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WWE 2K Battlegrounds PS4/Switch Preorder £28.95 @The Game Collection
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Includes Pre-Order Bonus Want to reek of awesomeness when you brawl with your friends in WWE 2K Battlegrounds? Pre-order now and be the life of the party by unlocking WWE Hall of… Read more

Apart from the annoying save glitch, No Mercy remains the best wrestling game ever in my opinion. Wrestlemania 2000 wasn't far behind.


Think they have given them too much of a dwarfism look


Gonna hold out for RetroMania Wrestling old style wrestling game looks ace


You forgot to mention the bushwackers! :D


https://www.polygon.com/2019/11/13/20963792/retromania-wrestling-wwf-wrestlefest-sequel-mat-mania-roster-insane-warrior Maybe this is for you,it’s out in a few weeks

WWE 2K Battlegrounds [PS4] £27.55 Pre-Order @ PlayStation PSN US
70° Expired
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Game can be pre-ordered via US PSN store @ $39.99, to complete the purchase 2 x $20 USD PSN cards may be purchased via Eneba / VA Digital Games £27.55 using discount code AKS (pric… Read more

Don’t bother I’m predicting that this game will be free with plus a few months after its release. Looks trash to me


Think ill still be long into avengers at this point.. Ill get it on sale if reviews are good.


It looks terrible, sad to see wwe needing Rock and Austin to sell a game thesedays rip attitude era


All physical versions here £29.85 https://www.simplygames.com/search?keywords=Wwe+battlegrounds+


Looks like what all wrestling games should have been stylised as, Celebrity Deathmatch plasticine style

WWE 2K Battlegrounds [Xbox One] Pre-Order £27.61 @ Xbox Store US
135° Expired
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Price based on purchasing 2 x $20 USD Xbox gift cards from Eneba using discount code HOTUKDEALS (price includes PayPal processing fees). https://www.eneba.com/xbox-xbox-live-20… Read more
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Agreed (The Mythical Man-Month should be essential course reading on any computer science degree) but it does feel like the WWE 2K games have been increasingly understaffed as they went along


I can't speak for Game development but as a "normal" Software developer I can say from experience that throwing more people at projects rarely works (lol) :D


Fair point though seems like they would be better off putting more people into 1 good game than 2 bad games


It's not crazy to assume they have two separate development teams working on two separate games...


So much for them holding off on another release until they sorted out the lack of quality control with WWE 2K

WWE 2K20 on PC - Steam - £5.99 Standard/£9.14 Digital Deluxe
72° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Think most of the bugs have been ironed out. Best price I can find. The Deluxe Edition provides the VIP experience with this additional content: Copy of WWE 2K20 video game Sma… Read more

had it since launch, most of the issues were on console... my PC version has largely been fine throughout


Wish I could get 2k19 somewhere, only just got a good laptop and now wanna get that to do some modding (lol) (lol)


It's funny how 2k19 didn't get reduced in price during the sale, it's still £40. They are still making sales on the previous release so are being cheeky!


The bugs haven't been ironed out, there have been patches but they're mostly ineffective.



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WWE 2K20 Smackdown Edition (PS4) £32.99 @ Game
-174° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Seems like a good price for the Smackdown edition, yes the games not the greatest but it’s been fixed now so it’s a lot better than when it was released. Comes with a signed image… Read more

Well that's stopped me from ordering. Oh well


More like Mycashley.


That'll be Mike Ashley.


Best to get 2k19, even the wwe has had that version in the background of segments of recent programming.


What's with the delivery fee now even if going to a shop?

WWE 2K18 Switch £25.00 @ CeX + £1.95 Shipping
-446° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
WWE 2K18 Switch £25.00 @ CeX + £1.95 Shipping
£26.95£4033%CeX Deals
This title has become incredibly hard to find as of December last year, selling on eBay for between £30 and £45. This is the cheapest price I've found it at.
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I paid £10 for this new a few years back. Barely playable, I can't believe this game made it to release.


It belongs in a landfill with E.T. The thing doesn’t work outside of 1 v 1 matches. Even then, it takes the wrestlers nearly 10 mins to get to the ring because the frame rate tanks. Op, please don’t get dragged into the hype with this one. It’s seriously terrible. The prices are probably high because of the demand for Switch consoles and games at the moment. This will tank in price once the lockdown ends.


It might be worth something in the future but I only buy games that I intend to play. For this to command a high value I reckon it would have to be a sealed copy.


They were giving this away at one point you could get a for a couple of quid. one on one this game kinda works. Tag team upwards forget about it


What the hell? Has to be a joke post no one with any common sense would want this let alone at this price

WWE 2K20 SmackDown! 20th Anniversary Edition - GAME Exclusive (PS4) £44.98 Delivered @ Game
-268° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
WWE 2K20 SmackDown! 20th Anniversary Edition - GAME Exclusive (PS4) £44.98 Delivered @ Game
£44.98GAME Deals
Good price it was £119.99 Since its inception in 1999, WWE SmackDown has been a landmark of WWE programming, providing fans with unforgettable moments, breathtaking matches, and le… Read more
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Edge set up a po box for those affected


I played this at launch and it was awful. Picked this up a few weeks ago and it has for sure improved but it most definitely still has it's issues. I notice crashes, glitches etc.. Fun for a wee while, plus I was lucky with mine and got the signed photo of Edge, who I was hoping for.


Did I not hear that the signed photos had a chance of not being signed at all


How is it with patch improved in anyway?



WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition Microsoft Xbox One - £5.99 Delivered @ Argos /eBay
215° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition Microsoft Xbox One - £5.99 Delivered @ Argos /eBay
£5.99£14.9560% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition Microsoft Xbox One Game Clearance with a 12 month Argos guaranteeWWE fans, sports gamers, and fighting game fanatics - the biggest video game franchise in… Read more

The DLC should still work as Xbox store is still selling this as a Downloadable game for 79.99 so although the 2k servers have been closed all DLC is on the Xbox side and will be downloaded front the store.


Even if they did not patch the bugs (a lot where online so that is not relevant anymore) seems a lot of game play for £6. I have redeemed xbox DLC before that was several years old so a good chance that some or all of the DLC for this still works on xbox. Heat added.


Pretty sure Xbox DLC never expires, even if the content is delisted prepaid codes work. The 2K servers are definitely kaput though.


This is, all true


The DLC wont work (expired) and I believe online servers no longer work either.

WWE 2K20 Smackdown 20th Anniversary Edition (PS4) - £39.99 (+£4.99 Postage) @ GAME
-141° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
WWE 2K20 Smackdown 20th Anniversary Edition (PS4) - £39.99 (+£4.99 Postage) @ GAME
£44.98 £4.99 GAME Deals
Looks like game have the PS4 edition in. Along with a £4.99 delivery charge. Thanks game....

The DLC has at least been a fresh approach for the franchise. Shame no game until at least 2021 going by reports from insiders relating to the writing team. At least they could finally correct the numbering by still calling it WWE 2K21


Has been improved greatly for what it's worth. I've only encountered a few gameplay bugs and nothing that's caused a reset. Just silly glitches that stop gameplay for 10 seconds max


Possibly a troll deal here people (ninja)


Why are you thanking game for a game that's a unplayable mess and looks like it's can never be fixed? A few more weeks it will be £20. They have to shift all these unwanted copies some how. These will end up in a landfill next too E.T and superman 64!


This game is awful, so you are essentially buying a one inch square canvas and signature for £40... I aren't to value that what it meansd to you

Humble 2Ks Game Together Bundle - From £1 - Humble Store
1400° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Humble 2Ks Game Together Bundle - From £1 - Humble Store
PAY £1 OR MORE TO ALSO UNLOCK! The Darkness II Sid Meier's Pirates! Carnival Games® VR Spec Ops: The Line PAY MORE THAN THE AVERAGE OF £8.86 TO ALSO UNLOCK! The Golf Club™ 20… Read more
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Thanks so much @_sion , I redeemed the spec ops key.


The darkness II CAQE5 W0NVA N4HHI Spec Ops. DKEP2 AK3LN 5ET9T


Try Bootcamp


WWE 2002? Never heard of it. (cheeky)


WWE 2K20 should be in a "pay ME £16 to own" category.

WWE 2K20 SmackDown! 20th Anniversary Edition - GAME Exclusive (Xbox One) - £39.99 + £4.99 Delivery @ GAME
214° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
WWE 2K20 SmackDown! 20th Anniversary Edition - GAME Exclusive (Xbox One) - £39.99 + £4.99 Delivery @ GAME
£44.98£119.9963%GAME Deals
Seems a good price
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PS4 back in stock for anyone who missed out.


I would normally buy a few of these deals from Game but with the current situation and the extortinate delivery charges, i'm not bothering. Tested in stock normal games to buy and they are charging £4.99 delivery, so for a £9.99 game that's on sale goes back to £14.98. How is that acceptable? Mike Ashley can do one.


Ugh I missed the PS4 version. I would have bought that :(


Well they know the answer to that now (lol) but to be fair it almost all of their stuff is going downhill fast... Honestly surprised they haven't closed their doors.


This game was the result of Yukes and 2K parting ways. *videogameschronicle.com/news/2k-splits-with-veteran-wwe-studio-yukes/ 'Yuke’s had previously been the sole developer on the series under now-defunct publisher THQ. Following 2K’s 2013 acquisition of the game rights, its own sports studio Visual Concepts was introduced as a joint developer.' 'Typically the two companies split their duties with Yuke’s leading design, art and tech, while Visual Concepts provided animation, audio and script writing.' en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuke%27s 'In August 2019, 2K Games announced it had moved WWE 2K game development away from Yuke's to California-based studio Visual Concepts.[4] Earlier that year Yuke's had revealed its frustration over what it had been able to achieve with recent WWE 2K games and suggested that its relationship with publisher 2K Sports was partly responsible. Producer Hiromi Furuta revealed that Yuke's had established a new development team tasked with creating a rival wrestling IP, with the intention of reinvigorating its staff.'

WWE 2K20 Xbox One - £18.14 @ Microsoft
-165° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
WWE 2K20 Xbox One - £18.14 @ Microsoft
You can pick up a hard copy for the same price but due to the current situation £18 for a digital download is decent. It's also on free play days if you want to try before you buy.

My son got the deluxe edition for £25 in the last psn sale. He loves it but I prefer 2k19 although he hasn't had any of the glitches that were their at launch.


The game is a bit poo. So bad alot of people got laid off at the game studio and their budget for the next game had been reduced. Take the free play days on atm


It’s available to try for free? (shock) 2K has some big balls. I’ll give them that. It’s like they want more people to see what a mess it is. (lol)


Sounds like this should of been free to play permanently.


Does not sound to promising then!

Free Play Days [Xbox One] WWE 2K20, Monster Energy Supercross 3 and Starlink: Battle for Atlas @ Xbox Store
430° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Free Play Days [Xbox One] WWE 2K20, Monster Energy Supercross 3 and Starlink: Battle for Atlas @ Xbox Store
WWE 2K20 K invites players to Step Inside the ring with WWE 2K20. Your favorite WWE Superstars, Legends, Hall of Famers and NXT’s best will join the festivities and celebrate the… Read more
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No problem here, make sure your not looking at the deluxe version?


can't get Starlink, others no problem, anyone having same problem?


Starlink: Battle for Atlas is Free till the 21st.


Is super cross the same one that came on psn recently


I tried one of the wrestling games, its horrible. I went back to my old N64 and there were like 4 buttons in total, none of this precision, get the right moment, balance and 20 button combos to pull off one small move rubbish. Its the same with a lot of football games, I managed just fine with a joystick

WWE 2k20 Xbox £14.95 delivered @ Base
60° Expired
Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
WWE 2k20 Xbox £14.95 delivered @ Base
WWE 2k20 for xbox one

The funniest bug was that when it went to 2020 January 1st the game wouldn't work. Hilarious as it's literally called 2K20.


I read comparisons to superman 64 for being a buggy mess. I imagine that would have took some patching if it's just fine now, and that's not really in line with 2Ks fan service/development history.


Don’t do it


Me and my friend game share, so we got this last time it went on sale for like £7 each. We don’t watch wrestling anymore (haven’t since the days of Stone Cold/ Rock etc) but love the technical fighting. I assumed it would be poo due to the reviews. I actually think it’s good. I would give it 8/10. They have patched it a lot. I would say give it a go, it’s not as bad as people say.


Worst made game of... Maybe all time.

PS4 WWE 2K20 Standard Edition - £11.43 delivered @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
PS4 WWE 2K20 Standard Edition - £11.43 delivered @ Amazon Germany
Price includes delivery. Dispatched within 1 to 3 weeks.



would more kind to beat you up than give you this game it's that bad!


Lol that 1 gamer getting annoyed with her character Hogan was stuck.


Just as well burn a Tenner and some change than buy this.


Feel free to send it my way then ;)

Smyths half term gaming sale including Team sonic racing £15.99, Jurassic world evolution £15.99, WWE 2k20 £17.99
212° Expired
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Smyths half term gaming sale including Team sonic racing £15.99, Jurassic world evolution £15.99, WWE 2k20 £17.99
Lots of good prices here including: Team sonic racing £15.99 Jurassic world evolution £15.99 WWE 2k20 £17.99 Etc

those pesky carts aren’t half expensive- 6.3% over half.... ha


well on the link it says £39.99 https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/toys/action-figures-and-playsets/star-wars/star-wars-fan-favourites/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-ps4/p/176687


What's the price on Star Wars?


Good spot! I nearly missed that XD So basically £15.99 plus Switch tax of 56.3% :{


Anyone know if that’s the price of the switch version of sonic racing?? oh only three people mentioned it.... (lol) (lol) echo in here

WWE 2k20 on PS4 £14.95 Inc del @ Base.com
192° Expired
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
WWE 2k20 on PS4 £14.95 Inc del @ Base.com
https://www.base.com/buy/product/wwe-2k20-ps4/dgc-wwe2k20ps4.htm - link to PS4 version So....2K invites players to Step Inside the ring with WWE 2K20, available since October 22. … Read more
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So even the latest patch from a couple of weeks ago didn't fix the bugs? If so, that is really bad. I bought Fire Pro Wrestling World as it's currently on offer on PS Store - that's a lot of fun ;)


If only it was that easy. Make crap products make big profits


I still believe they made it buggy on purpose. Look at how much attention it got.


No need to apologise. You were just trying to help people. (y) Yeah, they’re lying through their teeth. Yuke’s account is very different. Anyway, you’re right. I need to go and do something better with my Sunday afternoon. XD


Yeah, that's what I thought and my retraction above is based off a interview with VC ... so not at all biased. ;) Either way , I've already wasted enough of my Sunday afternoon over this. (y)

WWE 2K20 PS4 £17.99 at Smyths Toys
42° Expired
Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
WWE 2K20 PS4 £17.99 at Smyths Toys
Heard its a plie of garbage but chepest I've seen it.
Get deal*Get deal*

It's almost worth buying to see how bad the graphics are. It's like they have deliberately made it so bad, it's truly shocking (lol) For those that haven't had the pleasure, this is what it really looks like on a PS4Pro.


this game was the y2k bug all along, it stopped working when we entered 2020


To be fair, you could’ve had a field day with the entire description: “Heard its a plie of garbage but chepest I’ve seen it.”


Awesome point dude. Throw these chumps to the sidewalk.


Not worth it @above £10

WWE 2K20 (PS4\Xbox One) £17.99 @ GAME
88° Expired
Posted 19th JanPosted 19th Jan
WWE 2K20 (PS4\Xbox One) £17.99 @ GAME
£17.99GAME Deals
Think the game is probably still broken. But it's down to £19.99 again anyway. Remember to try to vote on price and not the item itself... even though it's still pretty broken un… Read more

If you are on the Xbox game streaming beta you can play this and a host of other great games for free


Going by your car without an engine analogy, then you definitely wouldn't be able to run the game for a start, which you can. It may "mean" it's in an unplayable state to some people, but you CAN still play the thing, but just not all too well as it still has a good share of bugs and certainly not as well as the last games even. It still has it's content etc. If you'd look up at the comments you'd see people even see there's still a shell of a game still there. The last I'm even going to talk about it, let it be down to others to judge if they want to buy it or not or what they do with their money. If you have a problem with the game, take it up with the developers and not out on me. Don't shoot the messenger as they say. ;)


but you are not saving money if the game is unplayabe! really can see how you can't understyand that. agree the bit about common sense was a little unfair its a bit like buying a car that dosent have a engine but hey lets buy it because its cheaper


About the product to some people maybe, but this is a money saving website first and foremost. If people want to buy it or not, then that's down to them to do what they like with their money. That's a bit unfair on the people that's probably bought it, so they've not one ounce of common sense? Plus if it's about product first and not price it would be in the minus.


sorry it is a about the product no one with a once of common sense will vote on this with the state its in, its a unplayable mess no matter what price it is its just not worth it and thats what is importmant or you are just wasting money, the state its in i would say its unpatcable

WWE 2K19 Low price £6 at Tesco in-store - Martlesham
329° Expired
Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
WWE 2K19 Low price £6 at Tesco in-store - Martlesham
£6£12.9954%Tesco Deals
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Does anyone have the barcode


£18 near me


If my local Tesco sold cheap games like this, think I would pass out, minimum prices are around £25+, never have I seen a game lower than £20. I hate London.


Do you have the barcode

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