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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 SM-T800 16GB Tablet (USED) : £84.95 delivered @ blackmoreit /ebay
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Posted 30th Nov 2020Posted 30th Nov 2020
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 SM-T800 16GB Tablet (USED) : £84.95 delivered @ blackmoreit /ebay£84.95 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Good performing Samsung Galaxy tablet. Posted this last year when it was £100 and was pretty well received and it’s now £15 cheaper. Not the latest and greatest but still boasts … Read more

Yeah true the S means high end but on this one it really wasn't that high end.


Yes it was a high end tablet. The S tells you that. It was their first in the series.


I have this, and my battery is pretty poor now,and charging it can take ages. It still performs OK and the Apps all update and run. I have seen people buy battery replacement kits and open them up, but Currys will offer £61 trade in, so am tempted to just replace it with a Tab A7 or something.


This wasn't a high end tablet when it came out and half the price of the air.


Would not touch this with a 10ft barge pole. Had plenty of tablets in the house one of these included. Tablets dont last well generally, had samsungs, ipads, hp pro slates and all struggle after 3 years or so. Batteries tend to loose capacity, OS seems to slow as updated, charging problems, worn ports with plenty of screen problems including lcd bleed and flakey connections. It is not worth spending this kind of money on something that is beyond its life expectancy and should be put toward something new with support for a little more. IMO worth about £30 tops.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 SM-T800 16GB Tablet (Refurb) : Titanium Bronze / White Gold £99.99 at blackmoreit eBay
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Posted 28th Aug 2019Posted 28th Aug 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 SM-T800 16GB Tablet (Refurb) : Titanium Bronze / White Gold £99.99 at blackmoreit eBay£99.99eBay Deals
Been keeping an eye on these for a while since my old one gave up the ghost. Screen on these is fantastic and I'd say has better clarity than my 5th gen iPad. 10.5" screen real est… Read more

Potentially a very nice deal.


Luck of the draw I guess.. (skeptical)


Mine is almost mint! Boots up well and very little signs of use. BTW people this is not one of the £99 ones that's listed on this deal, it's from another supplier.


How does this compare to a Amazon Fire HD 10 (brand new, that will be the same price on Black Friday) i was going to wait until black friday to buy a Fire HD 10, but if this is better, then ill go for this?


Mines arrived at my workplace I will get it later. Ebay and PayPal have made it so easy to return a product now, so it's no big deal if it's not what I'm expecting. (y) 🙏

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e LTE/4G 64GB from Amazon pre-order + 512GB SD Card £419 Pre-order
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Posted 6th Apr 2019Posted 6th Apr 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e LTE/4G 64GB from Amazon pre-order + 512GB SD Card £419 Pre-order£419£4292% offAmazon Deals
On pre-order for the 19th of April. Seems to be a tenner cheaper than Samsung UK for the 4G/LTE version with the free 512GB card promotion. Also, Amazon have the 6GB+128GB WiFi a… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

My SD card arrived yesterday.


They are clueless. I chased again yesterday and first they sent me a tracking number and delivery confirmation from April 12th (hadn't even ordered or validated my claim by this date) and told me to check with neighbours etc. Then sent a follow up saying ignore it was sent in error and they will investigate. Absolute shambles.


I called them today and they said it's showing on their system as failed but they don't know why! I complained and asked to speak for a supervisor who called me back and said they have no idea why it's failed but they re-processed it, they'll dispatch it and I should definitely have it next week. I'll wait till Wednesday before I nag them again (lol)


Anyone had any dispatch notification or tracking details yet for the micro SD? I've had nothing so don't think it will be arriving today.


Wow, and keyboard cover is OOS again on Samsung's website

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 9.7 WiFi 32GB VE White & Black Variants in Stock! £279 @ Tesco
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Posted 15th Jun 2018Posted 15th Jun 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 9.7 WiFi 32GB VE White & Black Variants in Stock! £279 @ Tesco£279£38928% offTesco Direct_eJod Deals
White & Black variants, now with £100 off in the TD clearance. Super AMOLED display - one of the best on the market Samsung’s Super AMOLED display brings clear-cut detail and… Read more

I ordered the 8.0 version and collected this evening My model is the T713 - a quick google tells me this is the VE version which was updated in 2016, sure if I’m reading that incorrectly I’ll be told, and it came with Android 7.0 already on board


If any anyone has bought it can they please confirm its the ve version?


Just ordered the 8.0 After a small android tablet with a great screen and this fits the bill perfectly from what I’ve read


I’m not mate, I assure you - have you not read my other comments? I am not a typical Apple fanboy, I have never chosen/ran an iPhone for starters - I’ve generally opted for the flagship HTC each year, but just recently switched to a P20 Pro (it’s brilliant btw). Disliking iPhones as much as I do, I started off tablet life determined to stick with Android, but after trying around 8 different ones and not being satisfied with them for various reasons, I tried an iPad and have never looked back. I buy the best equipment that I can, with only partial regard for brand, and I’m absolutely of the opinion that iPads are the best tablets.


Have a read of this. Post echoes what I said previously about having options to change the display settings to something cooler, less-punchy if you desire, I have the adaptive display on and it looks great to me but that's a personal thing. Samsung have their faults as does any other company, but you can't honestly fault them on screen quality, and like I said they seem to be good enough for Apple to use in their top-end phone so what does that say? I don't see why iPad/iPhone owners can't accept that there might be a device out there which does something better than the one they own, even Apple know this as otherwise they wouldn't change stuff from one generation to another. Wireless charging being another thing I heard Apple owning people saying they didn't want... until Apple did it years later and then suddenly it's the best thing ever. Don't be a blind sheep mate, Apple doesn't care about you, all they want is your money, same as every other firm out there, competition between them is better for us as consumers.

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Samsung galaxy tab s 3 @ Toby Deals - £389.99
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Posted 3rd Mar 2018Posted 3rd Mar 2018
Samsung galaxy tab s 3 @ Toby Deals - £389.99£389£59935% offToby Deals Deals
Just bought this brand new and sealedwith a UK plug and no import fees, very impressed with tobydeals, £200 cheaper than in a shop over here. Plus it comes with free case!

Approx 10 days


The biggest reason I wouldn't mind this is for the OLED screen. But in the meantime my Note 10.1 does everything I need. Maybe these will be coming up second hand at a decent price in another year or so...


That was an excellent tab. And the tab s3 is the closest thing to it since then. An absolute shame, considering how good the note series actually is (besides the one that got made extinct) 8)


Wouldn't mind replacing my Note 10.1 2014 tablet with this, but I can't really justify the extra cost...


Oooooh I'm gettin one thanks for the clarifications how long did it take

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 8.0 WiFi 32GB £279.99 with code @ Tesco
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Posted 21st Aug 2017Posted 21st Aug 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 8.0 WiFi 32GB £279.99 with code @ Tesco£279.99Tesco Direct_eJod Deals
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 8.0 WiFi 32GB Best price elsewhere £299 but get £20 off with Tesco voucher code. *Save £20 when you spend £150 or more on selected Electricals and Gaming… Read more

Thank you


Play store and type blue light card




The best feature of this tablet that you never see in a store is the weight. It is the lightest tablet you can buy. If you use a tablet often, this makes a world of difference as your wrist doesn't get tired. Usually, low weight means a small screen and lots of scrolling on websites. Due to its 4:3 screen and high resolution, websites are a pleasure to surf. The only compromise is battery life and black bars for movies. Also check out CeX as I got mine for £190 as a B grade but its mint.


the gorilla glass will break..its too cold out there..