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Vitamix S30 Personal Blender with 2 Weeks free membership at The Gym for 2 at Curry's... Was £299.99 now £169.99
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
£199.99 at Lakeland, £299.99 elsewhere. Cashback available with Curry's and Quidco. 950w. 10 speed. 1.2l capacity. Plastic. Pulse crushing, ice crushing and whole fruit fun… Read more
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Thank you very much for your feedback! I ordered one after price check. Hot deal. 7 years warranty comes handy, but don't think I will have to use it.


OP, curiosity got the better of me. I checked out historic Vitamix deals, they always go cold. It seems they are up there, wherever that is, with Apple and Uggs. I've sent it to my friends, one of whom has ordered.


Crikey, I hope you got your money back...


I bought a blentec from Costco I loved it even though it was very noisy but the motor burnt out and I read afterwards it was a common problem, we paid over £300 for ours.


I bought this in 2017 from JL with a 7 year warranty £199. I'd seen the demo in Costco, they made ice cream, hot soup etc. It crushes ice, frozen fruit (I use for smoothies), I think the only thing it doesn't crush is diamonds!. My next project is almond milk. I'm assuming this does the same, just on a smaller level, and if so, it's awesome. The cup is a massive bonus. J Lewis has a load of reviews on their website, I would read through them all. Also watch a few YouTube vids to note shortcomings, if any. The review on Curry's is not promising I must say. I love mine, and wouldn't be without it, I also have a NBullet, and the Vitamix is waaaaaaay better.

Breville Blend Active Colourmix Family Blender - £19.50 instore @ Sainsbury’s
LocalLocalFound 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Blend Active ColourMix Family Perfect for all the family, this Blend Active personal blender is a quick and easy way to add tasty, healthy ingredients into your busy lifestyle. Mak… Read more
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Thats a good deal, I already have this ans i love it


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll give it a go and see how it goes. Hoping it’ll make life easier for blending protein shakes and transporting to work.


I had this one couple of years ago but it wasn't really what I expected. Then I got a 1000W Nutri Ninja for £45 and I was and still is much better option. But that's just my opinion. I didn't like the cup being a bit too narrow so pieces of apples for example were stuck instead of being smashed instantly.


Hiya, I got this from the Newbury Park Sainsbury’s. There were 4 left on the shelf. I hope you find one!


Hi..what store did you find this in? Thanks

Salter Nutri Pro Super Charged Blender | £30 Plus Free Delivery at The Works
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Unlike everyday juicers and blenders, the Nutri Pro breaks down fruit and vegetables into a pulp free juice or smoothie with the use of a unique nutrient extractor multipurpose bla… Read more
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Reviews on amazon are not good


The rotation became very dry and it didn't spin well meaning the unit was very noisy. All I can thing is that immersing the blade unit in water washes the lubrication away.


What happened to your blade?


Great blenders and this is a fantastic price. Just be careful how you clean the blade attachment. Never immerse it in water or it'll only last a year (replacement was about £15 for me). Clean it by filling the bowl with clean water, re-attaching the blade and give it a good swill!

Breville VBL075 Blend Active Personal Blender, 0.6 L, 300 W - White/Grey - Amazon DOTD £17.99 Prime / £22.48 Non Prime
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
Make easy one person portion smoothies, slim shakes, crush ice, dice soup material, etc. On special offer today. Best price I could find right now. Time machines show £14.99 a y… Read more

I have one but its started leaking - the seals go on the blade part - but Breville are pretty good at replacing them for free ( on my 3rd one now)


I have one of these, bloody brilliant for the price!! Heat


It's a different deal, I'd rather Amazon for easy returns if something goes wrong. I'd struggle to find a use for a second bottle. But as they say you pays your money and you makes your choice.


Argos with 19.99 is the better deal as you get 2x600ml bottles with model # VBL062. This one here is VBL075 has a single 600ml bottle


Was lucky to find this in sainsburys for £12.99 a while back. Great little machine.

AEG SB9300U Blender at Amazon for £67.17
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
Lowest price it's been on Amazon. Sold by Amazon order for delivery when back in stock.
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Voters rarely vote on quality, they vote on reduction from "RRP" Still, this price for a 1200W motor from a proper company seems quite good. Not sure why that Amazon reviewer is moaning about plastic jugs - I've had glass blender jugs and they're heavy, and annoying because you have to be extra careful with them.


Decent enough German review;


It is now but it's been a lot more expensive previously and averaged £300 from Amazon over the last year. Agree that can't imagine they sold many at £300 though £67 is still over a 40% saving from £114 so not a bad discount regardless I thought.


Products are still built in Germany regardless of being owned by Electrolux.


It's available elsewhere online for around £114 so the 400 quid retail price is fantasy.

SMEG Blender @ TK Maxx Metrocentre - £58
28/02/2019Expires on 28/02/2019LocalLocalFound 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Noticed this in TK Maxx metrocentre seems to be way cheaper than anywhere else. 2 on the shelf currently.
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Not really, I think I was the only one stupid enough to pay the asking price.


When I was 18 I was dating a girl who worked for a kitchen design company, one morning she woke me up in a panic asking if id seen the smeg cookery book she'd borrowed from work!


Sounds like a popular girl


My ex has really dropped her price...


Tower 1000W Xtreme Pro Nutri Blender including cups £24.99 @ Robert Dyas (Free C&C)
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
One for those after a blender on a budget. I don't seem to be able to find another 1000w model at this kind of price point. The next cheapest new is over £40 as far as I can tell. … Read more

How does this compare to the Breville?


The picture is misleading as it shows you more items than you will actually get (extra tall cup, storage lid and blade attachment). That's not to say it's a bad deal. I paid £40 for the Salter Nutri Pro from RD last year. The Salter looks nicer than the Tower and the cups appear to be of much higher quality, but I couldn't tell you if the smoothies taste any better! Salter model here: Another benefit of the Salter is that you can buy additional cups and lids for it (I paid £10 for 2 extra cups and lids), I don't know about the Tower model.

BREVILLE VBL062 Blend-Active Blender with TWO 600ml bottles - £19.99 @ Currys (free C&C)
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Includes TWO 600ml bottles Make healthy and nutritious shakes, slushies and smoothies in seconds with the Breville VBL062 Blend-Active Blender . Powered by a 300 W motor, the bas… Read more
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I also didn’t find this model great overall, not just the low ish power IMO better to get a good one than to keep rebuying different ones and have junk sitting around and ££ and time wasted


Cheers, this backs up what I have heard. Will look at a more powerful one


I believe mine is the most basic one. It can crush ice a bit, but not that well. Better than nothing, but I'd get a better one tbh. I wouldn't repurchase and def not for £20. Wouldn't pay more than £10. Mine has sat unused for over a year


Just got one from Argos same price with 2 600ml bottles-blurb says it can crush ice as long as there's also some liquid in there.


okay, just no free 2 weeks membership then which worth 20 quid

Braun 3-1 hand blender £24.99 with code @ Robert Dyas
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Sale price £29.99 - £24.99 after discount code ( JAN19DM ) I've looking at getting a blender for a while. As far as I can see, it looks like a good deal (y)

Thank you op picked it up today and seems nice and quiet, 2 year warranty too.


They are Noe no longer made by Braun but made under licence by Delongi. May last as long but not the Braun you will be used too.


My favourite kitchen gadget. Had mine for over 10yrs. Broke one of the blades for the pots. Found a replacement online. Recently broke the cover of the larger pot. So guess I'll be shopping again


1% quidco if you use a code (lol)


Finally I want a plastic headed one for my non stick pans this'll do me as mines dying. Thanks for posting will buy it ASAP. Anyone know if I was to go instore if I can get it same price or not?

Salter Nutri Pro Super Charged Blender - £30 @ The Works
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Unlike everyday juicers and blenders, the Nutri Pro breaks down fruit and vegetables into a pulp free juice or smoothie with the use of a unique nutrient extractor multipurpose bla… Read more

Same here rusted parts spend abit more and get a ninja imo


The issue with these is not the blades going rusty but the internal bearings, its most likely down to poor seals or just bad design - either way pass on this model and pay a bit extra for a better brand. I think the nutri ninjas start at 39.99 but that's only for a 700W model


I had the same issue, might try a different brand.


Avoid like a plague. Poor quality, less than a year rusting and broken bits spun out of the motor. Had 2 same problem. And company suggested to buy the blade base instead of offering a free replacemen/t. The even hike up the price to £140 when it was only £90 a few years ago. Salter the company known for making scales sold it's brand to this company to market household items. So it's not the actual Salter company that we had trusted for many years.


This looks almost exactly like my Nutri ninja. I'm surprised to hear they are going rusty as I'd have thought they would be using stainless blades. My Nutri ninja hasn't gone rusty after a good few years use and is still going strong. The way it is designed with the blade being screwed onto the cup means its really easy to rinse and dry after use, so it shouldn't go rusty really. ] One thing I was a little disappointed with on my Nutri ninja was that I had read it was so powerful it obliterates the seeds in fruit, but that is simply not true. At least with the frozen fruit I use. All the seeds remain :(. But it does quickly blend the frozen fruit and ice with ease. I just pour the smoothy through a course sieve to remove the seeds.

Beko Sense 600W 1.5L Table Jug Blender, White £4.99 + £1.50 delivered - Sold and Despatched by The Deal Channel via Amazon
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Similar deal posted by PinkPrincesss (Beko Sense Hand Mixer)£4:99 + £1:50 delivery
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Don't worry about it.


I also got this even though the order was cancelled. I feel bad because it was only 5 quid. It came next day too.


Mine hasn't arrived :(


Mine arrived too no money has been taking from my account. And the order has disappeared :/ so is it for free (shock)


Mine arrived too. Paid with gift card, cancellation email received. Money refunded onto card. Weird

Ambiano Baby food blender Aldi £2.99 from £24.99 instore (Bristol)
LocalLocalFound 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Found these reduced to £2.99 from £24.99 in my local Aldi. Muller road Bristol. Had about 10 yesterday morning. No idea if it’s in every store.
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Good find, nothing in our local Aldi :(


Just grabbed one at £2.99. Porth store. They had about 5 in stock reduced to £24.99, asked for a price check and it came up at £2.99. Happy days. Thanks OP.




I bought this for 12.99 for my friend who has a baby, but actually at that price it's a perfectly good little blender for little dips, chutneys etc


Aldi is closed today but if you call the customer service line on 0800-042-0800 and give them the product code of 82587 first thing tomorrow morning they can do a stock search in the local area for you. Alternatively if you can corner a willing manager in your local they will be able to check local stock too. Hope this helps.

BRAUN MultiQuick 5 MQ5035 Hand Blender Set - White £34.99 @ Curry's
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
BRAUN MultiQuick 5 MQ5035 Hand Blender Set - White £34.99 @ Curry's 2 year guarantee included. Top features: - 750 W motor provides efficient and reliable power - PowerBell … Read more

Thanks for helping out verminlord! (y)



Can you send me a link because this is all I'm getting


Wrong! Still £34.99 at Amazon.


Its not. If it was earlier on its no longer the same price now on amazon which is upsetting seeing its not available anywhere nearby me at currys!

Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVL8300S (With creamer, food processor and blender jug!) £489 Dispatched / sold by Appliance Electronics UK  Amazon
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
I have the previous model titanium 6.7L with these attachments, and cannot recommend this highly enough. The titanium hasd a stronger motor then the regular one and the 6.7 is enou… Read more

Actually, what I did to get attachments was to buy another XL (Major) machine on sale, then sell the base unit by itself - the full accessory package (Aluminium, not steel) cost me less than £100 (that's plastic jug, light steel bowl, creamer, whisk, K-beater and dough hook).


By the way, if you want to go the base + separate accessories route, I found the kenwood website itdself by far the cheapest. There is a 10% discount code available. You can get an adapter for using your old slot-style attachemnts in this newer hex-style slot for less thana tenner, versus nearer £20 elsewhere.


That is an amazing price for the base model (without extra attachments) - I can't understand why people would vote it cold. The titanium XL is pretty much the top of the range of the Kenwood mixers, in terms of size and quality (before oyu get to the cooking ones). I suspect that people don't appreciate the difference between this and the standard quality or smaller models. Owning the previous model Titanium XL, I would say it's worth every penny.


I posted this very same model but without your extra attachments for £340 a few days ago (now expired) and it went stone cold, so you have no hope at this price. It also was available at Amazon a day later for that price too, but I didn't bother posting that because of the unintelligent reaction to the original deal. Perhaps amazon would have made people happier, but I saw no point in pushing it. People seem to like voting cold on items they have no concept of the normal prices of. I don't have an ego to feed, but I think it's a shame when mindless sheep-like voting results in people ike you searching for items like this missing out on the second cheapest price ever. I do have a referral code for £20 off the ao price for first time AO users, available via PM. You can probably also get it even cheaper via AO ebay for £360 using today's 10% discount code. Edited - I posted @ £340, not £320. 10% off AO using ebay code today gets pretty close.


Maybe it's because apparently (looking at the comments) it doesn't come with the stated attachments. Since you bought yours 3 years ago, is it exactly the same model?

Prolex Hand Blender £6 @ B&M
LocalLocalFound 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Get healthy by using this Prolex Hand Blender to whip up all kinds of smoothies, soups and sauces. Makes preparing delicious meals at home easier than ever. Features: 15… Read more

sounds painful

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