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Monster Hunter World (used) PS4 - £24.09 @ Music Magpie
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
£24.09 or can get an extra 10% if you’re a student or subscribe to the newsletter. Monster Hunter: World sees players gear up to venture on quests to battle against fearsome monst… Read more

Hmm that's very interesting. Might actually take a look then. Thanks for that :) If you happen to come across an image that a fair representation of what it's like in game then do post here pls. I'm a little hesitant to Google "monster Hunter world spiders" at the fear that they'll most probably be zoomed in and thus not representative of normal playing view


Same - I played both and the spiders are smaller on this game than they are on Shadow of War / Mordor. You'd barely notice them unless you looked.


Hmm. I'm not keen on finding out what they look like tbh. Thanks for that tho. A recent game that I played that had small spiders I was okay with was Shadow of Mordor which had them crawling around sometimes. But they weren't so bad because they were mostly insect-like, small, and they were never a central focus, if you looked for them you'd see one otherwise not.


I did the story solo except for nergigante which I called in help for the first time I killed it yeah. If you're playing with friends and communicating I would imagine it would take less time so long as you're in a 4. 2 player monsters have the same increased health pools as 4 player so best going solo or getting 3 friends to play


Do you play it solo?

Monster Hunter World for Sony PlayStation £39 @ AO
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Key Features Immersive action role-playing game For ages 16+ so it’s not suitable for children Single player and multiplayer game modes PlayStation Plus subscription required to pl… Read more
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No. There are standards and benchmarks. £39 was considered a decent price for this game when it was a month old. Now that it's been 3 months, it's no longer a decent price, especially when there are other deals already on the site for considerably cheaper.


Surely any money off is a deal if it's something you want?


This probably is the cheapest, but that's not the point. £4 off the RRP on a game that's 3 months old isn't a good price or a "deal." EDIT: Cheapest is at thegamecollection for £35.


Where's cheapest then please?


I can feel the ice all the way here sorry lads! My bad

Monster hunter world Xbox/PS4 £34.95 - The Game Collection
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
cheapest I’ve seen it new
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I’m playing solo and did wonder if I’d get anywhere but read a bunch of beginners tutorials, upgraded and forged new armour and weapons, did more optional quests and research before storyline quests so more prepared now. Capturing or killing takes too long still tbh but that’s the game.


Hopefully Amazon will price match this :)


It's definitely hard to learn on your own for sure! I started with Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS and honestly it took a very long time to learn the weapons, mechanics, crafting etc. It is quite an overwhelming game and needs a lot of time to practice before it gets good. Before you sell it I'd definitely recommend watching some youtube tutorials (Gaijinhunter and Arekkz Gaming make good videos) and you may pick up some tips to help you. If you still aren't quite enjoying it after that then it may be worth selling it, but I'd definitely suggest giving it a little bit more time just in case you start to get better at it! Also if you need any help just pop me a message, I play on the Xbox but I'll happily help you if you have any questions.


I paid £26 + £3 postage for a mint copy for the PS4 on ebay. Not really my sort of game but I thought I'd try it due to it being a triple A release and the game itself looked stunning. I'll play a bit more this week but it looks like I'll be selling it next weekend as I don't think my gaming skills and weapon crafting skills are good enough. I have 10 hours gameplay but I'm starting to struggle a bit because I really need to co-op these battles with one or two friends. I can really see the game excelling online but unfortunately my friends don't like monster type games.


Does it hunt monster in real life as well? 8)

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Xbox game bundle £184.36 @ includes assassins creed origins,monster hunter,sea of thieves,kingdom come deliverance and UFC 3
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Games are Assassins creed origins Monster hunter world Sea of thieves Kingdom come Deliverance UFC 3 Very good starter kit or game collection. Did this by using the 5 games for … Read more
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Thanks bud, always get them messed up! Thank God the internet peeps keep me right


Or even could HAVE picked it up


I'm almost 100% positive that CEX won't accept it, but I don't think it should be problem to sell it on gumtree or eBay.


But the price of those 3 costs more than the price of the 5 games individually from the UK :/


Actually yeah, I don't think it will work out personally. Burnout Revenge was the only one I was definitely interested in, and I was thinking of getting a few copies of it to make back some money and maybe get a couple of other games I was kinda interested in. You can only get one copy per order though, still not a bad offer if you actually want 5 games on the list. Yes they can be found cheaper individually elsewhere, but 5 for the price of 3 is still very good.

Monster Hunter Research Commission Raglan T-Shirt - £4.99 - Game
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Available from XS to XXL. £14.99 on Amazon . Immerse yourself in the Monster Hunter world by wearing our official Monster Hunter Research Commission raglan. With a clean… Read more
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thanx for posting


Nice deal. Picked this up along with a similar Captain America top, VR headset and a mug for £18 all in at the London Soho store. They have a Super Nintendo hoody for just £10 too!


Gutted I missed this :(


Same here, fingers crossed :)


Says all out of stock now but taken a risk on the XL pre order.

[Xbox One] Monster Hunter World - £32.99 (Pre-owned) - Grainger Games
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
After now shipping 7.5m units, Monster Hunter World has now become Capcom's best selling game...EVER. Do I need to buy this? :/ The latest entry in the critically acclaime… Read more
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This is £42.00 pre-owned in store and considering how popular the game is I don't think the price is gonna drop less than £32.99 anytime soon. This is definitely a good deal. Just ordered, thnx for sharing. Heat added (y)


You can still BBQ, even though I have not done much myself yet. I'm hoping and strongly believe that a switch version of a new MH game will be released in 2019 with all the Quality of life changes from MHW. I'd say if you have a ps4 on Xbox one, jump on.


Sounds like they've made it much more player friendly and softened its more esoteric aspects; is the BBQ cooking still in it, it was in the promo but that's a mechanic I'd be so upset to see go :S I was waiting for X to be ported onto the switch too but sadly I don't think we'll get that anytime soon... I suppose its like when they brought the jumping mechanic into 4u, it was just so hard to go back to 3 or psp versions after that. I was waiting for it to come to PC but I'm really wondering if I should just screw it and jump in for the PS version.


I loved 4u and enjoyed X too. MHW is more streamlined and has taken out a lot of the boring stuff like having to equip a pick axe that breaks, you can change gear at camps in missions. Auto crafting on missions. The quality of life features are just brilliant. I'm loving it, I've only been able to clock up around 65 hours so far, but if it was on the switch, I would have clocked over a 100 hours by now. If you have liked any of the previous entries you'll love this. It captures all of the core game features and gets rid of some of the more boring stuff. I tried going back to my 4u file but it difficult to, after MHW. Anyway if you don't have it, get it.


How is it for solo play?

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Monster Hunter World PS4 - Used @ graingergames - £36.99
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
The latest entry in the critically acclaimed 40 million unit selling action RPG series, Monster Hunter: World introduces a living, breathing ecosystem in which players take on the … Read more

Probably where you live, not where I live. I picked up the game from Grainger @ £32.99 CEX is selling for £45.00


Rubbish grainger have went right down hill even CEX (who i hate) give better trade in for games now.


Rank 137 at the moment. Excellent game. Cant get enough of it. Got my speed kills down to sub 4 now!


That doesn't really make it a mess. You just needed to spend a few minutes playing around in the menus to familiarise yourself.


The menu system seems cluttered so I didn’t know exactly what do do and select , and I noticed that when fighting monsters you would sometimes kind of walk through them

Monster Hunter : World - Xbox One- Only £41.99 @ Smyths
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Monster Hunter: World sees players gear up to venture on quests to battle against fearsome monsters, progressively improving their hunting abilities as they play. Loot collected fr… Read more
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Good game got it for 39 at release from amazon .


Fleabay , I should of mentioned though , it was for the PS4 version.


where (shock)


Managed to pick up a used one for £24, but I expect the price will drop to 29.99 or less for a new one in 4 weeks time, once a few more new titles hit the shelves.


Op you wild for this

[Xbox One] Monster Hunter World - £34.99 (Preowned) - Grainger Games
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Decent price, or £39.99 new which is the cheapest around, I believe (y) Monster Hunter: World sees players gear up to venture on quests to battle against fearsome monster… Read more
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130+ hrs and still enjoying it, just dont like nabs joining my high rank hunts and using all the deaths >.<


You just need to put in more hours into it and try try something different. I'm not a fan of grindy games but this one really feels like it does it perfect. It feels very rewarding when I get the armour or weapon I wanted. Wouldn't be very fun if I could get them after a one or two or three fights. So far I'm 121 hours into it, finished the story in high rank and saw the credits. And I'm still nowhere near done/bored with the game. It's only made me more hooked than ever. You don't need to focus on fighting the same monster over and over flat out. There's no big rush either. If you feel you are getting bored, change something up. Do some investigations, focus on the bounties or help another player with a random choice when they fire an SOS. Maybe go fishing or to the Gatheing Hub to armwrestle a friend. lol I love that weapon! Didn't really like using it much in the lower rank but in the high rank it was amazing.


So I gave the insect glaive a whirl, after 10 minutes it improved my experience immensely. Defenitely a better game for that change of weapon. Dancing all over anjanaths head now Cheers bro


Over 40 hours in and loving it.


I thought the same about the Wii U game (which was hard to believe given the hype) ... held off on this until I see some more balanced reviews from real players

Monster Hunter World (Xbox/PS4) £39 with code TDX-KH7H @ Tesco Direct
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
PS4 now back in stock, credit to @NiccoUK for bringing this to my attention! PS4 LINK
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Unfortunately not :( Monster Hunter World gets new patch, Capcom still struggling to fix Xbox One online woes...


What's the multiplayer like on Xbox One? Have they fixed any of the issues of it being difficult to connect with friends? Any info would be appreciated!


How much???


i got the game seems a bit complicated and messy will sell - ps4


Cheers :) Updated the deal.

Monster Hunter World + Origin Armour set Male & Female and Fair Wind Charm DLC - £41.86 @ ShopTo
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
Monster Hunter World + Origin Armour set Male & Female and Fair Wind Charm DLC Great price given that it includes the additional DLC.
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Yeh quite difficult this the menu looks complicated in making weapons and selecting them etc


Yeah its fine playing solo but imo it adds another aspect to the game playing with others. Overall a bery good game but there is a lot of content so be prepared for potentially a steep learning curve if you are not familiar with it.


If You buy it at Tescos in store there is no dlc and CS knows nothing about it


is this game good for solo play?


Just got it from Shopto. Many thanks for the link. The DLC code can be found in "your orders" section

Monster Hunter: World Xbox cross region deals - £33.85 @ Microsoft Store
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Just purchased the newly released Monster Hunter: World from the Turkish Xbox Store for the equivalent of about £33.85. If you game share with a friend (as I do) you can half the p… Read more
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Any update on this? Did it not work?


I tried doing this and now it tells me to take my code back and get a code from my area?


Guessing you cannot get it this cheap anymore looking at the credit prices :(


Thanks. Can’t believe I didn’t thing of doings this with a friend


This. I keep telling myself... Stop buying at launch... Stop preordering... Because there's always a brilliant deal 2 weeks later. Xbox One X hurt me hard!

[Xbox One/PS4] Monster Hunter: World Packs - Free - Microsoft/PlayStation Store
LocalLocalFound 26th JanFound 26th Jan
I've just spotted these on Reddit and thought I'd share. I don't think they're anything special, but they're free, so you may as well add them if your playing :) Xbox One … Read more
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Prance is back!


Best game I’ve played. Rinsed it out for 9 hours yesterday


Played from 8pm-4am, its gooood.


It's free.. It doesn't count (y)


I'm (apparently) a grown man who has just bought some digital hair..

PS4 Pro 1TB FIFA 18 + Monster Hunter World + That's You + Singstar Celebration + Hidden Agenda + Knowledge is Power £353.72 @ Shopto
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
PS4 Pro 1TB FIFA 18 + 4 Free Games + Monster Hunter World. 6 game bundle £353.72 FIFA 18 football season in stunning Dynamic 4K* and HDR quality graphics** with the Jet Black 1TB … Read more

Expired gone up in price buy £20


Can not have monster hunter or at least I can not find it to choose it so down vote from me


That's a bunch of really crap games


Yeah this deal is back in stock. Worth it even if the games arent so good.


u mean this deal back instock

One-Eyed Rathalos & Rider (Male) Monster Hunter Stories amiibo - £8.76 - PlayAsia
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
I genuinely love this amiibo, my definite favourite of all the ones I've seen, which probably means I should purchase it. Price is currently down from £14.72 in their Top 10 Bes… Read more
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Mine arrived today safe and sound for anyone that cares - thanks again OP!


Just add the card to your PayPal account and tell PayPal to let the card sort out the currency conversion rather than them.


How do you use Revolut through PayPal?


And that's not even in the Hentai section.




Did anyone recieve this yet from Base ? It's release day i should have it by now ;(


I bought from simply games after reading this and it arrived today, so thanks I have one very happy other half :)


£42.85 now


Thanks OP! I can't be bothered to wait 6 months for PC version, so PS4 it is


Heat added thanks OP! Nice looking keyring too anyways cannot wait to spend hundreds of hours in this game (party) <3

Monster Hunter World Steel Book Edition (Exclusive to (PS4/XBOX ONE) -  Prime member 45.99
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Save an additional £2.00 on this item when pre ordering must be an prime member

This game is actually really, really good.


I played the beta and hated it.. bland looking game, clunky controls, boring button bashing combat.. Hoped it would be like horizon zero dawn.. Well it certainly isn't..


I'm sold I wanna get all up in there and slaughter some monster family's I'm talking 5 generations deep taking trophy's hahaha


thats not saying much is it.


Famitsu love it.

Monster Hunter: World™ Beta Third beta starting from 2 a.m. (UTC) Friday, January 19th, 2018!
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Another go for Ps4 player! Beta available from Friday, January 19 at 2 a.m. (UTC) to Monday, January 22 at 1:59 a.m. (UTC)! Beta Version Download available from Wednesday, Januar… Read more
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I'm fine, block me if you don't want to see an opinion that differs from your own.


Give it a rest, this kind of chat belongs on neogaf or ign. We don't do fanboys here!


Why wait? Its brilliant fun and a must buy if you enjoy the MH games, worth a day one purchase IMO, played and loved the beta on ps4 but definitely buying it for the X.


Yes mate, a fan of good games. Fortunately I have a top tier PC, a Switch and an Xbox One (which I haven't turned on for 7 months) to enjoy them. Xbox is a busted flush. They really made a balls up this generation.


Thanks Capcom. Now just give me Power Stone 3, Capcom VS SNK 3 and Street Fighter Alpha 4 then I'll die happy :)

[PS4/Xbox One] Monster Hunter: World - £36.99 - Smyths (C&C)
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Pre-order for January 26th. Save £5 on the listed price when you C&C in-store. [ Xbox One Link ] Monster Hunter: World sees players gear up to venture on quests to battl… Read more
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Would this be the only AAA title on the PS4/XBOX One to maintain a high price bracket like Nintendo games for many months to come? If so then this would probably be thanks to the revival of the franchise by Nintendo since its release on the PS2/PSP. I've already burned 922 hours into MH4U and I can see this killing my time even quicker. I'll wait a few months and see how the price fluctuates before I buy this and renew my PS Plus subscription. Most if not all premium/AAA PS4/XBOX One titles start at £35-£40 then quickly drop below £20 in a few months or even weeks.


Now that it has been released, it looks like there is no £5 off even for C&C.


Tried to pre-order this today in store but was told the code for the £5 discount had expired and that he couldn't confirm the price on release. :/


So do you have to pre order to get the £5 off or will you be able to go in store release day and get the reduced price?


1st line of description (y)

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