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Few shows are as exciting, engaging and successful as Game of Thrones. However, catching up on the show like this can be pricey. If you cannot wait to find out what happened to Daenerys or Jon Snow, the Game of Thrones HotUKDeals listings can help you watch the latest episodes, read in the latest books or get the box sets for less.

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HBO Flash Sale - up to 35% off DVD and Blu Ray - Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm and more @ HMV - delivery £2
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
HBO Flash Sale - looks to be the entire HBO range including Succession, Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, plus completes of all the old stuff like True Blood, Deadwood, Boardwalk E… Read more
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Should have curbed my enthusiasm for GoT. :(


GOT is also £79.99 on Amazon so it's not a sale price on HMV.


Sky Now TV Entertainment is £7.99 a month. All seasons on there to watch. So watch all of them in, say, 2 months , £16.


Do you know streaming prices for GoT?


£80 for GOT on DVD ! Not that cheap. Also wanted Rome on Blu Ray and it's £35.99 at Sale price but £29.99 on the Warner Bros shop. Not impressed with the 'Sale'

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Blu-Ray - £13.99 @ Amazon (+£4.49 NP)
-59° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Amazon have price matched HMV, but HMV have P&P for items under £20, so providing you have Prime, this is the cheapest it's ever been. The DVD boxset is more expensive. Based … Read more

I do get what you're saying but far too often on this site, especially over the last year or so, we see good deals get voted cold because the first voters dont like it for whatever reason and the sheep just push it down further. I've seen a number of good deals with very little heat or minus heat and there's never any justification of the cold voting. I also agree, the admins/mods/expert people get way too much heat, almost as if "oh its posted by an admin, it MUST be a good deal" ... but alas, we could go around in circles discussing this. I've posted very few deals over the last year and this is the reason. Time to do what most do and just sit here & pick off others deals until things change. (Unlikely).


"quite often" means not all the time, "factor in" means that it's just one variable. Of course there are other variables including the ones you have listed. Other factors include the perceived quality of the retailer, which might have influenced the hand gel examples you dug up, the poster (some are liked, especially the admins, who tend to get excessive heat), and deal fatigue - if a poster lists 10 different but similar items, the latter ones tend to get voted down as spam. So you see, and you've admitted yourself, it's not just the lowest price that influences voting. It's neither right or wrong, it's just the way the site works. Just don't get worked up by it (that also attracts cold votes by the way - I've seen it happen).


Voters will factor in perceived quality? You make it sound like all the people who vote here are pros and understand the item and the deal posted. Two hand sanitiser deals, posted a day apart. One over 200 degrees, one -300 degrees. Yet the -300 degrees is the better "deal" if you don't subscribe (and pay) for Prime, plus has a bluelight card discount. Don't make out that people vote based on perceived quality, a lot of people vote like sheep based on which way the deal is headed, hot or cold, most likely without even checking the deal. My blood pressure is fine thanks.


Probably best if this is your last deal as I’m not sure your blood pressure can cope! Your definition of a “hot deal” and mine obviously differ. Some people think if a product is at an all-time low, or even worse, if it’s currently the cheapest available (even though it may have been consistently cheaper in the past) then this automatically guarantees it heat and acclamation all around. Not so. A hot deal is whatever the voters decide it is. And quite often voters will factor in the perceived quality. It’s just the way it is. And getting salty won’t change that.


Utter nonsense. Might as well make all OLED TV deals cold then because whats the point if people just watch compressed streams? Doesn't bring out the best in that type of TV, what a waste of £1100, might as well get a £500 TV. Oh Adidas? Awful company, cold even though those NMD trainers are 70% off, they're awful this is cold because I don't like their style. No, this site is based on what is a hot deal, IE: is it cheaper (by a decent margin) to the competitors? 15p cheaper isn't a "hot deal" but its cheaper yes. But when something usually sells for upwards of £20 and its down at £13.99 and is the cheapest it's ever been, whether thats a BD boxset, a Vinyl collection, a set of books or whatever, its not based on what the person thinks of said item, its based on whether the deal is hot for those who like that book/movie/show/music etc Also, yes its expired as it's my deal and I've binned it and it's probably my last as this site has spiraled into deals based on opinions of products. It's not a review site.

Game of Thrones: Season 8 [Blu-ray] [2019] [Region Free] £19.99 Amazon Prime / £22.98 Non Prime
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Game of Thrones final Season on Blu-ray from Amazon, been at the £30 mark for some time but now at £19.99 delivered to Prime members. Also qualifies for £1 voucher if option for no… Read more
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Nice to see how cold this has got, yet Amazon have now Sold out..


True, not sure why they abandoned the 10-episode per season structure that had served them so well during S1-S6. I would have willingly sacrificed a bit from the spectacle, in order to add to the character development. But having said that, I didn't have any problem in the direction the plot took, which most reviewers seem to have a problem with.


I think that they tried to cram to much in to fewer episodes and it appeared rushed, but having said that there was a couple of spectacular episodes.


There must be something wrong with me. I thought the final series was great!


Winter is coming...

Game of Thrones: The Complete Series Blu-ray Box Set £89.99 delivered at HMV
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
also at Amazon

They definitely should have had another few episodes to finish it better. Never mind, I'll go and start moaning about the ending to Lost & Dexter again now (lol)


Ah well, she does come from a family with a history of sliding into madness! Also, the ending would have been signposted by GRRM himself. It's not as if they've deviated from the books. Having said that, GRRM lost interest 20 years ago. By 2000 (and in 5 short years) he had completed over half the ASoIaF text currently available. Since then it's been like pulling teeth. And although I don't mind the direction the ending took, I do agree it felt very rushed. S7+S8 should have been 10+10 episodes at least, or another series or two.


I think it's mainly because in the last series she was killing anyone and everyone indiscriminately, without no proper character development IMHO. Earlier seasons the killing was mostly understandable, but it feels like they changed her character just for the sake of finishing the story.


Couldn't have put it better myself. It's such a crying shame.


I must have been watching a different show. Daenerys has been indiscriminately killing (and without remorse) from series 1 onwards. Only some trusted advisors were keeping her in check. I think some people lost sight of this because by and large her victims usually deserved it.

Ramin Djawadi - Game Of Thrones Season One OST [VINYL] £12.98 (Prime) / £15.97 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
worth the asking price just for the main theme (y)

Anyone else sad that you can't even enjoy the great earlier seasons because of how awful the show got in the last couple of seasons? I would have bought this in an instant a few years ago.


Dinner of what?


Doesn't have this legendary version of the theme music by some modern great guitarists (like Tom Morello) jamming with Dan Weiss:


Makes for a great frisbee or something to eat your dinner of 🤪

Game of Thrones Cluedo Board Game £14.99 delivered @ Bargain Max
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Cracking price. It was Tyrion Lannister, with a crossbow, in the toilet. There's a mystery to solve in Westeros and beyond, in Game of Thrones Cluedo the classic mystery game! Will… Read more

Shame you can't actually proceed to Checkout. :(


Is the basket as hard to view as much as what on earth was going on in the Battle of Winterfell


Lol. I've always joked that GOT Cluedo would be too hard. "It was everyone, with the sword, everywhere!"


Hmm. Times out when trying to view basket and checkout....


The murderer was.... season 8 with the script.

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Select Sky Boxsets free through May & June including GoT for Sky Customers
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
With people spending more time at home, Sky TV is making popular and iconic box sets such as Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, Parks & Recreation and Intelligence available to all Sk… Read more

I just tried a few US dramas listed on the sky go app. Still doesn’t seem to be working.


Ah okay, thanks :)


Probably not giving it you for free for 2 months as it’s a selection that will be made free between now and end of June compared to having access to all the ones they offer.


I pay for boxsets does that mean they are free to me for 2 months? I cant find anything anywhere


Thanks opp

Game of Thrones Cluedo - £16.99 + Free Delivery @ Bargain Max
98° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Bah bah, bahbahbah, bah, bahbahbah, bah, bahbahbah, bah.... BAAAAAH BAAH, BADA BAAAH BAA, BADA BAAAA Yeah, sorry about that :D Plenty of deaths in Game of Thrones as it is, mig… Read more

Benioff and Weisz, with Incompetance, dunno where they are and at this point nobody really cares



Do you get to investigate who killed season 8? :D

Game of thrones complete series 1-8 in HD - £77.99 @ Google play
-225° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Complete series of game of thrones HD reduced by £52 quid on Google play to £77.99 GAME OF THRONES returns for its eighth and final season. Based on the popular book series ‚"A So… Read more
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Who knows the truth. Disney seem fine with accepting turds for the SW franchise. Unless they’ve leaned from past experiences maybe the Netflix jump is true.


I could watch all of GoT back to back in no time. So at that price you need access to other material for value for money. Now tv entertainment pass Aquire now tv box/stick with entertainment pass or if you already have access just an entertainment pass the chespest way. Activate entertainment pass. Goto cancel pass, keep pressing cancel and you will be offered a retention price. if offered good deal accept. Your current pass will run till the end and then it will revert to the new agreed deal. Note take screenshots of deal as sometimes it either didn't renew or renewed at full price. If so you contact now tv online chat and go through the motions. They have always honoured me with having the evidence. If rubbish offer don't process cancel and go back a few days later repeat process. Just remember to either cancel or accept a retention deal before your current pass expires otherwise a month will roll over and you will be charged the full monthly fee.


That's the official line but it seems too suss. They were signed on for both for some time before 'leaving' SW. They could be entirely wrong, but rumours are they were quietly asked to leave and there has been some suspicion that this came about after their first SW draft was submitted. I don't know though, but given how they butchered what could have been an all-time classic series in GoT, I really wouldn't be surprised if Disney/Lucasarts didn't like the plans they had for SW - and they've been known to fire writers/directors in the past. Also back on topic (sorry for the rants, it's a sore subject for me haha), I'd still advise anyone who hasn't seen it to maybe just grab Now TV for a bit and binge the lot for far less cash. £78 is crazy money.


Hadn't heard about that but looking it up it looks like they actually ditched Star Wars, not the other way round, in favour of a $200m deal with Netflix. With the way they so easily rush and/ or abandon projects in the pursuit of New and Shiny I'd personally be very worried about committing that kind of money to them. That said I guess Netflix is probably having a very strong year and can afford the risk. Anyway to get back on topic if you've not seen the show and are tempted by this I'd strongly recommend holding off. The last season of this was so bad it took the show entirely out of the current cultural zeitgeist within a month or 2 of airing (a phenomenal achievement given how ubiquitous it had been for the years preceding that). I'd be amazed if the price on these complete box sets didn't absolutely plummet over the next few months.


Totally agree about season 8 , it was leading up to be the biggest thing since sliced bread ,then turned out to be the biggest anticlimax since the last episode of lost , plus we had to wait 2 years for it too

The Ultimate Game Of Thrones Quiz Book: Over 800 Questions Kindle Edition - Free @ Amazon
258° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
14 ratings Scores 5/5 Paperback is £4.99 This quiz book contains no less than 870 questions about the world of Game of Thrones, from series 1-8 of the TV series! The questions… Read more

Thanks Boz..


True that




The tragedy of GoT is the entire franchise had been wrecked by lazy and selfish producers dining the final series. It's so sad. Nobody cares anymore.

Game of Thrones Complete Collection (8 Seasons) £99.99 @ iTunes Store
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Cheapest it’s been on iTunes for the complete box set. Shame it doesn’t adjust the price for any series you’ve already bought.

How do you setup a US iTunes account??


Digital Addicts Anonymous, but they've jacked the price up to $24.95.


Which seller did you use for £17 with free movie?


Yeah, same. I opted for 'Wonder'. I used my PayPal account to pay though, just for extra security. Didn't need that security though!


Thanks, I had Ultraviolet as a saved website, but keep forgetting about it. Brought for £16.50, using Revolut. Plus the seller, I brought from, gave me a choice of a free 4k iTunes film, from 3 titles. Nice one.

The Complete Game of Thrones Quiz Book: 400 Questions Kindle Edition - Free @ Amazon
312° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
This Game of Thrones quiz book is jam-packed with no less than 400 questions from seasons 1-8 of the T.V series! Questions are separated into difficulties 'Easy', 'Medium' and 'Har… Read more

Did D&D ruin Game of Thrones in Season 8? a) Yes b) See a


Is one of the questions 'Why was series 8 so bad ?' :(


Thanks Boz.. I may learn something interesting that I missed when I watched it..



Various TITANS Collections (Aliens, Preacher, Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who, Dragon Age, Ghostbusters + More) £2.99 + £1 P&P @ ForbiddenPlanet
270° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Cracking price for these. Lots of different ones to get/collect. Main deal link goes to Aliens and I've popped other links below. Aliens: TITANS: Game Over Collection After the ong… Read more

ahhh right i understand now


It's blind boxed isn't it?


Bishop from the Aliens line looks amazing. Shame he isnt stocked


There's more Doctor Who ones too. Thanks op x


A Titan model of Lovejoy! Perfect gift for Nanna!

Mega Construx - Game of Thrones Daenerys and Drogon Construction Set - £32.99 Delivered @ BargainMax
73° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Seems like a good value set with a lot of building to do. Cheapest available by some distance. £31.34 with first order code if you sign up for the newsletter.

Is the 5% code supposed to be delivered by email? I signed up for the newsletter and two days later I haven't received anything.


Saw a post on FB for a winterfell set and an ice dragon set earlier today. Worth having a Google to check out.


The Mega Construx stuff seems to be pretty good and you'd hope so when they are partnered with big brands like Pokemon, Halo, Call of Duty etc


I watched a couple of YouTube vids on it and it seems to be accurate yes. Bear in mind that width is the full wingspan when extended.


Are the dimensions listed accurate? Seems absolutely enormous

adidas AM4 GOT (Game of Thrones) - Men Shoes - £44.99 @ Foot Locker
257° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Thought this is a decent price , thanks to one of our members mentioning it in an earlier post regarding a diffrent pair of trainers :-)
Get deal*Get deal*

I can wear these and stamp all over season 8


Just been delivered, going to be a shame to put them through a few miles running, seem nice.


size 6.5 & 8 in stock guys :-)


I made three orders and I ordered some ULTRABOOSTS too for an absolute steal but it was those that got cancelled and not these GOTs


Seems to be OOS so shall I now expire the deal ? Sorry to ask , I’m new to this posting a deal kinda thing

Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl - House Baratheon Game of Thrones Limited Edition - £26.95 @ Amazon
278° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
ROYAL LOCHNAGAR 12 YEAR OLD - GAME OF THRONES HOUSE BARATHEON DESCRIPTION Winter is here! With the seventh and final series of Game of Thrones released in 2019, Diageo collaborated… Read more

HP 12?... That`ll be the Harry Potter 12 yo then? (confused)


Agreed the Cynellish is one off my favourite whiskys that I've ever tasted and the GOT version is very nice indeed. I agree that the Royal Lochnagar is insipid and not very good. However the posts on this thread are embarrassing.


I have tried a bottle of this and it's disappointing which is what I feel about the regular bottling. nothing complex going on here, just sweet alcohol. Price is about right for this and the GoT branding is naff, just a different label and sleeve not in full colour. I think the Clynelish is the pick of these GoT releases, despite being NAS it's 51.2% so cask strength and is far more satisfying to drink. Grab a bottle of that whilst you can.


Good points, a lot of people don't want to pay any more than £25-£30 so are left with a handful of malts to choose from. Can't realistically compare this with a whisky that's £35-£40.


I would sway on the notion that whisky is Scottish and that is indeed what is for sale here.

Game of Thrones Cluedo £15.99 delivered @ BargainMax
373° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
It was Tyrion Lannister, with a crossbow in the toilet There's a mystery to solve in Westeros and beyond, in Game of Thrones Cluedo the classic mystery game! Will you identify the … Read more

Valar morghulis.


Looks awesome!


Should be good for a games night! Just what we need at the momemt


Wasn't the worst the rat in the metal bucket? No wait, it was the government burying the Cygnus exercise report in 2016 because it did not want to pay for PPE. How about standing outside at 8pm next Saturday and booing the Government and senior health managers?


Thanks OP, they also have a sitewide offer of save 10 for £50 and save 20 for £100 banner as you land on homepage codes are save10/save20 respectively

The Art of Game of Thrones: The Official Book of Design from Season 1 to Season 8 £15.77 @ Wordery
181° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
The Art of Game of Thrones: The Official Book of Design from Season 1 to Season 8 £15.77 @ Wordery
£15.77£6074%Wordery Deals
This is a fantastic book for any Game of Thrones fan. Very glossy with great images and absolutely MASSIVE. Highly recommend at this price, also £15.76 via their Amazon seller her… Read more

Yes, it's pretty huge and heavy. I have all 3 and was somewhat concerned if my bookshelf could take the weight with the other books. Although more expensive I would recommend the others as well if a GoT fan.The way I look at it is I'm saving money on not travelling to work hence my justification for the purchases, one per month and WELCOME10 helps a little.


Just got mine today. So thumbs up on delivery. And WOW. You could've mistook the parcel for a new laptop. And I mean that in a good way. This thing is a UNIT. No wonder it was £60. Haven't taken it out of the film yet but you can tell the quality. As a huge fan of GOT, thanks OP!!


Art of Game of Thrones


Even better, thanks...


£14.23 for new customers with WELCOME10 discount code + 7.07% cashback with TopCashback (y)

The Art of Game of Thrones Hardcover Book £15.80 Prime at Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime)
209° Expired
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
The Art of Game of Thrones Hardcover Book £15.80 Prime at Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime)
Filled with gorgeous illustrations and artwork from HBO's hit series, The Art of Game of Thrones is the definitive Game of Thrones art collection. The official collection of … Read more

Thank you.


1 penny cheaper at Wordery :p


Love these types of book.

Official Licensed Merch Men's T-shirts - Game Of Thrones / Star Wars, Size S (36-38) £2.49 each delivered @ angry-potato ebay
79° Expired
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Official Licensed Merch Men's T-shirts - Game Of Thrones / Star Wars, Size S (36-38) £2.49 each delivered @ angry-potato ebay
Game of Thrones Crown Tee Made from 100% Cotton Loose/ comfortable fit 100% officially licensed merchandise GAME OF THRONES Winter is Coming T-Shirt STAR WARS Defend th… Read more

None available at that price, expire.

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