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Goodfella's Deep Pan Baked Pepperoni 415g / Deliciously Cheesy 421g /  Meat Feast 415g for £1 each (3 for £3 offer) @ Morrisons
13/10/2019Expires on 13/10/2019Posted 16th SepPosted 16th Sep
Good offer on these deep pan pizzas 3 for £3 offer mix and match. £1 each Goodfella's Deep Pan Baked Pepperoni 415g Goodfella's Deep Pan Baked Deliciously Cheesy 421g … Read more
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None in my local.


Has anyone managed to buy these in-store, or is it an online only offer?

Goodfellas 4K @ iTunes £3.99
Posted 9th SepPosted 9th Sep
Goodfellas in 4K for £3.99 Cheapest price yet!

Same here. VHS, I think I had two versions on DVD - the first being that doubled sided disc you had to turn half way through (excited) I have the anniversary BluRay so not sure I need this, plus it’s on Netflix... still... one more version wouldn’t hurt (popcorn)


I've had this on just about every format under the sun... I really don't need it in 4K digital. So wtf am I still thinking of buying it?!


Great film but don't forget about Al Pacino in Donnie Brasco. Buy both


Ah man. I studied Computing in college but didn't take it any further. Worth a shot.


I'm a director of a training company. If you know your C# from your c++ and know your way round mvc and .net lemme know, its really hard finding good developers.

Goodfellas Stone Baked Thin Meatfeast 50p at Asda Mitcham
Posted 3rd SepPosted 3rd SepLocalLocal
I guess store specific,but worth checking your local

Same deal as someone else posted. Giving each half a warmth wote ... Kindest regards


I wouldn't eat 100, i like chicago town better than goodfella's :P


I mean these pizzas are okay but 100 of them? Mama mia!


Looking at the £50 instead of 0.50p first, i thought it was like a bulk buy of 100 of them LOL

Goodfellas Deep Pan Cheese/Pepperoni/Meat Feast Pizza £1 Online/Instore Morrisons
603° Expired
Posted 22nd AugPosted 22nd Aug
Saw these instore today for £1. Available online as well in all varieties.

Lovely pizzas but pass... (shock) (shock) ... these days. As a pizza addict I've had to start watching the intake due to all the sat fat and salt. I love these but from what I recall the whole thing is around 100% RDA of sat fat (if not more). It's sad but.... with Pizza at least twice a week I have to stick to the supermarket value pizzas (only around 40% rda sat fat). Yes I could share and only eat half of one of these, but, it's pizza. Sharing half would be ludicrous


Worst pizzas out there, absolutely tasteless


I got these delivered last Wednesday - the pepperoni is one of my favourite pizzas. There's no stuffed crust in case you're wondering.


Are these stuffed crust? Look cheesy as hell... Amazing stuff. Gonna buy tomorrow. Kindest regards


I think the RRP of these are £2.25 not £1.50 as it went through the till at £2,25 then te £1.25 discount was applied. Meat feast and pepperoni btw.

Goodfella's Deep Pan Pizza (Cheese / Meat Feast / Pepperoni) £1 @ Morrisons
438° Expired
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
The link takes you to all of the varieties of the Pizza on offer :) Offer price £1 when you order by 29/08/2019. Offer subject to availability. Maximum 20 promotional items per … Read more
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Goodfella's Deep Pan Pepperoni (I like its toppings, so sue me) and Dr. Oetker's Ristorante Pepperoni-Salame pizzas (I like the meat topping - better than plain pepperoni on other pizzas) are my two favourite frozen pizzas. What I don't understand is the appeal of plain cheese on a pizza and nothing else - I like *some* flavour on my pizza. Mind you, I'm always puzzled in the same way about ready salted crisps, which are so dull that I avoid them if I have any other actual flavour choices.


Dr Oetker pizzas can be a bit hit or miss. When cooked properly they should be soft and almost floppy, not crumbly at at all. Tbh I still sometimes overcook them. They're hardly fine dining, but when on offer its not much cheaper to make your own base. There's nothing wrong with some cheap convenience food like these now and then.


£1 for a pizza, can't go wrong.


If you want a cheapish pizza that’s convenient, then just buy a ready made pizza base and top it with some tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil/oregano, olive oil and any other topping that you like. Far better than any of these mass produced frozen pizzas.


Not the same pizza.Stoneback flat pizza at iceland.This is deep pan.

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Goodfella's Stone Baked Thin Pepperoni 340g / Margherita 345g 89p each @ Iceland
1800° Expired
Refreshed 30th JulRefreshed 30th Jul
New 7 day deal starting Tuesday online (instore Wednesday), Goodfella's stone baked pizza thin pepperoni 340g or Margherita 345g reduced to 89p from £2. Next best price looks to be… Read more
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Well it doesn't seem to let you online. You can only buy two. Instore.. Maybe because you know you can't fit two in your freezer? Or you're using it as a frisbee and a second one would be wasted?


So who in their right mind is going to just buy one?


JamesSmith that's right, it's the same as a buy-one-get-one-free deal really.


If I understand Sarah7 correctly, those are the current price. Buy one for £2, or buy two for £2. Which is 22 pence more, than buying two for 89p each. Dunno!


Please explain £2 each or 2 for £2????????????????????????????????

Goodfella's Takeaway Pepperoni Pizza 458g £0.45 @ Sainsbury's (Weymouth)
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th JunLocalLocal
Goodfella's Takeaway Pepperoni Pizza 458g £0.45 @ Sainsbury's (Weymouth)
£0.45£2.5082%Sainsbury's Deals
Excellent price for this Pizza. Instore only unfortunately. Several still in stock in Weymouth.
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These are pretty bland pizzas but most supermarket charge more than that just for the dip so heat.


I would bin all my veg & replace with these at this price (embarrassed) <3 HOT

Greggs Pasties + Goodfella's pizza + McCain chips = £3 (Any 3 for £3) @ Iceland
1348° Expired
Refreshed 21st MayRefreshed 21st May
Greggs Pasties + Goodfella's pizza + McCain chips = £3 (Any 3 for £3) @ Iceland
£3£5.5946%Iceland Deals
New food bundle that goes live 08/05, Greggs pasties, Goodfella's pizza and McCain chips for £3. Mix and match offer - 3 for £3. Promo confirmed on Iceland twitter, image below. *… Read more
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Any 3 for £3 online


My Iceland were also doing a 3 for £3 for just the Pasties as well. Only I found at the till it had to be 1 of each 3 different varieties. Shame.


No freezer space


Chicago Town Takeaway Pizza's beat Goodfella's pizza. Goodfellas = cheap ingredients.


the problem with iceland is that you cant tell when the offer ends so Ive given up getting online deliveries with them as a lot of the items arent on offer by the time they arrive so I have to send them back.

Goodfellas Takeaway Thin Pepperoni Pizza 75p! @ Sainsbury's (Instore)
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Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd MayLocalLocal
Goodfellas Takeaway Thin Pepperoni Pizza 75p! @ Sainsbury's (Instore)
£0.75£375%Sainsbury's Deals
Found in Portswood, Southampton. Amazing price!
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This is so true


I feel sorry for you ;(


Sad thing is I am probably one of like 1% who don’t like pepperoni...


The £1.50 ones are the ones that are currently on promotion. They are not the same as this specific pizza, because this specific pizza is the "Thin Crust" one. The £1.50 ones are Pepperoni, but the standard crust, not the thin. With Sainsburys, when the ticket states "While Stocks Last" it means that once they are sold, they will not be coming back to that store on deliveries any more. These tickets are to clear the remaining stock before it goes to Z/O, DD or NR (Zero Option, Discontinued or Non Ranged) Our store never sold this pizza, only the margherita and pepperoni standard crusts, but I might try the one at the other end of the city as it is a much larger store. These probably will only be in the very big supermarket stores


£1:50 here

3 for 2 offer on 4K UHD Blurays inc Ready Player One, IT, Goodfellas and loads more (£39.98/£13.33 each) @ theentertainmentstore ebay
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
3 for 2 offer on 4K UHD Blurays inc Ready Player One, IT, Goodfellas and loads more (£39.98/£13.33 each) @ theentertainmentstore ebay
£39.98£59.9733%eBay Deals
Most are £19.99 so £13.33 per movie. Predator boxset (1-3) is also in the offer at £29.99 but I know it was £19.99 recently. You may have one of the current ebay offers valid on yo… Read more
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Good deal. If you like 2001, get that 4k as the transfer is absolutely brilliant. Probably the best thing my eyeballs have witnessed on a screen. The blade runner transfer is a good one as well.


its just the image isn't a link for some reason, click on the text.


Good deal if you don't already own the most of them (at least the ones worth owning)


Odd link works tho thanks.


Try this I've added just now to basket and it's working for me on Chrome mobile

Goodfellas 4K remastered @ itunes £4.99
495° Expired
Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
Goodfellas 4K remastered @ itunes £4.99
£4.99£9.9950%iTunes Store Deals
Bronx tale is £4.49 but not 4K

(lol) (lol)


I’ve always wanted to watch Back to the Future in 64k.


Even in the 90s? (shock)


As far back as I can remember I always wanted to watch Goodfellas in 4K.


Goodfella's Takeaway pizza, various 414g-596g £2 @ Morrisons
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Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
Goodfella's Takeaway pizza, various 414g-596g £2 @ Morrisons
Posted a similar Tesco deal earlier but Morrisons have a much better range: Takeaway the Big Cheese Pizza & Garlic Dip (555g) Takeaway Slice n Share Mighty Meat Feast Pizza (5… Read more
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Anybody that pays more than £2 for these is a fool... They're always on offer


Often this price in ASDA, buy them fairly regularly. The takeaway mighty meat feast is really good, tasty, good base, and generous amount of topping. The new Diavolo one is also really nice. There was a good chicken one as well but that seems to have disappeared.


These pizzas are nasty!!

Goodfellas deep pan pizza - 99p instore @ LIDL
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Posted 28th JanPosted 28th JanLocalLocal
Goodfellas deep pan pizza - 99p instore @ LIDL
99p while stocks last in Lidl Barking Ive bought a few myself, pepperoni in stock also.

The lidl 89p four cheese one tastes better


I voted hot but I like these cold


Lidl are doing 4 Margherita pizzas for £2.29 ATM


Looks like a Friday night pavement.


tasty things, barely a pizza though - base is like no other pizza and neither is the foamy cheese + tomato combo ontop

Goodfella's Takeaway Diavolo Pizza 568G/The Big Cheese Pizza 555G/Pepperoni Pizza 553G 33% off £2 @ Tesco
348° Expired
Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
Goodfella's Takeaway Diavolo Pizza 568G/The Big Cheese Pizza 555G/Pepperoni Pizza 553G 33% off £2 @ Tesco
£2£333%Tesco Deals
Not the biggest discount but still a great price for this fantastic pizza. Save £1.00 Was £3.00 Now £2.00 Offer valid for delivery from 31/12/2018 until 04/02/2019 Instore for the … Read more
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All about the Big Cheese, the best frozen pizza!


The price of these are up and down like a lady of the nights draws. I get em from Asda and the prices are all over the place, I've seen them at £3.75, £3.50, £3 and £2. I only ever get them when they're at £2 and consequently my freezer currently has about 10 in there... Why do supermarkets do this?


Had one the other day, it’s alright. Not amazing


Been this price for last 3 weeks in Ipswich Store

Goodfella's Stonebaked Thin Pizza (Margerita, Meat Feast, Pepperoni, Chicken) only 95p @ Tesco (from 07/01)
2245° Expired
Refreshed 25th JanRefreshed 25th Jan
Goodfella's Stonebaked Thin Pizza (Margerita, Meat Feast, Pepperoni, Chicken) only 95p @ Tesco (from 07/01)
£0.95£253%Tesco Deals
Better than half price offer from 07/01 95p each (y) Goodfella's Stonebaked Thin Pepperoni Pizza 340g Goodfella's Stonebaked Thin Margherita Pizza 345g Goodfella's Stone… Read more
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Does anyone know when this ends? Thanks (y)


One of the lesser Goodfella's offerings but brilliant at this price. Heat.


my local just got a fat delivery and have stock of all




Just eaten the chicken one, excellent for 95p, thanks op.

Goodfella's Deep Pan Cheese 417g or Pepperoni Pizza 419G BETTER THAN HALF PRICE only 95p @ Tesco
996° Expired
Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018
Goodfella's Deep Pan Cheese 417g or Pepperoni Pizza 419G BETTER THAN HALF PRICE only 95p @ Tesco
£0.95£253%Tesco Deals
Goodfella's Deep Pan Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza only 95p @ Tesco From 31st Dec to 6th Jan Cheese Pepperoni https://www.t… Read more
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If Tesco and Goodfellas can afford to sell at half- price and presumably make a decent profit why should we ever buy these at £2 plus each? Make a pledge NEVER to buy them at anything but around £1 otherwise it's exploitation! That'll teach them not to mess us around!


Tesco Metro Derby had loads today, grabbed one. :)


These will sell mega fast today. Out of stock now at my local tesco


This is my favourite frozen cheese and tomato!


I agree, the Goodfellas are the best frozen pizza.

Goodfella’s vegan falafel pizza £2 Tesco
320° Expired
Posted 30th Oct 2018Posted 30th Oct 2018
50p off on Vegan pizza, some people may like some don’t but if You haven’t tried yet it’s good opportunity ;)

You got me. ;) that’s why I post only vegan deals so far :D


Indeed. Thinking that falafel and pizza would make a good combination comes across as lazy thinking. They may as well have stuck a jacket potato in the middle and have done with it.


Delicious! Not very cheesy but I polished off 2 yesterday (before the offer started lol)


Sorry but I tried this the other day and it was vile! :p


Shame, have tried their vegetable one and was so so. Probably better to buy the base and make it yourself

Goodfellas Flamin Fajita Chicken Pizza at Asda for £1.20
330° Expired
Posted 25th Oct 2018Posted 25th Oct 2018
Goodfellas Flamin Fajita Chicken Pizza at Asda for £1.20
Reduced in Asda just now to £1.20

Yeah decent pizza, usually pick them up for £2. Garlic dip isn't great but I've had worse.


Garlic dip nothing like the takeaway pizza chains but the pizza is okay for the money 🍕🔥


Found in Asda Edinburgh Chesser store.

Goodfella's deep pan pepperoni & cheese pizza 69p - lidl
657° Expired
Posted 12th Oct 2018Posted 12th Oct 2018LocalLocal
Goodfella's deep pan pepperoni & cheese pizza 69p - lidl
Goodfella's deep pan pepperoni and cheese pizza only 69p in lidl. Not sure if national but could well be....
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Haha. Nah its tea and cake for me mostly....


No alcohol? You sure your Scottish?


Economies of scale


Packaging 30p? Not on their quantities. Less than 10p


My store got sent a bulk of these few months ago, most stores would have shifted these already.

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