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AMAZON - Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Hotas (PC) - £109.99 @ Amazon
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Have been looking to get HOTAS Joystick / Throttle this on a deal for a while now. I ordred yesterday & it was £124.99, today its £109.99. I have requested a cancelation & … Read more

I think the price was high for me because Amazon was not selling it yesterday; it was third party only. Today its availible. So I guess it just not availible all the time from Amazon.


It's been this price for ages I know as I got it weeks back, interestingly 3 camels says this is the most expensive it's ever been




What's her safe word? :D


Same price for years, no deal at all really ;)

Thrustmaster Ferrari Spider wheel for xbox one. £59.99 @ smyths
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
£59.99 is the price but its worth trying to add the £5 off discount (instore) at the link below to try and get this for £54.99. £69.99 at Argos currently. £5 off… Read more

" 'Bungee Cord’ mechanism: delivers linear resistance, regardless of the rotation angle" So, a rubber band gives resistance when you turn the wheel, instead of force feedback?!


Really want to try one of these but don't know how much I will actually use it


In fact, the T&Cs specifically state 'gaming accessories' too mate.


I'm not sure this would work as gaming is excluded from being used with voucher.

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Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Wheel for Xbox One/PC from £179.99 to £124.99 at argos
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Wheel for Xbox One/PC from £179.99 to £124.99 at argos Great price was waiting for this. Cheapest I have seen
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They have the Thrustmaster T150 (PS4) for the same price too


I'm made


My wife calls made the thrustmaster


Better deal at Curry's. Comes with shifter.


Thanks for this, fiver cheaper than Smyths... My boy's gonna love it. Honestly, it's for him. no, really.

Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari Edition Force Feedback Racing Wheel for PS4/PS3/PC £109.99 @ Smyths
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Great entry level wheel at a great price. It's either this or the Logitech G29 for most folks. Product Description The T150 Force Feedback and T150 Ferrari Wheel Force Feedback ra… Read more
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I have this! Bought a couple of months back for £60 (a steal!) from Shpock because I didn’t know if I’d use it often enough to buy brand new. Last time I used a wheel was back in the late 90’s and they’ve definitely come a long way. Definitely worth picking up if you’re into driving games and want to enhance the experience, but I’d recommend purchasing a seat of some kind, or at least figure out how you’re going to use it; I know that sounds stupid but if you’re sat in your front room and have nothing to mount the wheel on because your ironing board has limited height adjustment then you’ll soon stop using it! I went for the challenge play seat (folds away) and the setup is good enough for me. Obviously if you’re PC gaming you’ll probably be at a desk of some sort. Anyway, heat!


Ive gone for this over the G29.


I had both as well,but i did have t150 1st,i thought the g29 was just too weak after coming from t150 that i loved at the time...the t150 pedals are poor tho


I upgraded to all fanatec from basically your set up.all but short shift mod.still have it all.have to sell but its a good set up.very


Son is looking for a wheel for christmas, so this looks the best option at the moment. I've ordered it for click and collect and can always return it if there is a better option later in the week (if the G29 comes down a lot mainly). Cheers OP.

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Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition Racing Wheel for PS4/PC£59.99 @ smyths
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Looking for a steering wheel for my son and came across this.. I'm wondering if it's a good deal? Price seems to be higher elsewhere.
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T150 is excellent. You could get them around 70 quid on gum tree. I had the t80. It's good at first. It don't rotate fully.


Wouldn't be Christmas if we weren't!


Thank you.. I have ordered that one! He better play with it lol!! I didn't want to get one that wasn't good for him not to play with it and say it's not what he wanted. Thanks for your help. Now I'm skint!! (lol) (lol) (lol)


Yea, I'm saying this from personal experience of just that. Quite a while back, I had a girlfriend who bought me a non-FFB wheel for my birthday and while I was quite excited about it, it ultimately just wasn't very good and I ended up not using it much. I know it might stretch the budget a bit more, but there is a T150 here for £110 that will be a much, much better experience and is a very recommended entry level wheel: That's a really good deal as it's normally £150+.


It's actually fine when playing, it doesn't have FFB but that never bothered me when playing Project Cars with it, and it felt pretty good. However.... the quality is questionable. We paid £80 for it from Argos back in the day and it lasted just over a year, and out of warranty, when the plastic bit inside that holds the big bungee cords (that give the idea of FFB) snapped. I took it apart but Thrustmaster couldn't supply a spare bit and weren't really interested. It was pretty poorly made inside, I ended up chucking it on the tip. :( I know it costs more but the Logitech G29/G920 are much better, currently £180 at Currys.

Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Sim Racing Wheel & Pedals [Xbox One / PC] £479.99 @ Box
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Total beast of a wheel set up, looks a solid build, as you'd expect at this price point. It won't be for everyone, but it's a heck of a unit and a really decent price right now. Th… Read more

Cheap...... purchased 2 for split screen.


Not sure I agree, never had a problem with accuracy on driving games with a controller, I find its quicker to flick a thumb left or right than to turn a wheel.


Using a wheel and pedals does add a lot to the experience of driving games. For the casual player because you get used to the controller for most games I suspect it will be easier. However once you get used to the wheel it gives you far more control over the car. The thumb sticks due to the size it is difficult to be so accurate as is with the button control for speed control. When you are chasing seconds on the track such detail can make a big difference. However even as a more casual player myself it is just a lot more fun. I use for Euro Truck games it is a lot easier to control and more relexed than using the keyboard for example. I have to be honest this is a bit out of my price range you would have the be a serious on line racer to splash out this money. So hot deal but only for those with money to burn or a career in online racing :)


Wheels can take a bit of getting used to if you're used to being competitive with a gamepad. But 95% of people will end up better with a wheel after a decent amount of practice with it. And yea, you need a *somewhat* decent wheel, at least something with FFB. Anything below that isn't really worth having at all. The game you play also makes a difference. Wheels aren't that game changing for non-racing sims and the wheel support for non-sims isn't usually that great to begin with. It's the sim racing titles that start to make a wheel more of a necessity for higher level competition, particularly the more serious ones like Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Project Cars 2, etc. Games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport are still fine with a gamepad cuz they offer more forgiveness in the handling model so that really proper driving technique(what you'd really want a wheel for) isn't so crucial.


I have this wheel and I payed less than this from Box £439.99 !!! . It's a great wheel. The FFB is INSANELY powerful. Feels butter smooth compared to the Logitech G29 it has replaced.

Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel for PS4 / PS3 - £69.99 @ Box
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Been looking for a steering wheel to go with Project Cars 2 on PC. This seems like a good deal.

Is this a good deal? Second hand but £100 cheaper than new


Can anyone recommend a good cheapie wheel for a very occasional F1 (PC) player? I maybe play for an hour every 2-3 months at the most (and sometimes don't play for a couple of years at a stretch), so can't justify a hefty 3-figure spend on something. I have a MS Sidewinder wheel/pedals but can't get it recognised by Windows 10, so wanted something Win10-compatible that would keep me happy for an hour. Never had FFB so probably wouldn't miss it!


Build a man cave to play games in, then close the blinds and lie that you're working on building her a walk in wardrobe (cheeky)


To expand on why this stuff is important, particularly if you are going to be using racing sims: 'Rubber band resistance' = basically, no actual force feedback . It's a centering action that gives a bit of resistance when pulled away from center, but that's really it. It's doing almost nothing to produce the actual *feedback* that you really want to discern what the car is doing. Less of a deal than it might seem if you aren't used to using a FFB wheel, but you'll learn that milliseconds count massively in terms of reacting to what the car is going through, speaking nothing of the actual immersiveness. 'Isn't full rotation' = not even a proper 270 degrees(ala F1 or some other race cars). At 240 degrees, it is incapable of properly producing the steering rotation range of ANY real life car. This will lead not only to mismatches in cockpit view wheel and your real life wheel, which messes with your brain and ruins your ability to be precise, but it also means much higher steering sensitivity, which makes your job a lot harder. For instance, most all street cars have 900 degrees steering, so for every 1 degree of motion on the T80, you're simulating what you'd normally be able to move over 3 degrees in real life. So if you move the steering wheel on the T80 like 25 degrees, that's what you'd have a full 90 degrees for in a real car. If you take a second and think about that, you'll realize how much more 'sensitive' that's going to make driving these cars. Now you can learn to hobble around these issues if you're persistent enough(we're quite adaptable things), but this isn't a recommended path for sim racers. T80 is probably just fine if you want something for non-sim racing games, but actual sim racing really demands a FFB and 900 degree wheel. Doesn't have to be high end, as hotfinder here says, a T150 is a perfectly good entry level wheel, as is the G29 when you can find it on sale(as it often is). It's a bit frustrating that it demands such a minimum investment, I know, but it's the truth. Anything below these are honestly not really worth getting at all if you want to do sim racing.


Did you mean the ‘boot’? :/

Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Sim Racing Wheel & Pedals £479.99
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Sim Racing Wheel & Pedals £479.99
£479.99£ Deals
Quidco also but only at 1%. This is the best price I have seen for a mid-range sim wheel. The base is one of the best belt-driven brushless bases available for both Xbox and PC a… Read more

Gonna wait till then .. hopefully the dd1 may be cheaper too.. better start nagging the wife!


I had a set of them as well...theyre basically the same but i had mine inverted....fanatec gears should be discounted black friday again


I had the ones in this picture.. gonna wait for black Friday.. by then ACC should have more content!


I had t2pa pros before v3s...theyre excellent pedals so they arent gonna make you loads quicker but should be an improvement...very customisable


It does look good.... Get AC....

Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Add On Pedal Set £99.99 @ (+1.01% cashback potentially)
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Add On Pedal Set £99.99 @ (+1.01% cashback potentially)
Good deal for these, £128.99 on Amazon. Niche item so not for all, but I have used these and they are good.
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You're like a broken record, as said before show me where I said it was a bad price (skeptical) Are you a bot :/ Also you dont even get a USB adapter so more money unless you are already invested in the Thrustmaster ecosystem.


Dont mistake you not understanding it with it not making sense. It makes perfect sense. Though it's more likely just stubborness that is preventing you from acknowledging it. It's a good price, simple as that. Anybody who is being reasonable and knows their sim racing stuff will recognize that.


Your analogy still makes no sense :/


Already won? I can see what you're most interested in here. 'Winning' rather than good consumer advice. Quite sad. And you again prove my analogy of trying to bash a BMW for not being a Ferrari. It's lousy elitism.


Tbh for longevity I would take these over fanatecs, if someone is going to buy a set of V3s with the brake performance kit for £370 I would advise to save and buy once HE Pro 2 pedal set for £552 that are a totally different level. If someone is going to invest nearly £400 into a set of fanatecs I would say they are a pretty serious sim racer, I've had these and the V3s but the biggest jump was going from fanatecs to the pros, I'm using ultimates now and I would say the pros are 80% there but the price difference is huge. Anyway for a £100 you can't go wrong with these.

Thrustmaster Summer Sale! 20% off at the e-shop
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Thrustmaster Summer Sale! 20% off at the e-shop
R20Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Thrustmaster summer deals: 20% off at the e-shop* 27/06/2018 *20% discount offer valid at the Thrustmaster e-shop ( for new products, while supplies last. Thi… Read more
Read More

shame there is no free shipping, was interested in a T.16000M FCS but after shipping it's the same price as it is on other stores D:

*Heads Up* Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition [ PS4 / PS3 / PC ] £229 @ AO - **NOW LIVE**
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
*Heads Up* Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition [ PS4 / PS3 / PC ] £229 @ AO - **NOW LIVE**
£229£ Deals
Later this evening AO will be dropping this down to £229, It works with PC, PS4 and the PS3. I don't think I've seen the GT edition this low before, even over Black Friday we saw £… Read more

Yes! Tee hee!


Nice humblebrag, mate. Do you also visit Xiaomi deals and say it's tempting but you've got an S9+?


Was going to buy this, then remembered I already have the Fanatec CSL Elite for PS4 with load cell elite pedals so not gonna bother.


T300 is belt driven so provides smooth and powerful ffb. I believe the Logitech has gears so you can feel all the notches.


Can vouch for the t300, brilliant wheel for me for 1.5 years no issues. I have the pedals set with brake mod from eBay and it's brilliant.

Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 £41.99 @ Maplin (Check Local Store for Stock)
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 £41.99 @ Maplin (Check Local Store for Stock)
come down in price since last posted
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I believe that the T1600 FCs is hall based.


Saw this in the One Stop Maplins in Perry Barr for anyone looking for one.


Upper market sticks are hall based - pots wear out eventually. This is pot based I believe. I'd rather hunt for used x55 / x56 instead. I got myself a barely used, supposedly "broken" x56 for that price


Haven't used one of these since I was a kid. Is the main joystick still microswitch based (ie on/off) or potentiometer based (ie variable)?

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas 4 War Thunder Starter Pack (PS4) £47.99 @ Maplin
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas 4 War Thunder Starter Pack (PS4) £47.99 @ Maplin
Picked one up today thought this would be good for anyone that wants it for elite dangerous.
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I nabbed the last one from chesterfield, was 41.99 in store but none left now


Where, I’m seeing it only for same price from reputable sellers.


Hahaha I would tell her if she actually existed (lol) (lol)


Not quite, but tell her i'll be round when you've gone out.



Thrustmaster T-16000M £24.99 - GAME
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Thrustmaster T-16000M £24.99 - GAME
£24.99GAME Deals
A Unique 3D Technological Innovation Built Into The New Thrustmaster Joystick. Fully ambidextrous joystick! 3 removable components allow the joystick to be perfectly tailored for… Read more

Ordered and delivered today. Thanks!


Cheers OP going to pick myself up a spare :). This is absolutely the best stick for the money. You have to spend a lot more to get even the same quality tracking. The only issue is button placement causing a functional lack of buttons but you can use voice attack or modifiers to get around this. The spring is also a little strong for some peoples tastes. For 6DOF flight(Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, Overload etc) I highly recommend getting 2 of these they really are a joy to fly with.


The same stick is sold with the separate throttle, HOTAS system.


This is a great joystick. It's sorta like a cheaper hors but without the separate throttle fevice


I'm pretty sure the normal price these go to on deals is around £20 I've been contemplating one for a while to replace the stick I picked up at a bootsale many moons ago for £1 and every time I've looked online at them they've been £20

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Wheel for Xbox One/PC £139.99 @ Argos on Ebay
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Wheel for Xbox One/PC £139.99 @ Argos on Ebay
£139.99eBay Deals
Also available instore at Argos Drive system with adjustable force feedback lets you feel every detail while you're racing. Official … Read more

From reading long term reviews, the Logitech is most likely to be running in a couple of years and the Thrustmaster is the one you'll be sending back. I had a g25 when they first came out and it literally lasted years and years. I only got rid when the PS4 didn't use it and some decent driving games came out. A lot of the wheel comparisons aren't really like for like as it also depends on how much work the developer put into getting that wheel working for that game. Live for Speed on the PC used to feel great with g25, another game would feel like crap. People are saying Gran Turismo is very poor with a G29 now as all PD's efforts have gone into Thrustmaster feedback as they are the 'official' wheel now.


ah i see i dunno i have the xbox version and cant fault it use it all the time.


The playstation equivalent but yes, it breaks the illusion for many as a normal car steering wheel even with no power going to it spins smoothly, the g29 is notchy, after reading reviews for weeks I decided to buy one but was let down with the purchase so sent it back.


you talking about the g920? my experience with it was nothing like this :/ i highly recommend it.


Now the same price at I think this is a good deal.

Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Flight Pack £169.99 @
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Flight Pack £169.99 @
£169.99£ Deals
For those looking for a great Hotas (Hands On Throttle And Stick) setup for Flight sims, Elite Dangerous, this is a pretty good deal. edit: typo; corrected price in heading

Sounds like a confidence issue to me. For gaming maybe you need an ePeen Pump.


After watching a video review I just cant get the idea that I can't walk around public with a box emblazoned with the logo "THRUSTMASTER"


Elite & Star Citizen players might want to seek out Thrustmaster's "Space Sim Duo" - A twin pack of just the joystick. BTW - For lefties, this stick can be altered to be left-handed, but the throttle can't be made right handed.


Ah cool. Nice find


£159.89 at with code THRUSTMASTER20 valid until tomorrow (20/2/2018) and free standard delivery. I'm waiting on a deal for just the HOTAS without pedals which has been out of stock for a while on the Thrustmaster store.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Joystick £42.11 inc delivery @ Novatech
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Joystick £42.11 inc delivery @ Novatech
Good for people like me who have just bought Elite in the sale. Cheapest I can find it.
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I'll be sending mine back if that's truly the case. I've got a Saitek Evo and that feels like it has no deadzone (you have to setup one to cover the noise from it sitting off centre) so I'm hoping it's just a driver configuration issue if people have to move the stick that much to get it to register.


From what I hear the deadzones (IE, the area in the middle of the stick that counts as nothing having been moved) on these aren't great. Basically, you have to shift the stick 17% of the way before it'll even consider your action an input, which would make movement somewhat more clunky, and make it more difficult to do subtle shifts whilst maneuvering. For comparison's sake, the HOTAS 4 (which is basically the same stick updated slightly and compatible with the PS4) has a deadzone that's about 6%.


I want me some Thrustmaster action.. hot




I've got one of these, just don't expect it to make you any better at Elite Dangerous, and expect to waste a lot of time mapping the controls.

Thrustmaster F458 Spider  for XBOX One £69.99 @ Smyths
LocalLocalFound 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Thrustmaster F458 Spider for XBOX One £69.99 @ Smyths
£69.99£79.9913%Smyths Toys Deals
Rated as the best starter steering wheel for Xbox One and PS4. Smyths Toys have both in stock at various locations around the UK. I ordered from Tamworth who had 7 Xbox versions.… Read more
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I won't use Smyths ever again. The showed product in stock ( more than 10) I checked with the shop then ordered. Next morning received an abrupt email " ORDER CANCELLED " with no detail as to the reason why. As a Result, missed my grandsons Birthday as the item I ordered was hard to get hold of anywhere else. Poor customer service and web site management.


Was that because you have a reinforced bottom?


I take it all. SMYTHS TOYS sent me a very abrupt auto mated "DO NOT REPLY" "ORDER CANCELLED" but glad I ended up not buying if that is what their customer service is like. I sent a good snotagram complaining but got a " sorry we were out if stock" even the the shop shows 7 in stock. Obviously a hook to get pepper details on on the online site. Maybe it was meant to be and I should just rake advice a buy a bettermodelbut from a REPUTABLE trader certainly not SMYTHS TOYS R NOT US .... BET YOU CAN TELL... I'm angry... (mad)


Voted cold. Very poor steering wheel. Returned ours on boxing day as it wouldnt calibrate with the Xbox One properly. There were two other customers in front of us returning theirs also. There were also returns of these piled up in their store to be returned. Staff said they had a lot of problems with them. Ours was sold to us and had been previously sold to someone else as it had their name on a sticker on the box. Our son was left very dissapointed at Xmas. Buy a more expensive one.


My youngest has one and loves it. Great starter wheel.

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