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Tab S5e (10.5", Wi-Fi) 64gb £287.10 Samsung Student Portal / Totum
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Been looking for a new tablet for my son. This is the cheapest I've seen this for a while and it's direct from Samsung. Really good specs and screen for the money.

Had mine over a year, you will not regret the purchase. Watching movies on it is insane ! The Dolby Atmos speakers are crazy good.


Same experience here


Why this/s7 over the S6 - I thought the screen was better on S6 than S7 & cpu better/pen provided with S6.


It’s a good tablet but I’d suggest to wait for it to go cheaper or the newer S7 to as this has been cheaper before but if you need it ASAP then yeah take this rather than the S6 etc


Good price for a great tablet. Had mine a few months now, buy it you won't regret it :D

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Wi-Fi SM-T720 64 GB - Gold (UK Version) £301.31 @
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Cheapest I've seen this for a while, though it does occasionally go below £300. IMO it's the best tablet for watching videos because of its amazing 1440p OLED screen and it's got e… Read more

Factory reset is the only option now :(


If you haven't already, you should wipe the cache partition. If that doesn't work then probably a factory reset's the only realistic option left (fierce)


I have, it's always Samsung OS which you can't disable, nothing else is taking power. I've tried everything but it's something to do with the software update last week.


Very nice find if you trust the seller (y)


Looks like the black version is available with a code on eBay for £275.50 - item 124673644252

Galaxy Tab S7 Navy (11", LTE, 128GB) via SudentBeans @ £517.68
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
This looks like a pretty good deal, almost 30% off, and cheaper then non LTE version at the moment. Trade in Value is lower then normal site, but the main discount more then makes … Read more

Apple pencils are expensive because they do more than act as pencils. Still over priced Third party pencils are £15 on Amazon and work great If you’re worried about downloading one app that isn’t included with the iOS then an iPad isn’t for you. Even though it’ll take 20 seconds


Xbox game pass ultimate/xcloud. Gaming sorted :D


Id also save for an m1 ipad if i was in the market for an m1 ipad.


The new m1 iPad looks like a beast. I'd add my 571 quid getting one of them if I was in the market for one...



Samsung galaxy Tab S7 tablet WiFi, with stylus. 128gb/6gb Ram for £454.37 delivered UK Mainland @Amazon Germany
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
This price is without a Fee Free Card. Also maybe cheaper if ordered in euros. Just make sure your bank doesn't charge extra for items bought in Euros Search in language: Eng… Read more

The four years people mention is for security updates. I forget how long they update the OS version for, but it was certainly much less. I'd guess one year from launch, maybe two if your lucky. Pretty much all manufacturers are the same but, IIRC, Google are the best, as you'd imagine, followed by Nokia.


4 years from launch on most of their worthwhile devices:


Should he three years min


How is Samsung tablet on aftermarket support nower days? I've been burnt by them a few years back on a Samsung Tab 10 Pro, where they literally stopped Android version updates after the first year.


Would love if someone found a deal for the keyboard vover for the plus version

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8" Tablet (2019) - 32 GB, Silver/Black DAMAGED BOX - £67.58 @ currys_clearance / ebay
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
black - Non-pristine • "Non-pristine" have opened boxes and/or the outer box has minor signs of … Read more

Black gone too


got a black on,, just what i was looking for. Thanks!


I snooze, I lose (annoyed)

benhornsby1999 missing sim tool tho


No black now either ;(

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (plus) - 256gb / WiFi only - £699.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Stunning display immerse yourself in work and play with the 12.4” Galaxy Tab S7+ thanks to the superfast refresh rate which creates an ultra-smooth viewing experience Productivity… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 256gb Price now at £692 for navy / grey (and oddly still £625 for the bronze). Black still out of stock however so will keep monitoring!


Was ready to buy yesterday but the Samsing EPP site was down for maintenance (looks like a user interface refresh). Just went back on now and the mystic black s7+ WiFi 256gb is now out of stock 😡. Signed up for the stock alert so see what happens. Can't imagine it being back in stock before the £625 offer is still live, but as you said there may be more deals coming up so just got to wait like you did (y)


The 14 + 30 day return will cover you for price fluctuations. I went with the keyboard case as it snaps of easily so can use it for both purposes. Plus the 50% off existing overpriced RRP is worth it. They sell on eBay for 130-159 anyway


Did not know about the ram. Makes sense for an extra 50 quid (compared to the original 575 for 128gb I was willing to pay) to future proof my purchase. OK you've Convinced me will order it to ight with 14 day delivery selected! Only thing left to decide now is keyboard cover or book cover :/ . Prefer book cover as sole use is to write and take notes in meetings (already have a surface pro and typing in meetings makes too much noise/not ideal), hence pendent not worth getting the keyboard cover (plus would make it slightly heavier with the keyboard cover right). Only thing I got to hope for is that the price doesn't drop further than 625 in June (lol)


Also you can set delivery date 2 weeks in the future so that helps with the return window :)