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Updated 18th JulLast updated 18th Jul by themachman
Drum roll please! This year for National Mac & Cheese Day (yes, that is a thing!) Joe’s delighted to present his newest, eccentric creation… Mac ‘N’ Cheese Popcorn. A nod to … Read more

Mac & Cheese :( How awful. Even the thought knocks me sick Even worse than those Nachos, that they serve in so called Mexican restaurants, and charge you a Tenner for! (shock)


I'm there


Stroganoff, yum!


I'll be expect the two of you to be celebrating Mac and cheese day next year (party)


Me too (y)

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Updated 16th JulLast updated 16th Jul by juneflower68
https://www.quidco.com/popcorn-shed Popcorn Shed Summer Picnic Snack Bundle is £13 + £3.95 delivery, but today only, you get £13 cashback if you buy through Quidco.

Lucky for you (y)


Mine has tracked already. Ordered earlier today (y)


Fixed what? Tracked already (y)


I ordered from here once before, popcorn was rubbish. Joe and Seph's a million times better


No, when read with 'with 100% cashback' , I thought that was enough detail for the title.

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Updated 11th JunLast updated 11th Jun by sammyantha123
£9 movie night in deal claim 100% cashback through Quidco, just £3 p&p to pay.

The popcorn offer is over, but its funky pigeon instead today, fab for fathers day if you haven't got a card yet.


Hey there ! Hope you are well, It can take up to 72 hours to uplift and adjust to the 100% if the correct items have been purchased, if you do not see this happen please let us know and we would be happy to look into this for you ! Thank you& take care Ashleigh 😁 socialsupport@quidco.com


It should uplift within 24 hours; raise a support ticket if it doesn't.


Mines tracked at 60p?


Exactly the same thing that was offered on Vodafone rewards where it was 100% discount upfront but £3 postage. The difference is that knowing Quidco, the cashback wouldn't conveniently track and just like that, you have bought some very expensive popcorn.

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Updated 11th AprLast updated 11th Apr by eslick
Joe and Sephs Popcorn dodgy?
I got some of their overpriced popcorn on the Vodafone offer, it was fairly good but not remotely worth the price. Anyway I saw some cheap on amazon and ordered it for a friend, th… Read more

You are right I miss read their post, just a simple packaging error then.


But op said the pack size was correct but contents were light,surely that can’t be amazons fault unless I’m missing something.?


Constantly, lots of posts on here over the years with pack size issues, best example was one bar of soap gets sent instead of 4 used to get posted every other week. Amazon refund and tell you to keep the item. Some users even got banned by Amazon for taking advantage of these.


Won’t be Amazon that’s messed up will it?


Wouldn’t be the first time Amazon messed up a listing.

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Updated 30th MarLast updated 30th Mar by Quidco_Rep
this bundle is free for Quidco members. Pay delivery only £3.95. Quidco offer is only valid for this specific bundle. You will receive £12 cashback through Quidco after ordering th… Read more

Hey, Looks as though our offer was really popular for the popcorn and this was available for the first 1,500 members to snatch up this great deal! You can opt into our marketing emails to follow our deals of amazing Flashbacks we have in the future :) -Summer


Cant see this on my account. Only have 5% cashback


Good find, although looking at their website, seems quite expensive for their popcorn. I am not going to risk it just because it might take ages for the cashback to be paid.


Has anyone tried their popcorn? Is it worth the £3.95 delivery?


Thanks. Worth a go for effectively £3.95

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Updated 17th FebLast updated 17th Feb by sdylan
KFC popcorn chicken pizza returning 15th February
KFC popcorn chicken pizza returning 15th February

Tried it yesterday can recommend taste great


It's officially back today :) Unfortunately no deals seem to work on it (mad)


Great! I loved this pizza last time (and I rarely like Pizza Hut), shame it was so difficult to get a hold of though. Hoping it is easier to order when it returns!


CNt wait, missed it first time round


Bit like marmite some liked it and some didn't personally I liked it