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SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Flap £38 at  Medic Animal
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Please take it easy on me; this is my first post and I’m still learning! I’ve been looking for one of these for a while and waiting for another half price offer and I think I’ve f… Read more
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You can get it from Fetch for a similar price, and might find it easier to bulk that out with petfood for free delivery. Also from Ocado, if you've been given one of the periodic free delivery savers.


Finally arrived today but need an adaptor to install into glass doors lol Can get from Amazon (£6.49) but is an add on item so now need to spend another £20...


Waiting for them to dispatch mine, still at 'Order approved' status...


Medic Animal did what they said and refunded half to my credit card. Bit of a faf but worth it in the end!


Just checked and now the brown is OOS and the white only has 10% off...I’ve sent an expired request (y)

20% off Sureflap Microchip Cat flap £41.59 +TCB - Zooplus
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Cheapest I could find, these are very good, already have one. Use SUREFLAP20 also 3%/2% TCB Also Free del. Update: Code works with other sureflap extra bits like the tunnel exten… Read more

These are great, stopped the local tom popping into my mum's and spraying everywhere.


Don't know if they have updated these flaps now, but we found a couple if years ago our cats microchip was not compatible with this flap (certain types and luckily checked before we bought). Hot from me though as a good price.


Great find OP-ordered. It is late, I’ve just done a load of school reports but I’m pretty sure I’ve saved some money on the extension tunnels too. Ordered the white flap & 3 extension tunnels and it only came to £53.56.


I have one of these going through a wall from the kitchen to the garden using their tunnel extenders. Both cats took a little bit of getting used to it, but it works great and recognise both of their microchips with ease. We have many other cats in the neighbourhood, so keeps them out too. A recommended buy from me.


Get the dual scan one

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap Amazon DotD - £42.76
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
Superb price for this popular cat flap that detects your pet's chip and unlocks automatically. Powered by 4 AA batteries which last 12 months. Can be programmed for up to 32 pets. … Read more
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Ive had mine 3 years and 3 weeks. Paid £58 for it then. Changed batteries twice. Works great. Cat uses it all day long. The only way other cats get in is by tailgating. It happens when the nearby stray cat is really hungry. The sometimes isn't a problem. Before other cats were in and out as they please. Was costing a lot more in cat food. It is definitely worth it.


It depends how often you lock your pets out. We lock ours out daily between certain hours. If you never lock them out it won’t ever break.


The big one is currently £65.59


couple of weeks ago paid £63.99 for the larger pet door version from Fetch using a 20% off discount code. took a few days to get our 3 cats used to it, but followed the advice from sureflap i.e leaving it unlocked so no clicking sound for 24 hours, then during the day the next day we taped the flap open with the locking function on so they passed through getting used to the clicking sound, 3rd day had it normal and they were ok. very impressed with this flap and now we don't have neighbour cats in the house, and the one of our cats that started spraying indoors has stopped. well worth the money with happier cats.


Apologies. Fixed.

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PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap, 60% off £31.25 Sold by Luzern and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
MICROCHIP: The PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap can be used with the most common type of microchips; your cat won't need a collar or tag EASY INSTALLATION: Simple three-step Installatio… Read more
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Oops sorry thought this was sureflap!


For this model, it quotes this one...


This is the adaptor you need for glass Link £6ish you can pick up the warehouse one for a pound or so cheaper, I fitted one last week works well.


Very clever. I read "bundle" - did you? That is clearly a cut n paste of the standard text description of the main product. Seems that it's thinking that is so hard.... :) Why describe it as a "bundle" when it clearly is not? I have verified with the supplier that this is indeed NOT a bundle, just the actual unit. The adapter for glass etc. is £13.99. Bottom line: Great price, I'm buying - thanks OP.


Reading is so hard.

SureFlap Dual Scan Microchip Catflap £56.99 @ Amazon
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
This is the only cat flap I could find that scans your cat's microchip both coming in and going out. Really useful when you need to keep one of your cats in. We got one to keep a … Read more

Dammit, thought this was a Sonos sub


@Gkains, yeah it can take a while for them to get used to it. Took ours about a week before they'd use it and a few weeks before they were comfortable with it. They're both pretty nervous cats though so YMMV. Tailgating could be a problem, although the kitten hasn't quite worked that out yet. The flap can be set so that although it won't let the indoor cat out, it will let them back in again should they escape.


Ahhh, the good old days.


Quick tailgating should work though, so if the you-have-to-stay-in cat is quick enough (and the allowed-to-go-out cat doesn't mind being followed so closely) they should be able to get out. I just got one of the single-scan ones for £40 from a warehouse deal after catching a cat-burglar stealing my cat's food and disturbing his nap. He hates changes, so currently trying to coax him to use the door rather than meowing outside the door. Aside from the door looking different and smelling of new plastic, I guess there are two other points he could genuinely make against that door: the microchip sensor goes 'click' and the door is a lot heavier to push than his old one. Heavier is of course good against letting the wind and cold in. However, due to having de-valued Dreamies (he's a bit spoiled for them) it's taking a bit longer than I would have though.


Those are single scan so can only stop unknown cats coming in. They'll let any cat go out. This one can let certain cats go out while keeping others inside.

Duvet cover set with wizard magic Cats on £3.50 for single or £4 for double @ Asda - mount pleasant in Hull
LocalLocalFound 16th JanFound 16th Jan
I've been to Asda today to what bargains I could get after seeing posts for lots of cheap stuff. I found nothing at all. Except these Duvet cover set s with cute wizard/ witch hat … Read more
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Cute isn't it :) I just tried looking for it online to see if it's still available but couldn't find it :-( might be some available till in your local store


OMG I LOVE this!!!


I didn't even know there was such a size lol.. I'm a peasant with a double XD


I've been desperatley tryingnto find thr Super King set for ages. They had the King at my local Asda for £8 before Christmas.


Haha, very true. My cat is white so I'm ok. And my dog (light brown) can't reach my daughters high sleeper desk bed thing which I bought this for anyway. My bed is another story. Can't keep him off it when I'm asleep. I even had to turn my door handle upside down so he couldn't open the door when I've gone out. That's worked a treat but don't think I'll ever stop him taking up half my bed every night XD

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Petsafe microchip cat flap (battery) 50% off - £34.99 @ Amazon
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
Product description Product Description PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap The PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap is suitable for cats up to 8 kg. It enables you to give selected cats access whil… Read more

Received mine and tested it seems to work fine. Only concern is looks as if rainwater could run down the outer section and in past the flap.


Hey thanks yeh, I have my eyes on the larger SureFlap door, but I haven't taken the leap yet as its expensive, and will need to pay for a new panel on the door, plus labour, so overall could cost hundreds!


SureFlap have a range of different cat flaps including one for large cats/small dogs. There are lots of retailers or you can buy them direct from the company. I have a SureFlap dual scan cat flap because I need to keep my foster kittens in while my two cats can go in and out. It's excellent.


SureFlap make one for small dogs. I have a Sureflap dual scan for cats and it's excellent.


5'5" must be the worlds biggest house cat....

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap £52.99 delivered @ Zooplus
Found 14th Jul 2017Found 14th Jul 2017
This is the cheapest I have seen anywhere (and less than I paid for mine 5 years ago!). Having used one of these for years, I can't recommend it enough for keeping out local unwant… Read more

They all are now. (according to the company) We've rescued a number of small dogs from Europe and they are all recognised.


Seems a great idea if cats that aren't yours keep coming in your house. We've been lucky and not had that problem (minus one time when the cat that bullied our one came in the house :| ) so I have not had to fork out for one of these yet!


Not the best price i've seen but a decent product from what i've seen. Have one in a glass door , our cat can come and go and it keeps others out. Sureflap also offer decent service too, the door flap on ours started to split so they sent us a free replacement flap to fit.



Worth mentioning it's best to check that your cats chip is compatible with the cat flap as I think it's this manufacturer that was not suitable with my cats microchip and had to choose another one.

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap @ amazon deal of the day - £42.99
Found 10th Apr 2017Found 10th Apr 2017
I bought on of these 4 years ago, still going strong. other cats have tried to get in, but they fail. black or white options, the cat can be any colour. Works with your cat's ex… Read more
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I use low self-discharge rechargeables in mine. They work perfectly well, the only trouble being the poorly-designed battery level detection which results in the LED flashing for 6 months. I wish they'd fix that, because it's both cheaper and more environmentally friendly than using disposable batteries.


Definitely worth the money. We had one for four year and when it stopped working they sent free replacement parts to try fix it before sending a free replacement cat flap. Absolutely superb product and company. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!!


would highly recommend this and we just changed the batteries today for the 1st time since we bought it a year ago.


Good afternoon all from ginger Tom, just one question regarding this; "Includes 4-way manual lock for controlled entry and exit," my cat isn't clever enough to operate things manually, hence I will have to pass on this.


great cat flaps, brought one a few mths ago for ours as we had visitors and it works a charm.

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap £39.99 @ Amazon
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Cheapest ever according to CamelCamel. Works with your cat's existing microchip to keep out intruder cats and wildlife Compatible with 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips No collar or t… Read more

Gutted I missed this (an in turn the Ocado deal!) :( Anywhere else selling this at a good price?


Thank you for this OP and others - just got the dual scan version on Fetch for £40 after the welcome discount - and it even included free next day Sunday delivery with a time slot! Happy Days - just got to hope the cat comes back in now....!!


Amazingly good aftercare. Just received a new PCB for a well used and abused flap - for FREE!! How often does a company help you mend a product yourself?


Ok. I will but will give credit to here!


I'd post that as a deal!

Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap £49.95 Sold by Pettec and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 9th Apr 2016Found 9th Apr 2016
Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap keeps out unwanted feline visitors. Has been out a while now and is getting generally good reviews. I had a Cat Mate Electromagnetic but this fitted the… Read more
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My can pick the lock on all of these. Never found one that she cant get out of even when its locked both ways.


You are right that it would not be able to blow inwards. However, it might still be able to blow outwards as there is no catch to prevent this; only the magnetic strip - assuming it's like the one I've got.


if the cat isnt near it, then its locked so the wind shouldnt blow it open.


Nobody said it was locked - we're talking about a mechanical cat flap here I presume.


Cheaper solution, don't get a cat.

Petsafe Classic Magnetic Cat Flap reduced to £5 Collar keys 25p @ Wilko
Found 14th Mar 2015Found 14th Mar 2015
Petsafe Classic magnetic cat flap. Reduced to £5 and the collar key fobs are 25p. Not as fancy as the microchip fob one posted earlier today, but an 8th of the price! It looks a… Read more

Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience. I've had other Petsafe products that were relatively good quality, so that's sad to hear that.


Very nice, dog treats were 50p in ours yesterday, may have to go back if they are 10p... that's very bargainous :)


Pleased to hear you managed to find one :) Thanks also for reporting back, it's always nice to know :)


Good price maybe but these are just the worst quality flimsy rubbish ever. It's lasted 2 years and the plastic flap had a crack right through it and the tunnel has bits broken off. The one without the magnetic catch is even flimsier and lasted two weeks. As stated elsewhere the magnetic catch doesn't work properly so save your money on extra keys as you won't need them! Will NEVER buy this make again


not a cat lover then

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap - £59.90 - Zooplus
Found 14th Apr 2014Found 14th Apr 2014
This cat flap has fantastic reviews on Amazon… Read more
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Cats protection Cats are natural hunters and will tend to be more active at night time when their normal prey species are active. For this reason there is a slightly increased chance of road accidents where cats are out at night. It is better to keep cats indoors at night where there is a risk to the local rodent population from hunting. Cats kept for rodent control, however, will be most effective if allowed out at night. Cats that are used to being out and active at night can become restless and stressed when kept in - where this is necessary, the indoor environment should provide them with lots of things to do, such as toys, climbing frames and puzzle feeders (see below). A cat should never be locked out all night.


Great price for a great product. Hot deal.


Best cat flap around. Don't see why anyone keeps their cats in at night. It's the safest time and most natural for them to be out!


Thanks for that CicoBuff but like I said I been through a few of these units I consider myself a bit of an expert on them now.... Sorry wrong link this is the microchip version but its more than a few quid...... There are a few issues with the locking mechanism that are design flaws: The flap swing problem should never be a problem as you state as the pin or tab that stops cats getting can simply be pressed down and is shaped so that the flap will push it down when swinging back in place........ The problem is the physical deadlock device that you turn and it wedges the flap in place, it looks quite sturdy but what happens is a cat gets its claws behind the flap and pulls it over the circular lock once this is done the flap remains open as the flap gets caught on the wrong side of the circular lock...... If the lock is set to "in" only this takes my cats seconds to hack as mentioned previously the electronic tab can be pressed down and flap opened easily, but doesn't leave the door jammed open......The above dead lock "in or out" takes them longer but when defeated leaves the door jammed unlocked...... Like I said they all suffer from this one way or another but the super selective above locking pin fires up into the flap so cannot be pushed down like this one....... So not faulty just poor design.


Herc, really have not got the same problem at all with our unit, and we most certainly are particular with products. Bear in mind your recommendation for the Catmate select is for a different type of unit entirely that does not work of a cats microchip. The whole idea of this particular catflap is to do away with such collar chips, so is far from a suitable replacement. You would really be looking at the rival to the Sureflap the Petporte. I am not sure how on earth your latch is being circumvented, are you aware however that you can alter the time it takes for the latch deadlock to return? Is the magnet inserted correctly in the door flap? Our earlier one when it fell out (as said in my earlier review we had a replacement) if put in one way would not register as powerful and the flap would swing more without the magnet pull, and in that instance I could understand an overswing bypassing the flap over the deadlock. Whatever it is, I honestly think you have a faulty unit.

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap £59.99 delivered @
Found 2nd Feb 2014Found 2nd Feb 2014
I have had one of these for a few years now. Totally reliable and resolved all the unwanted feral visitors spraying in my house! I have 3 cats and d a small dog that use it and bat… Read more
dca860 Only 60% more than the small one, and at £99 it is still discounted from £129


that's a different item...


Obviously you had a problem, but considering no-one else has complained about them on this thread and in my experience they work fine too, to dismiss them as "garbage" is taking it a bit far.


Works ok for extractor fans so should be fine! For double glazed units its more complicated. Generally, you go buy a new panel and they'll make up the new double glazed unit with the hold pre-made in it for you (as the two panes need to be sealed and the separator edges put in around the hole)


Hi, does anyone know if this has a fixed tunnel at all? It does mention tunnel dimensions in the product description but it doesn't look like it has one in the pic.... I'm after a cat flap that will fit a thin pvc door so needs to be as thin as possible. It's proving a struggle to find a magnetic or microchip cat flap that doesn't have a fixed tunnel! Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Microchip Cat Flap - from Amazon seller George and Freddie
Found 7th Jun 2013Found 7th Jun 2013
I recently bought one of these (in white) from Pets at Home as we were being pestered by local cats at night. I paid around £100 for mine. Absolutely gutted. Although this is in br… Read more
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we have a sureflap and you can get them for around £65 but this one seems a bargain to me and only downside is its brown as majority of doors are white . Have some heat as our two cats said this is a hot deal


They are supposed to wear it? :3


Would that be a CAT Burglar.


extremely hot price!!


Its a very good price so based on that alone it should get hot.

Sureflap Microchip Catflap mk 5 £61.65 with code plus 5% Quidco £58.56 @ Pet Supermarket
Found 8th Dec 2012Found 8th Dec 2012
My cat Barney is a softie even though he was born in Glasgow !!! Other cats were coming in the house and attacking him in the night which is not great when we run an B&b !!!!! … Read more
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Wow, doing a quick google search, sounds like they might work with biotherm/temperature reading chips, that's new.


Lesdenn it was awful there was chunks of fur all the way up the stairs. Poor barney was so stressed. No more however !!


Oh what a fab cat, at last he,s safe at home now, no more battle,s with the fleabag moggys in his kitchen.


This is great I've had one for 4 years, my dogs (cavalier king charles spaniels) love it as well!


If your voting cold at least say why as this is the cheapest out there.

Pet Porte smart chip cat flap for £69 with free delivery @ Hillcrest animal hospital
Found 2nd Mar 2012Found 2nd Mar 2012
Just bought one of these after looking around. Pets at home are selling the exact same model for £99! It includes free delivery aswell.

These are brilliant, stopped the other pesky cats in the neighbourhood getting in and eating my cat's food and spraying everywhere. Perfect if your cat won't wear a collar.


could be good for when i get rubbered and i cant get me keys in the door after a night out

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Mk 5 - £60.99 (using code) @ Easy Animal
Found 2nd Apr 2011Found 2nd Apr 2011
If you have the issue where you have unwanted cats in your house and your cat won't wear or looses their collar, then this is a great product. We tried others including the Staywel… Read more
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Find yr local Blue Cross or RSPCA or similar they run special micro chipping days and it only costs £5!


I've had one of these for about a year and a half. Works great.


Look, as I told the CSA, they are not my kids!


And this is helpful to this offer because? Seems a great product, not got cats myself but have some heat :)


Shouldn't laugh at that mental image, but can't help myself... have CCTV aimed at your cat flap just in case..... LOL I love my cat, honest!

Cat flap with collar sensor. Was £49.99 now £9.99 from Netto's.
Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
I thought this was a good deal that's if they have any left. It is nationwide. Usually these cost at least £50. - Magnetic collar sensor - Restricts access to your cat only - Mult… Read more
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I think you can get ones that snap even now, the flea collar ones are like it, but some of the adult ones don't. Mine just sit there and look at you and think you have something for him to eat :-D


Our cat is useless then lol, she sits looking out the catflap at the intruders!


Depends if the collar is quick release though. Although all cats should be microchipped obviously, it is sad though that owners can risk their cats lives by lesser collars :cry:


Your cat is suppose to keep intruders out. If she doesn't than she's useless, LOL. I've got 3 cats, so this wont work for me because only one can go through, unless there are more collars one can buy. It's a good price for a cat flap, so heat given anyway.


Great sticking a collar around a cats neck so when they jump up something and get caught it hangs them, seen it more than once in my life and it's not very nice :-( It's much better to put a chip in them and do it that way much more safer for them :)

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap White Plus £5 off  - £69.18 @ Pet Supermarket and 5% TopCashBack
Found 13th Dec 2009Found 13th Dec 2009
Great item if you wish to restrict access to only your cats providing they have been microchipped. I haven't installed / received yet but looks like just the job. Most other places… Read more

Hmmm - that is SAD. You going to feed them over the net too - or can the neighbour who feeds them open the flap if you forget, saving lots for the 'upgrade'


I agree - and if they drop their prices to this level I'll have one but at 50% more, I'm not sure it is THAT worth it!!


You can tun all the sounds off on the mains one, and its upgradable fo the next feature which will be to be able to access it from the internet , so you can programme it wile your away which will be great for those of us who forget !


"5% TopCashBack" or 10% Quidco!


I have had a Sureflap for about 6 months now and its absolutely fantastic, thoroughly recommended. I went through various magnetic flaps, then the infra-red one, but that kept failing, so I got one of these. I wouldn't want the one thats mains-powered, who needs a cable trailing around an opening door? The batteries in the flap have last over 6 months so far, so its not like battery life is a major concern. The flap does make a audible click when opening, but my cat's never seemed bothered by it, I wouldn't let that put you off. I don't know why people would give this product a bad review, its one of the best things I've bought. Its probably paid for itself by now, as I was replacing the infra-rad collar tags about once a month at £15 each!

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