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Boasting a wealth of fresh new titles and revamped old favourites, board games are a trending hobby which is becoming more popular with players of all ages. To find out about cheap board games online and offers in high street stores, take a look at the board game page at the hotukdeals listings. Read more
Chad Valley Wooden Chess and Draughts Board Game - £4.50 (Free Click and Collect) @ Argos
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
From Chad Valley come two of the most classic board games: Chess and Draughts. Whether you are trying to checkmate your opponents King, or capture and remove all your opponents draughtsmen f…

Thanks :)


There are - the trouble is finding the right size - reckon they may do them in that particular diameter that would fit . Then the trouble is in gluing 32 pieces... one, by, one :D


Thanks. I was hoping there is some kind of weighted base you can stick to the bottom of the chess pieces.


None that are economically viable I'm afraid. Also none that are very practical because it'll involve repeating the same process 32 times on a small piece which needs to be put upside down (possibly via a clamp of some kind?). You'll need the weight to be the same size as the base of the piece otherwise the balance would be even worse. So, perhaps a side project for someone who already has the tools and stuff and the interest to follow through. Best option is as per my original suggestion to buy a set of weighted pieces for just over a tenner and then get a cheap board (or pricier, higher quality one) for the pieces.


Buy a gravity enhancer.

Monopoly Deal Card Game £2.99 @ Smyths (free click and collect)
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Features Contents: 1 Pack of 110 cards & game rules The fun of a Monopoly game played with cards Get a quick game in; it only takes about 15 minutes to play Use Action Cards to charge re…
Avatar Sashecuador
Get deal*Get deal*

£55 on auction site.


Another stocking filler... Thanks OP!


same price amazon and free delivery #cold


This is good for a monopoly game have you read up on how much the originals go for now? I’ve got a a sealed 90s Justice League Version in the loft but can’t find it in there argh!

7 Wonders Duel Board Game £16.60 @ Amazon
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
7 wonders duel game reduced at Amazon Info added by @Sashecuador In 7 Wonders: Duel, you and your opponent each lead an ancient civilisation to greatness—but only one of you can win! …
Avatar dazzaw_casualgamer
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks, bought


We have had similar issues with Amazon. Recieved a flearly fake copy of Pandemic. They claimed they were going to take action right away, but they never removed it from sale. The replacement I got was also a fake.


One of the best 2 player only games


Hi, I think that Jaipur and Targi are both very good two player games. Targi has quite a dry theme but the game mechanics are a lot of fun. Jaipur allows you to collect camels so if that sounds like it will float your boat then give it a look! Would agree that patchwork is great too. There is a small box card game called Arboretum which is worth checking out too. For all budding gamers, do check out board game geek which lists best games of all time. You can sort by categories like family, strategy etc. I hope this helps someone.


Sorry, but I'm really wary buying boardgames from Amazon. Last 2 games we got from Prime (that's sold direct by Amazon themselves) were fake. For a couple of quid more you're guaranteed a legitimate product. Amazon isn't doing enough about the products being sold from their own warehouses these days, alas. Games were Catan and Ticket to Ride - poor plastic quality or bad printing compared to genuine ones. I'd avoid.

Monopoly For Sore Losers Board Game for Ages 8 and Up, The Game Where it Pays to Lose £9.63 @ Amazon
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Collect Coins The Monopoly For Sore Losers game will have players actually wanting to land on useless board spaces, pay taxes and rent, and even go to Jail because they'll collect Sore Los…
Avatar Frank30uk
Get deal*Get deal*

When they going to bring out the milking it edition :)


Should’ve been a Velcro version that you can’t flip.


Ordered for the collection. Cheers Frank


Oops, thank you! XD


9.63 not 6.63

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Friends Monopoly reduced to clear £7.25 at Tesco Stourbridge
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th MayLocalLocal
Just been into a Tesco in Stourbridge and seen these Friends Monopoly sets reduced to clear down from £29 to £7.25. There were at least 15 on the shelf. Don't know if these are national…
Avatar loftymatt
Quacks of Quedlinburg: Mega Box Board Game £49.98 delivered @ Zatu Games
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Get the fantastic Quacks of Quedlinburg board game with both Herb Witches and The Alchemist expansions in one mega box for just £46.99! £2.99 for standard Royal Mail delivery. Multi buys o…

Update: now £45.99 and £2.99 delivery. So £1 cheaper than originally posted


Dumping games into a drawer? The only word I noticed there was "sectioned".


Nope Firstly only if fans of the base game or collectors bought it that would hardly be an issue Clearly they make commercial sense or they wouldn't keep producing them They also make sense to those that invest in their gaming and want better value for money to get the whole lot £18 for two expansions is great considering that's the lowest I've seen for one. You do you but big boxes clearly have a place and appeal and this deal is great value and I'll likely get it as I'd want to get the whole lot. Cheers OP


It's £32.50 delivered for the base game and for someone who's never played the game before an extra £18 for two expansions is a gamble imo. For that money you could buy another family game (if you bought kingdomino you'd have money to spare). This is why big boxes are a bad idea; only big fans of the base game or board game collectors will buy it.


It's no where near £25 though It's £40 on Amazon And it's an investment Would cost around £80 or more to buy it all separate The previous big box plus the missing expansion would be around £70. So you may as well spend £10 or even £20 more (It's only £10 more than the base game on Amazon - not checked elsewhere as it would close this window) and get two ~ £20 expansions which are well rated I believe