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Pull Out Mono Mixer Kitchen Tap - £38.99 @ Wayfair (+£4.99 P&P)
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
As per the title. I'm redoing my kitchen and found this tap to be great value. Lots of others on the site that look well priced to me.
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Hot. I've just had taps delivered. I hope to never have to look at 1000 pictures of near identical items ever again. Stupid, waste of life, dum things.


And this for £41.99

GROHE 23330000 | BauEdge Basin Mixer Tap - £37.40 Delivered @ Amazon
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Been looking to change the taps in the bathroom and came across this, good brand and looks like a quality tap. Product Description Monobloc installation metal lever 28 mm ceram… Read more
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Thanks for that. Found these £3.19 a pair in Screwfix for anybody who has a store close to them.


Well, I might be shot down here, & have mentioned this in my previous account here many moons ago.. I live in East Anglia, the water is HARD as (Grrr hard). I moved into a early 1970's house with pretty clogged pipes, I bought (at auction) a "permutti" coil which I wound tightly & used electrical tape to hold it in place, then a foam pipe sleeve on top. set it in motion & over the next 6 months th water coming in had the calcium maintained as a liquid form (& hasn't been a problem since with samuel heath shower heads etc ..which I clean every once a year or less ((less)) When fitted it uses a low electric pulse to agitate the calcium build up & essentially it was loosening big gobbets of the stuff & spitting them out, ...I had reason a couple of years ago to cut open a few pipes & they were as clean as a whistle... I also replaced the (trad) hot water element the other year, the 1970's element had virtually fallen off, & rotted through (dodgy) so I cannot tell if the mess at the bottom of the otherwise clean tank was from a sacrificial node (anealing qualities) or whether part of the system clean out was the long term impact of the permutti. I have always basically lived in extremely hard water areas & can heartily recommend spending themoney on a decent brand of box that has lasted over a decade pulsing a simple low voltage through the riser pipe (metal) on metal pipework. Before fitting it, shower heads & taps had to be cleaned judiciously every few weeks, now it's "if & when I remember" ..havent had problem since though you need to be prepared for the taps to throw out some lumps of old calc for a while as it gets to work ...but when it does you know its doing its job as a new user. Putting that permutti in place means I haven't neeeded to worry about thin bore for designer taps etc (the pressure sucks here anyway, reducing the pipe bore without should mean it becomes like clogged artery, but the kitchen tap is like that & never been a problem, so I would consider this tap as a replacement IF I had the proud home owner syndrome or hard water just to make life easier "whole of house" ...its basically magnetic field pulse which reacts with the incoming floating debris in the water from the mains riser.


Tap dat


If you're after a pop up waste set, there are a few at for around £5 more. EUR 49.40 approx. £42.34 EUR 45.58 approx.£39.07


You make a very smart choice, I say :)

BRITA Waterbar Dolce 3 Way Filtered Tap WD3020 with Cartridge + Next Day Delivery + £4.80 (With Code) @ Ryman
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Already discounted to £199.99 which is a good deal, however add 5 items to basket and you can get 10% off! Dont want to buy anything else? Simply add 4x jiffy bags @ 30p each: h… Read more

Lanzarotte - that’s all they use


German teeth.. terrible (:I


In England they do, in Germany they dont, go and look at their teeth. As for water wasted, if you are so concerned, do you also take baths in a bucket?


Worth noting it’s physically much bigger (I.e takes up more room under sink)


You do realise fluoride is added at water treatment plants to stop tooth decay ? Water is not wasted as it goes down the drain ? (lol) (lol) Come on are you serious ?

Watersmith Heritage Wye Basin Mono Mixer Tap with Clicker Waste for £34.99 @ Screwfix (+10 Years Guarantee)
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Nice stylish tap with good reviews. Mono basin mixer tap with solid brass body. Chrome-plated brass clicker waste included. Not bad since a clicker waste itself usually costs ~£1… Read more
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Yeah my basin has two different taps/holes for hot and cold. It becomes a nuisance. That's why i was hoping for it to get changed. Maybe could remove one of them and put this mixer in place instead?


Basins generally come with one, two or no tap holes. If your basin has a single tap hole, then yes. If it has a double tap hole then it may look somewhat strange! You may also have to consider the plumbing arrangement and the length of the tails that come the tap compared to what you have.


I have a dual tap system (different taps for hot and cold water). Can i just add this to it by removing one or would i need to change the entire basin as well?


Sounds like I need to make a new account today, register my address again and then never buy anything on this account Thanks


Nope but you got to sign up to them on their website. they often send freebies with main catalogue too.

Wickes Modena Deck Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap - Chrome with 2 Year Warranty was £65 now £42 C+C @ Wickes
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Seems a decent price for this Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap that has excellent reviews - we bought a cheaper one last year, will never make that mistake again, swivel spout was almost unt… Read more
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These taps are severely annoying. We keep catching the taps when washing up and end up with water all over. Defo changing them when we redo kitchen


Iv never understood why people would choose dual mixer taps, over a mono mixer

Franke Liberal 1.5 sink plus tap - £119 instore @ Wickes (Cricklewood)
LocalLocalFound 9th FebFound 9th Feb
This looks like a cracking deal for a Franke sink plus tap. I paid this for a crappy Astracast alone about six months ago :( Deal seen in-store at Wicks Cricklewood 9/2/19. Not cu… Read more
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Toolstation do a Franke 1.5 sink and tap set for £108.


Hot. Franke quality is excellent.


Good deal, I wonder if they have any in Lincoln/ Grimsby :/


No idea why cold.Their taps are near this alone.

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Cooke And Lewis Cooke & Lewis 31A Pull-out Spray Mono Mixer Kitchen Tap Black/Chrome for £34.99 @ Screwfix (Free C&C)
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Quality tap and worth it if you can get your hands on one. Stock is a bit scarce but available. This mixer tap is usually ~£90 full price but now on sale for £34.99 with free sto… Read more
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Deal no longer available


Out of stock now ;(


not in stok


Bargain if you can find stock, none in the Liverpool area.


Hi, anyone know how this compares to Bristan liquorice tap, very similar looking tap but quite a bit more money at £115 to £150,interested to know if the bristan is worth the extra money?

All Amazon's own products, 5 monthly interest free payments - Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers, Amazon Fire TV, and Alexa-enabled devices
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
AMAZON IS OFFERING 5 MONTHLY PAYMENTS, With no interest on all there own products from 4k sticks all Alexa products and fire tablets. Good deals for those who can't afford the ful… Read more
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Fantastic thing to have. Used it in November to buy Xmas pressies - all the family got Echo Dots which were £25 each at the time. Bought seven for £175 - paid £35 per month for past three months with two more to pay in Feb and March. Really useful.


I don’t have it on mine


It works as long as you have been a frequent user, credit card on file and not good order/payment history.


Nice....shame they don't do their Amazon basics soundbar here ;(


so chatted to them you have to go to a page to enable the monthy payments just go to chat they will direct you enabkle and then all set Monthly Payments: Get it now, pay over timePay the same price with no interest or additional fees.With monthly payments, we'll charge your first payment when we ship your device. Pay the remaining balance in equal monthly payments. No finance chargesNo interest or hidden feesNo credit check or application requiredClick the “Enable monthly payments” button to instantly apply this offer to your account. This offer is subject to the Monthly Payments Terms & Conditions. Monthly Payments are enabled for your account How it worksStep 1: Enable monthly payments for your accountIf monthly payments are not already enabled for your account, click the “Enable monthly payments” button above. Step 2: Find a product eligible for monthly paymentsLook for products with the “Monthly payments” option on the product page and select monthly payments when adding to your basket. Step 3: Pay for first month at checkoutWhen your product ships, you will only pay the first month’s share plus any applicable tax and delivery fees on the full price. Step 4: Pay remaining balance over several monthsThe remaining balance will be billed to your credit card in equal installments every 30 days from shipment date. The number of payments varies by product (see details on product page).

Watersmith Heritage Clyde Basin Mini Mono Mixer Tap with Clicker Waste for £29.99 @ Screwfix (Free C&C +10 Years Guarantee)
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Attractive looking mixer tap with good reviews. What I also like is the internal aerator and the inclusion of a clicker waste. Plus it comes with 10 years guarantee. Mono bas… Read more
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Cheers OP needed a replacement great timing!




B&Q has some mixer taps on clearance if it helps anyone


Very easy to replace, but as said it depends on access to the nut holding your existing tap on. Most modern sinks and cabinets are not friendly for plumbing when it come to replacing things.


They have bath mixer taps in the same range with 55% off.

Modern Swan Neck Chrome Kitchen Sink Tap - Sold by Evergreen Goods Ltd / Fulfilled by Amazon - £19.99 Prime / £24.48 non-Prime
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Bought this tap just before Christmas. Seems a bargain so would like to share with y'all.

You can buy similar taps on ebay for £10-£15


Bought this a year back, still randomly explodes (neck detaches from the base due to pressure) and floods a bit of the worktop. Fun gadget :)


" so would like to share with y'all." Y'all come back now ya here ! ... yey ha


Everything seems perfectly fine...feels well built. I'll tear this down if it fails on me.


My concern would be buying the cartridges when they start leaking, may not be easy to find

Cooke & Lewis Mono mixer tap down from £20 to £13.99 @Screwfix (free C&C)
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Needed new kitchen tap, paid over £50 for last one, this works better too.
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Just replaced my old tap on friday It was so difficult taking off the connector from the old tap as i did not want to take the isolation valve side off In the end My attempts to remove the flexible tap connector from the tap side resulted in the connector getting tangled up In the end I just took the old connectors off and replaced it with the new ones from the new tap. PITA just wondered what my errors where here and how I could have saved the old connectors


I have put isolation valves on each inlet pipe and turned down the cold water one so it flows with less pressure. It's a bit of work but solved the problem.


Not available anywhere near me


Fair point, and I have. The cold flow rate still exceeds the hot one though as its pressure is the greater of the two.


Sometimes they are assembled within the tap, they may come with the tap, just get some off ebay, 15mm 1/2" usually.

Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
This is for £51 less 15% promo code BBNEW15 TMtakes it to £43.35 Schott stuff usually keeps you warm

Fabric Composition & Care: 75% acrylic 13% wool 12% nylon Seems rather overpriced even at half price given it’s mainly acrylic.


+£4.95 delivery, use BBNEW15 for 15% off bringing it down to £48.30 inc delivery


Sorry by accident, the image isnt too good sorry about that


Why was this expired?

Kinetic Garden Tap Kit for £1.70 @ Homebase
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Decent price for this kit. :) Showing available at specific stores. The Kinetic Garden Tap Kit allows an easy DIY installation of an outdoor tap onto existing internal piping.… Read more
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Don't go to Ledbury. I just cleared them out. SEL stated £12.50 but scanned at £1.70


Yep, I've picked mine up this morning. Fully intend to bin the self cutting adapters and hose. Thanks OP :)


Ha ha! Oh yeah! Definitely worth it then. Sure, I had to have new carpets, new furniture, move out for months while it dried..... But £1.70! Woo!!


£1.70 though!!!! 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠


Worth double that just for the tap

Watersmith Heritage Bathroom Basin Mono Mixer Tap With Click Waste At Screwfix For £8.99
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
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Yeah, you'll find a few online. Some on Amazon but they mostly don't get good reviews except for:


Yeah, I found that after posting. Wife doesn’t like it of course. (Doesn’t “match”....) Never considered single fitting and blanking cap. Bit more plumbing work than I’m willing to do. I’ll bet the wife will hate it too because it won’t be symmetrical..... Also found these


Or just get a single bathroom tap mixer and replace to either left or right tap - then you put a blanking cover over the remaining hole where one of the old taps was. Since many older sinks will have just two tap holes. You'll need to do some pipework underneath but you wont need to replace the sink. DIY or simple job for plumber.


Something like this?


Nope, I have the exact same ones which I got from screwfix a few years ago for £60, and when I was looking around for some decent looking 3 hole mixer taps, this was the cheapest I could find by a long way, at £9 absolute bargain. (y)

Quadra Waterfall Mixer Tap £36  Betterbathrooms
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Been on the look out for a Waterfall tap as mine needs replacing, Betterbathrooms have currently got 20% off, so hopefully this will help somebody save a few quid like myself, plus… Read more
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But somehow the insides of the taps must be different on expensive taps otherwise they would deteriorate quickly like these ones do but as i said I've no idea other than the price point but surely paying 200 quid say doesn't automatically mean they will last if we don't know what to look for when purchasing. Seems a minefield just buying a tap XD


We are almost the same-bought the tap 5 years ago and had to replace it twice because the parts inside are of poor quality. In fairness to Better Bathrooms, they have replaced twice FOC but with the same poor components. Cannot recommend at any price due to the cost of fitting and refitting.


Terrible taps has two sets of these, Due to nature of them water dosent come our very fast and fills with dirt etc. Voted cold avoid.


Decent quality will just feel better when you go into a showroom. There is no obvious thing to look for but buy from a reputable brand with a good guarantee


Of course things are relative but you'd expect a tap to last longer than that.Thinking about it OH bought a whole new tap the first time then when it started leaking again so quickly I complained and they sent spare parts out. They must be all like that,rubbish. I was wary from the off that things are only plated so I don't clean it with anything other than water.

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