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Bio Oil half price @ Lloyds Chemist Instore and Online -- all sizes
Posted 20th Apr 2010Posted 20th Apr 2010
Bio Oil half price @ Lloyds Chemist Instore and Online -- all sizes
All sizes of Bio Oil are now half price at Lloyds Chemist, Instore and Online 60 ml was £8.95 now £4.47 125 ml was £12.95 now £6.47 200 ml was £19.95 now £9.97
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I have just seen some amazing deals for Bio Oil at for all different size's and quantities.


For the oil to be effective you need to use it for a while so buy 5 bottles and get free delivery and save £4.10 compared to your deal


I'm assuming its 'growing' because her face is? Why not have a word with your doctor when you see him next he might be able to give you something to put on it or try the chemist. As I said earlier, I couldn't stand the smell, very cheap flowery scent, does anyone know if the 99p store stuff is better? (smell wise)


My daughter has a single chickenpox scar on her cheek which she had as a baby which seems to be growing as she gets older. Would this help?


not available in store like the one on offer at lloyds:thumbsup:

Bio Oil 200 ml £10.59 @ Amazon
Posted 5th Apr 2010Posted 5th Apr 2010
Bio Oil 200 ml £10.59 @ Amazon
200ml bottle of bio oil for stretch marks, scars etc. This bottle retails at around £19.95 in most stores so great deal!

200ml for about £10 is reasonable as say Neutrogena you pay a few quid for 50ml. Also comparing different moisturers is similar to comparing different cooking oils. Some people prefer to use this oil rather than moisturisers. Bottomline is as this is HOTUKDEALS the same product in a shop is double the price, so this is a good deal delivered.


I'm not sure why this product has been hyped as so much better than other moisturisers. Here's the manufacturer's own data: ] which appears to suggest that the best they can say about it is that after 4 weeks 2/3 of patients agreed that the scar they treated with bio-oil was less red than the one they didn't treat at all. 14% reckoned the treated scar was more elastic than the untreated one. Looks like a lot of hype for a fairly ordinary moisturiser (much like all that nonsense about Boot's anti-ageing stuff a year or so back).


This is a good deal price delivered as the rock bottom price is not far off this price.


Boots is £14.99 for 125ml. No idea why this is cold, it's a good price:thumbsup:


It's in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots. £14 something each, just got 3 for my wife and came to £29 and a few p. . .

200ml Bio-Oil better than half price £8.42 delivered @ amazon
Posted 7th Jan 2010Posted 7th Jan 2010
200ml Bio-Oil better than half price £8.42 delivered @ amazon
Same size is £19.99 plus delivery in Boots so I thought this might be of interest to some of you.
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I didn't use anything on my bump - and didn't get stretch marks!


how do you know it was down to this product? answer:you dont. This stuff is snake oil, were in the wrong business. We should be selling this nonsense to gullible people and making a killing!


Active deals that I found: 22 hours(!!) ago - a week ago - a month ago - 1 month and 3 weeks ago etc...


This is same price at John Lewis. I bought 2 last month :)

Rescue Oil 75ml Only £1 from Poundland (similar to Bio-Oil)
Posted 7th Jan 2010Posted 7th Jan 2010
Rescue Oil 75ml Only £1 from Poundland (similar to Bio-Oil)
similar if not the same as bio oil but much cheaper - worth a try at this price RESCUE OIL 75ml for Scars, Stretch marks, Ageing or Dry skin Rescue Oil is a specialist blend of n… Read more

40ML at our store


When will you ladies learn? Nothing can stop you ageing.


yep for all pondlife LOL - sorry will change it


I bought this a while ago from semi chem to try out.Didn't like the feel of it on my skin.


They've been selling this there for a long time now. Seen it in many stores so should be available everywhere.

Bio-Oil 200ml only £8.42 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 6th Jan 2010Posted 6th Jan 2010
Bio-Oil 200ml only £8.42 delivered @ Amazon
Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product developed to help improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It even helps promote even skin tone, nourishes ageing skin and provid… Read more

1. Its duplicate post. The same deal was posted few days ago. 2. Same price at John Lewis. Good price ;)


Its a good price for 200ml. Thanks


My son split his eyebrow open on a plug socket when he was 20 months old. He need it glued back together and paper stitches to hold it in place. After it had semi healed I used vitamin E capsules for him. I cut them open and then rubbed the liquid into the split which was very deep and it has heeled without much of a scar. I used it twice a day for about 2 months.


Thanks - just bought some. My daughter has just cut her face so im hoping this might help avoid a scar.

Bio-Oil 200ml £8.42 @ Amazon
Posted 27th Dec 2009Posted 27th Dec 2009
Bio-Oil 200ml £8.42 @ Amazon
Bio-Oil 200ml
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Can you translate the above into English, please?


it was put on 2 weeks a go but i didnt know and just seen it and put it on here as i seen them for more in the shops


Posted here:


posted before

Bio-Oil 200ml £8.42 Delivered @ Amazon
Posted 9th Dec 2009Posted 9th Dec 2009
Bio-Oil 200ml £8.42 Delivered @ Amazon
Helps to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks and also helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, thereby helping to reduce the possibility of more stretch marks for… Read more

good one.


That explains things clearer:) I had a growth spurt around my waist in the mid 20's, mainly caused by beer and burgers, I will have to maintain it now as losing it will only cause stretch marks:-D


That's true and like I said I think it's silly but to be fair to her she has got marks on her inner thighs which she says grew when she had a growth spurt. Now I have some on my lower back but it doesn't bother me, am I right in saying it is stretch marks because if else I wouldn't know where the scars are from? I went and ordered it anyway, should make her happy regardless to whether or not it actually works. :roll:


good price


Many Thanks for this .. I love this stuff!

Bio-Oil 200ml £8.42 Free Delivery @ Amazon or from JL (free del over £30)
Posted 11th Nov 2009Posted 11th Nov 2009
Bio-Oil 200ml £8.42 Free Delivery @ Amazon or from JL (free del over £30)
Bio-Oil is down to £8.42 at Amazon with free delivery or from John Lewis (free delivery on orders over £30) (thanks kvee)

You believe in any old rubbish then, whether theres proof or not? Thats what stupid people do, i'm sure you dont. Dont attack the guy for being rational


Hot. Have bought one to try. Its probably their brand of some common household product tweaked it a little for marketing. Its not the only constituent though: "Bio Oil is formualted with the following all-natural ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Chamomile Oil and PurCellin Oil" As someone said earlier the act of moisturising for 10 minutes twice a day with most oils would likely produce some benefit for scar tissue, and some of the above ingredients are widely used in cosmetics. Either way this is a hot price for the product regardless of the validity of the company's overall claims. Evidence please...:whistling:


I don't use this product but it seems like a good price for those that want it. You've aired your opinion so can you move on to another thread and move that 5 pages forward with your pointless ramblings. I'm bored!


Hot! My friend had an op and used Bio Oil and now has a very feint scar, whether this helped or not I do not know, but her surgeon was impressed. Plus I tried some and it smelt lovely and was nice to apply.


Just researched Bio Oil and found the following discussion forum;- Apparently, if you put some on your old chap, it can help that too !! :whistling::whistling::whistling: HOT HOT HOT

LOWER PRICES for BIO OIL @ Amazon! 200ml 10.99, 125ml £6.87 delivered!
Posted 22nd Oct 2009Posted 22nd Oct 2009
LOWER PRICES for BIO OIL @ Amazon! 200ml 10.99, 125ml £6.87 delivered!
Cheaper than ebay!! Cheaper than the supermarkets!! In stock! Free delivery 200ml £10.99 was £19.95 125ml £6.87 was £14.95 * Bio-Oil Contains Vitamins A and E, Calendula, Lave… Read more
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Bio-oil 200ml for £11.59 with free delivery @ Amazon
Posted 12th Oct 2009Posted 12th Oct 2009
Bio-oil 200ml for £11.59 with free delivery @ Amazon
The RRP is £19.95 , grap yourself a bargain

Ingrown hair SCARS! read the whole thing before replying with WTF!


But what you describe also sounds like magic. It gets rid of ingrown hairs?! WTF

BargainsUnlimited £10.99 at + free delivery


Brilliant stuff & it DOES work, got rid of a few ingrown hair scars I had, can't rate it enough! I bought my last lot from Amazon when it was around this price:thumbsup: (H&R) I use it as a face night cream too & have noticed my skin looks better. To see results you have to use it twice a day like it says. You can't expect to slap it on every now n then & it'll work its won't


Pic on here or it isn't true :P

BIO OIL 200ml only £9.99 + vat = £11.48 from any costco, Specialist skincare for scars, strech marks, skin tone, ageing and dehydrated skin
Posted 27th Jul 2009Posted 27th Jul 2009
BIO OIL 200ml only £9.99 + vat = £11.48 from any costco, Specialist skincare for scars, strech marks, skin tone, ageing and dehydrated skin
following on from the amazon deal i thought i would post this as its a wee bit cheaper and you can pick it up any time. Hope it helps someone, the web site ive put the link on is v… Read more

This product is gaining in popularity.It would be interesting to hear any user comments.My sister is happy with it and as she says any help in that sphere is welcome.Good price bit ceaper than amazon .Heat added for the spot


dont buy this with the hope it will eliminate stretch marks for your missus, cus it wont!!! helps them a bit bit wont get rid of them.

BIO OIL - at Amazon   -  200mls £12.35   -   125mls £8.12   -  60ml £5.57  -  FREE DELIVERY
Posted 20th Jul 2009Posted 20th Jul 2009
BIO OIL - at Amazon - 200mls £12.35 - 125mls £8.12 - 60ml £5.57 - FREE DELIVERY
Looking at buying this to try & treat my daughters chicken pox scars. I "think" this is a good price, especially as it's free delviery too.

The A&E nurse doesnt know what s/he was talking about, then. This doesnt work because what it claims to do is impossible. Literally impossible. Scars fade on their own so people think this stuff helps. Its a triumph of marketing that they get people to use this nonsense for a year before judging its results! We're all in the wrong business, we should be selling snake oil at a preposterous mark-up


I can assure you that this product DOES work on scars. I'd never heard of it until I ended up with a horrible raised 5" scar from temple to cheekbone which required 10 stiches. This was recommended by the A&E nurse and after using less than half a bottle you could barely see the scar. for the price is hardly prohibitive so it surely worth a try unless you prefer scars.....


my missus got conned by the hype, 13 months after the baby and 2 bottles latter with constant use and nothing to report - dud, snake oil or any other name you'd like please save yourself some £dissapointment oh ...cold


If you are a member, COSTCO do the 200ml for £10. This easily absorbed oil smells delicious and works out super cheap as it lasts forever. I can't say whether any of the 'clones' work as well, but if you can buy the real deal at such good prices, then I'd only go for that. Given that everyone's skin is unique to them, then it is really is no surprise that there is no one magic potion that works for everyone. That doesn't make a product useless, simply means it didn't suit that individual.


My wife swears by the stuff, I order 6 at a time. Good for penile stretch marks lol

Bio Oil 200ml just £10.99 delivered also 60ml for £5.99 @ FragranceMad
Posted 30th Jun 2009Posted 30th Jun 2009
Bio Oil 200ml just £10.99 delivered also 60ml for £5.99 @ FragranceMad
Bio-Oil ® is a specialist skincare product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its advanced formulation, which contains the breakthrough… Read more
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My Dr said pure Advocado oil is good for scares. Apparently this Bio stuff aint no good!!


chemist direct have had this for 10:80 for a while


Like I keep saying, buy it from poundland -'Rescue oil' it is exactly the same.,..


there is no independant scientific research published to prove that it has any more effect on scars than any other treatment (eg tesco value baby oil). very expensive, sold on hype.

Bio-Oil 200ml £10.80 Delivered at Amazon
Posted 27th May 2009Posted 27th May 2009
Bio-Oil 200ml £10.80 Delivered at Amazon
My wife has just started using this during pregnancy and found it as good as it is reputed to be. Quite impressed with this oil . . 36 weeks and no stretchmarks! A great price too… Read more
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thanks to hot or what for the heads up, this is till on offer so ask to be unexpired


Great price. The girlfriends mother bought Two bottles.. Head added.


when amazon have reduced things i have bought within three months and i email them they always refund the difference, thats why i love amazon so much :) email them and tel them you ought it and now its cheaper, i bet they refund the difference!


I never got any stretchmarks during my pregnancy not using any moisturiser at all. Never been one for moisturising. To be honest I think it's a case of if you're going to, you're going to, whether you use any sorta "preventative" measures or not. Bio-oil is a rip off too.



Bio-Oil 200ml £11.95 Delivered at Amazon
Posted 4th May 2009Posted 4th May 2009
Bio-Oil 200ml £11.95 Delivered at Amazon
Very Good Price. Product Description Helps to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks and… Read more

this is a wonderful stuff............worrks really well......can find even cheaper at ....infact cheapest i ever found...


Surely, this is snake oil?


Folks, if you don't need it in a hurry, hang off & watch the price - was over a tenner last week, thought I'd order some the next morning & couldn't believe my eyes - got it (bought 3 bottles actually) at under a tenner (closer to £9 - each obviously, just in case anyone gets excited/greedy), so seems that they are varying the price.


great thanks


oh yes its does...if u google it u ll see some nice feedback for bio oil

Bio-Oil  (60ml) for 4.99GBP @ Home Bargains
Posted 17th Apr 2009Posted 17th Apr 2009
Bio-Oil (60ml) for 4.99GBP @ Home Bargains
Hi all, I went to Home Bargains today around 3-4pm and bought Bio Oil 60 ml bottle for 4.99GBP, the cheapest price I could get from ebay ever for this size was 5.50GBP. There were… Read more
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hot thanks


moneysavingexpert pregnancy saying fragrancemad .com is good to go.....and i'm not arguing with a load of pregnant (5th post down)


Great price! so its legit this site then?


seen these in poundland for £1. So cold.


Ummm... nice but I did go that site and went to checkout, I would be spending £7.15 after all the VAT and Delivery... but I am gutted because there are no Home Bargains store within 50miles of Essex... thanks though.

BIO OIL - 200ml just £12.99 & £1.99 delivery at Half Price Pefumes (save 1/3) PLUS QUIDCO
Posted 16th Jan 2009Posted 16th Jan 2009
BIO OIL - 200ml just £12.99 & £1.99 delivery at Half Price Pefumes (save 1/3) PLUS QUIDCO
Huge, hard-to-find 200ml bottle of this wonder product RRP £19.95 Our Price: £12.99 A great price for this product, useful for expectant mums! Spend £40 and get free shipping. … Read more

I gotta say, I used this product and I don't know what the fuss is about... not much use to anyone in my opinion. When I was pregnant all my friends bought me stretch mark cream but I was too lazy to put it on and I didn't get any stretch marks. It is true, the media does put out a message that everyone who has kids will have stretch marks and need a tummy tuck but in my experience that just isn't true. It is the luck of the draw and it is scientifically proven that creams cannot prevent stretchmarks which occur on the bottom layers of skin because they do not penetrate to that depth.


That isn't experience, that is circumstantial. Pseudo-science at its best -I used this and this happened so that is responsible without ever considering all the other factors that might have something to do with it. Good diet and exercise, staying out of the sun and fresh air are just some examples. Some people get stretch marks, others don't. It all depends on your skins elasticity. Everyone's skin is different. Its no different than some people suffer from acne and others don't. As you have never stopped to think that maybe the oil had nothing to do with it, you just naturally have good skin you will continue to buy the product. If you read the articles I listed you will find that products like this are not allowed to penetrate the skin otherwise they become classed as drugs. If something doesn't penetrate it can do no good at all. Just like collagen, you can't add it to your skin but you can encourage your skin to produce more and yet so many skin products contain collagen and the marketing tell you how good it is for your skin. You are their ideal consumer - circumstantial evidence at best will convince you to keep buying their products and not only you as you will recommend it to your friends etc without ever once questioning whether it is actually doing anything, or even have they ensured that it is safe to use. Cosmetics companies don't have to follow the same rules as drugs companies and some of the stuff they put in some products has been conclusively proved to be harmful but that isn't important as long as you believe it is making you look younger.


Well from experiance i have had two children used bio oil everytime morning and night and dont have a stretch mark in sight, so even still load of rubbish or not i WILL be using this product in the future, i think it is brilliant.


They are usually at the tills and if you ask for it they have usually got some in the back X


cheers, used the chemist direct link :thumbsup:

Free Sample of Bio-oil
Posted 27th May 2008Posted 27th May 2008
Free Sample of Bio-oil
Type REQUEST a FREE SAMPLE of Bio Oil in the YOUR QUERY box and fill in your details on the form to receive yours. Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product that helps improve the a… Read more

Nice freebie, although the product is nothing but snake oil, so dont buy it


thanks, h&r added


I've used this before but it made my skin break out and really itchy. It was fine for my mother, though.


Cheers for that one.


Just attempted- thanks

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