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Google Home Max Bluetooth Smart Speaker with Google Assistant - Charcoal, £189.05 at Argos / ebay (Free Collection)
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Made hot 7th Oct 2020Made hot 7th Oct 2020
Google Home Max Bluetooth Smart Speaker with Google Assistant - Charcoal, £189.05 at Argos / ebay (Free Collection)£193eBay Deals
5% off with code, nice offer. Meet Google Home Max. He helps you to hear every note as the artist intended and feel every beat with heart pounding bass. It's the ultimate speake… Read more

I have this, I LOVE it! You just get it but NOT AT THIS PRICE! Bought kine refurbished (aka returned) from the BT shop for £135. Check that and private sellers on eBay first.


Indeed. But "USB Speaker" is a bit misleading. Anyway I can see the description has changed now


Very loud speakers. Very punchy in the mids and bass too. Clarity at the high end is very lacking compared to the likes of Sonos. Bluetooth is a godsend though. WiFi only on the Sonos lineup sucks.


There's a USB C port at the back to charge your phone


Nest audio replaces Google home. Not Google home max . Google should really do proper TV soundbars . Stock coming into my local Argos next Tues.

Google Home Max £199 @ Google Store
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Made hot 4th Oct 2020Made hot 4th Oct 2020
Google Home Max £199 @ Google Store£199£29933% offGoogle Store Deals
Google Home Max £100 off at £199 @Google Store With Smart Sound, Google Home Max uses machine learning to automatically adjust the equaliser settings to match the acoustics of your… Read more

Showing out of stock for me now. Maybe try again tomorrow. Offer is still on... £100 off Home Max Valid Oct 3 - Oct 14


I can hit 'buy' but can not add to basket as both out of stock. Strange.


Deal is still ongoing. Maybe temporarily out of stock. It let me put both in basket and proceed to payment (before I pulled out).


I've just tried to purchase and both stating out of stock?


Nope. It's still live. Now unexpired. (y)

Google Home Max Speaker in Charcoal £199 @ Jessops
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Made hot 3rd Oct 2020Made hot 3rd Oct 2020
Google Home Max Speaker in Charcoal £199 @ Jessops£199Jessops Deals
Also available in chalk. . I'm real torn right now, nearly went for the new Nest audio as a pair which may be a b… Read more
Pondlife Good news


I don't think it was this price after the 22% discount on Google's 22nd birthday a week ago. Not knocking your deal, I wouldn't have thought to check Google but for you posting (y) Looks like someone else noticed :D I have one, debating getting a second, just waiting to see if anyone brings it down to £149 as I missed out on the BT Shop deal.


I got to be honest I didn't notice this price on the Google store when I posted. I think it must have been a recent price drop (y)


How do these compare in terms of sound quality to a similarly priced Bluetooth speaker?


One of the best speakers I've ever owned and I like to think I have had some good audio gear. Pardon?

Google Home Max - £199 @ Google Store
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Made hot 26th Aug 2020Made hot 26th Aug 2020
Google Home Max - £199 @ Google Store£199£29933% off Free P&P FreeGoogle Store Deals
Currently priced £299 in most other places.



You can adjust the treble and bass as well Obviously, not fine tuned but minor changes can be made.


Yes, has helped a great deal, thanks so much for the comprehensive info. Cheers.


Hi, sound quality is good,but is a little bass heavy on some music fine for Pop,rock,dance sorts of music,I've played classical music on them and the sound fine but they do seem to add enhance lower frequencies .they are the best speakers Google make to date.i have Sonos speakers as well it's not as good as a play 5 not as much detail but very similar to the play 3 but a bit more bass heavy.the volume sound good to 75% .I have a pair of them set up in a stereo pair and they fill the room well. Hope this helps :)


Can you comment further on sound quality? Cheers.

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Google Home Max @ Argos eBay - £199
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Made hot 26th Aug 2020Made hot 26th Aug 2020
Google Home Max @ Argos eBay - £199£199£29933% off £3.95 eBay Deals
There were none for collection near me (Derby) but you can do that to save postage and Google themselves don’t have this colour in stock.

I've been using two of these in a stereo pair for the last couple of years. They sound amazing! Lots of volume as well. Only issue is there is a big delay if you use bluetooth when they in a stereo pair - this makes them unusable for video.


Well if you set your chrome cast you use the home Max as the sound output that will be a great experience


Thanks. I was going to get one last year when BT had them for £150. Will see what other retailers do. I've currently got a chromecast connected to the TV + soundbar with a Google home speaker by the side and it works well.


Absolutely. I bought one at full price and don’t regret it. These are now half the price. There was also noticeable delay a while ago using with TV but for single speaker they got that down from 55 to 5 m/a so with bit of tweaking should be fine (you could also use Bluetooth from TV but I’d recommend wired as found it louder with less issues). There are good sound bars available at this price or bit more though. They probably won’t sound as good as this for music though. It has a big punch. Also bear in mind this only has 3.5mm or Bluetooth so if your tv is optical out or HDMI out it won’t work.


Are these worth this much money? I'm tempted to use one as a soundbar.

Google Home Max Hands-Free Smart Speaker, Charcoal/Chalk £199 at John Lewis & Partners
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Made hot 26th Aug 2020Made hot 26th Aug 2020
Google Home Max Hands-Free Smart Speaker, Charcoal/Chalk £199 at John Lewis & Partners£199£30034% offJohn Lewis Deals
Awesome sound: Google Home Max gives you the power of Google and superb, high fidelity audio. Keeps you informed and up to date: Instant news, weather, & commute updates witho… Read more

Just got one and it sounds amazing!


Ah if you are using Chromecast audios then you are all fine.


they have those chromecast audio devices, would that not work if you plugged it in


When I was researching this last year you couldn’t. That’s what put me off the Sonos Beam. It wouldn’t allow Google Multiroom grouping unfortunately. You could play music on the Sonos speakers using Google Assistant but you couldn’t add Sonos product to a Google speaker group.


I have a Home Nest Max in the kitchen but Sonos 1s throughout the rest of the house. Can this pair with Sonos at all so you can play the same thing on both?