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Compost is a magical substance, enabling gardeners to add valuable nutrients to their soil, and turning barren spaces into riots of colour, or productive spaces to grow delicious fruits and vegetables. Purchasing the right compost can be an expensive undertaking, but gardeners can find exactly the right variety and pay less for essential nutrients at the hotukdeals compost listings. Read more
435 litre wooden Rowlinson Budget Composter for £31.98 delivered @ JTF
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Nice price for a wooden composter which just slots together. £23.99 plus £7.99 postage (it weighs 18 kg) for this Rowlinson Budget Composter from JTF. You can put uncooked veg, e… Read more

I have a plastic 330ltr one that I now use as a worm composter not the ideal shape for harvesting but works, started putting more cardboard and shredded amazon packing paper to get a better balance to the kitchen waste and the worms are loving it. When it gets to the top I dig out from the bottom till the top drops down then carry on filling from the top.


Just thinking the same!


Yeah I guess so, it makes it a little harder for them to get in. Also sitting your plastic one on concrete slabs will make it a little harder. They just tunnel under if there’s no hard standing. Sneaky buggers haha.


I had one of these.Very poor quality. Didn't fit together properly & many of the joints were broken.


Could this be used as a vegetable bed instead?

Westland Cacti/Succulent Potting Compost 4L - £3.99 (Prime) £8.48 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Great price for good cactus soil

I have a YouTube succulent channel and tried this stuff last year. Didn't like it at all but mix with grit and it will probably serve you. The problem is that cacti and succulents like to dry out completely and since this is primarily peat it makes re-wetting it rather difficult (unless bottom watering). I also found it too water retentive


£3 for most of last year. Cold from me I'm afraid. Plus it's been £3.50 this year too. So no real discount here at all.


Cacti don't have this out in the wild and they seem to do OK. Like one of my babies; just in normal compost and horticultural grit. Flowered for the first time this year. (They close when it's dull or at night). (y) No idea what it is though.


Can anyone recommend something for house plants that I can get from Amazon? Queued up for 15 mins at B&Q this morning and they didn't have any compost and can't find it anywhere else either.


Needs grit adding, too moist for cactus soil as it comes.

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Super Seed lawn Seed 1kg - 33m2 £11.99 at Amazon Prime (2kg £16.29) / £16.48 Non Prime
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Great deal on grass seed, ideal when at home to literally sit back and watch it grow safely.

Yep most Wilkos are open if nearby


Bought some of this yesterday ( £5 for a 1kg box). I wanted to buy the loose grass seed ( £4.97 per kg) same as i bought a couple of weeks ago as its definitely fresh seed ( sometimes the boxes can be old stock) . But they have stopped selling the loose seed at the moment . It was still there but with signs saying they are not selling it at the moment . Most Wilkinson stores are still open.


£5 delivery cost


I just use Wilkos 1kg Grass seed


Grass seed has taken a bit hit in pricing ie as many garden centres remain shut they have been very high in price. It’s simple supply vs demand and if your prime “free delivery”. For me who’s locked up for 12 weeks plus this is ideal.

Miracle-Gro Purpose Compost-50L Bag (New 2020 Range) Compost, Yellow £6.99 @ Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)
157° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Make your plants thrive with this New Premium All Purpose Compost from Miracle-Gro for all young and mature plants. Containing a unique formulation of 3 different patends that will… Read more

I mistakenly bought tube and basket compost.. can i plant vegitable in that


I think amazon are being exposed in a tv prog. I love them ,but not these days


I guess for a delivered price with prime it’s pretty good but generally £6.99 for 50 litres is expensive.


If you are growing food then compost is essential.


I use a 50/50 mix of compost and top soil. All compost is not great

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EverGreen Complete Lawn Food-150m2 (New 'Easy Carry' Bag), 150m2 £9.78 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
337° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Back in stock and available for delivery April 29th possibly sooner. Creates a thicker, greener and healthier lawn whilst killing weeds and moss WaterSmart formula helps absorb… Read more
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Big enough to treat front and back lawn in April then late August!


Can't recall which brand I used. Don't think you have to go all out and get the priciest one Rake the black patches so the soil is slightly loose. Than add new seeds and water those areas regularly.


Thanks - as a gardening novice any brands/type you would recommend ? Tia


No the patches are probably where the moss weeds have gone. Add new grass seed to these areas.


Out of stock at this price now

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4in1 2.8kg - 80m2 £6 @ Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime) £6
587° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Creates a thicker, greener and healthier lawn whilst killing weeds and moss WaterSmart formula helps absorb water and nutrients more effectively, helping to protect your lawn agai… Read more
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Ah ok, not experienced that. Luckily (y)


No it was the grass. If you look on amazon reviews others have had the same issue with brown or black patches. It dehydrates the grass and pulls the salt out of it (I also had salt patches).


That’s killing/burning the moss which it’s meant to do. Not killing your grass.


I used this stuff a week or two ago. It's starting to work now but next time I use it (max 2 times a year) I'll get a spreader. Although I was really careful I still got patches where I put too much on and it nearly killed the grass. I had to heavily water the black patches each day and just about saved it.


Most Amazon deals come and go out of stock mate.

Addis 2.5L Kitchen Compost Caddy £8 at Amazon (+£4.49 NP)
-147° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Price Matching Argos Removable lid (makes easier to wash, empty contents, and remove inner-bucket) Inner-bucket to conseal compost-food-bag (also allows for easy cleaning) or … Read more
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Avoid this - we purchased one and one of the plastic hinges broke within a month. Expected better quality from Addis.


I'm sure this is the same or very nearly the same as the one I picked up in Home Bargains for £2.99


Isn't it designed to take the bio bags from the council? As in the green food waste bags? It takes one of those perfectly. I reckon it's the size it's supposed to be...


Very small.


I bought one of these 3 years ago, was expensive compared to others but thought Addis being a good make would be a better buy, it’s sat on my worktop by the sink and window and has gone yellow on the window side, tried to get in contact with Addis but gave up in the end, they make it as difficult as they can Give it a miss unless it’s not going to sit near a window

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4in1 2.8kg - 80m2 £6 @ Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)
353° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Bargain price of just £6.00 if you can wait a week or two for delivery (y) (y) (y) About this item Creates a thicker, greener and healthier lawn whilst killing weeds and mos… Read more
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£13.45 for me so I guess its expired


Strange, on my Tesco it was £6.40 for a 100sqm box. I bought two of them


That's great price but it's the convenience of home delivery, especially in the current climate, as not everyone can go hunting in tesco stores in the hope of finding one (y)


Thank you


I paid £10 for 200m2 last year. This doesn’t seem particularly good

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4in1 SPREADER - 100m2 £9.90 at Amazon Prime / £14.39 Non Prime
159° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
EverGreen complete 4-in-1 feeds your lawn whilst also working to kill weeds and control moss. The WaterSmart formula helps to protect against heat, drought and other stresses. Your… Read more
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Just paid £9 for 200m2 (7kg) from my local Tesco's


English obsession with lawns, welcome to suburbia


I posted a comment on the earlier deal today, with 2 deals I was going to post myself linking this price, as I didn't want to steal the OP's thunder. I only posted this once that deal expired so as long as it helps someone then job done (y) (y)


I bought that last week for £11.25.


what's with all the grass grower stuff today!! everyone's jumping on the bandwagon of posting! *yawn!! this is still the best deal! -*Version*=1&*entries*=0&th=1

Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete 4in1 7kg - 200m2 Lawn Feed @ Amazon £11.25 (prime) £14.74 (Non Prime) in stock 25th April
265° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Lock down has forced me into the garden to get any peace and quiet and I realised that the lawn wasn't in the greatest of conditions. So off to Amazon I went and found this Miracle… Read more
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Great idea, many thanks again.


Yeah you can do it in sprayer together as saves more time. But depending on size of lawn you can spread it out into multiple passes. My front lawn is 40sqm so I can fill one 5L sprayer and do it in two directions to ensure even coverage. I’d recommend doing it with once just with water to see how far you can go then do some maths. The main problem with these products is it’s just a one size fits all but all lawns are different. With weeds the ingredients need to be wet and dried on the leaf otherwise they won’t be much effective.


One more quick one, you say do the lawn food at the same time as the weed killer, do you mean mix in the sprayer or do one after the other? I guess this is all the combo ones are doing, just charging more for the privilege?


Many thanks for all the info. All new to me as I've always hated gardening, finish it off nicely, turn your back and it looks like carp again, what's that all about. Previously left it to others but got to do it myself now so on a steep learning curve. Mowing is the one thing I can do (y)


It’s also best applied with a nitrogen fertiliser at the same time. The miraclegro soluble lawn food is good. But I’ve also used Vitax Green up weed and feed which has same ingredients as weedol along with the nitrogen fertiliser. You won’t really see the real benefits until next year. You can always spot treat later in the year with Resolva which has different ingredients. Or wilko do own brand which I think is probably produced by same people. Main thing really though is regular mowing but I know many people struggle to do it often enough and they mow incorrectly.

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4in1 - Lawn Feed & Weed + Spreader 100m2 Instore & Online @ Morrisons (Min basket £40 + up to £5 delivery)
380° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th AprLocalLocal
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item, especially as it is … Read more
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Is this still on offer at this price?


anyone use the ones u attach too hose pipes are they anygood ?


I can recommend it too. Just need to get further supplies, so this deal was well timed.


It works great I’ve used it for about 2 years now and get compliments on my grass from every visitor. Dose as suggested though as can damage the grass otherwise.


anyone reccomend this.. who has used it .. cut my lawn for first time this year, last weekend and its very patchy and yellow in places. had new turf put down last year :/

Multi-Purpose Top Soil 25L £2 / Multi-Purpose Compost 50L £3 / Multi Purpose Compost 120L £6 / Play Safe Bark Chippings 100L £6 @ Wickes
540° Expired
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Multi-Purpose Top Soil 25L £2 / Multi-Purpose Compost 50L £3 / Multi Purpose Compost 120L £6 / Play Safe Bark Chippings 100L £6 @ Wickes
Update 1
No minimum for Click and collect or Minimum order quantity for delivery is 5 - Free delivery on a £75 spend
Some decent offers at wickes, plenty of stock about and lots of other offers also. Limited time offer, see below for links. You can search location on item page and check stock ne… Read more

Would have been great if I could have actually bought some


Always excellent quality. I’ve had over 500 bags from them over the past 5 years.




Haha same! Getting veg beds in to ride out the apocalypse...


Thanks - it was the gravel bags pushing me over the weight limit. Free Delivery on 10 x 120L compost and 10 x 25L topsoil. I'm literally redoing whole garden whilst stuck at home due to cancelled holiday.

Westland The Gardener's Multi Purpose Compost 90 litres £5 - Homebase
206° Expired
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
Westland The Gardener's Multi Purpose Compost 90 litres £5 - Homebase
It’s a large bag of compost and seems pretty cheap compared to other alternatives. Produced from premium grade Irish blended peat which has been milled and graded to produce a q… Read more
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Not just the landscape. I also understood peat land acted as a significant carbon sink.


But this is cheap?


FFS. Cold, it contains peat, which isn’t needed for general purpose. And destroys the Irish landscape in the process. Get some bags of well rotted manure and peat free compost. You’ll get better results.


Nice find, works out cheaper.Thanks


Westland Gro sure all purpose compost 120L 3 4 2 £14.37 at Costco now to 29th March, so works out at £4.80 for 120L if you shop at Costco so a better deal if you need a larger amount

Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure Soil- 50L NF £4.50 or 2 for £7 at Wickes
165° Expired
Posted 9th MarPosted 9th Mar
Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure Soil- 50L NF £4.50 or 2 for £7 at Wickes
£3.50£5.5036%Wickes Deals
Wickes - Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure is a rich organic compost ideal for use all around the garden. Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure is perfect for mulching, planting and soil conditioning. P… Read more

I've yet to use it but the Lidl compost is 99p for 20L (5p/L), seems to be the cheapest around.


Yeah, Wickes is definitely cheapest but it’s usually this price there. In other words, it’s almost permanently on offer...or at least it has been whenever I’ve checked.


I've been eyeing the prices for compost for some time as I often buy it. athe usual price for this (50kg) at DIY stores is usually £5.00+ unless when it's on offer.


They must have temporarily inflated the price because it’s this price pretty much all the time at Wickes.


I was literally just searching the Web for compost to sort the allotment out tomorrow. Cheers OP, heat from me

Gro-Sure All Purpose Compost 120 Litres 3 Bags so 360 Litres for £14.37 Costco
196° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th MarLocalLocal
Gro-Sure All Purpose Compost 120 Litres 3 Bags so 360 Litres for £14.37 Costco
£14.37£1820%Costco Deals
Posted a compost deal earlier for Morrisons which worked out at 5p per litre. Have now been through the upcoming Costco Warehouse deals and can see that from the 9th of March unti… Read more

Went to Costco in Gateshead to pick some of this up yesterday, could not get a parking space when usually only around 25% of the car park is used, people are going crazy with this virus!


Great soil, I buy it every year as it’s always on offer in March


Great deal. Unfortunately, my nearest Costco is at least an hour away :(


That's a shame, thanks for the info anyway, I have just built the raised beds so need about 2 cubic meters of soil/compost in total and my nearest costco is about 45 mintutes away so a bit too far for multiple journeys. I am reluctant to buy online 1 tonne bags as I feel the soil/compost will not be as good quality, this deal would have been of similar cost in total for what would have been a much beter quality product. I might wait till Monday and see before I order the soil anyway as you never know! Thanks for posting (y)


I am pretty sure this will be an instore only deal. To be fair these bags are quite big and heavy and I can't see everyone being able to fit three in a regular sized car along with the rest of their Costco shopping. So its a good point! I also need to fill several raised beds on my allotment so will be stocking up on Monday. Luckily I have a small van and my local Costco is not far away.

Richmond Premium Compost 5 x 40L Bags for £10 Whitley Bay store
201° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th MarLocalLocal
Richmond Premium Compost 5 x 40L Bags for £10 Whitley Bay store
I have just seen at the Whitley Bay store, 5 bags of 40L compost Brand is Richmond Never heard of it before, so have no idea how good / bad it is Worth a gamble at £10 for 20 li… Read more

gonna guess richmond is a pretend brand of Morrisons


"Brand is Richmond, I've never heard of it before" I thought it was going to be Richmond sausages, the compost probably tastes better anyway!


Milky bar egg picture !!! really

J Arthur Bowers Multi Purpose Compost 40 Litres 5 bags for £10 at Morrisons
166° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th MarLocalLocal
J Arthur Bowers Multi Purpose Compost 40 Litres 5 bags for £10 at Morrisons
Its that time of year when most people who garden will be in need of some compost for their garden/ allotment seedlings etc. Just noticed my local Morrisons had bags of 40 Litre M… Read more

couldnt see any in southport or much of anything else to be honest.




Not the best of composts but 200l for a tenner yes please.

Grandiol Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost 20L 99p LIDL
225° Expired
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Grandiol Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost 20L 99p LIDL
Absorbs and contains moisture effectively.
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That's quite a bit more than here for a bag of compost. And sanitizers for £10? Unbelievable. The Waitrose near me yesterday didn't have one toilet roll left. Very long, empty shelves. And Wilko nearly sold out today. An elderly man in Sainsbury's today bought half a basket full of pasta. Very sad sights all in all.


Earlier today they're selling it in Rotterdam €1.90 I wonder if it's EuroTrash spec ? Shelves full of toilet rolls, pasta etc but saw cowboys selling spurious hand sanitizer in the market yesterday for €10 😃


i wouldnt indulge in this either. the bags I got were full of twigs, they grew zero. Sent Lidl a very nice letter explaining that it couldn't be remotely described as compost and they sent a generic letter back and a £5 voucher. Can only be described as shocking. Don't waste your money. Jack's Magic all the way for me, bit dearer but my tubs last year were amazing.


Quality can vary hugely 2 years ago had to repot 8 tomato plants after they didn't grow for 4 weeks. Last year took a flyer on one bag and it was OK. Suspect Lidl source from some dodgy councils where they sometimes get sold 90% rotted conifers.


Got 8 bags of it. This time of year normally chuck in a whole load of old newspapers with a couple of bucket fulls of veg and fruit scraps (raw obviously) into my planter box and then a couple of inches of this compost. Ready for planting in spring.

Addis Eco 100% Recycled Plastic Everyday Kitchen Food Waste Compost Caddy Bin, 4.5L - Light Grey £4.50 (Prime) £8.99 (Non-Prime) @ Amazon
349° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Addis Eco 100% Recycled Plastic Everyday Kitchen Food Waste Compost Caddy Bin, 4.5L - Light Grey £4.50 (Prime) £8.99 (Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Good low price for this. Made from 100% sustainably sourced recycled plastic this stylist Addis kitchen food compost caddy bin will be the perfect addition to any household, while… Read more

£3 in Home Bargains for the exact same thing.


£4.99 at The Range if that helps anyone, they also have some of the other Addis recycled range for sale at less than Amazon prices. I picked up the recycled Large sink bowl for £1.99 which Amazon are selling for £4.00.


we have to pay for the black wheelie bin but not the green wheelie bin or the food waste bin. guess they try to encourage recycling. my dad's council does not charge for any bins or recycle bags and liners. so every council will be different. but it is certainly unusual for a council to charge for a food waste bin.


Mad tings


Yes they are £25 a year !!! Also something I don’t bother paying. Think I’m gonna move county

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