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With its topical high-tech scenario and impressive city based visuals, Watch Dogs 2 was one of 2016's most creative action-adventure games. Created by Ubisoft Montreal, it brings a blend of action, adventure and puzzle features to PS4, Xbox One and PC owners, as well as an absorbing multiplayer mode and gamers can buy it for less at the Watch Dogs 2 HotUKDeals listings. Read more
Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition on Xbox store, reduced to £16.99
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition on MS store, reduced to £16.99 (was £84.99). I ordered this with my reward points!

Why do you always find out a better deal when you have either made a purchase or posted a deal?


£15.99 on cd keys


Not sure why this is voted cold, seems a good deal with all the DLC included.

Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One Pre-owned £5.69 @ Music Magpie
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Posted 1st Sep 2021Posted 1st Sep 2021
Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One Pre-owned £5.69 @ Music Magpie£5.69£829% off Free P&P FreeMusic Magpie Deals
Only a couple in stock at time of posting, but a good saving versus CEX even without adding their delivery. Use hacking as a weapon in the massive & dynamic open world of Watch Dogs 2. …
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Get deal*Get deal*

It's the weird mesh kinda fade in they use, makes the game a bit grainy and rough but.. I enjoyed it and played to the end. So it's a good deal definitely


Although It had an FPS boost at the start of the year along games like Farcry 4. Played it around March and seemed OK then, better than it was on the OG XB1 anyway. Graphically still playable for sure, just takes a few min to adjust when coming from the ray tracing land of Legion!


Surprised we still not had this on GWG, actually been a while since we had an Assassins Creed game, use to get ubisoft games very often, reason why I've not bought this yet as in no rush to play but felt it would be free by now esp since its been on other services


It's quite a fun game but it never got a One X update so it's really rough looking these days

July Platinum Collection @ Fanatical - 3 Games for £8.70 from Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe, The Surge 2, Watch Dogs 2, PES 2021, + MORE
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Posted 5th Jul 2021Posted 5th Jul 2021
July Platinum Collection @ Fanatical - 3 Games for £8.70 from Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe, The Surge 2, Watch Dogs 2, PES 2021, + MORE£8.70Fanatical Deals
3 Games for £8.70, 5 Games for £13.90 or 7 Games for £17.40 from the following... Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry…ry/ The Surge 2 store.steamp…
Avatar joeydeacon
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The Surge 2 is on Humble this month actually just in case anyone is into that instead along with Yakuza 3 and the other 10 filler games.


Fantastic deal - £8 for: Wild guns Surge 2 Trine 4


I paid a further pound for GP ultimate so have GP until end September. I can't see myself paying full price though because I've picked off the games I was interested in and now just trying stuff I wouldn't normally buy.


gamer after my own heart! I did the £1 trial and completed plague tale, jedi fallen order, control and I'm half way through Batman Arkam city. Just waiting for the "come back to gamepass for a £1" emall to complete Arkham!


Thought it was Watch Dogs 3 in the picture which actually would have made this a much better deal.

Watch Dogs 2 Gold Gold Edition PC (Download) £6.80 @ Ubisoft Store
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Posted 17th Jun 2021Posted 17th Jun 2021
Watch Dogs 2 Gold Gold Edition PC (Download) £6.80 @ Ubisoft Store£6.80Ubisoft Store Deals
Release date: 29/11/2016 The game The Deluxe Pack : 2 personalisation packs The Season Pass Season pass contentContinue your Hacker's journey with several hours of additional mi…
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Yeah, WD2 was much better than the first, and a genuinely likeable protaganist - decent cast of characters all round. The only wierdness is the dissonance with violent/non-violent gameplay - you can use your default stungun/drones to take everyone out non-lethally, or you can murder everyone in the vicinity in cold blood, and it makes absolutely zero difference to the game and story. I played non-lethally anyway because it seemed how Marcus' character would be - which just made it all the more odd that there was no consequence or reaction to playing violently from the game or the other characters.


Fantastic game. Really fun gameplay and a fun open world to explore.


this played awful on my amd system and crashed alot


Not enjoyed any of these and I really, really wanted to.

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Watch Dogs 2 Pro Deal - £7.99 @ Google Stadia
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Posted 28th May 2021Posted 28th May 2021
Watch Dogs 2 Pro Deal - £7.99 @ Google Stadia£7.99Google Store Deals
Game seems to have good reviews, Watch Dogs 1 also on sale for 8.24. These may require Pro to get at this price, I have a free trial so don't know what the regular price is
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Occasionally, I like to spell words phonetically.


I play stadia on my phone with a kishi. Its faster than gfn, xcloud or playstation remote. Its decent. I dont have a gaming pc.


Stadia has been awesome for our household. All the kids have accounts, Google family means any purchase is shared with everyone. We can happily have three of us playing Borderlands 3 together at great quality at the same time. Saved me thousands getting them gaming PCs. If you don't like Stadia then it's just not for you. Get over it and enjoy trying to buy a graphics card this year.


Is this better than the Watch Dogs 2 Ultra 5G?


Masochism? Bit of an exaggeration. It's £8, no hardware required. Play the game, finish it and move on to the next sale game

Watch dogs 2 deluxe edition xbox one - £10.79 @ CDKeys
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Posted 26th May 2021Posted 26th May 2021
Watch dogs 2 deluxe edition xbox one - £10.79 @ CDKeys£10.79CDKeys Deals
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