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Used Like New : Monster Hunter Rise (Nintendo Switch) £24.99 @ Boomerang Rentals / ebay
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Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Seems a good price on this one. The game is used but brand new case.

All I'll say about that mission is - you will die to the spikes. You'll see what I mean (lol)


Bro the MP is so seamless it is beautiful. The missions load in PS5 SSD times it is ridiculous. The RE engine is (horror) I'm HR 150 atm, put like 300 hours in. Gun lance has been a blast. I posted on here ahout the demo for this when it was out, we were gonna do some HUKD groups iirc.


:) To be fair though, this was possibly the easiest MH game to complete pre-update :D I think the latest major update a month or two ago added proper closure to the story but I haven't gotten around to it yet after getting distracted by Game Builder Garage and Zelda


Nope - main appeal is the MP. Monster Hunter as a series was designed for MP but it's also playable in single player. I've racked up a collective 1k hours in single player across 3-4 title. Single player gets hard once you start going through the harder missions in the hub section (The hub section is meant for MP anyway). There's a fairly active Facebook group that organises group hunts etc.


Is MP very good in this or is the main appeal the single player?

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin PC Pre-order £29.99 at CDKeys
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
The top 3 reasons to play Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of RuinHatch, raise, and live alongside monsters as a Monster Rider in this fun-filled RPG set in the Monster Hunter unive… Read more

No, that was not the issue. I’ve been using the site for years, I’m fully aware of how to see my code. The problem was they didn’t give them out. Apparently the sites gone through changes recently & this is their new way of issuing preorder codes. You don’t receive them until the day & that could be at any time of that day. I don’t preorder games often so when I do, I don’t want to be waiting around for my code. So oh well, I had a lot of good years of getting preorders games from them but I’ll be getting my preorders games elsewhere from now on.


They always send you the key, pretty sure you have to click something on your email to make the key appear. Every time I've ordered from them I haven't had an issue. Have seen many people complain about not getting keys but that's because you have to usually click on something in your email to reveal your key.


Just watched the trailer too and I have no idea what they mean by the eyes either lol. They look fine? and damn this game looks amazing!


Were you expecting it to look more like the main Monster Hunter series? The graphics are in the same style as the first Monster Hunter Stories game for 3DS. I checked the trailer and I'm not sure what you mean about the eyes, what's wrong with them?


Its for a younger audience, it does look and play cute though.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin (Switch) Pre Order Out 9th July - £39.82 with code @ eBay / Boss_deals (UK Mainland)
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Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
A new adventure awaits you in this second instalment of the turn-based RPG series set in the world of Monster Hunter! Become a Rider and form bonds with friendly monsters known as … Read more

Updated, the cost is now lower through the same seller.


Played the demo of this, the Californian peppy American voices absolutely ruin it. For a tribe of people not touched by electrical technology, they’re so “awww yeah, buddy”. The characters don’t fit the society they live in & it removes any believability and is very annoying


What didn't you like about the demo... it's different to the first Stories and that's a negative, or not different enough and feels too similar? I didn't play the first game so I just wondered what you meant!


im 231 hours into monster hunter rise and i still cant stop playing it. i need help.


Fair enough bud, I really liked the original when I played it on my Note 10+ but can see how it's not everyone's cup of tea.

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Nintendo Switch - Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin - £37.48 @ Boss Deals eBay
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Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Noticed I've not seen anyone post this so hoping it's a good deal! I've very much looking forward to this game and £37.48 seems like a great price :)

£35.99 auto discount at checkout (Preorder)


There might be an Amiibo bundle also ?


I’m really looking forward to this game too! I wonder if there might be a cheeky Currys deal for £35 closer to release? :)

Monster Hunter: Rise (Nintendo Switch) - £23.99 delivered using code @ Boss-Deals / eBay
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Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Sorry as a rule, I had to repost it. MONSTER HUNTER RISE, the newest entry in the critically acclaimed action-RPG series, is coming to the Nintendo Switch! Battle fearsome monste… Read more

Gutted I missed this one!


Arrived with the extras too. Great deal


Glad to be help (y)


Same here. Mine arrived today with steelbook and 2 keyring. Thanks OP :)


Same here, absolute bargain. And super fast delivery too (y) 🏻