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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Keyboard Book Cover, Black £119 at John Lewis & Partners
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
For the ones of you who already have the tab s4 and after its keyboard cover, here we go. Product code: 80460120 This keyboard cover is fitted with an intuitive POGO pin connecto… Read more
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I could be mistaken, but I think it was free delivery via Prime when I posted (EDIT: just checked - it still is). You also probably need to stop being quite so conspiratorial and jumping to unfounded conclusions..


Agree about the credit card, if you have one. If not, I wouldn't count 100% on Amazon with blind might be able to sort it, but why?To save £10?Yes percentage-wise, nearly 10%, hassle-wise, 90%. I always look at "like new" deals, from reputable sellers or Amazon itself. I wouldn't bother in this case, I would spend slightly more at John Lewis. Anyway, one more option to buy is always better than not having any. Edit: just seen this: You didn't mention £10.26 delivery from "The Big Phone Store", didn't you see it?are you the owner?Or are we just "pettinando le bambole" here?!? Waste of time.


Risk of what? Pay with a credit card as it's over £100, get Amazon, then the issuer involved in the unlikely event of problems. £10 is nearly 10% on this...


If Samsung or O2 offers 2 years warranty on the keyboard, than the O2 deal is better than mine; if not, I would say that JL with 2 years warranty is a better option. Good to have alternatives, though.

Galaxy Tab S5e LTE 64GB £365 @ Selfridges
-156° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Galaxy Tab S5e 4G 64gb 10.5”

It's been on discount quiet a few times and was as low as 257 plus 50 quid cash back that would have worked out at 207, so I would hold on.


Black and silver in stock on Samsung website for £364.65 with bank holiday code MAY15. you can also use up to 36 months of interest free financing via Klarna directly on Samsung website.


There weren't any in stock on the Samsung store when I looked. Mind you I wouldn't want something without a headphone socket. Does my head in trying to understand why some manufacturers remove it.


Coupled with the amex offer (£50 off £250 spend) this isnt bad but considering selfridges listed the s5e at £280 yesterday (albeit in error), I'd wager that will be the new price in the next few months.


Was 80 quid cheaper a few weeks ago and cheaper on Samsung online store at the minute.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e - £322.15 (With Code) @ Samsung Store
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
New from Samsung upto 15% off many devices.

I had lots of WiFi issues with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 inch WiFi model in the past, the WiFi would just drop randomly, had to reboot the tablet periodly to connect back on the WiFi, seems to be fine lately, maybe some Samsung update solved the problem :/


I have not had any issues with my S5e. Hadnit for a month and its heen faultless. WiFi never drops.


At the moment mine is fine.....But so was my S2 at first which went on to develop a wifi fault so I'll wait and see.. . I didn't want another Samsung because of the S2 wifi issue but there isn't much else in the tablet market. The tablet is good and hopefully it will stay that way (y)


Mines fine as well, you got unlucky


Just Google Samsung "S5e" and "WiFi issue" and you will see it's a common issue. So if yours is ok your lucky

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 64GB LTE (4G) Blue or Grey + Free book cover - £339.15 (With Code) @ Samsung Store
-164° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Introducing the new Tab S6 Lite Play video Feel like you’re in the front rowFeel like you’re in the front row and enjoy the show in all it’s glory on an awesome 10.4” display. The… Read more

I didn't see the 50 quid cash back dam I missed a good deal.


It was 257 plus 50 cashback, sadly I missed it too. Couldn't wait so got the S6 LTE for 403 with 50 cashback. Cracking tablet


To echo others, the s5e is much better and has been a lot cheaper on here.


That was 257 on here not that long ago, I missed it and still waiting for it again.


Save your money and pick up a second hand Tab S4, quality device and amazing screen

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S5E 64gb - £280 @ Selfridges
176° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Just ordered this last night for £322, after looking around for ages. And just received it an hour ago. I checked google and lo and behold, its on sale for £280 at Selfridges toda… Read more

Maybe this was a misprice or it is an indicator that a sale is on Samsung website imminent?


Did they actually sell the 128GB wi-fi model at £183?! It shows OOS.....maybe due to crazy low price, or perhaps when it goes OOS the price changes(????)


I understand the smt725 to be the LTE version and the smt720 WiFi. I could be wrong though.


I got the Platinum and it's showing for that


Just out of interest, as I keep seeing it mentioned what Amex card do you need for these promotions?

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 128GB Rose Blush £484 at Selfridges (pre-order)
262° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Tab S6 128GB for £484 with free delivery Please note: this is available for pre-order before 23rd August. Orders will not be dispatched prior to this date SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab… Read more

There's a 8'4 tab dropping. New A series phones too among other stuff. Defo expecting new watches sometime soon.


Out of stock


Wow, that is a massive saving


Can't add to bag for pre order?



Samsung Galaxy Tab A 32gb (10.1", Wi-Fi) now £159 with code via link at Samsung Store
37° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 32gb (10.1", Wi-Fi) was £199 now £135.15 with code via link at Samsung Store Use code MAY15 at checkout | Offer ends 26/05/20 Entertainment for All: Desi… Read more

Anyone know if there are any stock Android tablets out there?


Anyone got a view whether this Samsung or the Lenovo M10 Plus (2nd gen) is best?


They might release a discount code for June though?


Still a decent price as £199 almost everywhere else.


They’ve got some back in stock now but the code has expired. Typical

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 32GB LTE 8inch £109.65 with code via link at Samsung Store
289° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
looks like a good tablet for the price 4g lte usb type c charging

Oos now


S.Korean Samsung all day long against that Chinese tat... and at least they don't infect us with the 'rona! (mad)


Bizarrely the German one is 3Gb/64Gb. Why the blinking flip they don't sell it here is beyond me.


i want a 10inch full hd,


Really tempting but will hold out a bit more for the newer model

LOGIK Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8" Screen Protector - 99p delivered @ Currys Clearance Ebay
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
For all you S2 owners out there (very niche I know) screen protector for 99p delivered :D Keep your tablet protected from any scratches and knocks with the Logik Tab S2 8" Scr… Read more

Thanks OP! I use an S2 with my drone btw - a nice light option (200g) if anyone is interested :)


Buy it & put it on my Echo Show 8? (:I


The picture is an S2, but the 9.7" version.


:D Cheeky beggars


Says RRP £0.05, so £0.99 seems very expensive 🙈 (lol)

New Samsung Tab S6 lite 64GB - Student 15% off at Samsung direct - £296.65
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Register as student 15% off all tables, the S6 lite down from £349 to £296.65 plus a free book cover worth 59.99 (to 26th May) This model come with an S Pen too.

Nope. Ahhh never mind. Thanks for your reply.


Doubt it. Do you have access to their employee discount scheme?


I got a grade B tab s4 for £250 from them. Went with this as I prefer some of the features more than the s5e like headphone jack and slightly better chip. Pretty happy with it


It is probably silly question but how can I create a student account if I am not one? Can I even do it? (cheeky)


But it does have dex.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5 inch 128GB Wi-Fi LED Android Tablet - Grey with a 12 month Argos guarantee £447.99 @ Argos ebay
-517° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5 inch 128GB Wi-Fi LED Android Tablet - Grey Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee The Galaxy Tab S6 is for the go-getters, jet-setters and those w… Read more
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Samsung seems to have dropped off P@W for some reason now. Hoping it will come back soon.


So Samsung have stopped sticking OLED screens in their tablets now? Given that they’re one of the main manufacturers of OLED panels and it was a USP for them, it seems pretty odd. Im not even that fussed between LED and OLED but the way some people on here go on about iPhones having LCDs I’d assume it’s a dealbreaker for a lot of their customers?


This device is insane. Typing from online now. Samsung tab 6. Very solid tablet and with dex. Love mine Also spent £100 to get book cover keyboard I bought mine for £415 plus £100 book cover keyboard and 200gb memory card in there For £515 I have tablet, pen and keyboard (in my eyes it rival's ipad Pro for lot less money) I do video editing on it. Fantastic piece of kit


That bad a deal it has sold out.


I thought it was the same price but in and out of stock. But now the price has increased. Ill keep an eye out. (y)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10.1", WiFi, 2019) - Black £169 at Selfridges
289° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Cheapest price for 2019 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1", WiFi. Free delivery using "FREEDEL". Possible price match with John Lewis and Currys.

According to benchmarks the 2019 2gb Samsung Tab A performs better than the 3gb T5 in almost every way though. It also performs better than the old Samsung Tab A with 3gb of ram. Sometimes it's not the size it's what you do with it.

MDL199 Good in depth review for anyone interested in this tablet


I have this tablet and am delighted with it. Great screen and absolutely fine as a media consumption device. For the price it's a great tablet. Surprised that some have commented they've had a bad experience with their's.


I went onto their price match form online and filled the details including the FREEDEL in additional info section.


Huawei T5/3gb is £169.99 on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (64GB, Wi-Fi) + Free Book Cover + Free 4 Month YouTube Premium £296.65 (Employees) @ Samsung
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Decent offering for employee partners students etc. , get 15% off all tablets for a limited time FREE for 4 months Light and compact, it’s the perfect take-anywhere tablet for… Read more

:D (cheeky)


And to add to the confusion, just now i've manged to get an AOSP build installed which so far (fingers crossed) seems to be working. That Lenovo Tablet in Costco looks pretty smart though.. I used to be undecided, but now i'm not so sure....


Really, I really couldn't tell (lol)


Got an older ipad. Not for me. I don't usually fiddle too much, not like the early android days at least (HTC etc) Other thing is perhaps a chrome book tablet thingy...... As you can see I'm mostly undecided :D


Does it have to be android, I assume so, as I'm guessing you like to "fiddle with things" :D

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Tablet with S Pen, Android, 64GB, 4GB RAM, Wi-Fi, 10.4", Angora Blue/Oxford Grey £349 @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Claim a Samsung Tab s6 cover at no extra cost Includes 4 months of YouTube Music Premium at no extra cost Accessories Included S Pen Audio DetailsRead tooltip information AKG Tune… Read more
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Comparison between S6 lite vs S5e.


A real shame this doesn't have DEX. Only found out via these comments! Dex on the S4 was great when I had it. After a new tablet but find an iPad too restrictive with one user login so looking at Android but hate they hardly update the OS for years to come.


People are saying the processor on this isnt too different in performance to the S5e. So why would Samsung not give it DeX?


Not sure I'd buy a pricey bit of electronics from John Lewis right now as likely to be zero warranty...


Some people just want pen support. I'd get the normal s6 if there wasn't a lot in it though. But media consumption and powerful productivity(whatever that really means on a tablet) are not the only possibilities. Cheap note taking is all I'd be after, I'm not going to be using any tablet for actual work unless it is a surface.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 128gb Grade A Refurbished from Argos eBay - £447.99
308° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Looks like a good price for Argos grade A refurb. More than 10 available.

No, it's just you that completely missed the point of the convo. Anyway done with this now.


Obviously not to all. And if you really want to be anal about it. The original quote you responded to said Apple/ ms


The conversation wasn't about the devices, but was about a comparison between Apple and Samsung as someone wanted to know if the pen was included. It is quite clear how the conversation developed.


Dig?? It wasnt a dig at all. But i dont get why an Apple ipad shoukd be brought into discussion with an Android. Not comparable.


Not for how much more expensive they are. Over 300 pounds more to get keyboard and pen. Apple at that point advertises them as laptop replacements and you can get a mac Pro for cheaper than the ipad pro with all accessories. Whoever buys into their game is ridiculous. I had the 12.9 ipad pro and Samsung s series tablets. Screen quality for the Samsungs is by far more rich colour wise, making them more enjoyable for gaming and watching films. Apple is more powerful for multi tasking professional bits, which you'd be better off getting a mac Pro or other laptop for cheaper

Galaxy Tab S6 Case Cover Keyboard Genuine Samsung EF-BT860 - Grey £44.99 @ thebigphonestore ebay
152° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
This maybe a incorrect price but this seems to be the Samsung Tab S6 keyboard cover that usually retails for £159.99
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Excellent :) glad it worked out, one of my more successful postings haha! mines is due to arrive Monday, I was close to buying it at £99 literally about 2 days before I found this deal.


Got mine today, thanks


Ye I just had that message too. Happy days indeed.


Happy days bargain then


Morning guys, just had this response Hi, Thanks for your message. Yes it is for the keyboard cover. I have sent a message to the listing team regarding the incorrect model number. Thanks for pointing that out. Please let me know if there is anything further that I can help you with. Regards, Brendan

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 64GB Wi-Fi £322.15 Delivered using code (+ up to £150 Trade In) @ Samsung
506° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Good price for the S5e when using the attached code. Lowest I've seen this recently was £340, so a nice price drop if you were in the market for this Samsung tablet. You can also … Read more

Shame (annoyed)


No, tried that


Could you use a discount coupon (samsung 15) along with a student discount by going thru portal? I realise that samsung15 is expired now, was just wondering if both discounts stacked.


Back in stock (black only). Upgraded the my S2 using the discount and TCB but going the S2 on eBay instead as it's immaculate.


I wouldn't worry to much. With anything electronic it's going to get old very quickly, as long as you purchase the device for a specific reason you'll be fine.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 LTE 8 Inch + YouTube Premium £143.65 delivered @ Samsung (Silver or Black)
589° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Use code SAMSUNG15 at basket - You can also pay via Klarna or PayPal Credit (Usual credit checks so please keep that in mind) Discover a practical companion in Galaxy Tab A (8.0'… Read more

Worth every penny though.


Since were talking tablets i need a Android tablet 10 inch preferred anyone recommend me one was looking at the s5e but alot of money


This is bang on. No bootloader, no huawei


Thanks for the suggestion


Thanks. Unfortunately my Nexus 7 has stopped responding to touch, even after system reset, so it needs a replacement! I might just go for a 6.5" android phone if I can't find a decent 7" tablet.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 10.5" LTE Tablet 256GB £455.40 with Discount (Students/Blue Light/Employer) @ Samsung
68° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
The flagship model back in stock with 256GB built in storage, the S Pen included, I believe this model has 8GB Ram too. Save 300 quid off RRP! ONLY with your employer discount sch… Read more
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Can't see anything for this on perks at work?


Mine was the LTE 128GB version - still no stock of that one :(


Mine has now shipped =)


Back in stock. But the discount isn't (lol)


They better not! I have a ticket from when i called to ask why my card has been charged and have reiterated that in no circumstances should the order be cancelled. As you have said i'll wait.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (10.5", LTE) (Black Only), 64GB - £257.40 with Employer Discount @ Samsung
215° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Back in stock! Grab one while you can! Really good price for this bit of kit. Note it only works for the black version 64gb and you need to log in via your employers reward porta… Read more
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Mine too! Finally haha.


My order from last week is now preparing for dispatch which is a good sign (y)


Back is stock but at 364£


Strange to hear about your customer service experience... I phoned yesterday to ask if everything with the order was OK... The representative apologised and said he'd find out. He called me back an hour later with a response from the stock team and explained that some more stock was due in this week and one would be allocated to me. He also gave me a £30 voucher to apologise for the inconvenience. Just thought I'd comment to say that, as my customer service experience was great so far (apart from not having the tablet in my hands)... Shame yours didn't go so well!


Yeah really poor sorry to hear that mate. :/ hopefully something good comes your way soon to make up for it.

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