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[Xbox One] Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Master Edition - £24.95 delivered @ The Game Collection
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the highly anticipated massive expansion to Monster Hunter: World, the best-selling Capcom title of all time with more than 12 million units shipp… Read more
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Must just be my browser then.


Links working fine


Link leads to a 404 page, might need updating.

Xbox Big Gaming Weekend - Xbox / PC Multiplayer FREE all weekend - Gears 5, Monster Hunter World, Ark: Survival Evolved, Black Desert + MORE
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Refreshed 6th AugRefreshed 6th Aug
This weekend, everyone plays! Anybody can enjoy free access to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer, Borderlands 3 , DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ , and Black Desert on their cons… Read more
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Yeah but they could deny it and still do it because they've got to do everything calculated


Microsoft don't comment on rumours, but I'm fairly sure in this case they have confirmed the rumour isn't true.


What time does the free Multiplayer start? My son says it's not showing on his Xbox yet


You might be right eventually (cheeky) rumour is Microsoft plan to make Xbox Live Gold free when next gen launches, not sure if I believe it, but there seems to be quite a lot of people throwing that around, and Microsoft themselves didn't outright deny it when asked about it


They won't because Xcloud is being added to that sub and possibly something else

Monster Hunter World PC £11.99 @ CDKeys
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Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
A Living, ever-changing open world awaits you in Monster Hunter: World. Monster Hunter: World is complex, detailed, and full of the depth you’d expect in a classic RPG. Become a … Read more

Showing at out of stock now - happened the last time the price dropped.


Still no Xbox summer sale m8 looks like it ain’t happening this year ;(

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Nintendo Switch £17.99 e-shop/Digitial
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Digital edition of Monster Hunter Generations ultimate. Hunting season is OPEN! This critically acclaimed action RPG series makes its debut on Nintendo Switch. Take on epic hunt… Read more

Think it’s just gone back off sale


Thanks, had some credit leftover on there so got it for £12.38


Ah, the sale must have ended then sadly. It's often on sale though so keep an eye on it. The demo is free at least :)


God Eater 3 seems to be full price (£49.99) just now on the Nintendo eShop. Unless I'm missing something?


£13.44 from the Russian store.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PS4 - £20.99 @ Playstation Network
19/08/2020Expires on 19/08/2020Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Cheapest price I've seen on PS4, hopefully it will be day one compatible on PS5 as well. The base game 'Monster Hunter: World,' sold separately, is required in order to play this… Read more

It is


I thought it was meant to be backwards compatible??? Sony can F*** OFF if they do it again


Gonna try out the ICEBORNE demo with 214 DLC. no tin.


I'm sure you will be, anytime there's been mention of a list theyre just referring to games they have had time to test and know there are no small issues. Why would they give us some games free and charge for others, makes no sense


I'll wait for the official announcement and clarification. Somehow, I think Sony will make us pay to play old gen games we already own, instead of straight up backwards compatibility. But I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) £1.99 (Free Click & Collect) @ Argos ebay
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Just noticed they have some in stock in several SE London stores. Hopefully helpful to some.
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None in stock near me unfortunately


You got my hopes up OP, but none anywhere near me still.


Stock in Bristol.


Thanks for this a local argos reopened with some stock


That's about 1p per hour of quality entertainment

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Master Edition PS4 £29.99 / £25.85 via Shopto at PSN
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Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
MH World includes base game and iceborne dlc PS4 download from the PSN store. Cheapest I’ve seen for a while. Buy a £30 wallet voucher from Shopto for 25.85 then purchase on the… Read more
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Finally on sale


I can't be fussed with PC gaming (although I wish I could). I'm just praying for a 60fps "performance mode" option for all PS5 games


Hahaha just a tad, 165hz monitor but I can’t seem to get the graphics right! The anti-aliasing is (poo) so you either have it looking super blurry or the edges are jagged and rough but apart from that performance is amazing


Aye Jolly Co-Op probably does outweigh performance. 150 FPS your showing off lad. I'm still to experience looking at a game running at 120hz I've heard it's amazing


150+ on my current rig but lacking jolly co-operation because my friends play it on PS

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition (XBOX ONE) - £25.95 delivered @ The Game Collection
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
DESCRIPTION Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the highly anticipated massive expansion* to Monster Hunter: World, the best-selling Capcom title of all time with more than 12 milli… Read more

Guessing the PS4 version is in higher deman


Why is there never this version for PS4 on sale?

Monster Hunter World (Steam PC) £9.99 @ CDKeys
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Nice low price here for the game from CDKeys. Use the code PAYPAL2020 to get it 2% cheaper still. NBP based on Instant Gaming. MetaScore of 88… Read more

It's a game the best played with a controller.


Cheers, that's all I needed to know. I'll buy it now. Thanks


Is it easy to find people to play this with? I don't really know anyone into monster hunter.


Yeah I've put hundreds of hours into this game using a controller, works great. It was initially made for consoles after all The keyboard controls take a while to get used to. I haven't used them personally


Been looking at this for a while. Anyone played it with a controller?

[Xbox One] Monster Hunter World - £9.99 @ CDKeys
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Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Iceborne DLC available for £22.99 Master Edition available for £28.99 Monster Hunter: World sees players gear up to venture on quests to battle against fearsome monsters, p… Read more
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Good price but can get physical versions on Ebay for about this price which some prefer because of the resale option.




What? It isn't online only. The Game is completely playable without a gold subscription See Here


what is the point of buying the game if you cant play it without xbox live gold


Also on game pass for those who don’t know but very good deal nonetheless, heat from me (y)

Monster Hunter Stories Nintendo 3DS Game £9.99 @ Argos c&c
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Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Prepare to embark on an adventure unlike anything the Monster Hunter series has ever known. In Monster Hunter Stories, become a Rider and bond with monsters to raise their potentia… Read more
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Nice. What a haul. I've kept both of my bravely seconds collector editions. I traded disney magical kingdom and animal crossings in cex for vouchers which were definitely worth it. Animal crossing worth 10quid exchange and disney is 12 quid exchange in vouchers.


Mission success, here is my haul (y) I do collect 3DS games so I’ll keep a copy of the ones I don’t have and flog the rest after the eBay influx has died down. Should pay for my copies and a bit of profit also. Can’t complain!


That's cheap


Thanks for posting. I've been hoping this would get reduced :) Collection for me from Wednesday, so a little bit of a wait. I also went for Metroid Federation Force at £3.99, as I've been thinking of trying it for a while. Sadly I missed out on my own deal post Kirby Triple Deluxe (fierce) *You Snooze you lose* (popcorn)


Yay the gift card worked thx

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Bros / Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate £1.99 each (+£3.95 Delivery) @ Argos
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Take up your weapons, greet your fellow adventurers and head for the field to battle huge, fearsome creatures in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS! Release date: 1… Read more

How can it be out of stock for delivery but only in some areas? I don't understand how these companies do business.


Gutted no delivery to me. Heat. Cracking deal. Would be all over monster hunter.


Just got one, seems to be plenty in Farnborough / watchmoor park if you are that way


Ive had several orders fail but luckily it hasnt taken payment all that happens is if paying by paypal you'll get email saying you authorized a payment but nothing actually comes out of paypal or by debit card it appears as a pending amount but again nothing is actually taken and it disappears later still annoying tho their stock checker isnt right this is where the problem is i think.


Thanks OP. Just got one for 1.99 crazy!!!!,,, Thank you very much (y)

Monster Hunter Stories (Nintendo 3DS) - £11.99 (Prime) / +£2.99 (Non Prime) delivered @ Amazon
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Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Monster Hunter Stories (Nintendo 3DS) - £11.99 (Prime) / +£2.99 (Non Prime) delivered @ Amazon
£11.99£32.9564%Amazon Deals
Nice game :) The first ever turn-based battles in Monster Hunter series history! A vast world filled with uniquely skilled monsters to hatch, ride, and fight beside Every … Read more
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Gutted I missed this one


Arrgggggggh I swear to god if I miss another deal! Got it in my basket, went to the loo, come back, GONE!


In France, it's 60€ minimum. Some sell them even 120€ ! Bought two, many thanks ;)


This is such a good game! The best Pokemon meets MH an it's arguably even better than Pokemon, definitely story-wise anyway.


Also got ever oasis for 12 on there

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Master Edition (Xbox One) for £26.63 @ delivered @ The Game Collection / eBay
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Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Master Edition (Xbox One) for £26.63 @ delivered @ The Game Collection / eBay
£26.63£28.958% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Best offer available I think for the physical. Use code PRICE8 at checkout + Free delivery Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the highly anticipated massive expansion* to Mo… Read more
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More content than you can shake a sword at

T-Shirt Sale from £4.99 Delivered (Playstation / CoD / Monster Hunter) @ Geekstore
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
T-Shirt Sale from £4.99 Delivered (Playstation / CoD / Monster Hunter) @ Geekstore
£4.99£12.9962%Geekstore Deals
Tee sale over at Geekstore, with some items starting from just £4.99 delivered, so might find a gem for fathers day, especially if a PlayStation fan :)

What's the quality like?


Ordered a few cheers can't go wrong


Definitely a Dad design

Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Welcome to a new world! Take on the role of a hunter and slay ferocious monsters in a living, breathing ecosystem where you can use the landscape and its diverse inhabitants to get… Read more

Go on lad! (lol)

[Xbox One] Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition - £26.95 delivered @ The Game Collection
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Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
[Xbox One] Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition - £26.95 delivered @ The Game Collection
£26.95£27.984% Free P&P FreeThe Game Collection Deals
Includes: Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion Pack Monster Hunter World Iceborne is the highly anticipated massive expansion to Monster Hunter World, the best-selling… Read more
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[3DS] Fire Emblem Warriors // Monster Hunter Generations - £5.95 each @ The Game Collection
353° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
[3DS] Fire Emblem Warriors // Monster Hunter Generations - £5.95 each @ The Game Collection
£5.95£8.9534% Free P&P FreeThe Game Collection Deals
DESCRIPTION Heroes from across the Fire Emblem universe collide! Clash with legions of soldiers and fierce monsters as Marth, Xander, Corrin, and other Fire Emblem heroes unlea… Read more
Monster Hunter World - Master Edition Steelbook PS4 £25.50 @ Coolshop
215° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Monster Hunter World - Master Edition Steelbook PS4 £25.50 @ Coolshop
£25.50 Free P&P FreeCoolshop Deals
Saw this a couple of weeks back but was out of stock temporarily when I tried ordering, been meaning to pick it up so I checked this morning and was back in stock. Great game and i… Read more

I have bought Nordic games from Coolshop in the past where the cover was fully in English, front and back. Only difference were some little Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark flags in one of the corners. I guess this varies by game, not sure about this one...


thats fine then as long as its not the case in game.


Yes, no english on the case.


not sure what the nordic stuff is about but i went for it, price is too good not to is the game case going to be in a different language?


No problem (y)

[Xbox One] Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - £18.49 @ CDKeys
164° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
[Xbox One] Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - £18.49 @ CDKeys
Lowest I've seen this go (y) Even on the Xbox Store the best it's been is £26.24 :) Let your hunting instinct take you further than ever! "Iceborne" is a massive expansion tha… Read more
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Cheers dude. Looks like expansion on it's own is OOS now. Went with Master Edition, no harm owning base game in case its removed from Game Pass at any stage


Master Edition does indeed contain both the Base Game & Iceborne :)


Pretty sure the Master Edition linked above includes the main game too. Main game is also on Game Pass if you have that.


For some reason I've never heard of this game :/ Can it be compared to any other titles? Also do they do a complete edition with main game and dlc combined? Thanks all :)


Yeah seen that as well, tempting, would have bought if I'd nit already got it on xb to be honest EDIT: heh just noticed this is for xb n not pc. My bad

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