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A fast-paced game set in the murky criminal underworld of Chicago, Watch Dogs is a third-person shooter that provides a masterclass in hacking. It was created by Ubisoft for all major platforms, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Gamers can find the version they need at a bargain price on the HotUKDeals Watch Dogs page.

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Watch Dogs 2 [PS4] £9.99 @ Sainsbury’s
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Great instore price, worth checking for this game if you’re around Sainsbury’s.

£7 home delivery??? Are you having a laugh?


I much prefered the first one in pretty much every way, so second one was such a disappointment to me. The whole thing is like an SJW wet dream. I preferred the darker atmosphere of the first, the weapons, the gameplay, the story, the characters..... While its clear to see that 2 is a far More complex game, I think less is more on this one.


£9.99 is really cheap for buying. Even I know it is not the most updated and popular game now. It is still a good price for this game!


Those on the fence should just download the demo and go from there.


I liked both games. I feel like they both suffer for different reasons. In the first, there is too little on the protagonist and you end up not really being immersed in the story or caring whether he lives or dies. In the second there’s too much dialogue and it’s overencumbering at times- particularly some of the characters you interact with

Pepper Festival - Generic
Watch Dogs PC (Uplay) | £2.79 (£2.65 with FB discount code) |
Found 15th JulFound 15th Jul
Possible 5% discount from making use of the cdkeys Facebook discount code which makes this product cost £2.65 instead of £2.79. All it takes is the swipe of a finger. We connect w… Read more

I loved the online invasions. Doubt it's as popular now, though.


Great game, well worth the money if you didn't get it for free as part is the ubisoft giveaway. Download the free hd gfx enhancement and you're laughing

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Watch Dogs for Xbox One £7.19 at 365games
Found 25th JunFound 25th Jun
£7.19 with free delivery. Note that whilst region free, this is an NTSC copy of the game.
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You’re trying really hard to make inferences here where none can be drawn.


So you've posted this on HUKD for those with enough spare cash not to worry about saving a few quid? That seems a little backwards.


mate i aint bought a disc game in over 5 years lol oh apart from fallout 4 special edition for ps4. heres my steam for proof of disposable income : ( and yes ive had alot of cs:go skins and yes the cs:go history is legit > but it took a while to update, and yes ive sold over 26k on bitskins.) hope thats good enough for you (regarding disposable income) :D and yes i added JD just incase you thought i might be lieing.


This may come as a bit of a shock, but some people do have enough disposable income to support their pastime or the building of a game collection, or they don’t need to worry about walking into CEX to scrape together a couple of quid to buy another game.


Are they ntsc discs that you cant resell? (y)

Watch dogs pc £2.99 ( £2.84 with cdkeys 5% fbook like code)
Found 25th JunFound 25th Jun
All it takes is the swipe of a finger. We connect with friends. We buy the latest gadgets and gear. We find out what’s happening in the world. But with that same simple swipe, we c… Read more
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I really enjoyed it. It was a free give away on uplay a while ago but this is still a good price for a lot of entertainment. There's a graphics mod for the pc that makes it look rather pretty too.


Great price! I got it for free some time ago and just could not get into it. Maybe I am missing something...

[Xbox One] The Division / Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (& PS4) / Dead Rising 3 / Ryse: Son of Rome / Watch Dogs - £2.39 each (Pre-owned) - Music Magpie
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Looks fantastic now it's had its 4K patch, bargain for less than £2.40 :) Ryse: Son of Rome - £2.39 Dead Rising 3 - £2.39 Watch Dogs - £2.39 Infinite Warfare … Read more
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Dead rising now over £6


Ryse was actually a really good okay through and still looks cracking to this day. Well worth a couple quid.


When you are addicted to buying games and try to cap the behaviour then Music Magpie have another meltdown (lol) Dammit!!


Dead Rising 3 sold out :(


Thanks Buzz you beast. £2.39 for The Division is nuts! Its a repetitive game and I platinumed it on PS4 but gone for it for Xbox. I just wanna dive in and play again, just explore the snowy environment!

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FLASH SALE! at PlayStation PSN Store US and Canada * Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield, Dead Rising, FarCry, Mafia 3, NBA 2K18, Need for Speed, Resident Evil, Watch Dogs, Titanfall 2, Life is Strange, SOMA and MORE PS4, PSVR, PS3 and Vita
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
US prices listed, remember to check Canadian store before purchase as you may get more for your money there, depending on title. As of 18/05/18 US PSN Credit may be purchased from… Read more
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Thanks for this mate.


Always found the DMC games frustrating. DMC 3 on PS3 was particualrly bad but for under £7 you are getting quite a bit of content with the extra characters you can choose thus adding replayability.


Still mulling over some titles, anyone have any thoughts on DMC4?


Ha ha! Cheers for the feedback mate


Don’t want to blow smoke up ur **** or anything but it’s contributors like you who make HUKD worth having. Keep doing what your doing mate it is really appreciated even it is costing me an arm and a leg! (highfive)

UBISOFT Sale at PlayStation PSN Store US *For Honor, Steep, Watch Dogs 2, The Division, Ghost Recon Wildlands and MORE
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
Game Price % Off Assassin's Creed Triple Pack: Black Flag, Unity, Syndicate $40.49 55% Assassin’s Creed Origins $29.99 50% Assassin’s Creed Origins Deluxe Edition $34.99 50% A… Read more
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That's very helpful! Thanks!


If you sign up with psprices, they'll send you an email any time a tracked game drops in price. You can also often get discounted US/Canadian PSN credit from PCGameSupply (I have a HUKD alert set up for 'pcgamesupply' for when their credit goes on sale). Their last offer was about a month ago so there's probably another one due soon.


Thanks for the heads up. Will keep my eyes open. Cheers!


Those two are regularly on sale in US and Canadian stores


Cheers! Shame though. Really waiting for Last of Us and Uncharted 4.

20% off pre-owned gaming at Music Magpie (Example - GT Sport (PS4) - £11.99 / No Man's Sky (PS4) - £6.47 / IW Legacy Edition (X1) - £6.15 / Watch Dogs 2 (X1) - £6.39 / Halo 5 (X1) - £4.79 / GoW 4 (X1) - £4.79 / Doom (PS4) - £4.79 / HZD (PS4) - £11.99
Refreshed 9th MayRefreshed 9th May
Music Magpie have upped their promotion to 20%. Some good finds to be had :) [ PlayStation 4 ] [ Xbox One ] [ Nintendo Wii ] [ PS Vita ] PS4 LEGO Star Wars: The Force… Read more
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I ordered AOM last Tuesday, never received anything and just spoke to them - they've refunded me. Strangely the price of AOM is now £10 second hand, £7.99 new - but neither are close to £3.57. They told me they don't have any stock for a replacement....?! Oh and one of the CD's i bought in the order also failed final checks. I'm suspicious this was a miss price and they used this as an excuse :( Normally MM are fine for me...!


One of my orders is still stuck at "Processing your order..." since the 8th. Starting to doubt I'll be getting that one to be honest. Irritatingly, on a slightly related note I ordered another game from their eBay store and they sent me a Region 1 copy without mentioning this anywhere in the description. I know that technically it would work on a UK PS3 but the US version didn't get some pieces of DLC and unfortunately NA games can't use EU DLC.


I ordered No Man's Sky last Wednesday and it came today. Hopefully tomorrow, or the next couple of days :)


Lots of places use Second Class delivery by default, it's far from unusual. They quote 3-7 days for delivery, so hopefully you'll receive your order soon.


Got all my 15 games today and most in good condition, thankfully only 2 looked like it was fed to the dog.

Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One £7.99 at Music Magpie - Pre Owned
Found 6th MayFound 6th May
No use to me but someone might find be after it.
SammyC93 Maybe this will help


seems to be gone, i just noticed game few days ago and was looking for cheap copie


I spotted it on PS4 on their eBay page earlier today


wish it was for ps4


Ordered, thanks (y)

Watch Dogs 2 PS4 used £7.99 music magpie ebay
Refreshed 5th MayRefreshed 5th May
Used from Music Magpies ebay site.

Loved Watch Dogs but didn't buy this because of Political Correctness.


So.... How long have you been working for ubisoft's PR team then?


I hated the car physics, hated the graphics and 95% of the missions were typical ubisoft tedium.


Great price. CEX will give you £5 cash too, so £2.99 cost if you trade it in when you’ve finished. (can’t imagine the trade in value will fall much lower than that


I personally thought that the first one was good and the second one brilliant. Very good value at £8, if you like the open world type of game.

[Xbox One] Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition - £14.95 - Coolshop
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Cracking price for the included season pass and deluxe edition content... It's a Nordic version but there'll be no issues redeeming any of the included codes to your Xbox accoun… Read more
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Thanks for the info regarding the code. Really helped.


You need to change your console to Norway to redeem the season pass but then you can change it back afterwards. CEX should accept it as a trade in as it has the standard age ratings on it. They'll not accept the ratings like M (Australia etc)


Still in stock if anyone is still after this. Mine's just been despatched ... whihc is noce.


I'm sure cex will let you trade this in? I swear I've seen some nordic ones in a store...


some licensing at the back, unable to trade in at UK stores: CEX,Game etc (+barcode)

[Figurine Sale] Mysterion 6 £9.85 / Fallen Angel £21.85 / Watch Dogs 2 Wrench £14.85 (More in the OP) @ Shopto
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Some good prices here. South Park The Fractured But Whole Figurine - Mysterion 6 £9.85 Ghost Recon Fallen Angel £21.85 Watch Dogs 2 Wrench Figure £14.86 As… Read more

Quite fancy another dust collector and the fallen angel would make a change from all the AC figures fighting for space.....pondering on this deal or the slightly cheaper one from Buyur :/ ,heat Edit:just bought wrench (y)


Oh no


Cheers mixi got the Mysterion which will go nicely in my glass cabinet with The Coon (y) Think that is definitely the best out of the lot, reject Assassin's Creed characters and a Ghost Recon statue which looks like it has nothing to do with Ghost Recon can take a walk...

Nioh (PS4) £16.39 / Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (PS4) £10.75 / Sniper Elite 4 (PS4) £11.89 / RIME (PS4) £10.99 / Watch Dogs 2​ (PS4) £9.99 Delivered (All Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Nioh (PS4) £16.39 Sniper Elite 4 (PS4) £11.89 RIME (PS4) £10.99 Watch Dogs 2 (PS4) £9.99 Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (PS4) £10.75

It got a physical release in Japan and Asia. I think you're right that it's going to be digital only in the West though.


they have but its digital only don't think its getting a physical release


its not just ordered, don't when i will get around to it with playing god of war


I keep putting off buying Nioh because I know they'll announce a retail release of the Complete Edition as soon as I do. Finally gave up and bit the bullet, I'll just sell it on when the Complete Edition suddenly appears for sale next week.


Can explain the first one at least. Of course now we all know. Secret's out MixMixi (shock)

Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One Pre-owned for £10.07 @ musicmagpie
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Add to checkout, price will be £10.07
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​Ah ok fair enough, didn't know. I played it on ps4 pro


If enough people complain they will fix it, will definitely be dropping them a email, you never know they may port the enhancements from the PS4 pro version at the same time.


Thankfully I've got it on ps4 too, but son mostly plays on xbox.


It's not compatible with the s or x only the original xbox one. I've got all three and on the s and x it crashes the machine within an hours play requiring a hard reset. Looking online it's been like that for months and Ubisoft still havnt patched it to work. A quick Google throws this up at Ubisoft forum. The big issue is that peps report loud humming from the Xbox itself just before the it crashes.


It runs and looks brilliant on the PS4 pro, I'm not sure why they couldn't patch it for the Xbox one X as it certainly needs it with how bad it runs.

Watch dogs 2 (PS4) £9.99/ Dishonored 2 (PS4) £4.99/ Uncharted 4 (PS4) £12.99 all used & part of the 3 for 2 offer where cheapest game is free @ GAME
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Great prices for these and are part of the preowned 3 for 2 offer. Hope it helps someone out.
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Same here. I got stuck on a part where you had to make it through water while avoiding landmines and just thought 'screw this'.


Blops3 was an awful campaign. The only one I gave up on half way through. Repetition whack a mole. They never said IW was the best campaign either


Yeah. If you're quick. Some of the deals posted on here are fantastic! I got Wipeout PS4 and the last COD legacy edition for a tenner each new. They usually sell out fast though.


Which 3 would you recommend in order to squeeze the buy 3/pay 2 offer??


For me personally, I managed to find Uncharted 4, Uncharted Lost Legacy and The Evil Within 2 which I wanted and it came out as £30 for the three of them.

Watch Dogs 2 Collectors Guide £8.52 Delivered @ Blackwells
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
The Watch Dogs 2 Collector's Edition Guide includes... Bonus Item: Only available in the Collector's Edition. Mission Completion Guide: Uncover every single detail for all ma… Read more

Managed to pick this up for a £1 a while ago at Game in-store and it's pretty good, while I didn't really use the game help the book itself is nice and the accessories are decent.

Blue Blackout Yeti + Watch_Dogs 2 PC: The Ultimate Streamer Bundle £73.21 @ Amazon
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Bundle priced originally at 139.99 pounds 73.21 is The lowest price ever, according to 3 camel.

Thanks for speedy reply.. haha, really happy to see finally you got a perfect microphone. Enjoy your streamer life (lol)


Hey, My box is identical - July 31, 2017. Both boxed said the exact same. Hope that helps in some way, sorry to hear even your replacement is having issues!


I ordered a new one as well, but code still expired . Could u help me to Check the expiration date of the game code. Which is on the box .


Just a quick update on my order (Which had been opened and Watch Dogs code appeared to have been used). Amazon issued a replacement, and are expecting the old one returned. Good news though - the new one came in more complete packaging, and no obviously opened sellotape. Mic itself is cosmetically 100% fine. The Watch Dogs code worked as well right away! Looks like a good portion of the stock had been rinsed for the codes maybe?


Hi, I ordered this deal from france (deal post on your french counter part Dealabs), and as you I get a box saying clearly that the valid date for game redeem is over (July 31 2017 max) ! I saw you get a refund of 10£, So i asked for the same, but the support didn't want that ! Instead I have to return the product at my charge, that they will refund me letter, and get a new pack with, Im' hopping, a new valid code inside ... He is my chat transcription : Me: Hi, First I want you to know I'm french and not fluent in english. I ordered a "Blue Blackout Yeti + Watch_Dogs 2 PC: The Ultimate Streamer Bundle" and received it today. The issue is that I suppose to have a code for the game Watch dogs 2 inside, but it is stipulate on the box that the code is only valid through July 31 2017 !!! If I can send a photo, you'll see yourself. How can you fix this ? Thanks for any help. You're now connected to Soheb from Soheb: Thank you for contacting Amazon. My name is Soheb and I will be more than happy to help you. Am I chatting with Aurelien? Me: yes Soheb: Aurelien I would suggest you to return the product for full refund and you can reorder the product. I am sorry that you received the product with expired code however you can return the product for refund and then you can reorder the product. Me: I would prefer you send me a new code since it I dont really want to wait days/weeks for the exchange, It is only a dematerialized game code I need for, not the microphone it self Soheb: Aurelien I would have loved to do that however there is no option for me to just send the codes hence I suggested refund and reorder. Would you prefer a refund on return? Me: I would prefer youeither send me a new valid code or a 10£ refund on my credit card for compensation of not having the game i supposed to have with this buying. Soheb: Please be online I am transferring this chat to relevant team. A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment. You're now connected to Abina from Abina: Hello, my name is Abina, I'm so sorry to hear the issues your having with your order, let me check this now for you, can I first check that I'm speaking with Aurelien? Me: Yes I'm Aurélien Abina: Hello there, let me open your order firstly please Me: (do i have to do something for this or i just wait ?) Abina: Firstly I need to look into this, can you please send me the images showing the date on the parcel, ensure to show clear images which will also contain the title of this product, please send to '' Can you confirm you are sending these now please? our chat has been idle for 5 minutes, I can close our chat shortly if it's not possible for you to respond to me Me: I still here just transfer the photo from my smartphone to the pc and then send the mail I'll tell you when the wail is sended in a few seconds Abina: Okay perfect, thank you Me: Mail just sent for from* Abina: perfect, thank you, let me check for this now I'm still waiting for the email to come through, can you let me know if you have received the automated email showing we had received your email? Me: Not received the automatic response email Abina: okay, thank you for checking I've received the image now, thank you for sending htis this The image shows a title for 'Blackout Yeti + Watch_Dogs 2' however the title of this order is for ' Blue Blackout Yeti + Watch_Dogs 2 PC: The Ultimate Streamer Bundle' Me: Yeah i only took picture from the face it shwo the limit date validity I can send you another picture of the other face refering to BlackOut Yeti + Watch dogs 2 : the ultimate streamer bundle Abina: Yes please, I will need to see a image with the correct title and expiry date showing in the one image Can I check that this has been sent? Me: Uploading photo right now Abina: perfect Me: I try to show both face by turning the box @ 45° but then it is not as clearly visible as it is on the other "one face" only photos email jsut sent Abina: let me check this now Me: If you want i can make a video, though i'm not sure I can send it through email du to max space for attached file ... Abina: thank you for offering, let me see what I can do with this, please bear with me a moment I'm getting this checked further for you, I'll be just a few moments Me: Just sent the video through email Abina: Okay thank you Me: it is a 14Mb video Abina: Okay thank you thanks again for your patience As it would appear the stock you have received is incorrect, I'm going to send you a replacement order as it's the only way that I can get you a valid code Your replacement order has now been created for you, this is due to be sent to you between Wednesday 18th April and Thursday 19th April Me: And it is free of charge ? Abina: yes, this is a free replacement order, the original is also required to be returned within 30 days, I'll send you a return label shortly. please keep a receipt showing the return costs so we can refund the costs back to you Me: Directly to my credit card ? Abina: yes, when you send us the receipt showing the return costs, we will refund these back to your payment card used on this order? Is there anything else I can help you with today? Me: Are you sure the new product contain a valid code ? coz If I end up having the same issue with the new sending pack, I don"t want to wait again until i get a good one ... Abina: I'm confident that there will be no issue with the new one as we are expecting new stock of this product, the new stock will be dispatched to you Me: How to proceed for the return ? Abina: I will send you a return label in an email shortly, the label will contain all the details of how to return the order Me: I ask because i live in France Abina: Yes I understand, as you are in France, I'm unable to create a pre paid return label from your location, this is why I ask you send the receipt so we can refund your return costs back to you Me: A scan of the receipt will work ? or a photo Abina: either will do, once it shows the return costs, this will do fine Me: Meanwhile I can use my Microphone ? Abina: the entire order will need to be returned Me: Yes but i already unpack and wired the microphone (just few hour ago) Can I still use it till i receive the new one ? Abina: Okay, as an exception, you can use it until you receive the replacement order Is there anything else I can help you with? Me: Well I want to tell that it could have been more easy for me that you send me a new code instead of having the pain to return the product, it is a digital game code ! Or a partial refund instead (even better). Abina: I am sorry for this inconvenience, I don't have an option to issue a partial refund in this instance. I wish I could have arranged this for you. Have a nice evening Aurelien Also, after you close this chat, if you can spare a moment you can answer a quick survey and provide comments about your experience with me today, I would appreciate your feedback. Me: Well i ask because on this web site, user tell that amazon refund them 15% of the product value, so why it is not possible for me ? full link) Abina: I'm sorry to confirm that this information is incorrect, the information on a third party website cannot be shown to be correct to our website. We don't have to option to issue a partial refund like this for the issue you are currently experiencing. I will end our chat now, have a nice evening, bye for now Abina from has left the conversation. I'm kinda disapointed ...

Spring sale @ Ubisoft store (Watch Dogs 2 £16,74, For Honor £16.74, Division Gold £22.50 and more), free postage from £40, additional 20% off with Ubisoft Club Code
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
A few good deals here. Free postage on orders over £40. If you have 100 points on your Ubi account, you can get 20% off.

On Uplay, most will say "PC(download)". I assume Ubisoft store is their non digital games and Uplay is all digital.


Thanks for the reply. The doesn't really specify one way or the other. I'm sure I've read mention of delivery cost, but again, no specifics.


Might be late but if you buy through UPlay I bleieve they are all digital :)


Oh, ok, thanks for the reply. I was hoping they sold digital, so I can use Ubi points 20% discount, better to buy elsewhere, even with.


Yes but they don't have discounts often for hard copy only digital download hope this helps


Took me a while to get into wd2 (I think I found the characters irritating) but it becomes a lot of fun with drone + jumper etc.


Grainger baby


Fun game for £4. I just started playing WD2 and I'm not enjoying it as much as the first.


Had fun completing this game. May be a bit more than WD 2. No brainer at this price.

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