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Updated 21st JunLast updated 21st Jun by alg
Fire HD 8 vs 8 Plus.
Is it wroth putting the extra money and getting the plus version over the standard one?

The same as virtually every other company then.


Tried it, works for a few weeks, then come the typical android/amazon OS updates and it reverts back to the amazon bloatware.



Yes, but ive given up on Amazon tablets because of the bloatware.



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Updated 24th Oct 2020Last updated 24th Oct 2020 by 1spoon1
Amazon Fire HD 8 Google play & YT vanished?
Ordered an Amazon Fire HD 8 in the Prime day deals, it came yesterday so I sideloaded Google Play and installed Youtube. I knocked it off and got up today, turned it on and now bot… Read more

Just to update, I redownloaded the files and then rebooted without reinstalling, both YT and GP appeared again! Very stange! As for Netflix, I read you can root the tablet and install a different OS, maybe that would help sort your Netflix isses out?


My Fire 8 HD still has its sideloaded Play store and the apps I installed with it. Even so I suspect that one day Amazon will delete them. At that point I'll be seeking a new tablet and removing the auto renew of Prime. Even with the Play store, I'm unable to get Netflix to work on the Fire. I only want it to search movies with and add them to my playlist. Seems that even in a browser, you can't browse Netflix properly on a Fire.


Is it not 111 or 112 these days (:I

mario999 The above is the link for the Pc software on XDA. Quite simple to use, then you can install Google Play, get rid of lockscreen Ads, stop updates and lots more.


I’ve just turned it on. Still there, as are the games I downloaded for her. Not sure why yours have disappeared, maybe a freak experience?

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Updated 28th Jun 2020Last updated 28th Jun 2020 by kevlfc
Cover for a Fire HD 8 tablet
Can somebody please recommend a decent cover (not too expensive though) for a Fire HD 8 tablet, please? Thank you.

i have them for two tablets and there boss been thown everywhere tablets fine :)


I purchased 2 of these for my kids from eBay. They are made from really thick Eva foam. I paid £7 but depending on the colour you want could be cheaper. Also the price is cheaper now.

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Updated 7th Jun 2020Last updated 7th Jun 2020 by packard
New Fire HD 8 tablet.
What's the chances of this being recuded on prime day? I'm in no rush to get one and happy to wait. Just wondered what people think with it just coming out.

It’s amazon. It will be reduced they always do but who knows when..


Well its going to be September now. So I'm happy to wait till then.


The better question to ask is what are the chances of Prime Day happening on schedule.

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Updated 13th May 2020Last updated 13th May 2020 by LadyEleanor
This item will be released on June 3, 2020. Pre-order now. 8" HD display, twice the storage (32 or 64 GB of internal storage and up to 1 TB with microSD card) + 3 GB RAM. Longe… Read more

Looks like it will be a Lenovo M8 clone. It is a shame Amazon stays near bottom end for its smaller two tablets, though at least it is a more modern chipset.


The old ones of these weren't able to cast to a TV, is it still the case?


Bar wireless Charging, isn't this the same as the late 2019 model?


I wish they put 1080p screens on these. I've got a LG G Pad 8.3 with a 1080p screen from 100 years ago and havent found anything decent to replace it with for ~£100. Looks like I'm going to have to settle for this, unless anyone can suggest something else? Would be good to have a new OS as well, as the LG is still running on KitKat. Thats not the android version, it is an actual chocolate kitkat, that is how old it is.


There's also the all New fire 8HD version aswell.

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Updated 13th Apr 2020Last updated 13th Apr 2020 by endofdays
Play store onto Amazon Fire 8 HD
After buying the tablet that was on here about 2/3 weeks ago I stupidly forget it doesn't run Google Platstore. I know there are several guides on how to do this however the one I … Read more

Have you had any issues since? I'd like to get rid of the ads on my mother's Fire 10, but i don't want anything that needs patching further down the line - while I'm here its fine but if I'm not around she'll panic if things go wrong.


Second this comment it is by far the easiest way :)


This will do everything you need and even remove the adds from the lock screen. I used it within an hour of getting my 8HD...


I used this link last year, should still be relevant