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GVS P3R Half Mask Respirator Med/Large £19.15 delivered @ Toolstation eBay
Posted 2 h, 41 m agoPosted 2 h, 41 m ago
Seems like a good deal. Not processing orders currently but says many are in stock.


Note seller is away, no eta...


Ffp2 is kn95 spec (y)


Don't wear a mask, save yourselves and protect your pockets


Sod the virus, I just wanna get back to my sanding without filling my lungs with dust! Good to see these are finally starting to drop again

Elasticated 3PLY Face Mask - 200 Pack £98.99 @ Boots
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
I sure this will get very cold because I know wearing a mask is not for everyone as some people don't believe it help to stop spreading the Covid-19 but for these want to protect t… Read more

Please feel free to share your links here if you found some good quality masks to help others know nothing about masks. Especially, we have to start wearing mask on public transport.


ebay/ amazon boots, home bargains etc have some .. there are mostly of two types .. one type are unrated which offer little protection (mostly dust) but are better than nothing. These are generally cheap. The others are medical-surgical masks the YY0469-2011 rated or type II R these will offer better protection against droplets. The primary risk appears to be the time spent in the company of someone who is infected, or in an closed environment .. and the virus can be transmitted through exposure to the eyes.


If you're buying Chinese then they need to be at least YY0469-2011 rated it is the equivalent to the type II R mask.. If it's UK then it must be R rated and type II will give you better protection - EN14683-2014 rated .


OK. Understood. The primary purpose of the ffp2 masks are to prevent you from spreading the virus, these masks also help to reduce the amount of viral reaching you. ffp3 are more effective against virus. Medical surgical masks need to be R rated either type I (95%) or type II (98%). There is a benefit to wearing a mask but it doesn't make you 100% safe. If you're being careful to limit face-time and limit staying in closed spaces, and keeping a distance it should reduce the risk to you and others. The risk is between 1% to 5% (dying in UK), the problem is that you wont know until you ave become a victim to know how you're going to fare.



Free Mask Pattern from Unicef as part of their Make one Give 50 Campaign
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Unicef are offering a free pattern to make own mask as part of their make one give 50 campaign You can download your free pattern here – with a-step-by-step guide of all you need … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

So many things I could say about this but will just say that three of my colleagues thought that they had COVID 19 and were displaying symptoms which many people agreed sounded like COVID 19. We are key workers. All three were tested. None were positive for COVID 19. I haven't got time in my life to comment on some of your other statements.


(flirt) :)


Yeah I was the only person wearing one on my last trip Aldi last week.


Fab, just be great if people actually wore them! When I bought masks online they were all, selling out fast, yet no one is South Wales wears them. There's so many people out and about and you'd be lucky to see 1 or 2 people wearing masks all day.


I forgot to mention that this is a useful information so thanks for taking the time to post it. I found the bandana mask design (in the link in the comments section from another user) quite useful as well.

deAO Washable Fireman Costume Set with 13 Firefighter Toy Accessories, Backpack and Real Water Shooting Extinguisher Sold By deAO Toys/OnBuy
188° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
This is a Great Little Dress up kit for all young Budding Firefighters out there, with 13 accessories a storage Backpack and Real Water Shooting Extinguisher all for £11.36 Deliver… Read more

expired i think


Just ordered for my 4 year old!


Another proof that Amazon is not always cheapest. Far from that!


3-10 yr old


Ideal for my sons upcoming 3rd birthday as he loves fire engines etc, heat from me!

Elemis dynamic gel mask and resurfacing facial pads - £13.50 Delivered @ Elemis Shop (Applies at checkout)
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
RESURFACING EXPERTBoost your benefits and take your skin to the next level by upgrading with our revolutionary gel mask.£13.50 | WORTH £33 Discount valid for first-time customers… Read more

Got mine too (y) I have to admit I was hoping to win the double delivery "lottery" mentioned by some previous posters (embarrassed) but I'm still pleased.


Just friendly mentioning, but I'm sure you Elemis loving chicks out there already know, that when using resurfacing products like these, (my fave is the papaya enzyme peel) it can leave your skin a little sensitive as it gently strips the top layer away, just be careful to moisturise and use spf, especially with all this lovely sun we are having at the min ❤ xx


Just received mine (y) This stuff sounds fab, can't wait to try it ❤ Plus on the little card that comes in the bag there's a code (SMOOTH7) for 20% off the full Dynamic Resurfacing range! (lipstick)


Mine arrived this morning in a lovely elemis gift bag! Totally unexpected. Well worth the wait guys.


Those are samples, only 14 pads.

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience Helmet Mask £9.99 Delivered Free From BargainMax
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Marvel Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience Helmet Mask £9.99 Delivered . This could be good fun for all the little superheros out there. App Experience !! … Read more

Voted hot! bought this for my marvel mad son and he loves it. App works perfectly on iPhone


It's out of date the software !!!!! Don't purchase


I bought for Xmas, son enjoyed using for about an hour and then sat to one side. It's cool as you get the helmet, looks good on shelf but has been there since Xmas. Worth the £10, but not much more.


Legend, let me wipe the egg off my face. Thanks!


It's this one if you're on android

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Star Wars Electronic Yoda Mask £8.99 delivered @ BargainMax
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
This Electronic Yoda Mask was originally is now just £8.99 with Free delivery (it was originally £22.99). The same mask is 19.99 at The Entertainer , and £22.99 at Forbidden Plane… Read more

My daughter would love this


Nice and funny to see others wearing it


This is the Best I love it (lol)


Thanks @millarcat hot

Nerf Overwatch Reaper Wight Edition Collector Pack (2 Blasters / 16 Rounds / Face Mask) £34.99 delivered @ Bargain Max
581° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Excellent price for this set - just one gun/blaster alone is retailing at £20 to £35 elsewhere and this set is around £55 to £70. The reckoning draws near. Moving through the world… Read more

Agreed, if they wanted to take you down, long range is the way to go.


After reading your comment, I've bought this just for the face mask for using for airsoft. That's what I'm telling myself anyway - The desk space these will take up is irrelevant. It's also irrelevant that I haven't played airsoft in about 4 years.


It's coming up as £37.49 for me, but use code RJ4LWEKK for 5% off. It also seems to have applied another 5% off for new customers for me;


Is there ult charge or just postage charge included?


No trigger discipline. :/

16 FREE Dark Horse Graphic novels at Comixology (inc Mask - see description for full list) *Updated with more single issues*
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Dark Horse Comics are generously offering a number of graphic novels (i.e. big comic) volumes at Comixology.I particularly recommend The Mask. Adventures into the Unknown Archi… Read more

But there wouldn't be any deals for you and other non deal posters to argue about. You should consider that next time you are tempted to post one of your "not factually incorrect" comments.


I think at the end of the day, it’s much more important to appreciate that the OP was kind enough to take the time to share the great deal, than to concentrate on whether or not people use the term graphic novel more than comic. Also, without asking every comics fan in the world if they think ‘comic’ is a dirty word or not, we can’t really have a definitive answer!


We'd probably end up, in pointless, boring back-and-forths with fellow pedants who're, seemingly, far less self-aware.


But was it necessary? What if everyone just nitpicked like you?


No I didn't, you didn't need to reply. My statement (while perhaps pedantic) was not factually incorrect.

Nerf Star Wars Rival Battlefront Apollo XV-700 and Face Mask Mandalorian Deco - £23.99 @ Scan
234° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
NERF Rival Star WarsGear up like a Mandalorian warrior with this NERF rival blaster and face mask. This special edition blaster and mask set features Mandalorian decoration and com… Read more

Mines being delivered today 😃


“Pre order” must be due to sales . . . Mine arrived two days ago.


Thanks! Does anybody know when this is actually released....great pressie for Father’s Day.


Is this suitable for adults? Asking for a friend ...


On pre-order unfortunately. Yes, SCAN is completely trustworthy. They are a massive retailer of predominantly gaming laptops and PC's, computer peripherals and related items (although having said that they also sell some toys such as Lego). If you are in the Horwich/Bolton area after lock-down I would suggest a visit to their store in Middlebrook next to Bolton Wanderers Football stadium.

Homemade Real Medical Face Mask: How to make a Medical Face Mask in 10 minutes Kindle Edition - Free @ Amazon
454° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
The Medical Face Mask stocks are running out now and never as in this moment we need this object in our lifes. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on Medical Face Masks to prot… Read more

Thanks I've expired the post (y)


not free, its £1.99


I disagree... Sleeping head first 🤢💀


If you went to hospital and your nurse used a pair of gloves for their shift, would you feel safe? 72 hours is an arbitrary figure, it depends on what the surface is and the environment is. The truth is this is a new virus, which is evolving rapidly so we dont know. Just wash your hands. Please


The use of disposable gloves is not pointless if used properly. The virus survives on hard surfaces for 72 hours from where they can transfer to hands. The gloves can prevent transfer from hands to face. They are single use so you put them on as you enter and dispose of them in a bin when you leave. On removal you dont touch the inside of one glove with the outside of another and you dont touch the outside of either with bare skin. Getting it right takes a little practice and does not obviate the need to wash hands once home. If I knew the pandemic was rife in my area I would also strip off on arrival home, wash clothes immediately, shower and hair wash before dressing in fresh clothes. I did this once but decided that was over-egging the pudding.

Rubies Masquerade Co Venom: Adult 3/4 Mask (Latex) £9.99 + £2 deliverey @ Forbidden Planet
295° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
OK, yes, it's a bit random but great for wearing on your trips to the supermarket and it's around £20+ elsewhere. It's also pretty cool for any Venom fans. Become the sensational S… Read more

I meant myself, of course. But I have no problems with any gender wearing make up :)


Your postie must look really bad without makeup, our postie (Big Dave) sometimes goes without makeup and he looks Ok (lipstick)


Might be a welcome change from answering the door to the postie without makeup on (which is arguably worse than looking like Venom) XD Seriously, though, great price and excellent item for Marvel/Spidey fans.


Halloween sorted if we ever see another one again at this rate...


Considering the estate that is next to our local branch, this mask is real pretty.

Resident Evil 3 PC + DLC ( Classic Costume Pack DLC) - £32.99 @ CDKeys
572° Expired
Refreshed 10th AprRefreshed 10th Apr
Update 1
Price dropped by £1
##Update 2 : Dropped another £1 (y) 10/04/2020This product includes Resident Evil 3 PC + Classic Costume Pack DLC The top 3 reasons to play Resident Evil 3 PC Experience i… Read more

Resistance is worth the time investing more than the normal game lol


Got it free through amd and I still felt a bit ripped off by it


Echoing what everyone else is saying, it's way too short. If you can get past that it is very good though. First run took about 6 1/2 hours, I just finished a hardcore run with no saves and no health items in 1 1/2 hours. Though I got it about half price.


Just his gimp gear :|


Thank you friend. I will sleep on it. 6 hours for 20 is a little rich for me but I appreciate the very honest and good offer . :D

Resident Evil 3 PC steam + Classic Costume Pack DLC - Preorder (03/04/2020) - £34.49 @ CDKeys
308° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Resident Evil 3 PC steam + Classic Costume Pack DLC - Preorder (03/04/2020) - £34.49 @ CDKeys
£34.49£38.8311%CDKeys Deals
This product includes Resident Evil 3 PC + Classic Costume Pack DLC The top 3 reasons to play Resident Evil 3 PC Experience intense combat and puzzle solving combine to deliv… Read more

I still haven’t got mine (confused)


Except for Pokémon because it has too much water.


When will keys release do we think?


Everything gets 9/10 from ign


I'm a bit underwhelmed by what some are saying as well, I reckon it'll still be great just too short. Capcom are much better than they used to be, so perhaps they'll release some free sp content. Not much interest in the mp (no plus either) but might give it a try. My pre-order is £38 physical (ps4) so should be able to get my money back if I want.

[PS4] Persona 5 Royal Legacy DLC Bundle / Persona 5 Royal Tracksuit Costume Set - Free - PlayStation Store
415° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
[PS4] Persona 5 Royal Legacy DLC Bundle / Persona 5 Royal Tracksuit Costume Set - Free - PlayStation Store
Couple of freebies available on the PlayStation store :) Persona 5 Royal Tracksuit Costume Set The 'Persona®5 Royal Legacy DLC Bundle' comes with all the additional cont… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks for the heads up, but TGC updated today saying that they will be sending out this Friday. Even with a extra day or two delay it should still be early Also Persona came, so all is good. (y)


I know you said you have a backlog but if you decide you do want want the game really badly I think shopto might be selling early, the took payment this morning and just got an email saying stock arrived at there warehouse and are packing soon..


Been playing this since Friday, absolutely loving it! Superb game


Square Enix have dispatched orders to Europe already due to circumstances, they said many may receive their copies earlier. Depends if TGC follow up with early dispatch after receiving stock. Either way, my backlog is insane anyway haha.


It comes out on good Friday so it will be delayed no?

BEKang Protection Mask 1pc £3.99 + £1.95 Delivery with code DEL195 @ BeautyBase
-575° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
BEKang Protection Mask 1pc £3.99 + £1.95 Delivery with code DEL195 @ BeautyBase
Saw this offer on theFacebook. If anybody can’t find the masks I have checked website they have stock available. Good rated N95 mask better than 3 ply surgical masks. Use DEL195 fo… Read more

The N9's closest relative in the UK is the FFP2. Our FFP3 offer a higher level of protection. As long as its fitted properly and seals fully. I might as well give the full explanation. All FFP masks need to be fitted and tested to ensure a seal, all those wearing surgical masks are getting little protection, studies has shown its a little less than a ffp1 mask as they do not seal, they are primarily designed to stop you breathing onto a person when a sterile field is required.


I am not asking you to use the home made one if you can get the real surgical mask to use. Its only for the people just like myself, can not get any luck to buy one. it better than nothing, right! Read my other previous post, there were a facebook link, click in there, lots of other link to provide information about facemask in Chinese and English. He was a retired professor from Hong Kong and all his information has been researched and tested. Good luck and Be SAFE!


The correct use when wearing a face mask should also include wearing nitrile gloves when donning and doffing your PPE properly and ideally you should have also been properly 'Fit tested' prior to know that you have the right size and shape mask for your facial features to ensure the mask makes a correct seal around your face and mouth otherwise its pointless additionally If you have a beard gents then a mask isn't going to work for you I certainly wouldn't want to use or rely home made mask to protect me its just not worth the risks


what i meant was the people think they are *protected* from it by wearing a mask, for most people you are not. It is predominantly transmitted by droplets on surfaces and by touch. You touch something it gets on your hand (or on your gloves, or a mask,) then you touch your face/eye/mouth at some time as we all do many times without even thinking.


Its hilarious, you state its a waste of money, but then go onto stating how its incredibly useful.

FREE tutorial: Make your own Hey Duggee mask
159° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
FREE tutorial: Make your own Hey Duggee mask
Get crafting with little ones and make your very own Duggee mask together by following this step-by-step tutorial.
Get deal*Get deal*

Thought it was gonna be a Hey Duggee face mask for a second there 😄

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience Helmet Mask £9.99 Delivered @ Bargain Max
215° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Marvel Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience Helmet Mask £9.99 Delivered @ Bargain Max
£9.99£ Deals
I'm not suggesting this is the only thing you can use to pass time at home, but, I mean, Iron Man! Seems to be a pretty great price. Delivery included in the cost. Hero Visio… Read more

Is it a golf joke? (flirt)


Bought this at this price for our son at Christmas! Dont bother its crap!


Purchased for my son. Not the best toy going by reviews, but for 10 worth it I think.


Does this come in Extra Large? :/ 😁


This would be great for my daily office online chat

Rubie's Official Superman Classic - Small £22.48 delivered at Amazon
166° Expired
Posted 15th MarPosted 15th Mar
Rubie's Official Superman Classic - Small £22.48 delivered at Amazon
£22.48£25.2911%Amazon Deals
100% Official Merchandise. Size: Small (Fits: 34” – 36” Chest)

Cheaper than buying a Porsche.


Do you think, he changes into Bicycle Repair Man.........the connoisseur's super hero?


Still too big for my son Clark. He’s only 3 (lol) (lol)



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