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Updated 20th AprLast updated 20th Apr by Tigerlil
Is there much off-peak Merlin avail (Chess / Lego / Dungeon / Wax* / Eye* / Shrek* / fishes*)
Can't check as need bar-code s o would be buying a new (Discovery) pass blindly and * London ones may or may not be taking bookings before 17/5. Also are the Lego shuttle bus… Read more

Nay Didn’t want to write an essay n put people off. Merlin goers wld know what the msg was.

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Updated 28th MarLast updated 28th Mar by jobibear
Autochess (PS4) including Chiyome Mochizuki chess piece (PS plus only) at Playstation Store
Autochess recently released on console and I have been enjoying it, I made this post to make others aware as I am a console addict and knew nothing about this release. The game its… Read more

I heard they are promoting one of the pawns


Could do with some checkers to see how bad these jokes are


Ok. Should we stop now before these jokes go stale mate?


Who cares? XD


But we all know that the queen is doing most of the jobs :)

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Updated 22nd FebLast updated 22nd Feb by JohnnyBlazeon
Chess Set. Want a "good" long term one, any pointers?
As above :) My 6yo has developed a taste for it, and I'm just catching up. He likes Harry Potter and I know there's sets based on that, but would really like summat more substant… Read more

I'd suggest sticking with classic sets like the Staunton. If he develops a strong liking for chess, that's mostly what he'll play with in more competitive games. The look doesn't really matter that much. I'm just suggesting sticking with traditional looks rather than the more fancy designs which tend to be more for collectors or chess lovers. Also, it's far easier to recognise the pieces. I love themed sets but they're bugger hard to recognise sometimes!


Play online for a while and gauge his interest. Lichess is awesome and I highly recommend it. In fact, I probably won't play on a physical board again. Too time consuming


You can play chess with bottle tops marked with felt tip pen all the way through to solid gold with diamonds for eyes - your call at the end of the day. What gives you the impression that he'll treasure this substatial set that you're planning for the rest of his life- 6 yr olds can be fairly fickle in my experience. I like the idea of getting him a set appropriate for his age like the Harry Potter and one that is not too expensive should he lose interest. If he does develop a lifetime chess habit, then that first set will be valuable in his eyes whatever it's cost


It was called chess lvl 100. I got it as free from Amazon game of the day so for Amazon devices and also android. I googled it and it is also available on Windows store and therefore probably apple too. It might have renamed itself to crazy bishop


Don't spend a lot, it won't be long until he's not the slightest bit interested in chess,

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Updated 6th JanLast updated 6th Jan by moneysaver80
does anyone here play chess?
does anyone here play (y)
Avatar deleted2582602

Nothing like knocking a few pawns and queens around.


I have just started playing again after years of not, I play against my 13 year old son, he's getting very good very quickly, think my brain is a little dry and crusty now!


Yer I play on I'm particularly crap though.


The Malta Open and some other matches held there have quite the prize pot might be why.



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Updated 17th Dec 2020Last updated 17th Dec 2020 by InTheKnow444 Free Online Chess Also available as an app. 8 chess variant options playable too. Tournaments can be joined after completing a set amount of rated games. Easy to register.

Been on here for about 2 years. so much better than Pogo (.com) Ready2GoRightNow

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Updated 8th Nov 2020Last updated 8th Nov 2020 by Jump_Out_Gang
Auto Chess free on Epic Games
Chess anyone? (cheeky) ️

Queens Gambit (lipstick)