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1stMarks - Hampshire 5 full hour lessons £45!!
LocalLocalFound 4th Feb 2013Found 4th Feb 2013
1stMarks - Hampshire 5 full hour lessons £45!!
Just came across this while looking for cheap deals in my area, 5 full hour lessons for £45, best deal that I have found on the net for my area (Portsmouth) thought I would share… Read more
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This is for driving lessons not pass plus! The pic in the op's description is a little misleading.


Portsmouth here too and another deal daughter will like. Thankyou


I did pass plus when I first passed my test (about 10 years ago though) and it reduced my insurance quotes from about £2000 to £1000. Even if it doesn't give you such a huge discount it is worth doing just for the night-time and motorway driving experience alone. I can't believe that we still let people pass a driving test in the UK despite not having any experience driving in the most dangerous conditions.


HOT I'd say... you'd probably get more than £45 knocked off your 1st insurance for doing this so I'd say it was well worth it.


They also drive to you and it doesnt come out of your hour, Ive already booked up my lessons =]

Driving lessons 5 hours for £49 @ SurePassdriving
Found 3rd Feb 2013Found 3rd Feb 2013
Driving lessons 5 hours for £49 @ SurePassdriving
An excellent bargain £9.80 an hour with Surepass driving school. A bulk 5 hour lesson for just £49. "This offer is subject to availability and is available once only as the first … Read more
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They don't cover East London :(


So basically you was driving illegaly or you was getting lessons with a friend then. Took me 6 Lessons to master the Clutch. Took 10 to master Correct Gearing & Took 20 to pass first time.


I went with 2 of these schools offering this. But they get their money back. Either they dont give you the full hour driving or they simply extend out how many lessons you have by simply slowing what they teach you. The whole industry is in chaos. The AA state their drivers are fully qualified to top level but there not.


People fail to understand that learning to drive is a lifelong skill and not just to pass their driving test. Those who comment that they only had 15/20 hours and passed first time; it shows in the level of driving attitude on the roads. Many wouldn't pass their test again if they retook it. You should also understand that the volume of vehicles on the roads have increased during the years and the technology in the cars have also changed. All this has a bearing on being able to cope with handling a car safely. I agree that you could pass your test in 15/20 hours but it means you were able to meet the minimum standards that were needed on the day of the test under the traffic conditions you were faced under. Does that make you a safe driver, hell no!!! Try advanced an driving course. You'll better understand.

2 Hour Driving Lesson £6 @ Amazon/DSBS
LocalLocalFound 3rd Feb 2013Found 3rd Feb 2013
2 Hour Driving Lesson £6 @ Amazon/DSBS
£6 (regular price £44) for a two hour driving lesson. Instructors are fully qualified and graded four and above by the DSA. Manual instruction What You Need to Know: While you c… Read more

Report them to the DSA.


I got the same, 'instructor died in my area' excuse. I contacted Amazon for my refund and explained that the company didn't seem legitimate but they didn't seem to care. Get you're money back everyone, seems like fraud to me.


Had no luck with getting through to them at Carlisle, I bought this for my sister, she's left loads of messages but never had a call back, what a load of ****, the voucher expires next month. I guess you get what you pay for. Block booked with BSM now - screw you DSBS!!!


DSBS is totally RUBBISH! I tried to call 0844 4430 756 many times to redeem the voucher however it never went through nor allowed me to wait on the line. I left several messages and finally received a text asking me to email them. I emailed but got a response "We no longer cover East London due to the death of our instructor there Sorry John Perrins Driving Schools Booking Services 0871-900-6651" . It sounds like a ridiculous excuse to me as their website clearly states that driving instructors are available in lots of East London areas at present. It's very unlikely that they have only one instructor for such a big area. I called 08000805410 08000805705 03335660380 01743342267 many times, finally John answered the phone (guess it was the same person who replied my email). He asked if it was to redeem a voucher, when I said yes he told me the death of the instructor again, I said as I was about moving to the North and would not mind using an instructor there, he said the address on my driving license needed to match the address the instructor picks me up, otherwise they would not know if I was the same person on the driving license. That's a ridiculous excuse again! When I pointed out they could check the picture on the driving license he simply hung up the phone! I do not think this was acceptable - if DSBS is not prepared to redeem the voucher, they should not sell it on Amazon Local website in the first place! They are very rude too. Waste of time!


Had my lesson yesterday and my instructor was great

Free Drive Confident Course from AA.com
Found 31st Jan 2013Found 31st Jan 2013
Free Drive Confident Course from AA.com
Lack confidence with driving, or know someone that does or even need a refresher / updater lesson. AA instructors are back on Channel 5's Dangerous Drivers' School tackling some o… Read more
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just had my second hour of this. it was good - had some practise on the motorway and went round lots of big scary roundabouts. only cried once! :) highly recommend, professional instruction, dual controls, very pleased


Click here https://www.theaa.com/driving-school/improve-your-driving/drive-confident-course.do and you see what is involved, you get either 1 x two hour lesson or 2 x one hour lessons. It is only open to 2000 applicants who need to improve or refresh their driving skills. The driver no doubt will choose the route and cover the topics / driving areas you state on the application form


Hi - I'm a new driver, and don't feel confident. How does this free AA course work? What is planned for those hours? Do they choose the route? Thank you!


seems to say a lot of how bad the test is to get your license,that they you think you need to improve your skills seems to say a lot of how bad the test is to get your license,that you think you need to improve your skills


Good stuff, just wanted to check I didn't misread lol.

5 hours of driving lessons for 56 pounds
Found 6th Dec 2012Found 6th Dec 2012
5 hours of driving lessons for 56 pounds
I'm looking for a driving school and I found this deal. They also offer a free theory test simulation, what's good.
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I've already passed in my test, by the way!!!


BLAKCCAT247 what area do you do your lessons? I am looking for an independant instructor..


I started today my lessons with a instructor of Bill Plant, using this promotion. We did the first lesson (very good in my point of view), but the other 4 he insisted to merged in 2 and 2, explaining that is more useful for me, because he can take me in the proper place where my test is supposing to be. And then said that I'll need some more lessons to be ready. For sure that all this promotions are to bring the pupil to his school, because this few lessons will never be enough to pass the test. But, anyway, in other school you'd be paying the normal prices for this first lessons, so I still think that is a good promotion.


That is why you need to do some homework about the driving school/instructor. I'm an independent instructor and i get pupils who have been with some of the big driving schools and independants and some of the horror stories i have heard are shocking. Ask around friends and family who are learning or have passed their test...ask what their instructor is like? A good instructor will get most of his pupils via recommendations. I will admit their are some bad instructors out there but there are a lot more good ones. You need to ask about and don't just go with an instructor because they are cheap, also just because they are a big driving school dosn't mean they are the best.


So because you had a bad independent driving instructor that makes all independent instructors completely useless in your opinion. WOW

Four 60-Minute Driving Lessons (£19), or Four 60-Minute Driving Lessons with Practical Driving Test (£39) @ Driving Centre UK / LivingSocial
Found 28th May 2012Found 28th May 2012
Four 60-Minute Driving Lessons (£19), or Four 60-Minute Driving Lessons with Practical Driving Test (£39) @ Driving Centre UK / LivingSocial
**For BA Postcode areas only** It's hard to imagine secret agents with L-plates. Surely Jason was Bourne knowing how to reverse a Mini down a pavement at speed and James Bond woul… Read more

site down :(


be warned it is impossible to get help from living social re contact tel no or email should anything goes wrong! the facebook page is full of people complaining about this.


that's a good deal! almost tempts me to get a 2nd driver's licence for the price :p

Pass-drive. Learn to drive with two 90-minute driving lessons for only £19 @ Yamolo
Found 9th Feb 2012Found 9th Feb 2012
Pass-drive. Learn to drive with two 90-minute driving lessons for only £19 @ Yamolo
Seems a good deal to me.Lessons usually about £24+ per hour.Think it's a national company.

Nah it's a poorly written ad, 10% off block bookings means if you and a mate book at the same time. 2 nutters on the road within 3 hours :)


Not after you read the rest of the information though!


Seems quite clear to me. The claim is you can learn to drive in 2 lessons.


Some people can't read properly, 2 x 90 mins is 3 hours, i think anyone with half an ounce of brain can work this out to be £22 PER HOUR = £66 normally. And if anybody is so stupid to think they can pass the driving test in 2x90 minute lessonssssss shouldn't even think about going driving at all.


It's a con. It doesn't say you will pass your test after 3 hours, it says it get's you on your way to passing your test. It says it is £19 for 2 one and a half hr lessons instead of £66, which means there normal hourly rate is £22 a lesson!! Mind you, they will kindly give you a 10% discount on any block bookings. Steer clear my friends, pardon the pun! As Murzo54 so rightly says, nobody can pass the test in 3 hours. Thanks murzo54 for the free reading lesson8), shoulda gone to specsavers!

5x 1 hour in Driving lessons - £56 @ Bill Plant (Many areas)
Found 12th Jan 2012Found 12th Jan 2012
5x 1 hour in Driving lessons - £56 @ Bill Plant (Many areas)
I've been looking at driving lessons in my area (Wirral) and spotted this Deal! £56 for 5hours! Seems a good deal to me! There is a postcode checker on their site to see if they… Read more

My Bill Plant instructor didnt keep me 'chatting' at all, he was great and I passed first time. As will all companies that have franchisees obviously a few of them will be bad, but surely letting head office know that is the case is better than lumping all of their instructors in the same boat? Also this is an ongoing deal, it was on when I had my lessons a couple of years ago. Tbh I dont think its a gimmicky deal its just to be competitive with the market and at least when you call them up you dont have to practically give your pin number in order to make an enquiry! One of my friends rang up one of the other large companies and argued with them about why they had to give all their personal details just so they could find out the offers. Ah I dont know but my experience with them was great and I would reccomend them, so in that sense I am biased, all I'm saying is dont judge a company on a few bad apples?


Thinking i'll give these guys a miss! :s


Wouldn't touch them with a very long barge pole, they keep pupils chatting instead of learning to drive and what they don't tell you, they keep back 2 hours for your test, if you don't stay with them, you don't get it back either and the instructors are 'advised' to keep their pupils as long as possible to get as much money out of them so not such a good deal after all.


Agreed, a good driving instructor / school does not need to use these gimmicks.


every driving school/instructor offers a similar or better deal to this. problem is they make it work to their advantage by extending sit down and chat time so they are not using fuel. false economy for the student. so cold for me

8 hours driving lessons + Practical test - Wirral area of Merseyside @ Groupon deal £89
Found 10th Jan 2012Found 10th Jan 2012
8 hours driving lessons + Practical test - Wirral area of Merseyside @ Groupon deal £89
Driving Course With Eight Hours of Lessons and Practical Test for £89 at Goto L Driving School (Up to 63% Off) Wirral area of Merseyside (maybe further out) Postcodes CH41-66 Le… Read more

Offer has been extended!!! Great deal just wish I could book 2 for myself! lol


I wish there were offers like this in London...


I didn't do any of those things. I walked out of the test center, read a number plate, got in, drove for 30 minutes, did a hill start, an emegency stop, drove back to center, answered a couple of random questions about road signs, done.


How long ago did you sit it ?. Between theory test, hazard perception test ( get either of those wrong and you have to pay and sit them both again !), car maintenance questions, and then the actual ( if you are lucky to have got this far LOL) driving test there is quite a lot to learn. I'm sure they have made the actual driving test harder and there are more theory question to answer now and a higher percentage to get right to pass.No matter what the reason it is an expensive game thats for sure I'm glad i don't have to sit it ....... well unless i make a major driving mess up that is :|


When I was 17, which was a while ago now, myself and most of my friends passed after 7-8 lessons, why do they drag it out now ? Is it simply money making ?

Free Driving Lesson from RED Driving School..
Found 27th Dec 2011Found 27th Dec 2011
Free Driving Lesson from RED Driving School..
fill in contact details for a free driving lesson... Worth it if they're charging £20 a lesson You need to pay for one of the two hour's - alanlukeb1

You have got to ask friends and families that live nearby for recommendations. Do not trust even online reviews. I have seen Red's reviews on a website before and found them quite dodgy as if they wrote it themselves.


What a dodgy post by the op. Next they will be posting all the super BOGOF deals as free.


Got screwed over by the AA, so went with a local guy and he was a brilliant instructor. Note to buyers - Pay for your lessons cash at the end of each lesson, if you buy in big blocks your instructor might try and forge your signature to say you've had a lesson when you've been at home!


any tips?


yep mine was **** from red

Five 1 Hour Driving Lessons for £55, Hampshire & South Coast @ Able2pass
Found 13th Dec 2011Found 13th Dec 2011
Five 1 Hour Driving Lessons for £55, Hampshire & South Coast @ Able2pass
In the last year 75% of pupils passed their driving test FIRST time with Able2pass! To find out more about people just like you, passing their driving test just click here to read … Read more

My brother used this company and after 15 lessons and 1 test hes on the road so personally i would recommend them but each to their own!


A lot of driving schools doing this ... and in this area so cold from me


This is for your first 5 hours of driving and also normal driving lessons are £21 each but you have no obligation to stay with them if you dont want to, seems cheap for 5 hours of instruction :)


Most driving schools do deals like this but they only allow you to have the offer as your last 5 hours so that you don't take the cheap lessons then leave the driving school. This is only a good deal if the price of each lesson is not expensive, otherwise, they are easily getting the money that you believe you are saving, through the other lessons you take! Looked on the website to see the T's and C's and also lesson prices and can not see either. Not helpful at all :( I've given cold for this one I'm afraid.


That's a good price, especially for down that way.

Three 1 hour driving lessons for £7  with askdrivingschool - Groupon - Essex
Found 20th Sep 2011Found 20th Sep 2011
Three 1 hour driving lessons for £7 with askdrivingschool - Groupon - Essex
Today in the Essex area (covering postcodes: RM1-RM5, RM10-RM20, CM11-CM15, SS0-SS17 + deal states 'other areas may be considered') Groupon are offering 3 driving lessons for total… Read more
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It says essex in title.....not sure what else the OP could have done


Word of mouth / recommendation is where most of the business comes from for good Driving Instructors. Unfortunately the cheapos have devalued the profession and the expectations of learners have been eroded. I also know an ADI who advertised a similar offer on Groupon. He got 168 replies so couldn't cope and after the "Three free lessons" he gave, many didn't take any more, so he was working for nothing for a while. This is what the cheapos have reduced some good ADIs to, or they go bust. Good offer for the customers but less and less ADIs when you want one


With the amount of competition with driving schools at the moment I would've thought driving schools WOULD need to advertise (a business that relies entirely on marketing via. word of mouth wouldn't last very long...) and promotions like this would be a great idea to pull in new punters. Google the words 'loss leader'.... (_;)


Well spotted sectretwoman. It will be exactly what it says, - you won't be driving for real. That is the usual deal by the cheapo instructors- "free lessson" and / or "£50 for 5 lessons. " These deals are usually made by companies using newly qualified instructors or on "pink" licences that mean they haven't actually qualified yet and indeed might not ever. My friend is an ADI and takes pupils from these cheapo companies cos they haven't learned anything on their free lessons and / or the 5 cheap lessons. These also may have conditions meaning that you have to take the last 2 lessons on the day of test and will take more lessons than you really need cos the ADI has to make up his losses somehow. This practice of giving free/ cheap lessons is very bad for road safety and the good, caring, professional, government licenced driving instructors


Any decent Driving School would not need to get involved with this rubbish, in fact, decent driving schools don't even need to advertise.

3 1 Hour Driving Lessons for £19 Bristol, Bath, Thornbury-Berkley-Dursley, Yate, Nailsea, Clevedon, Portishead-Yatton
Found 8th Jul 2011Found 8th Jul 2011
3 1 Hour Driving Lessons for £19 Bristol, Bath, Thornbury-Berkley-Dursley, Yate, Nailsea, Clevedon, Portishead-Yatton
Looks like a really good value Groupon deal - I couldn't see it posted, so hope I haven't missed it! Three 1 Hour Driving Lessons for £19 at 2nd2none Driving School (£63 Value) ht… Read more

There's probably every truth in that - I've previously bought "duff" deals from them, but I've just contacted them and always had a refund without any quibble. I guess when things are that cheap, you just have to be a bit extra vigilant and make sure you're getting what you think you are, but as I said, never had a problem with getting money refunded (3 times so far!).


Not that it directly affects this offer but here is some enlightening information regarding Groupo http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2011/07/serial-offender-groupon-slated.html there seems to be loads of complaints regarding this company and their offerings, misleading info, over subscription etc. ASA are reviewing them on a regular basis so it seems. Google "groupon+ASA" for more info

Four Driving Lessons for £15 with DS3 Driving School (Value £80) Sheffield area @ Groupon
Found 27th Apr 2011Found 27th Apr 2011
Four Driving Lessons for £15 with DS3 Driving School (Value £80) Sheffield area @ Groupon
A super price for four driving lessons! * Citroen DS3 car renowned for safety and comfort * Available seven days a week * Highly experienced, friendly instructor * Off… Read more

It's chunky and retro. Best looking car Citroen have made for... ever.


£18 p/h is good, where i live its around £23 p/h. i took up this offer in my area. it was 4 lessons for £20 and then each lesson discounted to £20


I wish there were offers like this in London... Couldn`t find cheaper than £18 for 1 hour :(


Shame this wasnt closer to me as I need somewhere to practise more! cheap price indeed.


Sexy car..? oO It is one of the ugliest car I have ever seen!

Manchester: £19 for three one-hour driving lessons with an approved instructor from Bumpers Driver Training plus a one-hour online theory lesson worth £78
Found 26th Feb 2011Found 26th Feb 2011
Manchester: £19 for three one-hour driving lessons with an approved instructor from Bumpers Driver Training plus a one-hour online theory lesson worth £78
This kgbdeal includes three one-hour manual gearbox driving lessons plus a one-hour online theory training session

I bought a similar deal from Groupon with Bumpers but when I called they offered me lessons in Portsmouth when I live in Manchester! They said I would get a refund but never did. I would avoid, not worth the hassle or being out of pocket.


Not commenting on the deal as such, but, it doesn't fill me with confidence when the firm is called Bumpers oO


Ooooh I might look into this. I really do need to start to learn how to drive! I have an awful fear of crashing whilst driving lol. Thanks for the post :)

50% off Your First 2 Driving Lessons @ AA Driving School
Found 16th Feb 2011Found 16th Feb 2011
50% off Your First 2 Driving Lessons @ AA Driving School
ferGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Read More
Four Driving Lessons for £20 from Drive Agency (Value £80) Leicester area at Groupon
Found 4th Feb 2011Found 4th Feb 2011
Four Driving Lessons for £20 from Drive Agency (Value £80) Leicester area at Groupon
Driving lessons are so expensive, so hopefully this may help someone if they are in the Leicester area. 4 lessons for £20 is really good. Total of four hours included on this offer… Read more


10 Driving Lessons - £99 @ Ukankan Female Driving School
Found 14th Jan 2011Found 14th Jan 2011
10 Driving Lessons - £99 @ Ukankan Female Driving School
Seen this today on one of their cars driving around Dumfries. They are all over the UK, not just Dumfries. But its a cracking price for 10 block of lessons. It was on the back … Read more
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A TYPICAL DAY AFTER PASSING THE DRIVING TEST No offence just a joke found in the net. 1. Drive up to cash machine. 2. Reverse and back up the required amount to align car window with the machine. 3. Set parking brake, put the window down. 4. Find handbag, remove all contents on to passenger seat to locate card. 5. Tell person on cell phone you will call them back and hang up. 6. Attempt to insert card into machine. 7. Open car door to allow easier access to machine due to its excessive distance from the car. 8. Insert card. 9. Re-insert card the right way. 10. Dig through handbag to find diary with your PIN written on the inside back page. 11. Enter PIN. 12. Press cancel and re-enter correct PIN. 13. Enter amount of cash required. 14. Check makeup in rear view mirror. 15. Retrieve cash and receipt. 16. Empty handbag again to locate wallet and place cash inside. 17. Write deposit amount in check register and place receipt in back of checkbook. 18. Re-check makeup. 19. Drive forward 2 feet. 20. Reverse back to cash machine. 21. Retrieve card. 22. Re-empty hand bag, locate card holder, and place card into the slot provided. 23. Give appropriate one-fingered hand signal to irate male driver waiting behind you. 24. Restart stalled engine and pull off. 25. Redial person on cell phone. 26. Drive for 2 to 3 miles. 27. Release Parking Brake.


Was hoping to book the £99 for 10 for my daughter...as 'practice'...rather than hire one of those wrecks that Arnold Clark let out of the scrapyard. seems that they won't like me just booking 6 then her going back to usual instructor, then 4 in her 'test week' ??? Anyone tried them....can you book just one or two at full price and do this deal? Any good???


Dam, a con then... 6 lessons for £100 Then you have to pay them for lessons, until the week of your test when they give you another 4..


T&C for this offer: Terms and Conditions! * NOTE: the terms and conditions of our offer are below:- * NOTE: the 10 lesson offer is split 6 at the beginning, and 4 for the week of your test with normal lesson rates charged in between. All lessons to be taken congruently and no longer than a 1 month interval between. The offer will not apply to those individuals who book a test with out the instructors prior knowledge. * NOTE: the term lesson is a duration of 1 hour, and the offer is for 2 hour sessions. * NOTE: all offers apply only if a test has not been booked prior or during the offer period, otherwise the normal rate in your area applies. NORTHERN IRELAND:- * NOTE: For Northern Ireland the offer is split 6 hours at the beginning and 4 hours prior to test (not including the 2hours of the test which is chargeable at £80). The block booking of 10 lessons for £185 are to be taken in 2 x 1hour lessons, normal 1 hour lessons are £25 . * NOTE APPLIES TO ALL 10 FOR £99 OFFERS: There can not be a break between the offer lessons of more than 2 weeks, otherwise the remaining lessons will be forfeited. This offer is purely to assist in continuety of learning, ulitmately leading to you passing within the UK average time frame. Abuse of these offers will result in the remaining lessons being revoked without possibility of refund. (this does not affect your satutory rights.) All offers are non refundable unless previously specified.


No women are allowed in Betting shops... They stand behind the counter with their breasts out taking our money.

Free Driving Lesson with the AA Offer.
Found 13th Jan 2011Found 13th Jan 2011
Free Driving Lesson with the AA Offer.
Free Driving Lesson with the AA Offer. Just phone 0800 009 4757 and quote Daily Mail Free Lesson Offer before 21/1 In todays paper mse spot
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Just had my free lesson, i did tell him i had my test soon, but that i hadnt driven in 2 months, he even said if i booked through him he would give it to me cheaper! Cant wait to see my instructords face when i tell him i had a lesson with aa! Cheers guys!


Just finished my free lesson. At first the instructor was treating me like I was a new person, this is not to get you to sign up for more, they just do not get told about what kind of lesson it is. So i explained to him that it was a free one off lesson and he was superb about it, and helped me with any problems I had, he was also very wise and I have learnt alot from that lesson. Well worth to take if your a learner.


thank you. :)


Hmmmm.....don't think this is in the AA Teaching manual..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_F8cbRloDs


thanks for the feedback - its is appreciated ;)

Today’s deal: £15 instead of £60 for three 1 hour driving lessons with an experienced instructor from Sheffield Driving School - Save 75%
Found 9th Nov 2010Found 9th Nov 2010
Today’s deal: £15 instead of £60 for three 1 hour driving lessons with an experienced instructor from Sheffield Driving School - Save 75%
via Groupon valid until midnight on wednesday
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Price isn't everything when it comes to driving tuition.


I'm not saying it beats it on it's own. But add it up over however long it takes you to learn and it's like £15 for 3 hours + £20 for every hour after that isn't going to be the best deal out there.


Thanks semeena, Phoned but its a lot more to have lessons in an automatic car. Deal no good for automatic drivers :(


Not sure how £17.92 per hour beats £15 for 3 hours????


awesome.....if I lived in sheffield

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