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Updated 13th Jul 2020Last updated 13th Jul 2020 by Maverick77
What type of screw for George foreman grill?
hi folks, I wanted to repair George foreman grill and found that the screw head is star shaped. I've got the star size screwdriver, but there is a small projection in the grill screw which …
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Updated 13th Feb 2019Last updated 13th Feb 2019 by redondo
George Foreman grill and toastie makers - advise away my fellow hukkers
So everyone, so I'm abit late to the party but other half wants one of those George Foreman grill, and also a toastie maker. Was wondering if people could let me know which ones they use, s…
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Updated 13th Jun 2018Last updated 13th Jun 2018 by allowed
How long is my George Foreman Grill Guarantee
Hi, I purchased a George Foreman Grill from amazon and it no longer works, how long is my guarantee.
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Updated 17th Jun 2017Last updated 17th Jun 2017 by Aequitas
Win a George Foreman grill @ The Oddfellows
PRODUCT: Grill PERIOD: Once DETAILS: Did you know what you eat can affect your risk of heart disease? Enliven your mealtimes with 365 mouth-watering dishes from the British Hear…
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Updated 24th Apr 2017Last updated 24th Apr 2017 by Aequitas
Win a George Foreman Grill and enough steak for a MONTH - worth over £200!!!
PRODUCT: George Foreman Grill and enough steak for a MONTH PERIOD: Once Win a George Foreman Evolve Grill + steak for a MONTH! Ever fancied one of those posh George Foreman grills? Well …
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Updated 28th Jan 2015Last updated 28th Jan 2015 by kantak
Win 1 of 10 George Foreman Evolve Grills @ Argos
The George Foreman Evolve Grill is the perfect addition to your kitchen this January, featuring SuperSear function for the char-grilled steak, removable grill plates for easy cleaning and it…
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