. I have been watching these for a while the smaller sizes were reduced some time ago

This wouldn’t hold down a piece of paper in a light breeze so I’m afraid not


^ wouldn't really happen as guts are slippery and just don't mush so well.


Silly Billy. You use the metal weight to mash the body up. Problem solved. decant into large freezer in storage boxes. Get rid a bit at a time, pouring into drains, rivers, lakes. And make a little soup out of some because you just got to try some.


Unless they've appeared during the last day don't even bother looking in any of the Leicester stores :D


Guys or girls. Im strong...

Opti Eco-Iron and Stainless Steel Kettlebell - 2kg - Now £2.99 @ Argos & Argos ebay
Refreshed 23rd FebRefreshed 23rd Feb
Opti Eco-Iron and Stainless Steel Kettlebell - 2kg - Now £2.99 @ Argos & Argos ebay
£2.99£4.9940%Argos Deals
Looks to be good stock at time of posting - Free C&C to your local store. Gets really good reviews also. Argos eBay link Get into the swing of exercising with this styl… Read more
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A piercing on the end ?


Hang it from a piercing instead.


As a personal trainer... There isn't much you can get done with a 2kg weight, there's a reason why no one has bought them.


Absolutely. Better drop to 10-12kg and get the extra range and keep it slow and controlled.


You provide the beer, and I'll provide the popcorn ... (shock) :{

Lidl Crivit Kettlebell 6kg £6.99, 10kg £9.99, 14kg £14.99 (instore)
Posted 19th JanPosted 19th JanLocalLocal
Crivit Kettlebells Plastic coating and stable flat base Instructions included From 31/1/19
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Depends on the quality, the Aldi ones are cast iron with a vinyl wrap, which are really good. The plastic ones are bigger and more bulky, plus they can split.


Aldi catalogue also got Kettlebells listed for 24th. More expensive at £14.99 for a 10kg. This seems a better deal then?

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Crane 8kg Kettlebell £8.99 / £11.94 delivered @ Aldi
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
You can do a lot of different exercises, working a lot of different muscles with just this one piece of equipment. Get stronger and more active without even having… Read more

Aldis previous kettle bells had a round type handle, these are more square. Run out of 8kg when I just looked in store but had loads of 6kg and 4kg. They Aldo have lady's dumbbells in stock. I am waiting for the iron barbells to come back in?


Loads in Halifax this afternoon!


Hot except my branch had sold out the day after getting them in!


I think there is an existing post with aldi fitness offers already


Just found the Phoenix Fitness ones on the Morrisons and Amazon website, they're the vinyl ones. Good price, but you have to be careful not to split them.

Opti Kettlebell - 2KG - £4.99 @ Argos
Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
Opti Kettlebell - 2KG - £4.99 @ Argos
Free C&C, good stock at time of posting. Get into the swing of exercising with this stylish, 2kg kettle bell. With a solid stainless steel handle and eco-iron weight, which is… Read more
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If you have back trouble/pain, this back-stretch/support contraption is worth a go: Bodi-Tek Back Magic (Amazon £18 delivered), or cheaper clones are available which do exactly the same thing (hang tight, I'll be posting one as a deal soon) - Bodi-Tek Back Magic CLONE - Gold Coast Back Stretcher/Supporter = £7.98 incl del (instead of £18 Back Magic) @ Amazon-Domu UK It is very easy to use, only takes a few minutes each day, comes with basic instructions & plenty of instructional online videos - if you can lie down, you can use it - it's that simple. Just go very gradually with adjusting the curvature though. Cured a friend's severe lower backache in a couple of weeks - it was so bad before he tried it, he couldn't even brush his teeth or use a knife to chop stuff whilst cooking & was on daily painkillers.


I'm getting one for a door stop..


Lol how can this be hot? 2kg is only good for warming up a rotator cuff or something.


2kg? Do you you even lift bro? XD


There is only one body part I could exercise with that weight. Sherwiiing

Opti Kettlebell - 10kg £12.99 @ Argos C&C
Refreshed 18th Aug 2018Refreshed 18th Aug 2018
Opti Kettlebell - 10kg £12.99 @ Argos C&C
£12.99£20.9938%Argos Deals
Get into the swing of exercising with this stylish, 10kg kettle bell. With a solid stainless steel handle and eco-iron weight, which is made by a patented enviromental-friendly pro… Read more
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Wow your brave, I couldn't stop laughing thanks to you. I needed the toilet every time I had a read


Yeh thought so. I’ll just get the 8kg thanks


This deal expired Have a look here


Cnt seem to find it on the site


Kettlebells reduced in Aldi instore. 2kg-12kg. From £1.99 upwards.
Posted 9th Apr 2018Posted 9th Apr 2018LocalLocal
Kettlebells reduced in Aldi instore. 2kg-12kg. From £1.99 upwards.
Kettlebells reduced in Aldi. This was in the Millfield store in Sunderland but I assume it will be national. 2kg & 4kg now £1.99 6kg & 8kg now £6.99 10kg & 12kg now… Read more
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I really want these, anyone had any luck in and around Glasgow. ..or even north of enland?


Good looking kettlebells. Nice cat too


Just bought 2 today. Thought of posting it here, op was faster than me (y)


I bought some when they we're reduced a couple of weeks ago, but Aldis sold out very quickly then. I recommend them. Perhaps they are not very fitness conscious in Sunderland?


Which store

10kg Kettlebell £9.30 in store Sainsbury’s
Posted 22nd Feb 2018Posted 22nd Feb 2018LocalLocal
Cast iron neoprene covered kettlebell 10kg. Best price I’ve seen elsewhere is £14.99 at Aldi. They had a few other fitness items on reduction too. This was Bolton.
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Lidl kettlebell - plastic!


I know I bought 2 Aldi ones a few weeks ago


Aldi ones aren't - I picked one up!! :o


Pretty sure the Lidl ones are plastic not the cast iron ones like this


'Orrible looking ones currently in Aldi at 14.99. Loads of 'em! They'll be reduced soon as they'll not want to send them back. Me? Not interested in injuring myself, if I want to lift something I'd rather pick up 25kilos of spuds and then eat them. ;)

Opti Kettlebell - 2kg Iron with s/steel handle  £4.99 @ Argos
Posted 8th Feb 2018Posted 8th Feb 2018
Opti Kettlebell - 2kg Iron with s/steel handle £4.99 @ Argos
ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Get into the swing of exercising with this stylish, 2kg kettle bell. With a solid stainless steel handle and eco-iron weight, which is made by a patented enviro… Read more

This looks exactly like what I imagine the head of a baby cyberman to look like.


Good Find (y)


Because they exercise more muscles at the same time generally


Aldi have various sizes of these in store at the moment. From memory £4.99 to £14.99 The large one at £14.99 is the same price as a dumbbell with separate weights. Why would you buy a kettle bell over a bar bell ? Unless you like swinging something between your legs;


Starts off feeling like 2.1kg and then ends up feeling like 10kg just before you walk through the door.

Optic vinyl Kettlebell - £2.49 @ Argos when bought with another kettlebell
Posted 2nd Jan 2018Posted 2nd Jan 2018
Optic vinyl Kettlebell - £2.49 @ Argos when bought with another kettlebell
For some reason the price changes when more than one kettlebell added to basket. Just bought these two and the 2kg became just £2.49 (shown as £4.99 online). No idea what the logi… Read more
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Click 'Special Offers' at the bottom: "Buy 2 and get one ½ price on Dumbbells and Kettle-bells." (embarrassed)

kettlebells of various weights from £4.99 with FREE delivery @ ALDI
Posted 24th Dec 2017Posted 24th Dec 2017LocalLocal
kettlebells of various weights from £4.99 with FREE delivery @ ALDI
Do you hate your Yodel/Hermes delivery person? Then order a kettlebell, or two, or three! From this day forward he/she is guaranteed to hate you too. Merry Christmas! :D Pre-… Read more

excellent!! cheers!!


Ordered, thanks


One has to admire your Christmas spirit. And the audacity to spread it.




For a double whammy, miss the delivery, have them come round again, miss it again so it gets returned to sender. Wait, if we all do this, the Yodel drivers are gonna become very hench and then kick the shit out of all of us. Hmm...

2×2kg Opti Vinyl Kettlebell- £7.18 @ Argos
Posted 11th Nov 2017Posted 11th Nov 2017
2×2kg Opti Vinyl Kettlebell- £7.18 @ Argos
Add bundle offers the same item. Prices is £8.98. Add promo code FLASH20. Discount 1.80. Balance due £ 7.18 Start your kettlebell journey and work towards a stronger, more toned bo… Read more

great door stops.


Poor quality deal tbh, you should be aiming for around £1 per KG.







4kg Kettlebell £2 Tesco - Bursledon Towers Southampton
Posted 14th Oct 2017Posted 14th Oct 2017LocalLocal
4kg Kettlebell £2 Tesco - Bursledon Towers Southampton
Found in Tesco Bursledon Towers Southampton.
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Thanks. Will check them out.


It was these ones Checking my order, it turns out my recollection of the price was off a bit and they were £13.99 when I bought them. They're £17.94 currently but there are a couple of Used-Like New ones for £15.92. Seems the type is sold under different brands like DKN, so may be worth a quick search for alternatives. In the absence of a better deal, I'd get a set of those Used Like New ones; the Warehouse stuff rated Like New are usually perfect/near perfect and if I've ever had a problem I've gone on live chat and the rep will give a little discount if something isn't as described.


Thats a really good deal. Could you link to the set you bought?


You probably could tie some rope to it and swing it at some metal tubing to make an effective bell but no question it's not going to be satisfactory for making a cuppa but then your standard kettle is not going to fair well as equipment used for your fitness regime.


Be warned, you cannot use this as either a kettle or a bell. I tried once and got wet.

KETTLEBELL  4kg. £2 @ Tesco in store only (New Malden)
Posted 4th Sep 2017Posted 4th Sep 2017
KETTLEBELL 4kg. £2 @ Tesco in store only (New Malden)
about a dozen left in NEW MALDEN EXTRA.

Useful as a doorstop I guess.


I'm a proper hard man, I'd need 100 of these on each arm :D


I would suck on those


Unfortunately I wager some one will think you're swinging ball sacks around instead. Ooh look Fred that bloke is swinging a pink ball sack around in his front room. Stop looking Ethel these heathens have no idea, it's brought down the neighbourhood, how ever shall we sell our house now! Well Fred I'm going to write to points of view about this!. Ethel dear it has to be on the TV for you to complain about it, well get your phone out Fred and start filming I deserve to be outraged!


...and in the East Hunsbury, Northampton store.

HYPE Epoxy 32kg Kettlebell - £32.29 delivered @ Monster Supplements
Posted 2nd Aug 2017Posted 2nd Aug 2017
HYPE Epoxy 32kg Kettlebell - £32.29 delivered @ Monster Supplements
Use code HYPE15 to reduce from £37.00 A great price, including free delivery via DPD LOCAL...pity the driver :( Other weights available (4, 8, 12, 16, and 28kg) Don't for… Read more

Code looks now to be expired. Anyone have any other codes?


Spoke to them this morning. All sorted, and on it's way for tomorrow. I'll never admit, but probably my fault. As I think the shipping defaults to collect from warehouse.


Definitely chase this up.....mine arrived by parcelforce 24 hour service, unbelievable speed. Reckon it might have been a slip On the mouse, as collect at warehouse was one of the options? Sorry to hear.


Hmmm. I have had no updates on my order since Thursday, and on checking my account it has the shipping address as my address, but shipping method as 'collect from warehouse in hull’. (annoyed)


Obviously not the best material for grip when sweating. Power coated will set you back at least twice the price for a non competition 32kg though. This is a really great deal. Especially since most of the better suppliers of kettlebells also charge quite a lot for delivery on top

Tesco 10kg kettlebell for only £9
Posted 5th Mar 2017Posted 5th Mar 2017LocalLocal
Tesco 10kg kettlebell for only £9
18£ online. 9£ in store at tesco Goodmayes

10,000 grams or 352.74 oz.


5p carrier, shovel, dirt :)


Picked one of these up earlier.....


At 90p a kilo this is a better offer than their Bananas


good door stop though... or a paperweight!

6kg Kettlebell £4.99 at B&M
Posted 23rd Feb 2017Posted 23rd Feb 2017LocalLocal
6kg Kettlebell £4.99 at B&M
Found in the Bolton Manchester Rd store. They also had other exercise equipment half price. Saw ab wheel £2.49.
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These appear to be cheaper then the ones I saw in Ann Summers


What noise do they make and are they rapid boil?


​Only Arnie X)


Not 60Kg. Cold.


Wigan central had this deal plus 3kg for 2.49 or 2.99. Hope they are good (like handles don't fracture). Got two of each.

12KG Kettlebell £8.99 at Aldi
Posted 15th Feb 2017Posted 15th Feb 2017LocalLocal
12 kg kettle bell for only £8.99 at Aldi. Decent price for the weight they also had 4kg weights for £4.99. Found in Chorley and Buckshaw stores not sure if they are nationwide.
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ok price. I like heavier mind


Lidl also have 14 and 10 KG bells in at this very moment. I bought this 12KG one a in January when they first got them in... it's pretty decent for my needs. Would be nice to have a collection of smaller and larger ones too, but 12KG is a pretty good all rounder for a 12st male.

Opti Vinyl Kettlebell - 4kg half price @ Argos £4.99 and get another one for half price (Mix & Match)
Posted 4th Feb 2017Posted 4th Feb 2017
Opti Vinyl Kettlebell - 4kg half price @ Argos £4.99 and get another one for half price (Mix & Match)
Get into the swing of exercising with this stylish, 4kg kettle bell. With a vinyl handle and body these kettle bells are ideal for strengthening and toning muscles. They also help … Read more

Where did u get the cement for free?


Aldi had much nicer cast-iron kettlebells of similar weight and price, may be some left there. They make better-looking door-stops once the urge to "swing" diminishes!


Inspired by this great price, I filled an old kettle with cement and now have a free kettle weight.


4th Feb and all the January fitness fanatics have given up already!


just bought 2 6kg cheers

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