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DRIVECLUB (PS4) - PlayStation Hits for £7.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection
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Posted 6th Feb 2020Posted 6th Feb 2020
DRIVECLUB (PS4) - PlayStation Hits for £7.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection£7.95£8.9511% offThe Game Collection Deals
DESCRIPTION GEAR UP FOR VIRTUAL REALITY RACING The roar of the engines... the screech of the tyres... the scream of the crowds... Experience the wild rush of high-octane VR raci… Read more

So I've bought this thinking it was the VR version (after reading description). My mistake I guess for not looking a little more closely, but a black mark to the OP for confusing it as such :(


Shame about DriveClub Bikes being withdrawn I have it and it's an excellent bike game. It honestly bewilders me when a good, enjoyable, game is withdrawn from sale.


I read that it was one of the few games that had a VR add on, even though I saw the VR one for sale on disc (I thought it was just an updated cover). So thanks for that, and the VR version is obviously no longer available from the PS Store either.


Yes, Evolution studios did with Driveclub in 2014 what Polyphony could not do 3 years later, and to this day still have not done, a full fat single player campaign, and to add insult to injury they did it again with Driveclub VR......but at least you can race one car on gt sport in vr.


The rain effects in this game are awesome.

DRIVECLUB Digital Download PS4 £8.39 at PSN
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Posted 3rd Aug 2019Posted 3rd Aug 2019
DRIVECLUB Digital Download PS4 £8.39 at PSN£8.39£15.9948% offPlaystation Store Deals
DRIVECLUB (Digital) on PS4 is down to £8.39 on the PlayStation Store, or £9.99 if you don't have PlayStation Plus. This is an extremely good racing game at this price. It is also … Read more

Thanks for that.


Sure, but if the game is cheaper elsewhere, whether it be physical or digital, then it's going to get cold votes. Don't get me wrong, if this was a digital deal for some kind of (theoretical) compete edition including the DLC and Bikes add-on then I'm sure it would be hot at this price. But for just the base game which can be had cheaper and will have its servers turned off next year? It's always going to be cold to the majority of voters here.


This is specifically a post about digital. Many people only buy digital.


Because you can pick up the physical game in CEX for £5.


Have some heat, this is still a quality racer!

Driveclub (PS4) preowned - £4.31 (With Code) @ Musicmagpie
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Posted 12th Jun 2019Posted 12th Jun 2019
Driveclub (PS4) preowned - £4.31 (With Code) @ Musicmagpie£4.31£1057% offMusic Magpie Deals
LuFc6686 posted earlier the season pass was only £1.99 (great deal op, deserves lots of heat!) this is the cheapest I could find the main game Season pass post -… Read more

Didn’t know that to be fair!


Why does the game stop working then... No there is loads of single player content


So much free stuff anyway and with the season pass its tons more. Great game as well.


This game has loads of offline content..... it’s only online stuff that goes next March (lol)


Basically a rental until March (lol)

Driveclub Season Pass £1.99 @ UK PS Store
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Posted 12th Jun 2019Posted 12th Jun 2019
Driveclub Season Pass £1.99 @ UK PS Store£1.99£12.9985% offPlaystation Store Deals
Lowest price its ever been. Absolutely bargain.
Get deal*Get deal*

Right done some searching. There is 21 DLC packs... the season pass gives you 16 DLC Race Tour packs and they can all be used on the PS+ Edition. DLC 1 was a free update and should be compatible. DLC 2, 3, 20 & 21 are free on the PS Store but are incompatible with the PS+ Edition.


Sorry, 2 cars or 2 races? So I can lock the vast majority of the content with this season pass?


There is 2 that you can't access without the full game, they were free in an update. I think you can access all the ones that are included with season pass.


The 60 fps snobs are so cute. Always find them lurking online telling others how stupid you are if you can’t tell the difference.... this is a decent racer 30fps or not


If I have the PS+ light version and I purchase this unlock the rest of the content? The description on the store doesn't say.

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Driveclub PS4 for £9.99 @ Argos
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Posted 7th Jun 2019Posted 7th Jun 2019
Driveclub PS4 for £9.99 @ Argos£9.99£15.9938% offArgos Deals
(y) Driveclub is all about you and your friends. It's about teamwork; it's about everyone fighting for one another and earning rewards together - most importantly it's about sha… Read more

This is the date it gets removed from PSN but the games servers do not close down until the end of March 2020.


31st August.


arent they shutting the servers down soon for this?

Driveclub Season Pass £3.99 Bikes £3.29 @ PSN UK. All will be delisted soon.
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Posted 3rd Apr 2019Posted 3rd Apr 2019
Driveclub Season Pass £3.99 Bikes £3.29 @ PSN UK. All will be delisted soon.£3.99£9.9960% offPlaystation Store Deals
Driveclub-VR-Bikes and all the DLC will be getting delisted on August 31st. No guarantee any of these will be on sale again. Also the online is going offline March 31st next year. … Read more
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My inclination to share anything with you is being tested by your responses.



That is not the definition of economics, try harder Pony.... So you have access to the figures involved, please divulge (skeptical)


Clearly not as you failed to understand that when monthly revenue is less than monthly costs, or when ongoing demand is dwindling, it does not make financial sense to continue offering a product or service.


Nope sorry... That goes to Supercars 2 on the Amiga! :D (or maybe Micro Machines on the Megadrive)