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Reolink Outdoor Solar Security WiFi Camera - 1080p / 2-Way Audio / Night Vision / Alerts - £72.79 Using Code @ Amazon [Prime Exclusive Deal]
22/06/2021Expires on 22/06/2021Posted 9 h, 15 m agoPosted 9 h, 15 m ago
Looking good for an outdoor wireless model. It recharges using the included solar panel, so once positioned, should be good for a long while. The resolution is 1080p, It has motion… Read more

Not at all, it doesn't need direct sunlight :) The panel will keep the rechargeable battery topped up, so it should be good to leave in place for a long time.


It is a newer model, but it is more basic than the other in the range. Unless they came with a new Eco, which means is newer than the old Eco :D . I've stopped looking at their models about a year ago, after I've got my Pro. Which is still in the box...


A bit misleading of Amazon to put the link to the Eco model as a 'newer version' (confused)


Voted hot, good deal, decent brand.


This is the Pro model as far as I am aware. The one you mentioned is the Eco model, newer model, but it was always cheaper than the rest from the Argus range. It is the budget model of the Argus range. I think the difference in price was about £20-25 in between the 2. I did some research on Argus models, but this was at least a year ago, so I forgot why the other models vs Eco stand out. Two things I do remember. The viewing angle on Pro is better, and I think the Eco does not have a removable battery. I know I had a choice to pay £10 less for the Eco, but I went with the Pro model. I believe both are at a very good price now, I am looking for the solar panel and never seen it for under £20. I can see it now at £19.

Reolink Argus Eco with Solar Panel - Outdoor Battery Powered WiFi Camera - £67.19 @ Sold by ReolinkEU and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Reolink Argus Eco with Solar Panel - Outdoor Battery Powered WiFi Camera - £67.19 @ Sold by ReolinkEU and Fulfilled by Amazon.£67.19 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Tick the 20% off box for discount Bought 3 of these last year and they've been really great. Happy to answer any questions about them if I can. About this item Independent … Read more

60 odd quid


How much was it before


deal is live again until 28th may


Mines just arrived, really impressed with it! Super easy set up! And really good image quality, I would def recommend this!


OK. Thx

Wyze cam V3 indoor/outdoor WiFi camera - £34.15 (cheaper with fee free card) Amazon US
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Absolute brilliant WiFi camera here from over the pond. It is fully waterproof albeit wired however you'll be hard pushed to find a better camera than this south of £100. Google As… Read more

Anywhere else to get these, don’t seem to be available now


Got some of those cables you suggested and did a similar thing to what you've done but I've attached to the wall instead as then it's higher up and also looks more standard. Going to do the front when I get chance now I'm happy with the back (y)


Yeah I understand (y) Anyone else on this thread got any photos of their external installs and experiences. Just wondering over time what will happen if they are in direct sunlight as at the rear of my house that's what it's going to face. Also how good waterproof wise are they as the back of the camera has that grill which I guess is for the speaker, so do they need to be under cover? Cheers all (highfive)


My plan was to attach to the brick but I've actually used the supplied magnetic ring on the PVC window ledge for now. Not sure if I like the look of it yet but if I change my mind, I'll attach it to the brick next to the ledge and the cable bends nicely around the corner anddd with it being white, all blends in :D hopefully I've explained that well. I'm tired baha.


Cheers mate. Much appreciated (y) How does it look outside with the cable or are the cameras attached to the window frame?

Ring Smart Video Doorbell 3 with Built-in Wi-Fi & Camera - £109 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Ring Smart Video Doorbell 3 with Built-in Wi-Fi & Camera - £109 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners£109£15931% off Free P&P FreeJohn Lewis Deals
Ring Video Doorbell 3 With the upgraded Ring Video Doorbell 3 you can answer the door from anywhere. Get an instant alert to your smart device when anyone presses the doorbell or … Read more

thanks for that info, so much stuff around about how intrusive amazon can be , I was ultra-cautious.


If you want the real facts look at rings own privacy page which details how secure their system is https://en-uk.ring.com/pages/privacy . Their is an FAQ section near the bottom of that page that also gives a lot of detailed information about how secure their video recordings are it states the following: "We have taken measures to help secure Ring devices from unauthorised access. These measures include restricting installation of third-party applications on the device, rigorous security reviews, software security development requirements, and encryption of communication between Ring devices with services, such as AWS cloud storage services. Ring secures video recordings in transit and stores them on secure AWS servers. We use a combination of AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) to secure data between Ring devices and AWS, and we encrypt data between Ring devices using AES encryption, TLS and SRTP (Secure Real Time Protocol)."


Unless their is a promotion running it will be the standard 1 month protect plus trial you get.


Does this come with 6 months cloud storage? I can't seem to find how long the initial period lasts


I did read that Ring isn't encrypted when it communicates with your system. There's a lot of chatter out there about this, most of it inaccurate I'm sure, hence my questions.

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Ring Smart Door View Cam with Built-in Wi-Fi & Camera, Black with Satin Nickel for £89 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Ring Smart Door View Cam with Built-in Wi-Fi & Camera, Black with Satin Nickel for £89 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners£89 Free P&P FreeJohn Lewis Deals
Ring's range of smart video doorbells and security cameras let you monitor your home from anywhere, so you never miss a visitor. They help to keep your home secure by protecting yo… Read more

Thanks I wanted it but wasn’t too much after the recording just live viewing as my house is creepy around dark and can’t see peephole and nor anyone standing near door from our window


We change battery to spare rechargeable about every 2 months. Have it set to alert if anything cat size or above walks onto our property. Depending on motion sensitivity will depend on battery life. If you have sensitivity set to detect everything that moves both on property and passing your house, then battery life will be shorter. Well worth the money and worth getting the spare battery, def recommend. (y)


Is the wifi signal a bit better on this than the doorbells?


Is battery life good on these, heard people say charge doesn’t last that well?


If want just as a video doorbell (no recordings) and all motion alerts then no If you want recordings then £25 per year or £2.50 per month As soon as add 2 or more it is £8 pm

2021 New-Victure 1080P Wi-Fi Camera, Baby Monitor with Camera, 2.4GHz £19.99 + £4.49 NP Sold by DYUE and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
2021 New-Victure 1080P Wi-Fi Camera, Baby Monitor with Camera, 2.4GHz £19.99 + £4.49 NP Sold by DYUE and Fulfilled by Amazon£19.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Features & details [Motion/Sound Detection] This wifi camera has upgraded motion detection and sound detection. Once motion or sound is detected, it will send an alert message … Read more

Thanks, looks great value and decent reviews. Have ordered one.