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Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45 mm Smartwatch - £227.78 (UK Mainland) @ Amazon Germany
Refreshed 7 h, 54 m agoRefreshed 7 h, 54 m agoShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Update 1
Update - price reduced from £243.81 to £227.78 on 01/03
Over £300 in the UK, £280 via employee site on Samsung UK is next best for the 45mm, great price imo. KEEP FITNESS DATA IN A TRACKER - Samsung Galaxy Watch3 can help you find … Read more

Have 46mm galaxy also. I will probably change to the active 2 44mm when i find a deal


Goodnight mode and airplane mode on at night will get you quite a bit more - sensors still work, it's just not hunting for your phone all night.


Yes, I currently have a galaxy watch 46mm and I get about 4 days on it. I heard this is 2 days at best. I have an active 2 on the way (finally) from the recent £101.98 deal so I can't personally justify the extra for this watch 3.


The bad reviews on battery life are concerning.


I have the Galaxy Watch 4g - should of made that part clear. :)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm Bluetooth - £220 @ Amazon Germany
Posted 24th FebPosted 24th FebShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Size 41 mm Bluetooth only Color: Mystic bronze Other color also available

Exactly the same here. It's been very frustrating. Please let me know IF your parcel leaves Poland ! I'm sure yours is the same, everyday it either gets a warehouse scan or 'Your parcel is delayed due to a brexit related disruption !!!'


Yea check it a few times a day and don’t know why I bother. Always stuck in Poland!


Same here mate - very frustrating. Was yours shipped with UPS like mine was? They are getting a right slating on trustpilot.




Does this version have the rotating bezel?

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 4G Stainless Steel 41 mm Smart Watch Mystic Silver (UK Version) - £297.80 @ Amazon
Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Features & details Galaxy Watch3 4G encases game-changing tech in a classic watch body. Crafted from stainless-steel and fine leather, this timeless style goes with everything.… Read more

Fair enough, thanks. That's what I was kind of asking. Yes I am aware of the calling and texting option, but that would need an extra network subscription, where the text option isn't that optimised and the battery life is abysmal. Why subject yourself to such poor experience? Clearly not something I would call polished? Or BMW like. I don't currently use a smart watch as having tried a good few, couldn't figure out what they were actually good at. Hence wondering if this is any better. Having read the reviews, not much seen to have changed. Hence back to the original question, what warrants the extra £250? As the Huaweis were probably the best at measuring the health side of things Inc SpO2


You can use this to ring, text & use the internet on. As well as send out automatic text/phone messages it it thinks you have had an accident. All whilst your £1000 iphone is safe at home. You cannot compare it to your smartwatch. Its like comparing a calculator to an abacus. 2 different things.


Not really a comparable comparison. As the Honour watches are the real BMW in the above case as Huawei's watch tech is probably the best in the Android space. Like I said before, I wasn't being silly with the question, but if people are comparing Samsung watch to BMWs. Then oh my. An overpriced Hyundai at best..


Same reason I sold my BMW and bought a pig to ride around on.


There are some Samsung watches for £219 at BT, damaged box. Not familiar with these, so may be a different model, here is the picture

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 4G Stainless Steel 41 mm Smart Watch £252.80 @ Amazon UK
348° Expired
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Reduced again to £252. 80 Just reduced further. Cheapest online that I can find. Samsung watch 3, stainless Steel 4G £230.00 for a used like new as well with warranty. I posted it … Read more

Put goodnight mode and flight mode on when you go to bed - it still tracks your sleep/heart rate etc, alarms still work, but cuts the battery drain by a good bit as it's not constantly trying to find your phone...


Also the advice on all smart watches said to remove it every now and then. Leaving it on charge for 15 minutes or anytime one is in shower will provide more than enough charge to last a full day. Even so, it must come off at some point.


All the reviews I read state up to 2, realistically half that. Also what's the point of a smart watch if you don't wear it? Negates having all the health data available.


Price gone back up.


An hour to charge? These things have a give or take 3 days life. Unless you are one of these people that must wear their smartwatch non stop. Leaving on charge while you are in the bath is more than enough to power it through the next day. After a full day at work, with everything turned on and brightness at maximum, mine hovers around 75%. I put it on charge, by the time I've done all mine evening activities it's fully charged. It takes less than 15 minutes to be fully charged.

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New Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Stainless Steel 41 mm Bluetooth Smart Watch Mystic Bronze (UK Version) - £223.80 @ Amazon
299° Expired
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Good price for UK I reckon. Sexy Mystic Bronze. Galaxy Watch3 encases game-changing tech in a classic watch body. Crafted from stainless-steel and fine leather, this timeless … Read more

Seems like it's back to £298.59 :(


Looks like its gone to £300.00 now


Good watch (strong)


Sold now, thanks


Are you able to send pics

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch3 4G - Mystic Silver, 45 mm Open Box £221.24 @ eBay Currys
75° Expired
Posted 15th FebPosted 15th Feb
Non-pristine • "Non-pristine" have opened boxes and/or the outer box has minor signs of age or wear - so strictly speaking can no longer be called "New". • "Non-pristine" products… Read more

What do you mean the lay feature? Samsung pay? My active 2 has Samsung pay?


Exactly this and 2 days is ample for me just enable notifications for things you use most and disable everything else don't have the display always on i have mine set to tap screen to show/wake up i don't message directly from my watch or answer calls with it either what's the point if I have my phone in my pocket (confused) as well as that you don't look James Bond or Captain Kirk at all talking to your wrist people just think your weird! I also don't use continuous heart rate monitoring either as I don't look at my wrist all day so if I'm going to check anything I'll do it when I need to it literally takes couple of seconds to do same as ECG (y) Finally it's wireless charging i have a Samsung Charge Duo so if need be I just put it on charge when i charge my phone at night when i sleep, Or when I'm away my S20 Ultra supports reverse wireless power share so at a push when i cable charge the phone can top my watch up on the back of my phone using that function (y)


I suppose your right, with everything running and what it does, no wonder why it only lasts a few days. I work at home now anyway, so can charge it when I am sat at my desk.

I'm still getting 3-4 days on my Galaxy Watch. And yes functionality is great!


The more the functionality , the more they consume battery. That's why you won't get more than 2 days from an Android watch anytime soon either. But you'll also get the maximum experience!.