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Formula 1 racing games have been around for decades, but only now are coders and graphics experts really managing to recreate the real world racing experience on digital devices. With F1 2017, Codemasters may have created the most realistic F1 game ever. Experience the fastest cars in the world like never before by making an F1 2017 purchase from HotUKDeals.

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F1 2017 xbox live gold at Microsoft for £16.50
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
F1 2017 xbox live gold price , good price i think . Expires in 5 days .
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Picked this up and have done the first three practice sessions on Australia and enjoying it so far. Massive gains to be had in time once you've mailed your breaking zones.


Garcias mi amigo :D


I guess I have to buy a month of gold at 5.99 to get it. I had a message about a free trial but looks like it expired


Heat added. Last F1 game I bought was 2013 I think, and new season has me excited to play one again. Can't pass this up at £16!


I think i know you from the bbc comments page. Everyone has an opinion

PSN F1 2017 for PS4 £15.99 @ PSN
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
F1 2017 for PS4 on sale on PSN.

Hot, shame xbox isn't same price!


Apart from the more obvious things, primarily classic f1 cars, and thorough component management (eg. 5 engines in a season).




What steering wheel have you bought? Is it much better with the steering wheel? Thinking of getting one myself.


Bought few weeks ago. Great game. Bought a wheel now to go with it 😁

F1 2017 Free to play on Steam until Monday.. Enjoy
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
Free till monday 8PM on Steam!! Nothing to add here, have a go. Crash some time/cars!
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Don't forget it's available on Linux as well as Windows - it ran fine on my CentOS 7 install. All I did was play every single track to see what the graphics were like (pretty good) and then uninstalled it :-) It's always a shame we have to wait until near the end of the F1 season until we get a new version though!


Bargain! Quality game! Highly recommend with a wheel and assists turned off


Nice! I have a wet piece of string giving me about 1-2 Mbps, but got Ultrafast2 on order (300+Mbps)


It took 15min for me (party) 19GB +. !


It will take me until Monday to download this!

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F1 2017 PC/Mac lowest price so far - £13.49 @ Steam
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
It is very realistic Sim with good reviews. I would say well worth this price. Enjoy! Also Free to try until Monday afternoon! F1™ 2017 ‘1988 McLAREN MP4/4 CLASSIC CAR DLC is a… Read more
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Has this deal expired? I just went to purchase but can only find it at £44. I have been playing it for free over the weekend and i thought the offer was on until tomorrow.


Operating System Support: MS Windows, Mac OSX and Linux/SteamOS.


It's only £15.99 on PSN, or were you just shouting PS4?


Usually towards the end of the season.


Ps4 ps4 ps4

F1 2017 Standard Edition PS4 / Xbox One for £24 delivered @ Tesco Direct
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Win the 2017 World Championship, break every record in the fastest ever F1 cars, and race some of the most iconic F1 cars of the last 30 years. With an even deeper ten year Career,… Read more
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Is there a better deal than this for Xbox though?


Its now only £15.99 on PSN Easter sale


Brilliant game, well worth this money.


was cheaper on psn a few weeks ago


When is the 2018 version out?

F1 2017 PS4 for £19.99 on PS store until Monday
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
- Via PSN store - Marked as £54.99 normal price - Discount is not linked to PS Plus - Excellent reviews - rated 86 on Metacritic - Currently £31.99 for PS4 disc version on Amazo… Read more

Mostly moved to PC sadly. Next Game is Destruction Derby. Rage is Burnout. (You missed off Need for Speed and The Crew BTW)


Good deal for the best F1 game from Codemasters to date. Career mode much better than previous years and the historical cars are brilliant to have a go in.


That list doesn't have Farming Sim 18 on it, which will bring the total up to 14. The real issue isn't the total of 14 though, more the fact that it's only 8 different "games" if you ignore iterative updates (Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa, Farming Sim, F1, WRC, Dirt, Project Cars & DriveClub). Bought myself a DriveHub the other week to use my G29 on the Xbox One, so at least that opens up the library of compatible games a bit. The most fun I've had with a racing game recently has been Split/Second on Xbox One backwards compatibility. I remember the days where racing games were ten a penny, and great fun. Where are this generations Destruction Derby, Burnout (will the remaster have wheel compatibility?), Ridge Racer, Sega Rally, Daytona, Burning Road (loved playing that drunk with a wheel and pedals). Just seems to be a genre that's died on it's a***


Of the 13 racing games that were released on the ps4, 13 of the 18 games are compatible with Logitech wheels. Of those not compatible, 2 games: Rocket League and Need for Speed Rivals, are not compatible with PC or any console. So 13/16 or 81.25% of all possible games are compatible. with just the Logitechs. en.m.wikipedia.org/wik…mes The Thrustmaster compatibility list quotes 14 games so one more. 87.5% Hardly depressing


Thoughts and opinions on this guys for a new driver to the franchise? I quite fancy it on the PS4 Pro, anyone know how good it looks in 4K HDR?

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F1 2017 Xbox one £32.00 at tesco Direct
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Haven't seen this game as cheap for Xbox one offer is for a limited time only, don't know how long though.
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Best F1 game in a while i hear. But, i agree still quite expensive for an F1 game.




£29.85 at simplygames. http://www.simplygames.com/p/f1-2017-xbox-one


This game refuses to go down in price. I wonder what it is


Thanks for posting @Joel_Ripley Looks like a decent price for this!!

F1 2017 PC - £18.79 at CDKeys (£17.85 with FB code)
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
Lowest price to date. Special edition version with DLC Mclaren MP4. 89% on Metacritic. Picture shows Special Edition, but found after buying that the MP4 is not included. Still … Read more

Really hope ps4 version goes on sale soon , Argos have it at £32 but been out of stock for weeks!


Worth getting on PC or PS4? It's a game I mainly play when friends come over. How easy is it to connect dualshock controllers to make this feel like the PS4? Or is that not possible... I have one Logitech wheel but I'd rather the friends use controllers as they don't like using mouse and keyboard, they're not PC gamers, also, for racing games mouse and keyboard isn't really great...


Go to their facebook site and click on the 5% discount button on the left and give them a random email address. You need to be logged in on their website to apply the code. https://www.facebook.com/cdkeyscom/


Finally. How does one get the fb code?

Formula 1 2017 PS4 - £34.99 & free delivery @ Smyths Toys
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Formula 1 2017 PS4 - £34.99 & free delivery @ Smyths Toys Also on offer at Argos @ £31.99 but not many in stock.

Not to eBay. Amazed what people buy without hkud knowledge. Check the psvr headset prices, some people buying for over £300 no start pack.


Your only going to sell when the next installment is released which leaves this one worthless anyway.


Rather have physical to sell on tbh


It's 27.50 on PS store at the minute

F1 2017 Xbox One / PS4 £31.99 @ Argos
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
Current lowest Win the 2017 World Championship, break every record in the fastest ever F1 cars, and race some of the most iconic F1 cars of the last 30 years. With an even deeper … Read more
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If anyone is after the 2017 special edition, its £34.99 in game at the moment.


Yes it would. I was going to grab a G920 on the cheap and sell my G29 but this way I get the best of both! (I don't work for the company but I'm starting to think I should be on commission :)). Worth noting the G29 has rev limiter lights on the wheel but the G920 doesn't (something I learned recently), these only work on PS4 games tho and not on Xb1 games using a G29 & DH. I don't really use them tbh but I know they are important to some.


That’s how I read it, I want to use my G920 on my psvr dirt rally


Would the drive hub allow us to use a Logitech G920 on the PS4? My son has Xbox One and I said I would buy him the G920 if it's on offer before Xmas but I have a PS4 and would like to be able to use it on that also. Looks like a good invention.


Cheers pal much appreciated, think I’ll see what they do on Black Friday before I pull the trigger (y)

F1 2017 Special Edition for Xbox One £39.99 @ Game
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Been looking for F1 2017 on the Xbox One and noticed this deal for the special edition. Not quite as good as the Mexican deal from last week, And yes it's only just under £40, but… Read more

Looking at their website, wouldn't trust them with my money. Star wars battlefront 2 for under £30...if it's too good to be true etc...


Hmm I paid £37 at launch. It's worth pointing out you can purchase the MP4/4 separately and that's the only extra content it comes with. However the car doesn't work for me and it looks like other people have had the same issue: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/p/f1-2017-1988-mclaren-mp4-4-classic-car-dlc/c1lb366gs6lk Edit: so they only released the car last week (annoyed) Strange it took them so long.


Never used them but dvd-vine.com has this for £29.99


http://www.simplygames.com/p/f1-2017-xbox-one £34.85 for standard.

F1 2017 xbox one digital download - Mexican xbox store £22.17
Found 18th Oct 2017Found 18th Oct 2017
stonking price for this game right now as ive not seen it drop below 40 quid much, superb reviews all around and the attention to detail on the cars is to be in awe of. The game c… Read more
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Hardly "ridiculous" dude. They have always been poop. Sure they graphics are ok considering the gen of a console but the game play is the same poo as every year.


absolutely ridiculous comment. this years is phenomenal.


Shame f1 games are the same every year. Utter crap.


300 MXN back in stock.


Anywhere else to buy mxn credit. That is showing out of stock now

F1 2017 Special Edition £34.99 Deal of the Week - Playstation Store
Found 4th Oct 2017Found 4th Oct 2017
Deal of the Week (until 11 October 2017) This is the Special Edition which includes Classic Car DLC Win the 2017 World Championship, break every record in the fastest ever F1 car… Read more
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The form changes weekly so should they update the cars weekly? If so then they could also release it at the beginning of the season. Not relevant justification if you ask me


Why buy at that price, surely wait for Black Friday deals 🤔


Well, no, not really. They could certainly release it a bit earlier in the season yes, but expecting them to release it a month into the new season, or even in the first half, is unrealistic. The "final form" of the cars is not known until the season starts, this year there were fundamental changes in the cars and of course the physics, and the owners (or certainly the previous owners) of the commercial F1 rights are very particular (strict) about the use of the license. Anyway, the game released when there was still a solid 3 months of the season to go. I go the game day 1 but heat for this deal!


This is the most valid point so far.


Why do they always release this game so late? the 2017 season is nearly finished? Could you imagine E.A. doing that with the Fifa series?

£29.19 - F1 2017 PC - Steam (Special Edition with 1988 McLaren)
Found 25th Aug 2017Found 25th Aug 2017
Best price I could find for the PC version. It doesn't advertise the Special Edition but when you are finished with your purchase, you get two keys; one for the game and one for t… Read more
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Still no VR support......?


Eurogamer has it as Recommended and praises it. I got it for 28 pre order at cdkeys.com


Think I'm going to wait for some reviews first :)


Out today!


Looks like it's gone up in price now I'm afraid

F1 2017 Special Edition PC at CDKeys for £29.99
Found 23rd Aug 2017Found 23rd Aug 2017
Win the 2017 World Championship, break every record in the fastest ever F1™ cars, and race some of the most iconic F1 cars of the last 30 years. With an even deeper ten year Career… Read more

So I caved in and paid through the nose for the version at BASE.com, they're great and usually send out stuff so it arrives the day before release. Of course, this time it's not turned up. I'm glad I'm working and didn't take the day off to play it tomorrow because it's not gonna turn up now until lunch time tomorrow. I'll do what you're going to do next time and just pop to the shops on the day of release unless I find a bargain online. Paying over 40 quid to get a game half way through the release date is a bit crap imo.


Lost my CDKEYS download e-mail so provided them with my PayPal transaction details and within about 2 minutes they resent the email. Great service




You can preload it now.


Thanks, OP.

F1 2017 Special Edition PC (pre order) £23.99 @ cdkeys
Found 31st Jul 2017Found 31st Jul 2017
£22.79 after FB like discount Available August 25th 2017 Includes Classic Car DLC Win the 2017 World Championship, break every record in the fastest ever F1™ cars, and race some… Read more
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Just had my preorder of £23.99 refunded as they've oversold! Now have to pay £45 on Steam


Up to £25.99 again now, hopefully it drops again before release


Bought. Thanks!


This is the Steam edition, so in all likelihood: no. If you want to play on the Xbox network, you generally have to buy from the windows store.


I'm in the beta and that's all I can say ;)

F1 2017 Special Edition Xbox One/PS4 £39.85 @ Shopto.net
Found 2nd Jul 2017Found 2nd Jul 2017
Currently available to pre order at shopto.net. Most places including Amazon currently charging £54.99. Still a lot for an annual release IMO but if you are looking to pre order th… Read more

By Special Edition do they mean that certain cars will crash into you deliberately if they don't like your breaking style?




Not this price any more. Please expire


Destruction Derby more like it (embarrassed)


Haha I was thinking that myself actually after I typed it. Had to give you a like for a fair point (y)

F1 2017 Steam Key £24.99 @ CDKeys
Found 17th Jun 2017Found 17th Jun 2017
F1 2017 Steam key for £24.99 w/ the McLaren Honda, retails on Steam for £44.99
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£1 cheaper now :p


Because it's cheaper now. I went through this with F1 2016, and ended up paying more... because I waited. Talking in circles... Why use this site at all of price doesn't matter to you?


Both of your comments seem to be centred around the incorrect belief that waiting until launch day somehow delays your ability to play it. If you buy it now, or if you buy it the minute it releases, you'll still be playing it at the same time. So why not wait?


Also, you say "absolutely no disadvantage" then follow it up that the price could increase. To me, that's the biggest disadvantage. Personally, I'd rather buy a cheap game and be happy if it turns out to be good, than wait and buy the same good game for more, wishing I'd ignored the stranger trying to change the game industry's price policy. If the game turns out to be not so good, then I won't be upset that it only cost me £25.


So you think this site works by saving people money by making them wait? My point is, this deal isn't cold. It's the cheapest price atm, for those who want to preorder it. Might as well label any item cold under your logic, as version 2 or 3 MAY be better and cheaper. This site is for the here and now. Is it the cheapest? Yes. Therefore it's a hot deal. Within reason, product quality isn't part of the equation.

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