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The LEGO Batman Movie Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman Keyring (Was £4.99)  £2.49 @ Argos
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Click and collect is free - Stock is a little hit and miss, but seems alright
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Thanks op, reserved in birmingham


Stock in Oxford, thanks OP


Here's a couple of How To videos showing you how to remove the keychain part of the minifigure. The first one shows you how to do it with a candle, and the other shows you how to do it with brute force. (Both work great) These videos are great as some keychain minifigures are not sold in regular sets, such as Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman and Teen Groot (angry face version)

The Lego Batman Movie Scutler 70908 - £42 @ Selfridges (Free C&C at some stores)
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Cheapest it's been from what I can see. Low stock.

Brought for £39 from Tesco eBay, great set! (not worth £85 though)


Great deal, had it for £36 recently on Ebay with discounts. Sold it for £75 within a week. Should have bought more! Shame i missed this deal too!


Wow, great deal, £44 was the previous cheapest at Tesco eBay outlet


Gutted out of stock. Thanks anyway.

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(PC/Steam) GTA 3 - £1.01 / GTA Vice City - £1.64 / L.A. Noire: Complete Edition - £4.46 / Bully - £1.68 / Doom 3 BFG Edition - £1.83 and more @ Instant Gaming
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City £1.64 L.A. Noire: Complete Edition £4.46 Bully (Scholarship Edition) £1.68 Doom 3 BFG Edition £1.83 Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY (Euro… Read more

Yeah they did that with me too and they still froze the transaction and want me to send them my ID. Idiots


I have to say that their website is just awful. I must have bought from them years ago since they said I had an account. I clicked 'fogotten email's and they didn't send me anything. So I created a new account. Then I wanted to buy gta3 and vice city. You can't add both to a basket, you have to do one at a time. If you want to pay by PayPal they charge you more. If you want to pay by PayPal they demand your phone number and then phone you with a 4 digit code. The first transaction went through and they haven't sent me a code. The second transaction went through as well and they said that the transaction is 'pending verification' and they want me to send them a photo of my ID, like my driving licence. Do a ******* runner. Not worth the hassle. It's a £1.01 game, not a £10,000 car!!!


I just had a few minutes googling and didn't see anything.. can you point in the right direction?


Thanks for the tip on the controller vibration, appreciate it. I'm finding the Xbox One remastered version a better experience than PC, although it's not really a fair comparison as it's a lot more than £4.46.


Yeah unfortunately you have to run at 30fps or the game starts to just go mental, cars won't move and you can't speak to people etc - there is a patch that you can apply for the vibration fix on the Steam guides.

Batman Lego 70911  Penguin’s Arctic Roller £15 Tesco
LocalLocalFound 18th MayFound 18th May
Found the Batman Lego 70911 - Penguin’s Arctic Roller for £15 to clear in Tesco Mansfield. Only one left.
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TabbyBoy - will thisbve a good investment do you think


I loved this set when I paid £19 for it


Dreadful set, not surprised they're still on the shelf in most branches.


Was about to post this as well. They had 2 left in Bridgend Extra.


What! Dam it.

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LEGO DC Comics 70913 Batman Movie Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off - £6.00 instore @ Sainsbury’s
LocalLocalFound 17th MayFound 17th May
As the title, nice little set for £6...was never worth £12...had a proper clearance label so likely nationwide Newport store, near the tunnels

Odd things happening on keyword alerts here , this popped up again


Wow, a handful of negs in a row! I love this site :-p


£13 for the joker one,, which is about the going price , a few others also discounted but similar price everywhere else...Newport was the store


Very selective store wise. Went in one yesterday in Grimsby and it was £40 for the same Lego set that Tesco and Asda were selling off for £26 or so. Another Sainsbury store in the Manchester area was selling the same set at a reduced price of £26 a couple of days ago. Definitely hit and miss which stores are selling stock off.


Nice find, heat. (y) How much was The Joker one to the left? Oh, and which branch was this?

Lego 70908 Batman, The Scuttler...Cheapest ever @ £40,  Tesco on eBay
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Superb set for the money. Original RRP was £85 quid £49.99 on the site, 20% taken off at checkout making this an amazing value £40 set.... cheapest ever seen previously was £44 (… Read more

Thanks OP! Ordered a different set for nephews bday (y)


Out of stock now.


Thanks for posting, the Lego Porshche 919 / 917 set also has 20% off so I went for that :-)


Aye, agree!! Not investment! Just fun for the 6 year old for the next few xmas’s/ birthdays :-) also fun for me, just gotta hide the joker Manor,Ultimate batmobile, scuttler, batcave, joker balloon, penguin car somewhere from the missus now!! All purchased at around 1/2 price so even in a few years I can sell them for roughly what I paid for them ...even if I loss is great , I’d see it as a very cheap long term rental!!, the kid and I will have had years of fun


Thanks, got it for £29.20. Ebay sent me a £10 voucher for £30 spend. 78 sets left in stock.

Lego Batman The Penguin Arctic Roller - £22.50 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 8th MayFound 8th May
Just found this in Tesco at a good price, the recent Amazon deal has expired so hopefully this will help someone who wants it.
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Tesco's next 3-for-2 offer on all toys starts on Monday, 14MAY ;-)


Found one for six quid the other day in a shop!


Some Sainsburys too. I didn't bother.


Asda have for £10


That's a belter. My kind of guy (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

LEGO Batman Keyring (5004928) - £2.49 @ Argos
Found 29th AprFound 29th Apr
LEGO Batman Keyring (5004928) - £2.49 @ Argos
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Just reserved, thanks!


Can't believe Argos haven't shifted all these yet!


Should've gone to Specsavers!


Im not a chip person so won't have these images already stuck into my mind (lol) im havin a day old steak for breakfast (y)


I guess there's a resemblance if you squint a bit and turn ur head side ways a little. :p

PS4 Lego Batman 3 £11.85 @ Base
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Has one child got this game ? Just came across it and the price is (y) 🏽 I think my 5year old would like this game Free postage
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Also the same price on Xbox One :)


I agree my son finds this quite tricky, but easy enough to Google some help (angel)


My 6 year old has this one and likes it. It's a little bit harder than some more recent LEGO games but is still a lot of fun


Any one *

Lego batman series 2 mini figures £1 instore @ Sainsbury's Halstead
LocalLocalFound 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Hi, Found in Sainsbury's Halstead, Lego batman series 2 mini figures for £1. Might be nationwide? Enjoy :)

What a stupid comment! The dolphin gets easily stuck and requires a trip to A&E for removal! (highfive)


they were all sold out at £1 across south wales about 2 weeks ago


got some from the Leigh store aswell a few weeks back. never seen them since though. the had about 3 boxes at the time and was all gone within a couple of days


This is nationwide as I bought some a few weeks ago in some stores at that price.


Blackpool had them too at the beginning of the week.

1/3 OFF Selected Lego @ Tesco Direct
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Selected Lego now 1/3 Off at Tesco Direct LEGO Classic Creative Box 10704 £19.33 LEGO City Monster Truck 60180 £9.67 LEGO Friends Andrea's Speedboat Transp… Read more
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Yep who claim not to resell


Quidco is offering 2.5% cashback on this offer and the Lego that's 20% off, too. Expires in 4 days.


It's onty the stuff that doesn't sell very well. They need another 3-for-2 (NOT 2-for-2 like last time!) so that greedy buyers like me can clear them out.


It's been around 4 weeks give or take few days, so no harm in reposting. Also finishes today. cheers


Thanks OP Lego Friends Andrea's Speedboat is cheapest I can find now. Ordered

UPDATED LIST : Various 4K reductions from £4.99 @ iTunes store inc Joy, Star Trek, Lego Batman etc
LocalLocalFound 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Too many 4K reductions to list seperately, so i've combined them here... Goodfellas £6.99 Jupiter Asending £5.99 Atomic Blonde £6.99 Lego Batman £7.99 Transforners Last Knight £7.… Read more
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Most people have pretty low end TVs - they're wasting their time buying 4k at all really, especially given that average viewing distance won't show any difference compared to 1080p. Your "marginal sound improvement" claim clearly come from somebody who has never heard hi-resolution audio. Like I said, it's more important than 4k in my household - I've got both and would give up 4k before I gave up DTS-HD.


There is absolutely every point in comparing. The point of the comparason is the price difference between the 2 formats. Everyone knows there are pros and cons to both but when you factor in the price the ATV 4K stuff is pretty much untouchable. Like i said, if you want to pay £28.01 MORE for the Tomb Raider boxset for a marginal sound improvement then thats your choice. You are arguing your point as someone who apparently owns a top end sound system, but you must remember that the majority of people will have low to mid level systems. Once you factor that in, alongside the price...youd be pretty crazy to buy the physical version.


The fact is the hi-resolution audio makes more difference than 4k does. There is a bigger quality improvement to the sound than you get from the picture - you just happened to invest in the TV. If you've got HD TV , you buy HD video stuff. If you've got 4k TV, you buy 4k video stuff. Likewise, if you appreciate soundtracks and cinema audio (it gets more Oscars than picture quality) then you invest in a decent cinema system. If you do, then you buy the media that is compatible with that - Apple TV is not. My point being, you're not comparing like for like. Sure, the ATV version is cheaper than the 4k box set. Well, so is the DVD...but you don't buy that as you don't see it as the same thing. Well, neither is the 4k box set - so there is no point in comparing pricing.


If you want to spend an extra £28.01 buying the physical disc Tomb Raider boxset just so you can get “proper audio” then be my guest. In case you havent noticed, when people are talking about 4K its because they are more concerned about picture quality rather than some obscure audio track used to power the “Dolby Atmos Surround Digital Stereo Enhanced Audio Vibration Earthshocker 11.7 Bathroom Jacuzzi Speakers”. Im pretty sure the audio tracks supplied with ATV are perfect for the overwhelming majority of purchasers. Thanks for your commment thoug, very insightful.


That's because it has proper audio.

Lego Brick Headz - Batgirl - 97p at Asda instore
LocalLocalFound 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Lego Bat Girl Brick Headz now £.097 in Asda Livingston. There is about 10 left as of 08:30 this morning.

They were marked as £2.47 on the SEL in two stores near me but scanned at £0.97 so I would think it's national (only for first wave brickheadz, obvs). Happy hunting!


They were marked as £2.47 on the SEL in two stores near me but scanned at £0.97 so I would think it's national (only for first wave brickheadz, obvs). Happy hunting! :D


Yet again, not national and hundreds of miles away from 99% of us.


Confirmed in ASDA Canterbury. 4 left on shelf. Normal SEL but stating 97p as price.


They are quite cool and - unlike funko - you can take them apart and rebuild as something else when you get bored of it... ;)

Lego Batman Movie Joker Manor - 70922 £166.49 at Smyths Toys
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Smyths have a bargain deal on this lego set! Been waiting for it to drop for a while. Currently in stock for both delivery and click and collect.
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I got it on price match it’s AMAZING! Do it...


That price is gone now - back to normal @ Smyths. I still have my guarantee from JL - wondering whether to bite :)


I picked one up this morning and just handed my TRU gold card over and got 20% discount. The guy said they are honouring until the 15th April. Was so tempted to buy two, but I only have one son! :)


I went to staples corner branch and the notices all say until 31st March. Luckily I showed them the online page and they had no choice but to honour it. Good to know if they tell you it’s stopped.


Thanks FDF. Let's hope they still have one in when I go in store.

Lego Batman Movie Arkham Asylum set - Was £139.99, Now £99.99 instore @ TOYS R US (Sheffield)
LocalLocalFound 29th MarFound 29th Mar
In store at the Toys R US clearance in Sheffield, was about 6 left this evening
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Even though they are closing down they have to yield as much money as possible as they have obligations.


Do you have a link? Im seeing £159


Amazon is still far cheaper


For a shutting down liquidation, the disocunts have been fairly tame Suppose its the reason my local is still looking well stocked in all aisles lol


Is there many bargains to be had in Sheffield? Was considering a journey but didn't have time today

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