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Hi Is anyone able to kindly share with me a voucher or discount code for e vitamins Thank you in advance!

Correct I am fully aware thank you I know people who have ordered from here with the products I require.


You are fully aware that site is shipping from US and does not include any VAT or duties? Also alot of products cannot be imported (only shows when you try to add to basket) Highly unlikely anyone will have a discount code. Google will be a better chance. Is alot of law around what can and cant be imported in this highly regulated field. They also declare they may not have everything listed that cant be imported and anything disposed off at customs is your responsibility.

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Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) for teenage acne?
My teenage son (14 next February) has acne. I started off using Clean and Clear Cleansing lotion for him, which worked for a while until things got a bit worse. He's currently usin… Read more

We have continued to use the Nip Fab Teen Skin Salicylic acid cleansing pads (both the day and night versions). However, after using the pads, we also put on a dab of Freederm Fast Track gel on any inflamed spots. The (red) spots have not really got worse and some stubborn ones, particularly three between his eyebrows have now gone. He gets the occasional white head now which he hates more than anything else as he feels that they are really noticeable. As regards blackheads (some on his chin), his nose is totally clear of them, however, about 2 cm under each eye he has a cluster of blackheads which are really difficult to get rid of - we have tried steaming his face for a bit to try to open the pores up, but my son is not too keen on the steamer, so only manages a couple of minutes which is not really opening those pores up (after steaming, I do massage in (only on the blackheads though) a small amount of Garnier's pure active charcoal - gentle exfoliator in a stick form). I have actually bought a Superdrug Dead Sea Purifying Clay Face Mask for him to try out this weekend, with the following description (With an uplifting fragrance of cool Eucalyptus and Zesty Lemon, perfect for oily and blemish prone skin. This mask will revive and refresh your skin.), so I will see how he gets along with that one. We are just going to keep going on with the products above for the moment - he currently only has about 4 red spots on his entire face with a few clusters of stubborn blackheads (no whiteheads at the moment) - has not had any cystic acne at all. He does have a few red dots/small marks on his skin (temples and forehead) where he has had spots before. I'm not sure if this is scarring or not as there are no indentations on the surface of his skin (the skin is extremely smooth), so I am hoping that these will disappear in time. I'd like to add that he has read up himself about stronger products for acne (from the doctor) and is not keen on trying any of them out. He does seem a lot more happier now with his skin compared to several months ago when he was home-schooling because of the lockdown. At that time, I think it was getting him down quite a bit (telling me that he was the only one in his class with acne, which I had doubts about), especially with not being at school and not spending time with his friends, but he's far happier now he's back at school and we just go through the usual morning and evening routine with his skin. Obviously, if things do get worse in the future with his skin, we will have to think about other products to try, but I am hoping that it will not come to that. Thank you for asking. I forgot to add, that we did try (several months ago now) a bottle of Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) capsules for acne, but apart from making his skin look less greasy, not a lot else happened, however, that might have been because we only tried one bottle. My son decided that they weren't helping much so I never bought any more. His skin now, no longer looks really shiny and greasy like it did when he first started to get acne, so maybe things are settling a bit.


OP what meds did you opt for your youngest ? any feedback? asking for the benefit of anyone else who is going through the same issues.


That is very kind of you to say so. Thankfully, my wife is a clinical psychologist and recognised the symptoms early and was able to access the correct help. Adverse reactions to approved drugs is a very controversial subject. Often empirical data is hard to establish. Anecdotal data must be treated with caution. The internet is awash with questionable advice. @Firefly1 wrote a very good post above and pointed out that the powerful acne treatments are the 'treatments of last resort'. And to automatically discount them without careful consideration of the costs vs. benefits is unwise. He/she is correct. That cost/benefit has to be tailored to each individual. But, I know, again from personal experience, that private clinics will offer these drugs (including roaccutane) as the treatment of first resort and with, in my opinion, inadequate mental health screening and ongoing monitoring. Your approach of taking things cautiously is wise and I hope that his skin clears up with minimum help, as it does for most. All the best.


Thank you for explaining this to me. I am sorry to hear about the issues that your daughter had - I hope that as time progresses she makes a full recovery. I know that some people on here have been fine with Roaccutane, but personally, I'd like to avoid it as regards my son.


Try Kiehl’s Breakout control range the lotion they do has 10% sulfur and Vitamin B3 to attack the blemishes gently and exfoliate the skin gently to prevent any scarring and rough texture x Keep using the salicylic acid! And make sure he gets an oil free SPF in his routine because you’re using direct acids that make him more prone to sun damage even when there’s no sun out, the UV Rays still penetrate through clouds, glass windows etc Be careful with the doctors because while what they give you does the job it also strips the skin and compromises the skins barrier meaning as he gets older he’ll start to look a lot older than what he should or he could develop skin sensitivities. So if you do choose to go to the doctors for medicines for blemishes make sure you get him a decent nourishing moisturiser that will fortify his skin.

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Can someone Recommended Multivitamins for 13 year old please and adults?
hi i see some offers on Multivitaminson sites inc holland barret but i ahve never bought this type of thing before so thought i would ask for some advice on this if anyone can spar… Read more

NHS on need, or not, for vitamin D You've two lots of good advice above, so to echo that - Best bet, ensure they get it via diet. If that doesn't suit you phone your GP surgery and ask for advice. Someone, probably the practice nurse, will contact you.


is 1000u just the one for adults because i found kids ones on amazon and it says 400ui?


There’s no need to make an appointment just speak on the phone


Sorry to reply late and thanks I will do that but very hard to get apps etc from our docs right no. I was mostly wanting to make sure he got vitamin D more than anything with not going on much but there's so many variations.


Why not give your practice nurse a ring at your doctors I am sure the advice you get off them will be more useful then what you will get off people here

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Covid & Multivitamins advice needed
Hi All, Hope you are are staying safe & well. I have been sitting on this questions for long time but now my anxiety has built up a lot and i think i need to get it out and ge… Read more

Watch videos on the subject especially Vitamin D on YouTube with Dr John Campbell and Dr Berg. Vitamin D is critical for prevention of respiratory infections. Everybody should be taking bare minimum of 25mg/25ug/2000iu a day. Those more vulnerable should double this dose. You would not overdose on it unless you were taking a stupid amount. I think you'd find those who are taking are getting reduced if not preventing symptoms and infections.


i heard drinking beer kills the virus so im drinking it every day just to keep myself safe. any little boost helps. stay safe.


Think everyone should have the D especially coming into winter months


"Do not take more than 100 micrograms (4,000 IU) of vitamin D a day as it could be harmful. This applies to adults, including pregnant and breastfeeding women and the elderly, and children aged 11 to 17 years." "Taking too many vitamin D supplements over a long period of time can cause too much calcium to build up in the body (hypercalcaemia). This can weaken the bones and damage the kidneys and the heart."

brianrankin88 do great vitamins and have ones specifically for immunity & cashback and voucher codes also .

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Good multi vitamin for skin and hair?
hi does anybody know any good multi vitamins mainly for skin and hair? and good deals too? appreciate everyone's help 🙏

Agree check with the doc first; you can get a comprehensive set of blood tests done to identify any deficiencies.


Sorry I don't as I haven't used it - just knew of it from seeing it before. See it often on my vitamins or my protein. Also available on amazon and lots of other places...just have a look at the reviews and see if it is for you (y)


Do you have any good recommendations thank you :)


Definitely biotin.