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Formula 1 racing games have been around for decades, but only now are coders and graphics experts really managing to recreate the real world racing experience on digital devices. With F1 2017, Codemasters may have created the most realistic F1 game ever. Experience the fastest cars in the world like never before by making an F1 2017 purchase from hotukdeals. Read more
F1 2017 - £9.99 - Online @ Sainsbury's - PS4/Xbox One
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Posted 4th Jul 2018Posted 4th Jul 2018
F1 2017 - £9.99 - Online @ Sainsbury's - PS4/Xbox One£9.99Sainsbury's Deals
Standard Edition - Both PS4 and Xbox One

says product not available but appears you can order it...


10.99 on PSN today. Downloading the 36gb file now.


2018 is out next month but great deal.


Correct. Can't get it.


Products no longer available

F1 2017 ps4 £5.75 instore @ Tesco (Liverpool)
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Posted 21st Jun 2018Posted 21st Jun 2018LocalLocal
F1 2017 ps4 £5.75 instore @ Tesco (Liverpool)£5.75Tesco Direct_eJod Deals
Now reduced to ,£5.75 cex give £13 cash or £18 trade tesco park road Liverpool

Dat's boss dat mate (y)



It's £54.99 on the store


Also 5:49 from ps store


Would love this for Xbox. I'll check my local later.

F1 2017 PC £9.99 / £9.49 with Facebook code @ CDkeys (Steam)
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Posted 31st May 2018Posted 31st May 2018
F1 2017 PC £9.99 / £9.49 with Facebook code @ CDkeys (Steam)£9.99CDKeys Deals
Great price since pre-order for F1 2018 has become available. Few months to play til the new one! Lowest price I've seen since Steam had it for £13.49. Potentially £9.49 with Face… Read more

The racing us great but all the UI and graphics outside of the races are really clunky and dated. Worth a go at this price.


Good price - heat added. Been playing this for a few weeks and the basics are good, drive-ablility is great, but the graphics are verty underwhelming, even on ultra. Also the AI is as comical as ever, even down the basic things like the pits telling you, you have 1 lap of fuel left... Then you conk out half way through lol. I remember stuff like that happening in F1 1998 lol.


This is the good one right?


Nice find @cricket_6 - good first deal! Heat added, welcome to HUKD :)

[PS4/Xbox One] F1 2017 - £17 - Ao/Ao eBay
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Posted 23rd May 2018Posted 23rd May 2018
[PS4/Xbox One] F1 2017 - £17 - Ao/Ao eBay£17ao Deals
Posted previously for £16.99 from Argos (cheers @idontflycathay ) now available from AO for £17 with free next day delivery (y) Amazon showing PS4 at £17.70 with a 1-4 week de… Read more

Returned it, poor graphic and boring game...


Like comparing an llama to a cruise liner.


How does this compare to Super Monaco GP on the Sega Mega Drive?


No bother. I rarely play online but when I do fancy it, it's a total nightmare. Could of probably done a race weekend on career by the time I find a decent lobby.


I went for this also, think its £16.50 on xbox one store

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Xbox One Digital Downloads | F1 2017 £8.79 | Dirt Rally £7.08 and MORE! - Turkish Xbox store
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Posted 22nd May 2018Posted 22nd May 2018
Xbox One Digital Downloads | F1 2017 £8.79 | Dirt Rally £7.08 and MORE! - Turkish Xbox store£3.44Microsoft Store Deals
Dirt 4 43.50 TRY / £7.08 --------------(UK Store price £16.50) Dirt Rally 36.00 TRY / £5.86 ---------(UK Store price £11.00) F1 2017 54.00 TRY / £8.79 --------- (UK Store pric… Read more

This looks like a great deal for SF collection but on clicking through to mtcgame the price for 125TL worth of gift cards comes to £27. Am I missing something or has the rate simply changed since this was posted? Cheers!


Same here.


Ordered Dirt 4 and F1 2017 - thank you very much. Heat added.


Must be amazing being turkish. Everything is cheap and whats notcheap is given to you in benefits.


yes I see 54. it was listed on here as 24 or something like that before. maybe I just misread it

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 £15.29 (New) - Battlefield 1: Revolution PS4 £14.39 (New) -  Nier: Automata £14.39 (New) - F1 2017 PS4 £15.29 (New) - more in OP @ Music Magpie
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Posted 21st May 2018Posted 21st May 2018
Shadow of the Colossus PS4 £15.29 (New) - Battlefield 1: Revolution PS4 £14.39 (New) - Nier: Automata £14.39 (New) - F1 2017 PS4 £15.29 (New) - more in OP @ Music Magpie£15.29£1815% offMusic Magpie Deals
Further price drops for New sealed games at Music Magpie - take to checkout to see quoted prices Shadow of the Colossus PS4 £15.29 - New Battlefield 1: Revolutio… Read more

Anyone one else not get there orders on any games from the 22nd may? just phoned them now and they said not sure what happened to my order and was getting a refund back to my paypal... i not even had an email to say despatched only confirmation of payment (fierce)


really slow at delivery this magpie lot ordered on 22nd and not a dickie bird (fierce)


ordered shadow thks for the deal Chanchi32 (angel)


thanks! Just ordered shadow of the colossus to the join long queue of other shrink wrapped games waiting to be played


That's ordered four more games I won't have time to play. :/